Super Advanced Creatine HP2

Super Advanced Creatine HP2 by Body Fortress Review – One Good Product or Not?

What Is Super Advanced Creatine HP2?

Super Advanced Creatine HP2 from Body Fortress® is specifically formulated to give bodybuilders and other athletes optimal levels of power, endurance and smooth recovery time after rugged, strenuous workouts or sports competitions. This creatine formula is concentrated, including smaller percentages of both sugar and carbohydrates than many other creatine supplements currently on the consumer market contain. This fitness product is also fortified with superior quality Crea-ATP Matrix (8 grams), which helps raise and support greater degrees of muscle strength and physical stamina along with BetaPower Betaine Anhydrous (2.5 grams) to aid development of lean muscle mass and a strong, streamlined physique. Powerful amino acids (3 grams) enhance muscle nitrogen counts, and fast-action carbohydrates (11 grams) boost exercise energy as well as glycogen rejuvenation while electrolytes enable balanced hydration of the muscles.

As an all-natural workout enhancer, Super Advanced Creatine HP2 is produced in complete alignment with cGMP standards and has been proven through scientific testing to be a pure, safe and effective fitness aid. The value of creatine as a primary workout supplement ingredient is not widely understood by the exercising public. When included in bodybuilding and sports supplements in carefully calculated percentages, creatine is a fast-acting booster of healthy energy surges, assisting the skeletal-muscular system to operate at optimum levels of power and agility to accomplish difficult physical feats in strenuous training and sports performance. Creatine occurs naturally in the body, and when its levels are supplemented, this substance can support and encourage strong lean muscle development, increase body strength and stamina for rigorous exercise and promote shorter, easier recovery time afterward, free of muscular or joint pain or distress.

The nitrogen and amino acid content of Super Advanced Creatine HP2 ensure greater supplies of oxygen in your circulatory system and increased rates of blood flow throughout your body’s veins and arteries, supplying oxygen and vital nutrients to your muscles, tissues and organs. With the power of this revitalizing boost, your system can better endure and triumph over increasingly difficult and rugged workouts at the gym, resulting in significant muscle growth and overall increases in both physical strength and mental drive for success in reaching your fitness goals. Not only will your recovery periods be shorter and much more comfortable, but you will leave the gym with energy to spare, easily meeting all the challenges of your busy day or evening of work, studies, community activities or home commitments and responsibilities. When taking this advanced creatine formula as your regular sports supplement, you will never need to worry about dehydration of your muscles or internal system occurring since creatine, when included as a supplement ingredient in the correct amounts, will cause just the right fluid retention in your body to achieve ideal bodily hydration while preventing excess water retention and bloating.



Body Fortress® management and staff are focused on creating and marketing top quality sports supplements that will enable serious athletes, bodybuilders and regular exercisers of all types to attain greater degrees of achievement and success with their physical fitness efforts and pursuits. They know the importance of supplementing your body with healthy, pure, empowering and supportive nutrients that act quickly and reliably to boost muscle strength and energy levels to complete even the toughest, most difficult workouts. They also understand the necessity of all serious fitness programs and training sessions being continued on a regular daily schedule so that you can make steady, gradual, but impressive progress without over-stressing your muscles and joints or suffering from exhaustion afterward. For this reason, this sports supplements company team constantly dedicates many hours and days to research, formulating and testing unique combinations of ingredients before finalizing each powerful exercise aid they manufacture for the fitness supplements market today.

This company has been praised for its carefully formulated and produced products, and its specialized creatine supplements are among its most popular, effective and respected products. This expert team of scientists, nutritionists, health care professionals and experienced sports trainers never hesitates to try combinations of natural ingredients or revise current formulas when they see room for improvement in the safety and effectiveness of a sports performance enhancer. These highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals use their different fields of expertise, working closely together to create the optimal rates of excellence in each supplement they design and produce so that sports and bodybuilding advocates worldwide can benefit from the results of their complex research and carefully created formulas. These experts want to provide you with ultimate quality fitness products like Super Advanced Creatine HP2, which will assure you of having a safe, empowering natural exercise formula to help you complete difficult, strenuous workouts more easily and recover smoothly, rapidly and well-hydrated, while building a sleek, strong body with powerful, lean muscle mass and plenty of energy reserves for your next training session or sports event.


How Super Advanced Creatine HP2 Works?

This advanced exercise product, Super Advanced Creatine HP2, includes several key ingredients that make it a top choice among bodybuilders and other athletes today for their daily exercise enhancer. For example, the eight grams of pure creatine in this unique formula provide the boost for maximum muscular power and overall body strength needed for heavy-duty workouts each day. The two and a half grams of betaine in this supplement promote growth of lean muscle mass and a strong, streamlined physique. At the same time, the fast-action carbs initiate steady muscular development and shorter recovery with greater comfort and without bodily stress and strain, and the lack of artificial substances and gluten aids smooth digestion and uptake of all supplement ingredients by the body.

Super Advanced Creatine HP2 actually contains three different forms of creatine: Crea-ATP Matrix, Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine Hydrochloride, and each one supports the power and effectiveness of this formula in somewhat different ways. Crea-ATP Matrix generates increased levels of concentrated energy surges while Creatine Monohydrate supplies sustained energy levels and causes some degrees of water retention in the body, preventing dehydration of the muscles and the overall body during strenuous or prolonged athletic activity. At the same time, the Creatine Hydrochloride content helps rid your body of any extra water retained by the Creatine Monohydrate to eliminate bloating and any water-weight gain. The natural mineral ingredients supply additional fuel for energy during workouts and help water circulate more rapidly and thoroughly in the body, also aiding in prevention of dehydration while you engage in demanding physical workouts.


Ingredients of Super Advanced Creatine HP2

All the ingredients of this specialized fitness formula contribute high nutritional value that makes this supplement one of the leading sports performance aids on the natural supplements market today, including the following natural substances:

Crea-ATP Matrix

Crea-ATP Matrix, manufactured by Body Fortress®, contains a unique five-gram blend of creatine specially formulated by the company’s scientists and nutritionists as a dynamic aid in harnessing and concentrating your body’s raw physical force and sustained strength for attaining quality sports performance. Your body will stay highly energized throughout long, rugged workouts, and you will have the mental focus and drive to compete in difficult competitions.

Creatine Monohydrate

In this form of creatine, levels of phosphocreatine are raised in the body, and the result is immediate healthy spikes of ATP for increased energy output. When this activity occurs inside tissues of the muscles during workouts, muscle power and endurance are elevated, fueling the body to excel to higher degrees of exercise performance. This ingredient also supports faster, easier recovery after workouts and lean muscle growth. This fitness agent ingredient also increases water retention by the body for prevention of dehydration during vigorous exercise.

Creatine Hydrochloride

In this active compound, natural creatine is mixed with hydrogen chloride, producing a very soluble state that facilitates fast absorption and uptake of this advanced sports supplement by the body. The result is continuing energy bursts for better and sustained sports action. This versatile creatine mix also supports protein synthesis, increasing cell volume and acting as a healthy buffer for lactic acid throughout the body.

BetaPower® Betaine Anhydrous

This pure, natural variety of anhydrous betaine enhances athletic prowess and performance, particularly physical strength, energy, muscular power and agility. This nutrient also improves your body’s hydration for prolonged sports activity. Extracted from the molasses in sugar beets and termed trimethylglycine (TMG), this healthy energizer is also found in whole grains and spinach.

Nitro-Amino Complex

This powerful combination of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) is essential to initiating active protein synthesis in the body, which builds lean muscle mass. These essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body, so they must come from healthy supplements and foods, although you would need to eat tremendous quantities of these foods to attain necessary BCAA counts in your system needed for bodybuilding and sports performance. This supplement complex contains nitric-oxide boosting L-arginine, glutamine, taurine and B-vitamins for high levels of energy and stamina along with major electrolytes to help maintain good body hydration.


This amino acid is categorized as non-essential because adult bodies can product it. This nutritional aid occurs naturally in fish, meat and dairy foods and strengthens cardiovascular functionality by transporting nutrients like calcium, magnesium and potassium through cells of the heart for better endurance and stamina when exercising. Taking L-taurine supplements can initiate greater degrees of nitric oxide secretion in the body, dilating arteries and blood vessels to increase blood flow and supplying more oxygen to muscles, organs, joints and tissues to support strenuous workouts.


This non-essential amino acid promotes healthy protein building in the body and is not deemed an essential amino acid since the body can produce it from other natural chemicals. Major sources of this important nutrient are foods high in protein count like legumes, fish, meat and dairy products, and when these foods are part of your regular diet, they reinforce naturally produced glycine in your body to support increased lean muscle growth and heightened energy levels for better sports performance and bodybuilding results.


This abundant, free (active) amino acid in the body is formed within the muscles and transported in the bloodstream to organs and tissues as needed throughout the body, building protein supplies for higher levels of bodily energy, strength and stamina for exercise. L-glutamine also supplies carbon and nitrogen to body cells and helps create other amino acids and glucose in the body, all of which support strenuous physical and mental activity.


This nutrient is both a BCAA and an essential amino acid and so must be supplied to the body by diet and natural supplements. It helps build and maintain lean muscularity and impedes protein breakdown, sustaining high energy levels for heavy-duty workouts and sports action. It can also help shred excess body fat to increase bodily energy and agility.


This essential amino acid and BCAA boosts body energy levels and helps repair damaged or worn muscle tissue that needs rejuvenating after demanding bodybuilding training or exercise sessions. This nutrient also enhances protein synthesis and shortens recovery periods following vigorous workouts.


This essential amino acid (EAA) and BCAA boosts muscle power and energy while increasing your body’s endurance for rugged sports and bodybuilding workouts. It also speeds up the repair of muscle tissue after exercise and balances nitrogen levels throughout your internal system. It also aids in protein biosynthesis for production of muscular strength and stamina.


This mineral is found in the interior of every cell as a phosphate anion and is necessary for different types of cellular processes. Even the RNA and DNA in each cell nucleus contains phosphorus, or the “glue” that binds DNA together. Phosphorus is in the exterior membrane of cells and in cellular fluids. It also contributes to bone and muscle strength and endurance for prolonged, difficult exercise.


This element is found in the majority of food substances, and its best known form is sodium chloride, or table salt. Beets and celery are examples of foods that have sodium content, and drinking water also contains some levels of sodium. Sodium in the body helps regulate blood volume and pressure, and your muscles as well as your nerves need sodium for proper operation, especially during strenuous physical activity.


This mineral is necessary for most bodily processes to operate smoothly, and it assists in transporting nutritional substances to cells and ridding cellular tissue of waste materials. In the diet, potassium helps keep blood pressure at moderate levels. It also helps prevent dehydration of the body and promotes healthy brain activity. All of these activities that are facilitated by potassium are necessary for engaging in strenuous athletic pursuits and bodybuilding training.



Choosing Super Advanced Creatine HP2 as their regular fitness supplement has enhanced the bodybuilding and other athletic achievements of many sports enthusiasts by providing them with definite advantages, such as the following:

  1. This powerful, energizing bodybuilding supplement contains less sugar and carbohydrates than many other popular fitness aids today.
  2. The plentiful BCAAs in this exercise performance enhancer supply vital nitric oxide to the bloodstream, ensuring the flow of oxygen to all the organs, muscles and tissues of the body.
  3. The electrolytes in this unique formula promote good hydration of the body and brain throughout strenuous workouts and sports competitions and maintain good muscular action and strength.
  4. The specialized blend of creatine varieties in versatile Super Advanced Creatine HP2 boosts body energy, power and stamina for optimum athletic action while enabling the development of healthy new lean muscle mass.



The Body Fortress® company issues certificates to sports coaches, bodybuilding trainers, pro and amateur athletes of varied types and sports facility operators who promote the use of Super Advanced Creatine HP2 to their students, trainees and colleagues. Even well-known pro athletes are honored when they receive this recognition from a respected fitness supplement production company like Body Fortress®. Many recipients of these certificates display them on the walls of their offices, training rooms, gyms and classrooms for students to see, helping young sports trainees to value the importance of using a safe, healthy fitness aid to assist and support them in attaining their bodybuilding and sports goals.



This empowering sports formula will make you a winner at the gym and in the toughest bodybuilding training sessions and competitions. Try Super Advanced Creatine HP2 today, and experience new heights of success and satisfaction as your fitness dreams come true! – Eddie Bailey, New York

Do you doubt the effectiveness of most sports performance boosters you see advertised today? Well, so did I until I tried this outstanding formula from Body Fortress®. Get your first bottle today. You will be delighted at the great results you experience, building lean muscles and stamina as you champion over the most strenuous workouts ever! Super Advanced Creatine HP2 is awesome! – Jerry Scott, Los Angeles

Want lots of lean muscle and a powerhouse physique? The answer to all your bodybuilding questions is here–get Super Advanced Creatine HP2 from Body Fortress® today! – Les Sargeant, London


Awards & Media Coverage

Due to the growing popularity of this unique fitness formula from Body Fortress®, this product is expected to receive increasing amounts of media coverage and worldwide recognition for its benefits and value as a modern advanced sports performance enhancer in the coming days and months. In addition, there are many predictions from experts in the sports supplement industry that Super Advanced Creatine HP2 will be a future winner of the Supplement of the Year Award from and other respected groups in the bodybuilding and sports performance community.


Money-back Guarantee

The company offers a money-back guarantee to any purchaser of this fitness aid who does not receive complete satisfaction from the ordering, shipping, delivery and use of this unique product. If you have questions or issues concerning any aspects of obtaining and using this supplement as your regular, trusted exercise enhancer, just contact the company’s customer support team and request a refund. A knowledgeable team member will assist you and arrange total reimbursement for you of your supplement order payment, without asking questions.



Shipping of your Super Advanced Creatine HP2 order is safe and secure. Because the company uses only reliable and experienced domestic shippers and global transport carriers for order deliveries, you can be assured that your order will be well-packed and arrive promptly at your door or mailbox. Each package label is carefully checked prior to shipment for accuracy to ensure that orders are sent to the right destination. If you want expedited shipping, just request it when placing your supplement order.


Customer Support

The Body Fortress® customer support team is dedicated to helping both new customers and ongoing clients solve any issues or problems relative to ordering their supplies of Super Advanced Creatine HP2. Each team member is well-prepared and eager to assist you with any questions or circumstances surrounding your order and receipt of your fitness enhancer. You can contact the team by phone, email, online support ticket or chat services on the company website. A team member will help resolve any problems and ensure that you receive a replacement for any lost or damaged products or a reimbursement if you prefer. Whatever your supplement order needs may be, this professional support team will help you resolve all issues quickly and efficiently.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchase and checkout is always safe and secure on the company website. Each area of the payment and checkout pages of the site is encrypted to ensure complete security for all your personal identity, personal contact and payment data, including your credit or debit card numbers. Your entries will be well-protected from any hackers or online identity thieves, and every time you return to the site to place another supplement order, all your data will be used only for the purchase of your product as selected.


Super Advanced Creatine HP2 Pricing

This quality fitness supplement is very reasonably priced at $18.57 to $19.99 for 2.2 pounds of powdered supplement. This tasty fruit punch powder can even be bought during seasonal sales throughout the year for as little as $9.99, so you should check the website frequently for any current sales or special customer discounts.






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