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Blue GrowtH by Controlled Labs Review – A Good Natural Human Growth Hormone Releasing Product or Not?

What Is Blue GrowtH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) assists the body with growth and regeneration, and as such, it’s useful for anyone who’s interested in optimizing health and youthfulness. HGH is a prescription drug, but there are ways to stimulate your body to produce this substance naturally without drugs or chemicals. This is the approach take by Blue GrowtH. This supplement pumps up your body’s natural production of HGH so you can realize benefits such as improved health and a more youthful appearance.

HGH is produced naturally in your pituitary gland. This supplement taps a mix of powerful herbs to increase the level of HGH generated by your pituitary gland to a degree that will have a powerful impact on your health. This works to make more HGH available for your muscles and bodily tissues to absorb. The end result is an effect identical to that experienced with direct HGH supplementation. Choose Blue GrowtH to provide your body with powerful health benefits.



This dietary supplement is made by Controlled Labs, a company offering a wide variety of supplements and health products. This manufacturer’s product line includes hormone optimizers, pre-workout energy enhancers, appetite enhancers, fat loss supplements and ketone supplements. If you have a need for a supplement to boost your health, you’ll likely find it in this manufacturer’s array of choices.

The manufacturer’s website is easy to navigate and professionally laid out. This works to inspire confidence in the products presented. There is an FAQ section that addresses commonly asked questions. There’s also a section that lists the retailers carrying Blue GrowtH and other products made by Controlled Labs. Again, this works to inspire trust and confidence. The retailers listed as being vendors of this supplement are well-known brands in the world of fitness and health.


How Blue GrowtH Works?

HGH diminishes as we grow older. This supplement works by naturally boosting HGH production, without chemicals or nasty side effects. It uses phytochemicals found in medicinal plants to achieve its amazing results. These phytochemicals help the body to restore HGH levels to those experienced when we were younger.

This dietary supplement provides many health-related benefits. It can improve the quality of your sleep, and with deeper, more restful sleep, the body is able to recharge and regenerate more effectively. It also works to improve energy levels, and the can give you the pep and vigor you need to work harder and longer both at the job and at the gym. This supplement will increase mental focus and alertness, giving you a sharper and clearer perspective on life. It will also help to reduce your recovery time following sports activity or workouts at the gym.


Ingredients of Blue GrowtH

Blue GrowtH includes all-natural ingredients designed to optimize your health and wellness. Its list of ingredients includes Chlorophytum Borivilianum extract. This is a natural remedy that has long been used to help achieve deeper and more peaceful sleep. Chlorophytum Borivilianum extract is also helpful in aiding the body to boost HGH levels.

Another key ingredient is Mucuna Pruriens extract. This is a source of L-dopa, which aids in dopamine production. Dopamine impacts the pituitary gland’s ability to boost HGH levels. Other items on the ingredients list are Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, and L-Carnitine. Blue GrowtH also contains Camellia Sinesis extract and Griffonia Simplicifolia extract.



This supplement offers undeniable health advantages. As an all-natural supplement, it comes with no side effects. Drugs and supplements that contain chemicals will place a burden on your liver and compromise your health if used for long periods of time, but you won’t have this problem with Blue GrowtH. Use it for extended periods secure in the knowledge that it won’t harm your health.

Another benefit is that unlike HGH, it doesn’t require a prescription. This makes it easier to access. It’s also less expensive that comparable HGH products. Finally, the company that makes this supplement, Controlled Labs, has a website that is loaded with information and very well designed. This speaks highly of the company and works to inspire trust in its products.



Blue GrowtH is certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA). This organization was the first to offer natural certification in the United States. You’ll find more than 1,100 products and ingredients bearing the NPA seal. The NPA is the largest and oldest nonprofit organization focused on the natural products industry and was founded in 1936. It serves as an industry watchdog on a host of regulatory issues.

NPA certification indicates a commitment to selling supplements that are truly designed to maintain and improve health. It also indicates a commitment to labeling that is legal and truthful and marketing practices that are conducted with integrity and that are non-misleading. NPA certification also indicates a company is responsible and ethical in its relationships with customers, employees, and peers. This supplement bears the NPA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal, which serves as proof the product does not contain undeclared ingredients and indicates conformance to the industry’s good manufacturing practices for dietary supplements.



I started taking this product because I’ve always had insomnia. A buddy of mine takes Blue GrowtH to boost his workouts, but he mentioned that it also helps him to fall asleep more quickly. I’d just started going to the gym again after a really long break and I was looking for something that would give me a boost, and when I heard this supplement also helps with sleep issues it was all I needed to know to give it a try. From the very first night I took it, I slept like a baby. My dreams were really vivid, but not in a bad way. As an added plus, it’s also given me more energy for my workouts. I’ve been taking it for over a month now, and I always make sure I have plenty in stock. I’d hate to run out of this stuff!

– Aaron D. Baker, Hazel Green, AL, USA

I just turned 52, and I’ve noticed some signs of aging I’m not comfortable with. Saggy skin and muscles that aren’t as tight and firm as they used to be. I read about Blue GrowtH in a fitness magazine and figured I’d give it a try. I love the idea of boosting my HGH but I didn’t want to take a drug, so the idea of taking a supplement that naturally boosts HGH levels in my body worked really well for me. So far, I’ve been very impressed. This supplement has given my skin a tightness and a glow that I haven’t had since I was in my early 30s. And my muscles are so much more defined. It’s like this thing is the fountain of youth in a bottle.

– Michael I. Gomez, Bentonville, AR, USA

I started taking this supplement mainly because I was in a rut. I was plateauing pretty hard with my workouts. No matter what I did, I wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted to see in my body. Intuitively I sensed that my body was missing certain elements it needed to give me the results I was after. I thought about taking HGH, but the whole business of having to get a prescription just seemed like too much of a hassle. I heard about Blue GrowtH from some guys at the gym. I checked it out online to make sure the ingredients are on the up and up and then I made my purchase. Every time I take it, it feels like I just ingested a really nourishing meal that has given my body exactly the right nutrients it needs to thrive and grow. My mind feels clear and my body is full of energy. I’m really starting to see a difference in the appearance of my body thanks to this supplement and my workouts. Less fat and more defined muscles. Thank you, Blue GrowtH, for helping me get the body of my dreams.

– Charles L. Crawford, Clayton, NC, USA

My experience with this supplement had a bumpy start – literally! Within the first few days of taking it, I had a mild acne outbreak. I guess it was part of a detox reaction, and fortunately it didn’t last. When the pimples cleared up, my skin looked better than it’s looked in years, just really moist and glowing, with fewer fine lines. It’s as if it’s producing more natural oils, and this is working to keep it looking softer and healthier. I’ve always been pretty lean, but I struggled to achieve muscle definition. Not anymore. This supplement helps my muscles stand up and get noticed. Hello, six pack.

– Marco L. Wheatley, Austell, GA, USA

I’m a cyclist and I’m always looking for products that will help with my stamina and endurance when I’m on my bike. I read about this supplement on a cyclist’s blog and decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I live in the hills of Southern California and it’s a real workout for me to pedal through the mountains. Wth Blue GrowtH, I find myself taking on the challenge with less effort and exertion. I’ve also noticed a change in my body. There’s less fat in my middle and more lean muscle. This product has done wonders for both my cycling performance and my confidence.

– Robert M. Jeffries, Janesville, WI, USA

Let’s talk for a minute about recovery time. I used to be wiped out after trips to the gym. I mean seriously wiped out. I thought I had chronic fatigue or something. My wife said I was just getting old. I refused to accept that and I started looking around for supplements that would help. I read about HGH but it was too pricey for me. Then I came across Blue GrowtH. It was more reasonably priced that HGH and I loved the fact that it was all-natural. I gave it a try and the first thing I noticed was improved sleep. I haven’t slept this deeply since I was a teenager. All that great sleep must have been working to give my body the rest it needs to recuperate properly, because my recovery times started to improve. I didn’t feel like collapsing into bed after a workout and I wasn’t as fatigued in general. I just have lot more energy for life and living.

– Todd A. Stephenson, Salem, OR, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

A skilled supplement maker usually has a few awards or nominations to show for it. These accolades indicate a product has been hailed as a leader in its segment. These awards can stand as powerful proof of a product’s quality. Controlled Labs has received several nominations for its lineup of supplements.

The company has been nominated for 10 awards by a major bodybuilding website. The company has been nominated in categories for creatine, intra-workout, multi-vitamin, nitric oxide, and pre-workout products. It’s also been nominated for products in the muscle builder and recovery categories. There are many supplements on the market, but most lack the quality and effectiveness to garner this type of recognition. These nominations show Controlled Labs is a true leader in the world of supplements.


Money-back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee allows you to make a purchase without worrying about getting stuck with a product that doesn’t work for you. It makes it easy to get fully reimbursed if the product fails to live up to expectations. All you have to do is return it for a full refund and get on with your life. Supplements can be costly, and a money-back guarantee can prevent you from making expensive mistakes as you purchase supplements.

With Blue GrowtH, you enjoy a money-back guarantee. Controlled Labs accepts returns within 30 days of purchase. The company will reimburse 105% of the purchase price if you’re unhappy with the product. This is a clear sign of a company that stands behind and believes in its product. Submit your name, email address and phone number to return your purchase.



Some companies will try to gouge you with expensive shipping and handling costs. This is not the case with Controlled Labs. Shipping is relatively inexpensive and won’t set you back more than it would cost for a cup of coffee. This makes it easy to justify taking the risk of trying a new product.

It costs just $5.99 to have this supplement shipped to you. Shipping and handling are flat-rate charges. This means you can order more than one product without seeing an increase in shipping charges. This is quite a fair deal. It helps make this supplement an attractive proposition.


Customer Support

With some companies, you get zero customer service. This is a pain with dealing with supplements since it’s quite common to have questions about dosage and usage. If you can’t turn to a customer service team for advice, you’re forced to try and gather knowledge by scouring the internet. This isn’t always the best approach to take.

Controlled Labs allows you to submit emails with questions you have regarding the company’s supplements. This makes it simple to contact the company with any questions you have regarding dosage or ingredients. What’s more, the company’s website has a full list of FAQs for your perusal. These questions tackle a range of topics and will almost certainly answer any questions you may have. Controlled Labs does an excellent job of making sure customer inquiries are handled and addressed.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Shoppers have to be cautious when making online purchases. If you shop with certain sites, you could wind up compromising your privacy. These days. it’s all too easy for hackers to make you a statistic in the long line of people who have been victimized by identity theft. The way to avoid this is to choose a site that takes steps to provide customers with service that is secure and safe. You will find evidence of this kind of protection on the Blue GrowtH website.

The site is verified and secured by SiteLock Secure, a company that is a global leader in website security. SiteLock Secure offers vulnerability scanning, malware detection, and malware removal. This is more than enough protection to provide you with peace of mind when making a purchase. Shop for Blue GrowtH with the knowledge that your internet safety won’t be threatened or compromised.


Blue GrowtH Pricing

This supplement is priced at $74.99 for a bottle with 150 capsules. This isn’t inexpensive, but it’s reasonable given the price of competing HGH supplements. There are also quite a few servings in each bottle. As a result, a bottle should last you several weeks. There is a current promotion running so you can grab the supplement for $37.99.

Prescription HGH can be quite costly. It’s also a drug, and drugs comes with side effects. Blue GrowtH allows you to avoid all this and instead enjoy an all-natural supplement that’s good for your body. When you consider all this, it’s excellent value for the money. The money-back guarantee makes it a no-risk investment.






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