Leanbean Review – Is This The Best Fat Burner?

What Is Leanbean?

Leanbean is a fat-burning supplement that is designed especially for women. The unique combination of ingredients and the specific dosages that have been used are backed by research to address the needs of the female body when it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat. That makes this product especially effective to help in the burning off of excess fat while allowing for the maintenance of lean muscle mass for a fit and firm appearance. When used in connection with a healthy diet and regular fitness plan, this supplement may help women to enjoy a lean and trim body without all of the unsightly fat and cellulite to weigh them down.

When it comes to losing excess pounds of fat, a female’s body works differently than that of a man. A woman’s body has the tendency to cling on to fat while making it more difficult to maintain lean muscle mass. This is why it is not very easy for female bodybuilders to bulk up in the same way that men do. This difference in the way that the body works can be a major factor in the accumulation of fat in females, especially around the hip and belly areas. During calorie restriction and exercise, it is easy for a woman’s body to break down lean muscle and more difficult to burn off stored fat. This supplement’s researched formula can actually help to take care of this problem.

Research has shown that one of the key reasons that women often have trouble maintaining a diet is because they have more difficulty than men in resisting cravings. Women can also have trouble with keeping metabolism levels up, especially when consuming fewer calories for energy. The proven ingredients in this fat-blasting supplement include essential minerals and antioxidants that address these key issues and more. The result is that women can have the ability to better maintain a healthy eating plan and burn more fat with each and every workout.

When this supplement first came out, it was used exclusively by female fitness models and professional athletes to gain that extra edge during training. Now it is gaining recognition with the general population. This means that ordinary women now have the same fat-burning ingredient blend at their disposal as those who must look and be fit for a living. Because this product is made exclusively from natural ingredients, there are not any concerns regarding the dangers that are often posed by some synthetic supplement blends. Additionally, this product is considered to be vegetarian-friendly, allowing even those with restricted diets the ability to enjoy the benefits.

In addition to helping women to achieve a lean and firm physique, this product has been shown to increase energy levels. This can be especially important when trying to work out while adhering to a low-calorie diet. Women have reported feeling more energized while using this supplement and getting better results from their workouts when the fat burner is taken daily as directed. For those who want to lose weight but do not wish to become simply skinny, this supplement can assist the fat-burning process while allowing for increased muscle mass for a tighter figure when combined with consistent weight-bearing workouts.



Ultimate Life Limited is the mastermind behind the production and distribution of the Leanbean supplement designed specifically for women. This private limited company has headquarters that are based in the United Kingdom, and the company was incorporated in late 2015. It appears that this is a family-owned business based on the three current shareholders in the company.

As a newer startup, there is not a lot of information available regarding this company except that they engage in the manufacturing and distribution of specialized sports supplements. What is known is that the product is manufactured in facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company states that the manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA and that they utilize good manufacturing practices with GMP certification.

Ultimate Life Ltd. worked in connection with industry experts utilizing verifiable research to develop this fat-blasting supplement. The company believes in using natural ingredients to enhance the ability of a woman’s own body to resist cravings, gain energy, and burn fat. They also avoid the use of chemicals, synthetics, and other potentially harmful ingredients that are known to cause side effects or that are ineffective for the purpose of these supplements.

Based on the available information, it seems that this company wants to provide a safe product that is designed for effective weight loss through the reduction of fat tissue while maintaining muscle mass for strength and health. They do use quality ingredients and maintain good manufacturing procedures. If they keep up with the way they are going, it stands to reason that more information about this company may become available in the future.


How Leanbean Works?

This fat burner harnesses powerful ingredients that are found in nature and combines them in a scientifically valuable formula that meets the specific needs of the female body. The ingredients in this supplement work together to target three arenas that are known to be potential roadblocks for women when they are trying to get rid of excess fat, especially in troublesome areas like the belly, arms, and legs. This triple-pronged formula is what makes the product effective and uniquely tailored to the way that a woman’s body works.

Research has shown that snacking is most likely the major reason that women do not always adhere to their diets or meet their fat-loss goals. Cravings are generally not an issue that is addressed in fat burners that are created mainly for men or without any consideration for potential gender difference in the functioning of the body. Certain ingredients were selected for use in this supplement to address this concern. When used as directed, this supplement can help to suppress the appetite as well as to reduce cravings that could be an obstacle to sticking with healthy eating habits.

Although users of this product are better able to consume fewer calories due to its appetite-suppressing effects, there is no reason to worry that energy levels will be affected. This supplement contains ingredients that are shown to boost energy levels naturally and without jittery side effects, increasing the ability to maintain a regular workout schedule. The way that a woman’s body is designed often makes it difficult to maintain high metabolism levels, especially during aging or when there is the presence of excessive body fat. Some of the ingredients in this supplement have been proven to ignite the fat-melting furnace that is the metabolism to help a woman’s body to burn fat better for energy use during exercise.

The fact that a woman’s body works differently than a man’s is often overlooked when it comes to making fat-burning supplements, especially those that are not specifically designed to meet the needs of a female. Leanbean uses a special blend of nutrients that can trigger a woman’s body to burn off fat more efficiently and effectively during periods of activity. This is especially beneficial during weight-bearing workouts for a female to hang onto and build lean muscle mass. With this formula and a healthy low-calorie diet, women will be able to reduce the amount of new fat that is stored by the body as well.

This supplement must be taken spread out four times throughout the day. This is meant to keep the benefits on an even keel for maximum effect. Users might have difficulty remembering to take this supplement so frequently at first, so they must remain vigilant. This product contains natural caffeine, so it might affect sleep in users who are sensitive if it is taken too close to bed time. Also, it only works if the user maintains a low-calorie diet and works out on a regular basis.


Ingredients of Leanbean

This supplement contains natural ingredients that have been thoroughly researched and are generally deemed safe to use. Only the ingredients that are necessary to achieve the desired effect of this supplement are found here. Each ingredient has been selected due to its ability to help a woman’s body to burn fat, control fat storage, decrease cravings, or a combination of these. While these ingredients can provide benefits for fat loss in the body by themselves, the combination and dosages that are put together in Leanbean increase their effectiveness.

Vitamin B6 can help to increase metabolism in the body to burn calories that are consumed during each workout. This nutrient can also help to reduce fat stores already present within the body by breaking down these cells. Additionally, Vitamin B6 is necessary to help the liver to be able to remove excess fat from the body rather than finding places to store it.

Vitamin B12 is known for its importance in controlling the body’s ability to use or eliminate any fat that is consumed in meals. There is also some scientific evidence that this vitamin can help to break down fat cells. Because Vitamin B12 helps to increase energy levels, it can also help the body to burn more calories leading to fat loss.

Chromium is a trace mineral that is vital for the preservation of lean muscle mass in the body. This allows the body to keep its muscle and turn to stored fat for energy during times of calorie restriction and exercise. It helps to curb cravings, especially those that occur for carbohydrates. This mineral worksbest when used in connection with weight-bearing activities.

Green Coffee comes from raw coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. The raw beans contain Caffeine, which has been shown to boost metabolism and increase energy levels. Green Coffee also contains Chlorogenic Acid, which is lost during the roasting process. This substance has been shown in several studies to limit the amount of fat that the body can absorb from a meal, thus reducing the amount of fat stored by the body. Green Coffee can also aid in fat-burning.

Acai Berry is believed to help with fat loss in the body. While there has not been enough research into the connection between the available nutrients in Acai Berry and weight loss, these berries do have a lot of fiber. This can help an individual to feel fuller for longer to reduce hunger between meals, making it effective at helping to keep calorie consumption down through the suppression of appettite.

Green Tea Extract contains ingredients called Catechins and ECGG. These substances have been proven to increase the body’s metabolism through a process called thermogenesis. The metabolism-boosting effects found in Green Tea have been shown to continue even while an individual is at rest. This works with a woman’s own metabolism to aid in the breakdown of existing fat cells.

Turmeric has been used for years but has just recently been shown to have fat-blasting effects in the body in several ways. The active ingredient Curcumin increases body temperature to increase fat loss through thermogenesis. It has also been shown to reduces factors in a lady’s metabolism that could lead to fat storage. Turmeric also decreases inflammation within fat cells, making them easier for the body to use and remove them during activity.

Glucomannan is a super fiber that is found in the root of the Konjac plant. It works by expanding in the digestive tract to create feelings of fullness. This helps to suppress the appetite, which can prevent excessive snacking. Glucomannan has been shown to reduce cravings for sugary foods. This fiber is also good for helping the body to use stored fat for energy.

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that is well-known for its fat-burning properties. This is due to a substance that is called Hydroxycitric Acid, which fires up the body’s metabolism levels. Also, this fruit increases satiety after meals by suppressing the appetite. While studies are mixed on the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia when used alone, it may boost the effectiveness of the other ingredients that are found in this supplement.

Cayenne Powder is derived from cayenne, which is a type of hot chili pepper. The active substance in Cayenne is called Capsaicin, which is proven to increase body temperature to burn fat better through thermogenesis. Recent studies have shown that Cayenne is also an effective appetite suppressant. Some individuals are sensitive to cayenne and may experience increased sweating during exercise.

Black Pepper, while not as fiery as Cayenne, is also beneficial for burning off fat cells through thermogenesis. Its active substance is called Piperine. In addition to its ability to turn up the heat, Piperine can also help to prevent the storage of fat within the cells of the body, making it easier for the body to use as fuel to be burned away through exercise.

Raspberry Ketones are similar in their molecular structure to the Capsaicin found in chiles, which intrigued researchers. Unfortunately, Raspberry Ketones do not have the same thermogenic effect. However, Raspberry Ketones may be effective in helping the body to break down existing fat cells. This ingredient only works when used in connection with a healthy diet and exercise program. There is also some concern regarding this ingredient’s safety when consumed in large amounts. This product only uses 8 mg per dose, which is well within a safe range.



There are a few advantages to choosing Leanbean as a fat-burning supplement. It is formulated specifically for women to target the areas of the female body that are often resistant to fat-loss efforts. Each ingredient is designed to work individually and in combination together with a woman’s body to produce the desired reaction of helping the body to burn more fat and to prevent its storage. This is much different than fat burners that are designed with men as the main focus. Unlike ordinary fat-burning supplements, this one does not use synthetic forms of caffeine or ingredients that are known to produce negative effects when used by women.

This supplement is designed to work fairly quickly when taken as directed. Increased energy and fat loss can be noticeable in as little as a couple of weeks, though it can take a couple of months for some individuals to see any difference. This prompt gratification for many users just might be enough to provide motivation for these women to keep going until their desired results are attained. Even those who do not see results right away can be encouraged that they will experience a difference if they keep up with the program.

The appetite-suppressing action does not produce jitters yet helps to reduce the cravings that can undo a diet and workout plan. The components are designed to boost metabolism and increase energy naturally to allow a woman to work out even while restricting her caloric intake. By working directly with the way that a woman’s body works, this fat-burning supplement can help to reduce the factors that may inhibit the ability of a woman to burn off fat. Other ingredients assist with the retention of lean muscle mass during weight loss for a strong and fit figure rather than one that is just skinny.

This supplement is made by using only natural ingredients. Each of the components in this formula has been researched and selected due to be both safety and efficacy. There are no synthetic substances used in this fat-burning supplement that could increase the risk of negative side effects. Also, there are no unnecessary or useless ingredients, so those who like to limit what they put into their bodies will not have to worry about that. The selected ingredients come from quality sources, and the supplement is manufactured in registered facilities that utilize good manufacturing practices.

While some may not consider it a benefit, this product only works if the user does as well. Taking this fat-burning supplement does not give the individual a free pass to indulge in unhealthy foods or to avoid exercise. This means that a woman will need to maintain a healthy diet while engaging in regular activity to achieve the desired fat-loss results. This can be a good thing because oftentimes people are more motivated to keep up with their bodybuilding efforts when there is a vested interest or some type of effort put forth into such an endeavor.



Leanbean has a GMP certification, meaning that the company has been recognized for its good manufacturing practices. The manufacturing facilities are also registered with the FDA. This means that customers can depend on receiving a quality fat-burning supplement when they purchase and use this fat-burning supplement that has been specially designed for women.

Use of this fat-burning supplement was initially limited to those who make a living in the fitness field. The benefits of the product give users a special edge to reach cutting goals in a short period of time. This product is still in its early stages, even for those in the fitness field. However, the word has gotten out and regular women are beginning to enjoy this product as well.

There is very limited advertising available for this product, making its presence in the world of supplements a little difficult to find. An increasing number of reviews is being found in fitness and bodybuilding arenas. This will help to bring more awareness to the brand and the company for the possibility of more certificates.

Because this company is still in the startup phase, there are only a few available products that are just now being noticed beyond the fitness field by the average individual. If the quality of their choice of products and the proven research they use in their formulas is any indication of success, certificates are sure to follow in the future. Expansion of their product line may also lead to additional certificates and more recognition of the brand and the company.



I love trying the latest fat-burning products so I’m usually the first among my friends to try something as soon as I see it. I was reading a review from a bodybuilding website that I enjoy and decided to give this Leanbean a try. After all, it’s designed for women and I wanted to see if that could make a difference for me. The price was a bit more than I’m used to paying for these kind of things but it really was worth it! I always try to eat right and I workout regularly with weights. I thought I was in great shape. After about a month of using this product I noticed that my abs were flatter and a bit more defined and I was trimming down in areas I hadn’t thought about. This fat-burner goes well with my healthy lifestyle and now I look better than ever!

– Inga T. from tesUSA

Recently I’ve become overweight. I’ve tried to burn that fat and it was a struggle. Oh, I do good at first but then I tend to cave into cravings. When I crave, there’s no such thing as moderation – I binge. Then I feel the guilt. Then I do good, then binge, then feel guilty. I was so tired of this vicious cycle that I had to do something. I was desperate. I’ve tried weight loss pills in the past and they just don’t work for me. Either I feel like I’m starving or like I have no energy, even though I get jittery. Then I get a crash. A friend of mine saw Leanbean online and told me I should give it a try. The only reason I did was after reading how it could be different for me because it’s designed for women. It took a while to get used to taking the four pills every day and keeping up with exercise. Once I got into a routine I noticed a huge difference. After about a month I had lost 7 pounds and my pants were looser. I could actually put aside my sweats and fit into my jeans!This really gives me the motication I need to keep on going. For once in my life I think there’s some hope for me yet. I also feel great with lots of energy and have no need to snack. Highly recommend this one.

– Carol N. from UK

I have a love-hate relationships with New Year’s resolutions. I love the idea of a new year and a new me, but I can’t seem to stick with my fitness goals. I didn’t think that I was overweight per se, but I had a few problem areas I wanted to tone up and firm for my upcoming vacation. I started working out regularly but just couldn’t quite manage to rid myself of a bit of jiggle on my arms and around my middle. After researching some fat-burning supplements, I decided to give Leanbean a try. I have to say I like it. I used it for three months and feel like I can tackle the world. I also plan on turning quite a few heads at the beach during my vacation. Thanks Leanbean!

– Bailey R. from Poland

Not sure where to start because I don’t usually do these review things. I used to be pretty fit and healthy, but I’ve found it getting harder and harder for me to keep off the excess pounds as I get older. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting older, the slowing down of my metabolism, or what. I also feel sluggish, especially if I cut down how much food I’m eating. This can make it hard for me to be motivated to do any type of exercise. I read some reviews online about this fat burner for women. I like how they harness the power of nature for a product that is safe. It’s also back by research. I decided to give it a try. I was surprised at the price, at least at first, but the quality ingredients and the way it works really makes it worth it. No more struggling to control my appetite or worrying about being too weak and tired to work out. After about a month, I noticed that I wasn’t snacking often and I could handle more vigorous workouts. Now I am fitter than I was 20 years ago, and I owe it all to Leanbean helping keep me on track.

– Stephanie A. from New York, USA

I’ve literally come down from a size 16 (Australian Size), down to a size 14 this month.

– Margarita from Australia


Awards & Media Coverage

Because the company has only been in business a couple of years, the makers of this supplement have not yet received any recognition or awards from mainstream sources. This could also be due, in part, because this fat-burner was first used solely by female fitness models and athletes. It is not known if these women wanted to keep the supplement a secret to gain that special edge or not.

The supplement is just recently gaining popularity with everyday women who want a reliable and effective way to increase fat loss. With time, more and more happy ladies are giving positive reviews for this product. It is just taking some time for the world to notice.


However, many popular fitness and bodybuilding sites and blogs have reviewed and are recommending Leanbean for female athletes who are serious about getting an extra edge. Once even more women begin to try this fat-burning product and notice results, word of mouth plus written reviews might be all of the advertisement this company needs. This may be enough to draw the needed attention of mainstream news and media sources.


Money-back Guarantee

While Leanbean does offer a money-back guarantee, there are some fairly strict details involved in returns. The purchase must be for the three-month supply, called the Bikini Body Bundle in order to be eligible for the guarantee. The product must be used as recommended for the full 90 days. This means taking four pills each and every day as well as following a healthy diet and regular fitness routine. The specific terms regarding results seem a little conflicting, with one area claiming you can get the refund if the product does not work as described and another stating that you can only get the refund if you see no results.

Because this fat-burning supplement is designed to be used in connection with a healthy, low-calorie diet and regular exercise, proof is required that these recommendations were followed before a customer can get their money back. For those who wish to get a refund through the money-back guarantee, the following must be included in the package that is sent to the company:

  • Name, address, and order number of the customer.
  • All of the empty bottles, unused product, and anything else that was sent by the company.
  • A thorough description of the diet and workout plan used while taking this supplement.

The company will review the request and make a decision on whether or not to refund the money to the customer less a $35 fee. This money-back guarantee only applies to the first order of this product and only with a 90-day supply. The individual must also email the company with their request for a refund prior to shipping back the requested items. Return shipping must be sent through a reliable carrier that requires a signature for delivery. As can be expected, any shipping and handling charges will not be refunded, nor will return shipping costs.

If the package does not arrive back at the company, they will not refund the money. The company notes that all of the obligations of the customer must be met or the company does not have any duty to fulfill the money-back guarantee. This makes it sound like it could be difficult to get a refund if the product does not work. It could help to contact customer service to find out more about the money-back policies before placing an order if that is of concern.



Leanbean is currently shipped all over the world. Prompt and secure shipping is provided through reliable carriers, and a tracking number will be provided for the customer’s convenience. There are more than a dozen countries where this supplement will not be shipped, so it is important to find out more before placing an order. The company has a list of these countries. However, because international shipping can be complicated, customers may want to contact customer support before they place an order especially if there is any concern over customs charges.

The company behind this fat-burning product makes it a point to let customers know that orders will be shipped quickly. Most customers can expect to have their order shipped out on the next working day after placing the order. For customers in the United States mainland, orders placed before 2pm EST on business days will be shipped out that same day. Orders placed after that time will be shipped on the next working day. In the United Kingdom, orders placed before 2pm GMT on a business day will be shipped that same day, while orders placed after that time will be sent out the following business day. For orders placed on Friday or over the weekend, the product will be shipped out the next business day.

Orders in the continental United States can be expected to take from 1 to 4 business days depending on the shipping method selected. For customers in the United States outlying regions of Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, shipping may take up to 10 business days. In England, the supplements should arrive within 1 or 2 working days, while it could take 3 to 6 business days for delivery to other European countries. For the rest of the world, shipping is expected to take 5 to 15 business days.

The company takes no responsibility for delays that occur because of the carrier or if the package is held up through customs. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for any customs fees. If the package is held in customs awaiting documentation, customer support can provide the necessary information upon request. The tracking number will be provided to the customer within 48 hours after shipment is sent out. Customers can use this information to keep tabs on the transport of their order and any updates on expected delivery dates.


Customer Support

The customer service aspect behind the Leanbean fat-burner for women is limited. Regular and potential customers can only contact Customer Support in two ways. There is a listed email address and a physical address. The customer can choose whichever method they feel is appropriate to contact a representative with any questions or concerns regarding the product, shipping, or returns. This might be an issue if a customer does not want to wait too long for a response.

The company makes note that if a customer has a question that is not answered in the FAQs, that they should email the company for more information. Customers are also encouraged to email if there are any questions about shipping or the money-back guarantee. This would lead one to believe that all emails will be answered in a somewhat timely fashion.

The company claims to be happy to hear from its customers, so it sounds like responses to questions or concerns would be handled promptly. It might be better for them to offer a phone number for immediate concerns or if there are questions that need to be answered prior to a customer placing an order. As this is a fairly new company, there might not be enough a demand thus far or enough employees available to man phone lines or an online chat support. However, the company makes it clear that they will respond to all inquiries.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering this fat-burning supplement is easy and secure. There is a notice that a customer’s personal and financial information will not be shared. The company also states that they only obtain enough information to assist with the processing of the transaction, so customers do not have to worry about giving away too much. Payment can be completed through a few different methods. When a customer chooses to use a credit card, a separate small window will pop up requesting the appropriate information to complete the transaction.

For those who do not like using a credit card for online purchases at too many places, there are other payment methods available as well. If a customer chooses to pay via PayPal, the customer will be forwarded to the PayPal site to log in with their password. When choosing the specific product(s) for purchase, there is also the option to click on the selection to pay with PayPal Express. PayPal uses software for end-to-end encryption to keep each customer’s information safe and secure. Additionally, PayPal never shares a customer’s financial details with a retailer, keeping that information in one place for security and convenience.

Customers may also choose to pay with information that is saved in their Amazon account. If this option is selected, a new window will pop up to sign in to the user’s own account there. The company also accepts Amazon Pay. Any payments made through one of these methods are covered by the guarantee provided by Amazon. Like PayPal, these methods keep your information together in one place and provide no additional information to the seller than what is necessary to complete the transaction.



Pricing varies depending on the number of bottles that a customer wishes to purchase at one time. A one-month supply of one bottle contains 120 fat-busting capsules. The price for a single bottle of this supplement is $59.00, €40.00, or £35.00 plus any applicable shipping charges. A customer can choose to purchase two bottles at once to make sure that they have enough of this product to really see how well it could work for them. This two-month supply will run $118.00, €80.00, or £70.00 plus the necessary shipping costs.

Currently, the best deal has a name all its own. It is titled the Bikini Body Bundle. This three-month bundle includes three bottles of this fat-blasting supplement for women, a workout guide in e-book format, and shipping to any of the countries where the company ships in the world for $185.00, €140.00, or £110.00. The big bonus in this package is an extra bottle of Leanbean. This gives customers a full four-month supply for about the cost of purchasing three months worth separately. This is the bundle that must be purchased on the first order for customers to be eligible to activate the money-back guarantee, if it were to become necessary.

These prices are subject to change and are only current as of the date of this writing. Right now there are no coupons or additional discounts that are available from this company for this fat-burning supplement, though this could change as well. If the demand for this product increases and the supplement becomes more well-known, the company may decide to offer additional promotions in the future.







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