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Elevate IGF Review – One Organic Growth Hormone Releaser or Not?

What Is Elevate IGF?

The supplement Elevate IGF is a specially formulated bodybuilding supplement designed to provide you with maximum results and at the same time increase your energy, stamina, endurance, and muscle recovery.

Elevate IGF is recommended daily and results are best achieved when taken with food and combined with an exercise program. This supplement focuses on adult males and should be used as stated on the product packaging. The ingredients involved are all natural so it is considered to be a safe alternative for muscle growth and repair.

The makers of this supplement market the supplement as a very powerful way of creating a more attractive physique. Although Elevate IGF is geared mostly towards athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders, people who are not inclined to exercise can still utilize it.

Being made up of a specially designed formula, the supplement aims to enhance every type of body, performance level, and fitness regimen and provide unparalleled results.

To help maintain steady muscle growth, this supplement is said to also contain ingredients that stimulate the body’s testosterone levels.



The manufacturer of Elevate IGF is not advertised so it is assumed to be manufactured under the same name. Elevate IGF lists its main office in the Hendersonville, NV area. Besides this information, there are currently no further details concerning the main company.

With information stating that the product is available internationally and having customer service globally available customers are left to wonder why no history of the company exists. Having this information available would help customers feel more comfortable knowing that their investment in a supplement is going to be worth it.

There is an upside though and that is the appearance of a philosophy that is ecologically sound and cruelty-free during the production of the supplement. Customers are assured that their methods used to extract and harvest the main ingredient of antler velvet are deemed as harmless.

Having this policy listed is pretty reassuring and can be seen as appealing to the fitness community. Outside of the manufacturing of this supplement, it is not listed whether they produce any other health products.


How Elevate IGF Works?

With the supplements driving force being antler velvet, the formula derives from an old Chinese remedy that has been used for more than 2,000 years. It is believed that antler velvet has the necessary compounds for tissue repair and growth and general body wellness.

Another belief involves the fact that antler velvet is full of the growth hormone known as IGF-1, which is found in the body naturally. Having this extra growth hormone is said to provide little spurts of growth in your muscles, tissues, and bones.

If you are unfamiliar with IGF-1, then you should know that it stands for insulin-like growth factor 1. In the bodybuilding community, it is considered to have anabolic properties. If that is the case, then recovering from a strenuous training session will take very little time.

For the beginners out there, you should be aware that the IGF-1 compound plays an important role in developing muscle mass, assisting the body to heal, and in decreasing chronic conditions associated with working out, such as inflammation.


Ingredients of Elevate IGF

With its main ingredient consisting of antler velvet, this compound is derived from the antlers of moose, deer, and/or elk. As stated above, it is considered to be highly effective in relieving inflammation of muscles. Besides that, it is said to be packed with the body’s natural IGF-1 compound.

The availability of the antler velvet is advertised as being limited so that the product is purchased immediately in case of a sudden shortage. Many other ingredient compounds included consist of Potassium, Copper, Magnesium, Iron, and Zinc. Besides these minerals, the ingredients consist of Alpha Keto Glutarate, Longjack Extracts, L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Boron Citrate, Boron Extracts, Ashwagandha, Eurycoma Longfolia, Fenugreek extracts, L-Citrulline, and Diindolymethane.

A great indicator that the manufacturer gives is that the user should conduct their own research regarding any supplements prior to their use. This is indicated because of the possible side effects that users could experience while using it. Another indicator includes the possible interactions caused by medications that are prescribed by a physician.



With very impressive claims made by Elevate IGF, they can all be thanked because of the use of antler velvet that holds claims to a wide array of healing properties including the soothing of extreme inflammation and muscle soreness.

Besides obtaining a rapid ability to repair muscle, the product also claims to melt away body fat. This claim is possibly made because they know that this is what many supplement users want to hear.

With many other positive advantages, the ability to harness muscle repair is one of the main benefits that users can expect to receive. Users can also expect to receive an increased amount of extra stamina and endurance, which many bodybuilders and athletes will love. Receiving these extra advantages will allow for the burning of body fat which is the ultimate result one wants to achieve to reveal harder and leaner muscles. Detailed benefits of Elevate IGF includes the following:

Muscle Mass Increases Tremendously

With this being the first stated benefit, it is no wonder that users would believe that this is achievable. Through the body’s use of the added growth hormone, the body is allowed to be more effective during workouts.

Users can, over time, further develop the ultimate goal of receiving a physique that is more attractive and enabling them to maintain their results through continued daily use.

Ability to Recover Faster

Your ability to recover at a faster rate allows healing to occur more quickly. This ensures the body’s ability to recover from an intense workout regime. So the faster your body is able to recover, the more growth your muscles will receive.

Impressive Performances During Workout

By having an impressive performance during your workout will be the direct result of your ability to increase the number of weights that you lift. This will allow you to challenge yourself during your daily routine. Having this ability will guarantee that a user’s precious gym time will not be considered a waste.

Increased Amount of Energy

The last benefit includes receiving an increased amount of energy. As compared to other similar products, Elevate IGF is said to not create a “crash” after a hard workout. This allows supplement users to remain focused throughout the day.



The Elevate IGF supplement claims that an increased amount of advertisement on TV has made their product become limited. This is great news to hear if you are searching for a product that works but, they do not disclose the specific program for which it had appeared. If they had, the credibility for Elevate IGF would likely be increased among its users.

Not only that but, if you notice while checking out they placed a customer service certificate stating that they were the best. Although it is believable that their user base is lengthy, it would behoove them to share the certificate’s authenticity.

Regardless of that, a logo stating guaranteed satisfaction has also been placed. Having this logo can be easily verified through their offering of a risk-free product trial.



After taking Elevate for over three months, I have noticed a tremendous amount of muscle bulk. I have been able to double the weight amount as compared to first hitting the gym. I have even had other gym users come up to me to let me know that they have even noticed an increase in my abilities. I have managed to slim down and have an increase in confidence. This product was the best decision of my life. – John M., architect in Las Vegas, NV, USA

I am ecstatic to say that this product did a lot more than I bargained for. With me being in my 40s, I can honestly say that I didn’t think I would find anything that would work to shed my belly fat. But I did! And since taking it, I have noticed an increase in my stamina and endurance. I am now able to get through the entire workday without feeling tired. – Sam W., accountant in Los Angeles, CA, USA

At first, I thought there was no way this would work for me. I have tried several other supplements only to end up failing. That’s when I thought, what the heck I’ll give the trial a chance since I had nothing to lose. Boy, am I glad that I did because I now have increased stamina that was non-existent in the past. I am able to work out for longer periods of time without much burn and because of that, I’ve noticed my upper chest to bulk up. Like I said, I am glad to have given it a try because now I am dedicated to it. – Scott P., personal trainer in Palmbeach, CA, USA

I was talking to a couple of friends one day about my desire to bulk up and lose a few pounds along the way. That was when one of my friends suggested this product and how he has had nothing but success while he used it. I am so happy that he recommended it to me! Not only have I noticed an increase in my muscle size but, my self-confidence has dramatically increased because of it. – Jeff B., claims adjuster in Seattle, WA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Back in 2013, NFL linebacker Ray Lewis gave the formula for Elevate IGF tremendous praise by stating that he used it while he sustained a triceps injury. He explained how he was able to increase his level of performance and decrease the amount of time needed to heal. Although Lewis was scrutinized for its use, the ingredients used are known throughout the world. Plus, with little to no data to prove any unfair advantage, we are left to believe that the beneficial healing effects do exist.

But if you don’t want to take Ray Lewis’s word for it, then take a look at the countless online communities that focus on fitness. You will notice that there are countless blogs that contain product reviews that are quite positive. These reviews stem from both customers and health professionals who were willing to put their reputation on the line. You’ll also find high praise among many review sites that review testosterone-based products.


Money-back Guarantee

With a 14-day money back trial, what do you honestly have to lose? With a thirty day supply with each bottle, you’ll be covered for each day of the month. Then, after the trial period ends, the manufacturer will automatically begin to charge you full price for the monthly supply if you don’t cancel. According to the manufacturer, the reason for the automated ordering system is to maintain product freshness which will allow the product to be used to achieve its maximum effect.

If you are not fully satisfied and feel that you are not receiving the intended results, the manufacturer encourages customers to contact their customer care center by calling their listed number. Calling the number will allow them to instantly terminate the automated feature for your order. This will also prevent your credit card from incurring any unwanted charges.

If you don’t intend to complete the trial period, you also have the option to return any unused product no later than 30 days from the date that you made the initial order. Unfortunately, even though you cancel, all shipping and handling charges associated with the initial trial are considered nonrefundable.

For a full refund to be issued to you, you must first get in contact with customer support and receive an authorization to return their merchandise. This will be a number that you will need to place on the return packaging slip that you send. You then ship it to their order fulfillment location. Make sure that the return is sent and received within 30 days from the date of purchase.

As you send it, you will also be required to pay for shipping too. You are not out of the clear yet though. This is because you will be charged a fee of $5.95 for restocking each unit you return. So you will see a decrease of that amount in your refund. After the entire product is squared away, you will then receive a refund. After your refund has been issued, you should allow up to 5 business days to show up on your credit card statement.



International shipping is currently available to many countries. Domestic shipping takes up to 3 days excluding weekends and all orders are shipped via ground delivery. If 14 days have passed and you have not obtained your package, you are advised to contact customer care so a reorder can be issued. If an incorrect delivery address is entered, you will receive an increase of shipping price.

The 14-day free trial’s shipping price is currently $5.95. You are also advised that the shipping price may also vary due to product type. The specifics listed can be easily found in the terms of service. The manufacturer guarantees that all orders will be processed by at least 2 days from ordering and all shipments are made using first class mail.

Because of the outstanding shipping service that a customer receives, one can understand why the manufacturer would receive such high praise when it comes to their policies and being able to stick to them. The manufacturer understands that the automated ordering system can be a bit of a hassle but, they also hope that you will love the fact that you won’t have to constantly reorder if you love the product and don’t plan to cancel.


Customer Support

With a multitude of ways to contact customer service, Elevate IGF has call centers located in the UK, US, France, Canada, Australia, and Germany. The hours of operation are weekdays Monday to Friday with the exception of the hours for Canada and the US which are 24/7.

The email option to contact customer support will probably be a dead end because of the constant backlog they experience constantly. This is why contacting them via phone will be your best bet if you expect great service.

With a toll-free number available, you can easily get ahold of customer support from any international calling area. Again, it is best to call instead of sending an email if you live internationally. There is also an address listed internationally that is located in St. Port Louis, Mauritius.

The purpose for the St. Port Louis location is unclear though. So if you have any question regarding any part of the sale, you are encouraged to contact customer support to receive clarification.

Customer service: 1 (888) 669-8039
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm PST, US and Canada 24/7


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you are finished filling in your personal information and are ready to place your order, you can rest assured that your order will remain safe and secure. This is another area where Elevate IGF goes above and beyond customer expectations. They have two logos expressing the outstanding service that they are known for although how they obtained them is unclear.

They also advertise the Norton security logo which helps protect your personal information from possible malware. They also include both Geotrust and Symantec, these too offer protection from possible cyber crimes.

Many other logos are also displayed to protect from malware and viruses during checkout. These include TRUSTe, Verisign, and McAfee Secure. They also let you know that your payment and credit card information is safeguarded by MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA.

If you still feel like there is not enough security involved, then you will be relieved to know that a privacy policy can be found at the bottom of their website. Their privacy statement clearly states that customer data is only accessible by company staff and is secured in a 256-bit encrypted database.


Pricing & Free Trial

While the trial membership is optional, it is considered to be the smart thing to do, especially if you are not completely satisfied. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a 30-day supply and will receive a $5.95 shipping charge.

Your first free supply is included as part of the 14-day free trial. Then, if you don’t cancel before the end of the 14 days, your payment method on file will receive an automatic charge of $79.97. This amount will continue to be charged and every month you will receive a new 30-day supply of fresh supplements. To cancel, you must contact customer support. Please be aware that you will also have the shipping charge of $5.95 added on top of the $79.97.

With regards to tax, the website states that sales tax is not collected in all of the states. The reason for this is because each state has different rates and tax laws. So when you notice a tax amount on your order, it is considered to be a tax estimate. You will need to double check your credit card statement to verify your tax.






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