ThermoDyne from Novex Biotech

ThermoDyne by Novex Biotech Review – How Good Is This Supplement?

What Is ThermoDyne?

ThermoDyne is a thermodynamic fat oxidizer, which uses a anthocyanin- and flavanone-rich complex, along with testosterone boosters and energy enhancing ingredients, to effect fast weight loss results. This formula is designed to be used by bodybuilders in the cutting phase, who are looking for a science-backed pill with fast results. One bottle of the supplement offers enough for one month of this fat burning routine, or 120 capsules. Users report fast results from using capsules as directed, and, according to one peer reviewed study, users saw a mean reduction of 15.6% body fat without making any changes in personal diet or exercise routine. The complicated, unique formula contains ten active ingredients, focusing on fat burners, testosterone boosters, and energy increasing ingredients.

The goal of ThermoDyne is efficient fat loss, and its mechanism is twofold. The first part of this unique formula is designed to give bodybuilders and other athletes the energy and stamina to do harder and more frequent workouts, and to continue working out at that heightened pace. The second element is a proprietary blend of fat burning ingredients, which have been shown in scientific, double-blind studies to reduce fat mass without changing users’ diet or exercise routine. Combined, this supplement increases fat loss during the cutting phase, both as a workout enhancer and acting independently to increase metabolism and speed weight loss.



The manufacturer of ThermoDyne is Novex Biotech, a privately held dietary supplement and cosmetics company that was established in 2005. The company, which makes a variety of supplements, especially testosterone boosters and other bodybuilding tools, is an American LLC that was founded originally in Salt Lake City, Utah. Novex Biotech has been in continuous operation for over a decade and has a large presence on social media, including informative videos and a blog with exercise tips and bodybuilding advice. Since it is an American manufacturer, its facilities are held to the high safety and health standards of the United States.

Novex Biotech is best known for its bodybuilding, exercise, and performance related supplements, all available on their website. Specifically, they are known for supplements that enhance strength, boost energy, increase testosterone, and encourage weight loss, including formulas that combine multiple functions. Another quality of Novex Biotech’s products is that most of them have been subject to rigorous scientific scrutiny, including double-blind placebo trials. Novex Biotech consistently reports its products’ clinical validations, and backs up its claims with results from real studies, rather than just speculation. They also have a positive reputation in bodybuilding and other athletic communities, probably due in large part to the scientific research that stands behind their label’s claims.


How ThermoDyne Works?

This fat loss supplement works in two main ways, but combines a number of ingredients to get these effects. When a bodybuilder or other athlete first take the pills they will feel an immediate energy boost, which will allow and encourage them to work out much harder, right away. This is caused by a unique blend of ingredients which contain caffeine and other natural and safe stimulants, including coffee and cocoa bean extracts, guarana, and Sterculia Acuminata, or Kola Nut. The supplement capsules should, therefore, be taken in the morning and with an evening meal, but not before going to bed, since it may cause sleeplessness from an excess of energy.

The other way this supplement works is with the specific blend of fat burning ingredients, designed to melt away fat without added exercise or dietary restrictions. This is fat loss blend is made primarily with a mix of three different citrus extracts and two recognized testosterone boosters, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and Tribulus Terrestris. CLA has been shown to effectively boost fat loss by increasing one’s metabolism, and Tribulus Terrestris is reputed to have positive muscle gain and weight loss effects. These fat loss ingredients were studied, and the human trial participants lost weight even though they were instructed not add change their diet or exercise routine. In other words, even if the proven energy boosters do not cause users to actually increase their workouts, they should still see positive fat loss results thanks to the fat loss blend.


Ingredients of ThermoDyne

ThermoDyne has a unique supplement formula made of 10 active ingredients along with a few non-active additives. The majority of ingredients are elements of the proprietary fat loss blend, including conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, and a blend of extracts from three different citrus plants, Citrus Sinensis Osbeck, Citrus Paradisi, and Citrus Macracantha, or navel orange, grapefruit, and sweet orange. These are combined with one of the most common testosterone boosters, Tribulus Terrestris extract, to enhance and encourage fass loss.

These fat burning ingredients are then paired with well-known energy boosters, which make working out easier and, therefore, more frequent. Caffeine, an established, safe stimulant, is added through the all natural ingredients of Coffee Arabica Bean extract, Theobroma Cacao, or cocoa bean extract, and Paullinia Sorbilis extract, also known as guarana. Finally, there is Sterculia Acuminata extract, which has recognized thermogenic effects and is used to increase basal metabolic rate and therefore energy expenditure, as well as adding even more caffeine for energy.

There are only a few inactive additives, used as supplement binders and enhancers. These include rice flour, magnesium stearate, gelatin, silicon dioxide, carmine, titanium dioxide and riboflavin. For full effect, four of the supplement capsules should be taken each day, preferably two in the morning and two with a meal before an evening workout.



ThermoDyne has a number of advantages, but the greatest is probably the scientific studies that can support the claims its manufacturer makes. Scientists performed a 12-week, randomized, double-blind study, where overweight individuals experienced a dramatic 15.6% loss of fat mass, all without changing their diet or exercise routine. This human clinical trial used a maltodextrin placebo to guarantee that the effects were actually caused by the supplements, which means that the results hold up to real scientific scrutiny.

Another advantage of this energy boosting supplement is that users can expect to see some results right away, with added benefits from continued use. Although it may take up to three months to see the full effects, the energy boosting ingredients in this supplement will immediately allow for longer, harder workouts, which will have almost instant results. The speed of effect can give bodybuilders and other athletes the confidence and inspiration to keep going, rather than becoming frustrated while waiting for the long term effects.

Finally, users can be confident that this supplement has been made with thoroughly researched, well-known ingredients. The majority of the ingredients are herbal and fruit extracts, along with established testosterone boosters and CLA. The power of this supplement comes not from any mystery ingredient or risky additive, but from established and familiar ingredients blended for maximum fat burning results.



While the makers of this supplement formula, Novex Biotech, does not hold any official certification from independent organizations, it does boast a number of clinical studies to support its claims. Specifically, it has tested its supplements, including ThermoDyne, in double-blind, long-term, human clinical trials, using a placebo to test its actual effects. The results reported are, therefore, realistic, and have scientific testing to support them, rather than mere conjecture or anecdote.

The reputation of Novex Biotech, and this particular supplement, also act as a vouchsafe for the quality of the product. There are positive reviews of ThermoDyne online, not just on the Novex Biotech website, but also on independent bodybuilding websites and forums. Users report weight loss results at a similar rate claimed by the clinical trials, reinforcing the validity and truthfulness of those statistics.

Finally, the longevity of this manufacturer is a testament to its reputation and support within both the supplement industry and the athletic community. Novex Biotech has been in business for over a decade, with a number of products that have become very well known and successful. Many of Novex Biotech’s unique supplement formulas are patented with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and have been popular with customers for years.



Chris H., San Diego, CA writes:

I could feel the power of these little things the very first time I tried them. I had been in a workout slump for a while, and had gotten pretty fat and lazy. I started taking these ThermoDyne pills and right away I felt like going to the gym. And when I got to the gym I had the best workout I’d had in months. Now I take them every day.

Jose D., Atlanta, GA writes:

I didn’t change how I eat at all, I still ate all the junk food that I usually like to do. I just took the pills in the morning and another couple of pills at dinner. I lost 10 pounds the first month! It was insane.

Joe S., Dallas, TX writes:

Definitely felt the change right away. It felt like I got a testosterone boost and a bunch of energy all at once, and I wanted to go workout and keep working out. It’s only been a week but I could already tell the difference, and I think I already lost like 5 pounds.

Chuck T., Miami, FL writes:

I’ve got no problem bulking up, but the cutting phase of my bodybuilding routine is always crazy hard for me. ThermoDyne changed all that, and now I don’t mind the cutting phase. In fact, it seems like the fat just kind of melts off while I workout like usual, cause I still eat a ton but manage to lose weight anyway. I had great results this last cutting phase and got cut like crazy.


Awards & Media Coverage

The maker of ThermoDyne, Novex Biotech, is an established nutritional supplement manufacturer, best known for their double-blind clinical trials on human participants. They have received a great deal of media coverage in the bodybuilding community and by other parties interested in weight loss, personal health, and energy boosting. Their testosterone boosters, among other supplements, have been widely covered online and in national publications, including Muscle and Fitness Magazine. There are also numerous review on bodybuilding and other exercise forums, as well as on personal websites.

This specifical supplement has been covered primarily by reporters interested in its weight loss claims, and has mixed reviews for that claim. Although it results of ThermoDyne are supported by its clinical trials, not every reviewer has been satisfied with its results for their personal use. Primarily, there has been some concern about the quantity of caffeine in the supplement, and the possible negative health effects of this caffeine level. Caffeine, at a moderate dosage, has been repeatedly shown to have positive health benefits, as reported by the Harvard Gazette, New York Times, the Mayo Clinic, and CNN. However, this supplement has an unusually high level of caffeine, which may pose a health hazard for some users, and may also cause some slight physical dependence.


Money-back Guarantee

Novex Biotech, which makes the ThermoDyne supplement, has a money-back guarantee explicitly spelled out on its website. Customers are encouraged to try the product for a number of weeks, which should be enough time to gauge its efficacy and actual usefulness. Returns will be accepted as long as they are received within 30 days of the date that the order was placed.

To make a return, customers simply call the toll-free customer service hotline phone number that is provided on the website and speak to a representative, which is available every day excepting Sunday and holidays. A customer service representative will then give the customer a Return Merchandise Authorization, or RMA, number. Customers simply print that number on the outside of the package, put the empty product containers and the customer’s name and address within, and send the box to the company’s address as provided online.

The return will be accepted, providing it is received within 30 days, even if the entire bottle has been used. A complete refund will then be granted, with no questions asked or forms to fill out,regardless of the reasons for the return. Only the price of the shipping and handling will be subtracted from the total amount refunded.



There are a number of shipping options available for customers purchasing ThermoDyne. The standard option comes by DHL Global mail, costs a flat rate of $6.95, and packages will arrive between 2-7 days after being shipped out from the Novex Biotech warehouse. Customers will receive a confirmation email as soon as their product has shipped, and can track their order through the website.

For customers who are in a hurry, there are also faster options for shipping from FedEx. Overnight delivery, for $26.95, will guarantee that your shipment will arrive on the next business day, providing the order has been placed by 10 a.m. Two-day shipping is also available for $16.95 and, like overnight shipping, requires a signature from the recipient upon delivery.

International shipping is also available for customers who are residing overseas. Shipping costs do vary according to the country and size of delivery, and any additional taxes, customs charges, and fees will be the responsibility of the customers. International shipments may also be delayed by customs by up to two to three weeks, so customers should plan accordingly.


Customer Support

Customers have three options for contacting Novex Biotech, the maker of ThermoDyne, should they have any questions, concerns, or complaints. The easiest option is to simply fill out the provided form on their company website and wait for a response. Customers need only provide their name and email address, although their telephone number is optionally requested, along with their comment, which will be reviewed by a customer service associate and responded to promptly.

The second, and perhaps easiest, option for speaking with a customer service agent is to call the toll free hotline number provided on the website. Available Monday-Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. MST, and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST, a customer service representative can assist in orders, returns, and even questions about the products themselves. Many customers prefer speaking directly to an agent that is empowered to help them immediately, and Novex Biotech makes that available six days a week.

Novex Biotech is also available for communication on a number of social media sites, as well as on their own website. Their company is accessible on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, as well as YouTube, where they have posted informative videos. There is also a customer service email address for general concerns.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers can expect a safe and secure checkout when purchasing ThermoDyne from their website. The payment page is protected by a secure TLS connection, which uses a strong protocol version and cipher suite. It also boasts 256 bit encryption, which is the industry standard for online security.

The Novex Biotech website also contains a specific and clearly written Privacy Policy, which spells out its internal corporate guidelines regarding personal information and online protection. Its website does use cookies, but maintains that they do not gather any personal information from the user’s hard drive. All of the details about this and other personal information kept are explained further in the written policy.

Customers are also protected from receiving unsolicited spam from Novex Biotech. The company neither sells nor distributes its email list with any third parties, so you won’t receive a deluge of unwelcome correspondence just by giving up your address. All emails that come from Novex Biotech itself will display its company logo will contain the address of origination, so that customers can avoid malicious spam that might pretend to be from them.



The ThermoDyne supplement routine is sold in large bottles, with 120 capsules per bottle, for $59.99, plus shipping and handling. When used at the times and quantities that are recommended, this works out to 50 cents per capsule, or a dollar per dose. Shipping, whether for one bottle of the supplement or a dozen, is a flat rate of $6.95 per order. It is cost efficient, therefore, to buy a large order at once, or to combine the purchase of the this supplement with other purchases made from the same store. Since each bottle has enough capsules for just one month, it may behoove users to buy more than one month’s supply at a time, assuming they are confident enough in the efficacy and quality of the product.

There is another option for customers who are looking to save some money, if they are familiar with this supplement and want to use it with regularity. The Preferred Customer Discount allows for an auto-delivery option of ThermoDyne, for a considerable savings. With this Preferred Customer Discount, customers will have a new bottle of the supplement delivered every 30 days, exactly the time each bottle lasts, and be billed just $47.99, a savings of $12 per bottle. Customers can enter this discount program and apply the savings right away, simply by clicking an option on the website, and are provided with a toll free number they can use to cancel the discount auto-delivery program at any time.






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