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Alpha Ripped Review – A Good Solution or Not?

What Is Alpha Ripped?

Alpha Ripped is a dietary supplement for men looking to increase their overall athletic performance and increase their muscle building results in the gym with an all natural health boosting product. The exclusive ingredients found in this testosterone and energy boosting supplement are formulated and regulated to give the bodybuilder the maximum amount of dietary support and muscle building components to safely increase muscle mass, heighten focus, and boost energy levels before, during, and after workouts. This proprietary mix of ingredients, when enacted together, create a formula that raises energy levels, maximizes thermo genesis, and elevates metabolism to achieve fast and full-blown results in the gym while reducing unwanted fat from the body. These ingredients found in this specialized supplement are all natural and organic plants, minerals and vitamins which makes Alpha Ripped a completely safe and natural supplement that can be taken by anyone looking to enhance their workouts and raise their self esteem.



This muscle building and fat eliminating supplement Alpha Ripped is made in USA by Alpha Nutrition, Inc. Their headquarters is located at 2360 Corporate Circle Ste 400, Henderson, Nevada 89074. It is distributed by Alpha Distribution, Inc., New York, NY. They can be reached for questions, concerns, or comments by telephone, email, or written mail channels.


How Alpha Ripped Works?

Alpha Ripped contains a specific blend of all natural ingredients that are targeted to raise the body’s thermogenetic temperature throughout the day; before, during, and after workouts or competitions. This raise in temperature and the ingredients in this supplement work together to increase the body’s metabolism, increase the overall energy levels, and dial in the mental focus of the bodybuilder or weightlifter which results in longer and more challenging workout sessions. This blend of all natural and organic ingredients work with the body’s natural ability to produce essential amino acids, increase blood flow throughout the body, and enhance natural anti-bodies to ward off illnesses such as the flu or the common cold. This results in many benefits including an increase in athletic performance, a raise in testosterone levels, elevated energy levels, better mental focus, cutting extra fat, and enhancing positive moods; all while delivering fat burning essential elements to problem areas of the body to eliminate unwanted fat deposits.


Ingredients of Alpha Ripped

L-Arginine – This essential amino acid is necessary to widen blood vessels to allow the maximum amount of absorption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients when the muscles are at rest. It is responsible for the release of insulin and an increase in the visibility of the veins of the body.
Green Tea Extract-(180 mg) This potent natural extract has been used for more than 4,000 years in oriental cultures.

Forskolin – This organic plant naturally raises the T levels and hormonal levels in the bodies of men. The enzyme called adenylate cyclase is stimulated by this ingredient and it increases the amount of cyclic AMP to improve circulation, energy, and metabolism.

AAKG – Better known as Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate, this ingredient helps to build muscle during the recovery period after a rigorous workout or set. AAKG interacts with nitric oxide levels which increases the blood flow and delivers more nutrients to the muscles.
Guarana-(100 mg) Also known as Brazilian cocoa, this natural element assists the bodybuilder in boosting energy levels, increasing mental focus, and curbing cravings and appetite.

Caffeine – Caffeine has an energizing effect on the body when ingested. In this supplement it offers the user the benefits of boosting the metabolism through the release of fatty acids into the bloodstream in a process called lipolysis.

Cayenne Pepper – This famously hot pepper contains an element called capsaicin. This element is responsible for improving circulation, increasing body temperature, boosting metabolism, and ramping up the immune system from common illnesses.

Yerba Mate – This ingredient is responsible for the diuretic, thermogenic, appetite suppressant, and mental sharpness that bodybuilders who take this supplement experience.

Willow Extract – This plant is native to Europe and it’s use dates back to 400 BC. It is effective in relieving pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles, helping to rejuvenate the muscles after a long and hard session.

Wintergreen Powder – This substance extracted from the leaves of the Wintergreen plant is beneficial as a pain inhibitor and inflammatory aide. This helps the bodybuilder, weightlifter, or sports athlete to recover from intense workout sessions quicker.

Calcium – This essential element is useful in aiding in the absorption of the other elements of this supplement into the bloodstream. Calcium is an essential element that is needed for the healthy formation of bones and digestion.

Kola Nut Extract – This essential ingredient is responsible for promoting blood circulation, increasing mental functions, and calming the nervous system.

Silicon Dioxide – This ingredient is used in the manufacturing process of this product to ensure a uniform end product.

Magnesium Stearate – This ingredient is primarily used to ensure that the active and proprietary ingredients in this supplement remain free flowing before being commercially compacted into pill forms and bottled for distribution.

There are other non proprietary ingredients used for manufacturing such as colorings, gelatin, and additives that do not affect the strength or active ingredients of this supplement but are essential to the smooth production of the Alpha Ripped capsules.



This supplement optimizes the body’s ability to burn fat by raising the thermogenic properties to help incinerate fat and allow for more lean muscle building. The special blend of ingredients give the weightlifter and bodybuilder the highest amount of energy possible to achieve faster results from their daily workout and weightlifting programs. These ingredients in Alpha Ripped are formulated to attack the unwanted fat and eliminate it from the body to allow for the bodybuilder, weightlifter, or athlete to get the most out of each and every trip to the gym, track, field, or weight room. Ingredients in Alpha Ripped supplement are formulated to rejuvenate muscles faster after intense sets, reps, or workouts and it continues to work even on non-workout days and while the body is at rest between sets.



This exclusive blend of ingredients in Alpha Ripped is certified 100% all natural and organic. It has been certified by an independent review and trial as an effective and successful way to eliminate excess unwanted fat while delivering extra energy and stamina to the athlete. According to the information on their website, Alpha Ripped certifies that it delivers many beneficial elements to a workout over that of their competitors such as O.N.Whey, Battle Fuel XT, and C4. When Alpha Ripped is added to an already somewhat successful workout program, the beneficial results for the bodybuilder, weightlifter, or competitive athlete are sure to be a marked increase in muscle mass, a noticeable loss of body fat, and a marked increase in energy and focus levels above and beyond the current levels being achieved by the bodybuilder, athletic supporter, or weightlifter without the addition of this energy and testosterone boosting supplement.



Benny N.-“I recently became retired and was looking to get into better shape. But years of lax living behind a desk left me winded and unmotivated. My brother suggested that I give Alpha Ripped a try to bring my energy level up. I was extremely skeptical, but I tried it. After only a few days of taking the pills, I noticed an increase in my energy levels. After 2 weeks of taking this supplement, I am keeping up with the other younger fellows at the workout center. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the energy to get up and get moving!”
Tom H.-“Best supplement I have found to get me through my double workout days. The amount of energy I get is unbelievable.”
Greg P.-“A friend of mine suggested that I try this. I have been taking it for nearly a week and I do not see any improvement. My energy is higher, but I am not seeing muscle reaction. I am somewhat disappointed.”
Stoney B.-“I have been lifting for 17 years and have never come across a product that delivers the amount of energy and mental focus that I get from Alpha Ripped. This stuff is great!”


Awards & Media Coverage

This incredible mixture of ingredients by Alpha Ripped has been reviewed by such health conscious sites as GYM Junkies where they proclaim this product as being “the number one go-to for a testosterone booster.” This newly released supplement has also been the subject of reviews by such notable sites as Supplement Critique where their determination of this supplement included such comments as, “If you are looking for something to not only boost muscle mass, get lean, and increase your recovery times, then we wholeheartedly recommend using this (combo).” SealGrinderPT’s review of this fat eliminating product deems it safe and effective in increasing energy levels, heightening focus, and shredding unwanted body fat. Having such encouraging notations about Alpha Ripped on credible health websites gives validity to the effectiveness of this energy boosting supplement and its healthful and beneficial properties.


Money-back Guarantee

To return this product the consumer has to call the 1-800 number to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA). Customers must return unopened bottle of product for a full refund of the product price but not the shipping fees within 30 days. To return the product, it is necessary to record the RMA number on the outside of the package and return it to the facility located at 14603 E Moncrieff Place, Suite 100, Aurora, Colorado 800011. The returned product must be unopened and received within 30 days of the delivery date; restocking fees apply.



Orders for this testosterone boosting supplement ship by United States Postal Service First Class Mail the day after placing the order. It is only a short 3-5 day wait for the delivery, but the cost of all returns and cancellations are the responsibility of the consumer. There are no shipments made on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays, so these days may cause a delay in the actual delivery day and time. The delivery dates and times are subject to change and are in no way guaranteed.


Customer Support

For customer support regarding Alpha Ripped billing issues, dissatisfied consumers can contact Customer Support by telephone at 1-800-BE-ALPHA or by email which can be found on their official website, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The associates who work in customer support for Alpha Ripped are fast, knowledgeable, and friendly and customers can cancel their orders at any time for any reason by calling the 800 number and following the simple instructions from the associate. This superior service is available to all customers by mail, email, telephone regardless of order status or product issue.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This Alpha Ripped supplement is presented and sold on a secure and safe website that is regularly monitored, updated, and assessed for the safety and security of the site and the customers who visit the site. It is securely protected by Norton and McAfee Security Systems; both of which are very notable and trustworthy names in internet security and online safety. All information that is shared by the consumer with the Alpha Ripped website for the purpose of purchasing the product or products is kept confidential and never shared with other third parties, companies, or websites. The checkout process for obtaining the incredible fat burning and energy boosting supplement is easy and completely private to ensure complete online safety and the tightest account security.


Alpha Ripped Pricing & Free Trial

This Alpha Ripped supplement is currently offered with a free trial for the low cost of $4.98 for standard United States ground mail shipping provided the unused portion of the product is returned to the company within the 18 day restriction. If the unused, unopened, unwanted product is not returned to the appropriate returns department within the allotted time frame of 18 days for returns, the purchaser’s credit card will be billed for the regular monthly installment cost of the Alpha Ripped supplement under the assumption that the customer is satisfied with their purchase of this incredible energy boosting formula. Forty-five days after the end of the trial period month, and each month after, the customer will be directly delivered a month’s supply of Alpha Ripped to their home address, and their credit card will be automatically billed each month for the established monthly renewal price until the account is cancelled by the consumer by contacting the customer service department on the 800 number provided on the website.






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