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Super HD by Cellucor Review – Does It Really Work?

What Is Super HD?

Super HD is a fat-burning supplement in the form of a pill. You take it twice a day and it improves your efforts to increase muscle definition through multiple ingredients and approaches. The pills contain a mix of metabolic control ingredients, nootropics for mental acuity, and energy boosters to help you work out more.

The supplement is designed for use on its own, but it can also be stacked with other fat burner supplements from the same manufacturer to increase the rate of cutting. Because the pills contain caffeine, you should never take more than three in one day. It is also inadvisable to take one within a few hours of going to sleep. Super HD stands out among fat burners because it balances fat burning with providing energy from the stimulant ingredients, making it easier to stay alert and productive even while working heavy cardio routines into your day.



The manufacturer of Super HD is Cellucor. Cellucor is a large and well-known fitness company. They sell a wide variety of supplements, many of which have won awards. Cellucor also sells apparel.

More importantly, the company demonstrates their committment to their products with a massive community effort. They have created hundreds of content pages with recipes, motivational stories, workout tips, and more. Cellucor’s motto is “Results Matter,” and they carry that philosophy into their product design. There are no extraneous sweeteners or other filler ingredients to get in the way of the basic results.

Not only have Cellucor’s products won awards, but the company itself was recognized as being one of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the US in 2011 and 2012. That is a sign that the quality of their products is gaining recognition in the fitness and bodybuilding community. They continually develop and market new supplements and provide detailed explanations for how to make best use of what they sell, including instructions about stacking for enhanced results.


How Super HD Works?

There are two main angles through which Super HD operates. First, there is the “Thermosculpting” approach. This is the set of ingredients that are designed to help burn fat. These Thermosculpting ingredients control the human metabolism and are designed to produce a feeling of satiation when you take the pill, as well as accelerate your metabolism. A faster metabolism means you will burn more calories and build muscle faster.

The second approach is called Sensory Impact. The Sensory Impact group has effects that are focused on making you mentally sharp and giving you energy. The improvements to your memory and awareness can benefit you in ways outside of getting shredded, but it is the extra energy that helps you the most. It is often hard to fit in intensive gym sessions while working and balancing the rest of your life, but this energy boost makes it significantly easier.

Note that none of these are the usual fat-cutting chemical ingredients. First of all, this keeps the supplement clean and natural, so that you aren’t putting unusual chemicals in your body. But if you do decide to try out something like that, Super HD is perfectly suited for stacking. The metabolic changes and energy boost support any diet regimen.


Ingredients of Super HD

Each capsule contains niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. In addition, there are the two main sets of ingredients: the Thermosculpting blend and the Sensory Impact blend. The Thermosculpting blend contains green tea, Slimpro, and dandelion root extract. These ingredients accelerate the metabolism as well as make you feel satisfied, decreasing your desire to eat.

The Sensory Impact blend has more ingredients. It contains N-Acetly-L-Tyrosine, Rhodiloa root extract, Amla fruit extract, Yohimbe bark extract, Capsimax Cayenne fruit extract, Evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract, toothed clubmoss aerial part extract, and Rauwolfia vomitoria root extract. The purpose of these natural ingredients is to heighten mental acuity and give you more energy through the day.

The capsules also contain anhydrous caffeine, which provides energy and also suppresses the appetite. The pills contain anti-caking agents and, finally, are wrapped in a gelatin shell. The pills do not have significant levels of carbs, fats, or protein, and contain no artificial sweeteners.



The biggest advantage of Super HD is that it contains natural ingredients which provide a wide range of benefits that all contribute to better muscle definition. It is easy to find diet pills that will artificially distort the metabolism to force people to lose weight. However, because these pills do not help support you to build healthy habits, you are likely to gain the weight right back again, putting you in a dangerous cycle.

Super HD’s benefits not only help you burn fat directly, they also give you the focus and energy you need to work out regularly. Diet and exercise are two faces of the same coin, and this supplement supports both of them at once. That sets you up perfectly for a long-term muscle tone exercise regimen.

Another big advantage is how easy it is to stack this supplement with a fat-burner pill for faster cutting, a protein powder to replace fat with lean muscle, and a variety of other supplement types. That flexibility is highly valuable in a supplement.



Super HD has not yet accumulated any certificates or endorsements from public figures in the bodybuilding community. However, it does have strong sales results for the years that it has been available. The product has high reviews in many different areas, from general online stores to specific bodybuilding communities.

The goal of certificates is to provide you, the buyer, with a signal that the product is of good quality, because you trust the person or group that issued the certificate. The presence of the product on top-seller lists and the consistently high ratings function as their own kind of certificate from the community at large. This is particularly true if the product is able to maintain high ratings and positive reviews for a long time, because the people who used it experienced good outcomes and continued to think of the product positively. It is very common for buyers to love supplements at first because of their taste or feel, only to find that the results are disappointing after weeks or months of use. That is clearly not the case here.



I was disappointed in myself, because I was overweight and tired all the time. My office job meant I sat in front of a computer all day and I never had enough time to go to the gym. I decided to try using Super HD to see if I could get myself in gear. Well, it worked! I take two capsules a day and I feel full of energy. I started working out at the same time, and I have managed to lose one to two pounds a week for quite a while now. – Allen D. from Philly

I wanted to get strong and get in shape, because I was tired of the younger guys at work showing off. I knew I used to be pretty strong before I had to spend so much time working, so I wanted a little edge that would help me recapture what I used to have. I settled on Super HD because lots of people online said it was good. They were definitely right. I feel supercharged, like I could work out twice a day and still be sharp for my job. That’s a great feeling – Jacques E. from Portland

I used to be really slim, but I have started eating badly and I never work out anymore. I decided I wanted to turn my life around and a friend recommended Super HD to me. It made a huge difference! I stick to two a day because that is plenty of energy for me to do whatever I want. I usually work out in the morning, and I can still work through the day and do things at night without any problems. This supplement has done wonders for me and I’ve only taken it for three months! – Cammy F. from San Francisco


Awards & Media Coverage

Just as Super HD does not have certificates, it also has not won awards or garnered media coverage. This is not necessarily a reason to doubt that the product works. Instead, it is at worst the lack of a positive signal about the product. Moreover, it is difficult to trust media coverage of nutritional supplements because they often come down to a marketing budget and connections, rather than the genuine quality of the product. If a manufacturer has the time and the money to get coverage for a new product, then they can do so even if the product they sell is ineffective, because this coverage does not get into the details of how it performs. Instead, it is better to trust reviews and testimonials from trustworthy sources and impartial reviewers. These carry more weight because they come from people who are critical evaluators of performance, not journalists looking for a story.


Money-back Guarantee

Cellucor offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all of their products. If you purchase a supplement from Cellucor and are not satisfied with it within 30 days of the purchase date, you may return it for a full refund.

This is a particularly generous offer from Cellucor. Most manufacturers of nutritional supplements do not offer any kind of guarantee on their products, because everyone’s body reacts differently to them. That means by sheer random chance, there will be some people who do not experience positive outcomes from a product, even if it is otherwise a strong product.

Cellucor makes this guarantee because it has a strong faith in the results of their products. This is consistent with their motto of “Results Matter” because it shows that they truly want their buyers to have a good experience. Thirty days should be enough time to know if a fat burner is working in accordance with your wishes and fitting in well with your diet and your exercise program. If you are not getting results that are close to what you expect, you can get a refund after talking to the customer support team at Cellucor.



The shipping cost for Super HD is similar to any other product of its weight. It is composed of plastic tubs of capsules. A tub of 60 capsules, which is about a month’s supply, weighs around 3 ounces. That is quite light, so shipping costs should be minimal.

This will change depending on the origin point of the shipment. If you are located overseas, in Alaska, in Hawaii, or are in the armed forces, then you can expect to pay a larger shipping cost. You can generally reduce your shipping costs when you order in bulk, so if possible try to order larger quantities. This is difficult when you are first starting out and are not sure if you will like the product, so this option is best for people who already like it. It is also possible to get a discount if you can sign up for a subscription service where you commit to regular shipments that arrive each month and pay for them in advance, because this is a more favorable arrangement to the seller.


Customer Support

The customer support staff at Cellucor is called the Results Team. The Results Team is one of the biggest advantages to working with Cellucor, because they are responsive, knowledgeable, and eager to help. The Results Team is more than a typical customer service group, as the name implies.

Indeed, the Results Group is as much for advice and guidance as they are for traditional customer support . If you are in need of information about how to use your Cellucor products in the most effective way, they can give you advice about dose size and timing, stacking, and anything else you might want to know. If you combine that with the extensive knowledge base of nutrition and workout tips on the Cellucor website, the support is excellent even for people who do not have any problems with the product. If you do need that kind of support, the Results Team handles events like returns and refunds, so you should talk to them. Cellucor has a phone number, an email address, a live chat, a phone line, and a Twitter account, which are all possible avenues for customer service contact.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The online checkout to purchase Super HD is both speedy and secure. With all of the news in the past few years about breaches and hacking attacks where identity thieves stole customer data, it is hard not to be concerned about information security. It is valid to have precautions about how a company stores your credit card information and transaction history, as well as how safe the communications between you and the company are.

The site uses Secure Socket Layer technology to protect your information from being redirected or sniffed as you make your purchase. Always make sure that you look for the SSL certification to ensure that you are on the right page and that the security technology is up to date. You should also verify that it is a secure page by looking to see if the URL starts with “https” and there is an icon of a padlock next to your address bar. All of these will tell you that your information is not at risk for theft because nobody can access it.


Super HD Pricing

One tub of 60 capsules, which is around a month’s worth of this product, costs around $39.99. This is a particularly good price for a fat burner supplement. The price works out to a little over a dollar per day. The reason the price is low is because the pills mostly contain natural ingredients, not synthesized chemicals.

There is also a 120 capsule tub, which costs $69.99 for 60 days. That brings the price per day down slightly, although not greatly. By doubling the amount of capsules you buy at once, you get better pricing. If you are sure that you will use this product for two months, then this is a decent savings. Remember that you should never have more than three capsules in one day due to the presence of caffeine: if you take more than three, you are putting your health at risk.

Try out a 60-pack at first, and then if you want to continue using the product order a 120-capsule tub afterward. That will total three months of fat burning, and you can re-evaluate at that point to see if you need more and if so, how much.






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