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Women’s Elite by ProMera Sports Review – Is This the Ultimate Supplement for Women?

What Is Women’s Elite?

Women’s Elite from ProMera Sports is the first creatine supplement with a composition structured to initiate fat tissue shredding and body toning while increasing muscle mass and strength, energy levels and total-body hydration, resulting in enhanced training and sports performance. This unique hybrid formula also offers reliable thermogenic properties and B-Vitamin enrichment to support endurance and stamina during difficult and lengthy bodybuilding workouts. Because this all-natural product is rapidly absorbed by the body’s internal system, it starts working for you soon after ingestion to enable you to exhibit impressive athletic improvement. With regular use of this product, you will experience progress in your next exercise training session, even if you take your dose only an hour before your workout at the gym.

This pre-workout supplement is fortified with energizing vitamins and formulated by women for use by women, and while empowering your body with healthy surges of energy, it is working to burn extra body fat, reduce hunger and improve your overall body strength and muscle power. Women’s Elite is designed for and intended for use by women who are serious about building and channeling energy, muscle power and stamina for challenging exercise without taking stimulants or harsh supplements with artificial ingredients. This pure, healthy fitness aid is gluten-free, dye-free, naturally sweetened and free of caffeine content. Its power relies on its combination of energy-boosting ingredients that promote cellular energy, higher rates of metabolism, increased lean muscle mass development and shorter recovery time after workouts or sports events.



ProMera Sports began as a company and brand in 2007, with the name of ProMera Health, LLC, and since that time it has grown and expanded to include eight different sports supplement categories and more than 40 products, which led to its new and currently successful division, ProMera Sports. Company focus includes marketing the very best quality fitness aids, all of which are completely aligned and compliant with respected pro and amateur sports authorities, organizations and safety regulations for producing pure, natural products. This unusual company strongly believes that well-satisfied, enthusiastic and loyal customers are the major factor in building lasting trust in a company brand and its products. Company officials and staff also know that only by establishing a strong reputation for producing high quality supplements will they continue to increase their customer base and raise their levels of success as a primary player in today’s natural sports performance supplements production industry.

As an example of the company’s attention to customer safety and success with its product line, the brand’s safe, healthful fitness aid, Women’s Elite, comes with instructions advising women about how best to take this energizing formula to meet their exercise programs and needs. The company recommends taking this exercise and dietary aid 30 to 45 minutes before training with four to six ounces of pure water. For light to medium-level training sessions, you should take from one to two servings (equaling two scoops of your supplement mixed with water; 1 scoop equals 1.1 grams). For more difficult, lengthy or intense training, company experts suggest taking from two to three servings (equaling two to three scoops), and it is wise to follow the advice of these sports nutrition and exercise specialists because they have studied and tested supplement dosages scientifically and carefully.

On off days (days when you do not exercise), they recommend that you take one serving (a single scoop of supplement, mixed), since they know from long-term research the importance of maintaining a balance of this energizing formula in your body on a regular schedule. When taken according to this advice from the supplement formulators, you will gain the most benefits from this fitness aid for workouts with rapid, comfortable recovery time afterward. This supplement can be taken either with meals or on an empty stomach. The supplement container with scoop fits easily into your sports equipment bag to use before workouts, whether you are going to the gym from home, the office, school or other activities, and ProMera Sports experts favor this powdered formula since it makes varying your doses easier with more precise amounts, as needed, than supplements in capsule or tablet form can offer.


How Women’s Elite Works?

This fitness supplement is a specialized pre-exercise formula created for use by female bodybuilders and regular exercisers of all types. One of its major ingredients, CapsiMax™, is a natural thermogenic agent that suppresses the appetite while assisting with shredding of extra body fat. This versatile and fast-acting women’s fitness formula also contains Con-Cret®, which is a Creatine HCl product patented by ProMera Sports that elevates levels of operational cell energy without water retention and bloating. Well-fortified with the B Vitamins and Folic Acid as well as Biotin and Chromium, this women’s sports supplement is an energy booster that promotes bodily power and wellness for improved athletic performance.

The unique primary sports performance blend as the major fuel of this supplement is composed of 802 mg. of the empowering mixture of Creatine HCl (Con-Cret®) and Capsicum Extract (Capsicum Annuum, or chili peppers), fruit (standardized for Capsaicinoids, the natural chemicals that give the hot, energizing flavor and substance to chili peppers and other pepper varieties), (Capsimax™), and Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Bioperine®). With no caffeine or caloric content, this formula is available in three appealing flavors—Mango, Raspberry and Strawberry Kiwi, and both the Strawberry Kiwi and Raspberry flavored supplement products are free of dyes and contain only natural flavoring. This fitness aid offers a safe, healthy, effective and delicious pre-and-post-workout formula for athletic women. It supports energetic daily workouts that build sports skills, body strength and stamina while developing a more streamlined physique with increased lean muscle mass.


Ingredients of Women’s Elite

This effective, easy-to-use exercise formula for women contains a unique combination of pure, active ingredients that all contribute to enhanced training sessions and sports performance for bodybuilders and other athletes, including the following energizing nutrient components:

Creatine HCl (Con-Crèt®) – Con-Crèt® is a very pure form of Creatine Hydrochloride (HCl), the original form of this compound used in sports performance supplements. It offers optimum solubility, and only small micro dosages are needed for sports performance use, measured according to each athlete’s body weight and intensity of daily workouts. This exercise booster improves lean muscle growth, endurance levels and faster muscle, cardiovascular and circulatory system recovery following strenuous workouts and athletic competitions. This form of creatine also helps prevent excess water retention and bloating, which can interfere with sports performance and cause the body to tire easily during exercise.

Capsicum Extract (Capsicum Annuum), Standardized For Capsaicinoids, (Capsimax™) – Capsicum annuum, or cayenne, is an herb commonly known as red or chili pepper and used in cooking, in natural supplements and treatments. Its hot, spicey flavor invigorates bodily activity just as it stimulates the taste buds, and this herb has been used through the years as an energizer. Ancient runners discovered they could run much longer distances without resting when they ingested small amounts of Capsicum. This power-house herb is currently used as an active ingredient in popular sports performance formulas.

Capsicum is now cultivated worldwide, although Capsicum annuum is now grown mainly in Europe and the United States. Capsicum frutescens, a slightly different variety, is found mostly in tropical climates and some southern states in the U.S. The proprietary blend of Capsimax™ also contains caffeine and niacin for an extra energy boost. This blend also strengthens cardiovascular action for improved sports performance.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Bioperine®) – Black Pepper contains the molecule of piperine, which can prevent some overpowering enzymes in the body from damaging other molecules, and this property makes black pepper very helpful in elevating the absorption rates and effectiveness of other supplement ingredients. Piperine also aids in improving metabolic rates to enhance physical energy and stamina needed for vigorous workouts and sports activity. BioPerine® is a black pepper fruit extract, mainly from pepper berries grown in the south of India. BioPerine® is the patented form of piperine which is extracted from these pepper berries.

Vitamin B3 (As Niacin) – Vitamin B3, or Niacin (nicotinic acid) assists your body in the conversion of carbohydrates to fuel for participating in sustained workouts and sports. This B vitamin also facilitates healthy use of fats and protein by the body, increasing energy levels, and B3 also improves rates of blood circulation, distributing essential nutrients throughout the body to strengthen muscle action and physical stamina for exercise. This supplement ingredient also guards against fatigue for faster recovery after workouts.

Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxine HCl) – This B vitamin as Pyridoxine HCl is necessary for good rates of amino acid absorption in the body, and it also supports healthy metabolism for maintaining steady energy levels for physical activity. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) also enhances red blood cell growth, which is essential for preventing muscular weakness in the body. This vitamin plays an active role in many bodily enzyme reactions such as protein metabolism and neurotransmitter activities. All of these factors are important to preparing your body for strenuous sports performance and sustaining energy and stamina during athletics.

Folate (As Folic Acid) – The essential nutrient, Vitamin B9, occurs naturally in the forms of folate and folic acid. The name of “folate” comes from the Latin word “folium,” meaning “leaf,” and green leafy vegetables are some of the recommended sources of folate as a dietary aid. When it enters the digestive tract, folate undergoes conversion into 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF), or levomefolic acid, before it enters the bloodstream for circulation to all parts of the body. Folate supports healthy functionality throughout the internal system, and two of its major roles are enhancing cellular growth to support physical exertion and exercise while aiding the development of DNA. Folic acid, as a form of B9, works best to support and strengthen these functions in the body when taken with other B vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin B12 (As Cyanocobalamin) – As a man-made type of Vitamin B12, Cyanocobalamin boosts the metabolism and maintains healthy red blood cell counts while strengthening the central nervous system of the body. These three areas of nutritional support are all essential for excelling at strenuous bodybuilding workouts and other sports performance.

Biotin – As both a coenzyme and a B vitamin, Biotin is also referred to as Vitamin H. When used as a health and exercise supplement ingredient, Biotin boosts metabolic rates and supports cell development and rejuvenation. Some nutritionists report that Biotin and Chromium in combination may enhance blood sugar levels, which supports higher energy for workouts.

Chromium (As Chromium Picolinate) – This compound is formed from the mineral chromium and picolinic acid. As a nutritional aid in supplements, it joins with insulin in the body to metabolize carbohydrates, generating higher, sustained levels of energy that enhance physical performance levels for bodybuilding and sports. This compound can also aid the body in shredding extra fat, creating more energy in the process as fuel for the body.



There are advantages to choosing Women’s Elite manufactured by ProMera Sports as your number-one sports performance supplement, including the following helpful benefits it offers:

  • This advanced exercise formula promotes the shredding of extra fat by increasing your body’s metabolic rates.
  • This unique combination of ingredients, led by Creatine HCl, increases lean muscle mass and promotes development of a smooth, streamlined physique while helping to prevent water-weight gain and bloating.
  • This sports supplement’s Capsicum Annuum content boosts your body’s endurance and stamina for completing more difficult, rugged workouts and recovering faster, without any signs of exhaustion or muscle strain.
  • The specialized ProMera Performance Blend of Con-Crèt® and Capsicum Extract (Capsicum Annuum) supports superior functionality of your cardiovascular and circulatory systems, resulting in high rates of blood circulation and powerful heart and lung action, enabling your body to operate at top rates of physical action and power, excelling at even the toughest, most demanding bodybuilding workouts and sports competitions.



ProMera Sports officials issue certificates to pro bodybuilders and other athletes, coaches, trainers and gym owners who use or promote the use of Women’s Elite among their students, trainees and colleagues as a major muscle builder and energizer for female sports enthusiasts who exercise regularly. ProMera Sports management appreciates the increased interest and product sales received from the informal, but highly effective promotional efforts of these sports industry members. Many of these coaches, trainers and pros display their certificates on the walls of their gym facilities and offices. As a result, many young and promising female athletes and bodybuilders along with more experienced women members of the sports community become regular users of this advanced performance formula.



This fitness aid is truly amazing for building lean muscle, eliminating extra body fat and getting great energy bursts that carry you through even the toughest workouts with your trainer. Do yourself a fabulous favor—try Women’s Elite. It’s the ultimate body enhancer for exercising females on the market today. – Linda Wood, Philadelphia, PA

Waiting for that awesome sports supplement to create the sleek, muscular body of your dreams? The wait is over. – Sara Sylvester, Dallas, TX

Want impressive lean muscles, a great body shape and energy to take on the most challenging sports competitions yet? Get Women’s Elite now. – Sally Clark, New York, NY


Awards & Media Coverage

A key ingredient of Women’s Elite from ProMera Sports, Con-Crèt® Creatine HCl, won the Bodybuilding.com 2012 Creatine Supplement of the Year Award and was also nominated for this same award from Bodybuilding in 2011. Con-Crèt® Creatine HCl was also honored with the award for Creatine Product of the Year from Naskorsports in both 2013 and 2014. This women’s fitness supplement is expected to be a future winner of the Bodybuilding.com Supplement of the Year Award and to be recognized and honored with other similar awards as well as notice from the media in the near future for its innovative and effective formula and success as a female bodybuilding and sports performance aid.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee to any customer who is not completely satisfied with this product. If you experience issues or problems with the ordering, delivery or use of Women’s Elite bodybuilding supplement, contact the ProMera Sports customer service team right away. Team members are available to resolve all supplement order problems 24/7, and they are eager to assist you at any hour of the day or night. If your issue cannot be resolved to your total satisfaction, just return the unused portion of your order within 30 days of your order date, and the team will arrange a total refund of your supplement payment.



ProMera Sports uses only reliable professional shippers and transport carriers for shipment and delivery of both domestic and international supplement orders. These professionals pack each order to perfection using secure, sturdy packaging. They also check labeling carefully to ensure that each package is sent to the correct address. You can look forward to receiving your order of Women’s Elite promptly and in excellent condition.


Customer Support

If you have any questions or problems concerning your supplement order or delivery, just contact the friendly and experienced customer support team at ProMera Sports. These dedicated staff members will assist you in resolving any and all issues relative to your supplement. They want you to be completely satisfied with receipt of your fitness aid and delighted with its use. If you do have questions or difficulties concerning your receipt and use of this innovative sports performance product, just notify this team by phone, email, website support ticket of online chat services right away.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is always safe and secure on the ProMera Sports website. When buying your fitness supplement on this professionally encrypted site, there is never any need to worry about the security of your personal identity or contact information. All your online entries during the payment and checkout process will be totally safe from hackers, identity thieves or other prying eyes. This includes your credit or debit card numbers, and you can use the same or different charge cards whenever you place your next supplement order.


Women’s Elite Pricing

Pricing for a month’s supply of this unique fitness formula ranges from $39.99 to $21.54. In addition, you can expect to enjoy seasonal sales throughout the year. For this reason, you should be sure to visit the company website frequently so you can take advantage of these discounted sale prices. Although most loyal users of Women’s Elite are more than willing to pay full price for this effective, safe and pure bodybuilding and exercise aid, it is always nice to purchase at sale prices, saving now toward your next purchase of this valuable sports performance enhancer for women.






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