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Kimera Thermo Review – Is It Really Good for Burning Fat?

What Is Kimera Thermo?

Kimera Thermo is a fitness supplement that is designed to help you get as cut as you can. It isn’t some magic pill that will promise you instant results. Instead, this capsule is designed to help give you the boost you need to push past your limits and take your workout to the next level. The product is explicitly targeted to people who are already committed to working out to the best of their abilities. The main website for the supplement leads with a section about the lack of a magic bullet option for results; instead, the website boasts that it turns “winners into legends.”



Kimera Thermo is manufactured by Iridium Labs. Based out of Brazil, Iridium Labs is a major manufacturer of supplements. They boast five different products, each designed to target a different aspect of the workout, including pre workout and a recovery formula. This is their first thermogenic supplement for athletes and bodybuilders. The English version of their website is not yet up and running, but they have Facebook and Instagram profiles with some information translated.


How Kimera Thermo Works?

When you workout, the body turns calories into heat and energy. Kimera Thermo is engineered to amplify this natural product of a hard workout in order to improve performance and burn more fat. The supplement uses a mixture of herbs that are rich in caffeine, catechin, synephrine, and gingerol. These compounds have natural thermogenic properties that cause the body to burn extra fat, increase cardiac activity and generate extra energy.

The chemicals in Kimera Thermo were chosen for more than just their thermogenic properties. All of the components break down quickly and enter the bloodstream quickly. This is not a slow release capsule that provides a minor boost for several hours; it is 100% ready to work for your body in nearly no time at all. Additionally, the supplement helps to inhibit the body’s adenosine receptor. This causes an increase in the amount of norepinephrine the body is releasing. Norepinephrine is one of the main compounds responsible for breaking down the fat stores in the body.

By inhibiting the adenosine receptor, the product also causes the body to release dopamine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for the feeling of a “runner’s high” after a workout, and it also improves a person’s ability to focus on a task. The supplement also releases icariin into the body. Icariin is a PDE5 inhibitor; this boosts both energy and confidence in a person. The end result of all of these chemical reactions occurring in the body is that Kimera Thermo helps push your body harder than you can with just a workout alone.

One important note is that this capsule does not rely on dangerous hormones or testosterone. It works exclusively with natural supplements to achieve the same results without the dangerous side effects. Kimera Thermo helps to boost blood flow in the body; like you had eaten a full meal, but without the major caloric impact. This helps boost oxygen flow to the muscles, and to help the body get rid of contaminants that can lead to more muscular fatigue.

The overall effect of the product helps to create major results, but there are some things that users can do to help boost their results. The supplement provides bodybuilders with many vitamins and minerals, but consuming additional vegetables and fruit can help boost health. In addition, getting a lot of sleep and drinking a lot of water are both essential to enabling the body to properly use the ingredients in it. Smoking and alcohol consumption are also counterproductive to getting results with the supplement. Iridium Labs states plainly that the supplement is not for people who can’t commit to a workout. The ingredients in the the supplement will only provide the best results if a person is committed to the workout.


Ingredients of Kimera Thermo

Iridium Labs brought a mix of classic herbs and modern nutrition for making the supplement a potent boost for your workout regimen. The most recognizable ingredient on the list is caffeine; it is a fast acting, naturally occurring, chemical that increases blood flow, counteracts fatigue, and respiration. Caffeine has also been shown to help counteract the buildup of lactic acid in muscles; the chemical that is responsible for post workout soreness. the supplement’s caffeine is included primarily for its thermogenic properties. The drug helps to make the body turn fat reserves into energy as you workout.

Bitter oranges have long been used in perfumes for their essential oils, but their role in alternative medicine is less known. THe key active ingredient is Synephrine. It is a chemical which increases metabolism, and acts as a natural thermogenic. It also has the bonus of being an appetite suppressant. Kimera Thermo uses Synephrine obtained from dry bitter orange extract in order to boost the rate at which your body consumes calories.

The last two active ingredients in Kimera Thermo may sound rather strange, but chances are good you already encounter them on a regular basis. Catechins are found in green tea. Iridium Labs extracts them to use in the supplement. The primary role they play is to boost the oxidation of fats via increasing the metabolism in the liver and muscles. This helps promote a long term healthy level of fat composition in the body.

Gingerol rounds out the four primary ingredients in it, and, like the name suggests, it is found in ginger extract. It is a powerful antioxidant compound. Gingerol also helps to fight free radicals in the body. Studies have linked gingerol to reduced pain in muscle tissues. These four ingredients work together to ensure that the body is operating at peak performance during every workout.

Kimera Thermo also contains low quantities of herbs and natural remedies that help to round out the supplement’s effectiveness. It has numerous vitamins and minerals designed to help protect the overall health of the people using it. It also contains anti oxidant agents; these help balance out the free radicals in the body and prevent chronic disease. Lastly, Iridium Labs included Epimedium in their supplement. The Chinese herb helps to fight erectile dysfunction, but it is included because of it’s confidence boosting components.



One of the main advantages to this supplement is the lack of artificial compounds. This helps cut down on the extensive list of side effects that comes with other workout boosters. The supplement is crafted from natural ingredients that could be consumed with a healthy diet. Iridium Labs simply made it easier to integrate these health boosters into a bodybuilder’s diet.

One of the most important advantages to Kimera Thermo is the way it interacts with your workout. Many diet supplements will claim to burn fat, but offer little to no benefit to those who are already committed to putting in effort at the gym. The thermogenic nature of this supplement means that it only works to enhance the effort that you already put in. This product isn’t about a magic solution to the last bit of fat on your body. It exists to help you obtain the best possible results faster than you otherwise could.

Kimera Thermo’s list of benefits stretches on even longer than just those things. It has been shown to reduce cravings for food after taking it, and the supplement is known to increase the resting metabolic rate of those who use it alongside a workout. The Epimedium in it can also help with erectile disfunction. it is suitable to help both men and women achieve peak levels of personal fitness. With a well rounded mix of vitamins and minerals, this supplement helps ensure the overall health of those who use the fitness booster.



All of Iridium Labs’ products are manufactured in state of the art facilities that ensure their products meet safety standards across the world. The product is even deemed safe enough to meet the strict standards of the European market. They do recommend that you consult a doctor or nutritionist before beginning to take the supplement. The supplement is also not recommended for small children or women who are pregnant.



According to periodic surveys done by Iridium Labs, 78% of people who use Kimera Thermo experienced results. 83% of people using the supplement say that it was a cost effective product for them. These thousands of users left a trail of glowing testimonials for the supplement.

Douglas Fragoso writes that he trained like hell, but couldn’t get the results he wanted. He says that the supplement was life changing for him. He would finish his planned workout but still be ready for more. His whole body had more muscle and less fat. Douglas even says that with the help of Kimera Thermo, he has kept to his diet and he has maintained the body of his dreams that he worked so hard to get.

Another satisfied customer, Rogério Fontelle says that he found Kimera Thermo from friends at the university. He says that the results were plainly visible. He works harder and trains better than he ever has before.

Bruno Menon, like so many others, picked up a lot of unflattering nicknames over his life, but, with the help of the supplement, that has all changed. He has reaped the rewards of his hard work, and the belly fat is all gone. Bruno says that he has a new life with his ripped abs.

Ernesto Depois is another average joe who picked up this supplement. He started using the supplement with a decent physique, but he wanted more. Ernesto started using the supplement, and quickly saw that his workouts lasted longer and were more intense. Since starting to use Kimera Thermo, Ernesto has managed to go from an ok body to being cut from marble.

А website has a blog about the writer’s experience with the product. He says that he can’t stop singing the praises of the supplement. The supplement was led to significant changes in his body, and he has become the most desired piece in his neighborhood. He has girls swooning and swarming over him, and guys who are jealous of him. For him, Kimera Thermo helped make his dream a reality.

On Alibaba, ilianzpe smith wrote a short recap of his experiences with Kimera Thermo. He says that for him, the hardest challenge he faced was going from being a fit but thing cycalist to a well muscled man. He found that, with the addition of a structured diet and the supplement, he was finally able to push for that bodybuilder’s physique he was craving.

Fitness blogger, Reuben Lerroy has written a review of the product. He writes that most people who work out simply aren’t willing to do what it takes to get the bodies they truly dream of. Kimera Thermo, he says, is unlike any other supplement he has seen. It is something that has helped him to push past the limits that he put on himself, and it helped him sculpt the body he has always dreamed of.

Kimera Thermo isn’t only endorsed by average customers. Iridium Labs backs a staff of professional athletes who use their products in order to ensure their game is at the highest possible level. World class bodybuilders Krysztof Ferenc and Krys Piekarz both endorse the supplement. Jacek Kramek, a stunning example of men’s physique, uses it to make sure he stays in the perfect shape that he needs for modeling. Iridium Labs has even attracted the attention of celebrities, such as Marta Gut, with the success and results of their products.


Awards & Media Coverage

Kimera Thermo is becoming one of the most recognized names in fitness supplements. They have been featured on numerous fitness websites such as Our Fitness World and biomusclexrrev. In addition, the product has earned the seal of approval from the artisanal Brazilian cosmetic company, Feito Brasil and from the Lancamento Mundial company.


Money-back Guarantee

Iridium Labs stands by every product they make. The company is ready to put their money where their mouth is. When you order this capsule they are entering into a three month trial. If, after three months, you aren’t seeing results, simply contact Iridium Labs. They will arrange for you to send back whatever you have in exchange for a full refund. Iridium Labs will even take empty containers.



The makers of the product work very hard to make sure that they bring their product to you in a timely manner. 82% of their customers say that the product arrived within the agreed upon time frame. Iridium Labs guarantees that their shipping will be swift and accurate.


Customer Support

Kimera Thermo is one of the many fitness supplements made by Iridium Labs. The product is backed by a money back guarantee, and the shipping is protected as well. In the event that there is some problem, customers should contact Iridium Labs via their website’s contact web page. Iridium Labs also runs a contact phone number at 0800-591-1096 . This is a Brazilian phone number, so international charges may apply. The company also operates a physical location in Brazil at Rua Luis Anhaia 77. However you choose to contact them,the staff there will work ceaselessly to make sure that everything is made correct.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Kimera Thermo is purchased via a safe secure checkout from Iridium Labs. The website uses a secure connection when purchasing the product in order to make sure your data is protected. They use Site Blindado to guarantee their site is safe from hackers. They accept numerous different payment methods. In Latin America, they also accept Koin Postpaid. Koin is a payment method that allows you to only pay after the product has been safely delivered.


Kimera Thermo Pricing & Free Trial

Iridium Labs knows they have a world class supplement, and they have the data to back this claim. They do not offer a free trial program, but do have deals for first time customers. The product is manufactured in Brazil, and all prices are marked in Brazilian Real. The product is offered in three bundles. Each package contains 60 capsules, and Iridium Labs recommends taking no more than 2 capsules per day. The first comes in 6 packages of R $27.40. The second bundle is 6 sets of R $40.46. The last package is priced at 6 sets of R $55.54. With the purchase of any of these packages, Iridium Labs provides customers with a bonus package of the product. This supplement can only be purchased through the official website.






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