Muscle Pharm Creatine

Muscle Pharm Creatine Review – Does It Help to Grow Muscle Mass & Provide Greater Stamina?

What Is Muscle Pharm Creatine?

There are a number of different creatine products on the market today, so many in fact that it is sometimes necessary to clarify the specific name of a given creatine by including the name of the company that actually makes it. This is the case with Muscle Pharm Creatine, a leading brand in the muscle building support supplement space. This particular creatine is distinctive from the other competitors in the field in that it is comprised of multiple types of pure creatine blends so that it is able to boast of the various unique strengths inherent in the different forms of the substance. Creatine certainly is able to boost muscle power and to channel this display of potency into gains in both greater and growing muscle mass and superior demonstrations of strength and weightlifting power.

This combined Creatines formula that Muscle Pharm has developed and promoted allows for greater supplement intake to deliver higher levels of strength, stamina for endurance, and leaner muscle and mass growth. A great number of professional athletes and competition level bodybuilders utilize Creatine to help them to better perform with short duration but high intensity activities such as weight training. Cinnulin PF, a component of the formula, increases the male body’s ability to absorb the five different creatine complexes to push the benefits of the Muscle Pharm Creatine directly to the muscles and muscle tissues.



Muscle Pharm is the creator, developer, maker, marketer, and first vendor of Muscle Pharm Creatine and an impressive brand stable of more than 40 additional nutritional supplements that cover the full spectrum of bodybuilding nutritional supplements and needs. The company has won awards as a brand and enjoyed an impressive and rapid trajectory of growth for both its commercial supplements and its significant group of loyal and increasing numbers of brand and product followers. These rising sales and growing fan base are continuous proofs of the commitment and dedication of the firm’s ongoing quest to uncover and produce the most effective and safe sports nutrition supplements and products offered on the market today.


How Muscle Pharm Creatine Works?

Muscle Pharm Creatine helps athletes to get more out of their body’s own natural power and potential by improving the uptake of nutrients that feed faster and more impressive muscle growth. MP Creatine boosts intense energy levels, total power, and ATP energy levels. It delivers greater strength, higher endurance, and better lean growth of both muscle and mass by virtue of its five pure forms of creatine included within the formula.

Creatine is a great start in bodybuilding and all around fitness supplements, but it does not deliver a full regimen of pre- and post- workout and fitness nutrients. This is why the professionals recommend stacking it up with a number of solid additional bodybuilding supplements. This is possible since the ingredient contained within the formula do not negatively interact with any of the other standard bodybuilding regimen of supplements. This starts with a reliable Whey Protein which is useful in feeding muscles and helping with the development of more lean muscle mass. Muscle Pharm recommends their MP Whey Protein Isolate in this particular department and effort.

Other supplements also stack well with the creatine. Muscle Pharm’s PreSeries Bulk is a dependable pre-workout formula. Those interested in superior recovery and greater muscle performance and stamina should consider a good Amino Acid supplement like Muscle Pharm Intra Blast. Anyone who is trying to cut body fat as well will want to add in a solid Thermogenic Fat Burner like Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix. Finally, for men who are older than 25 years of age and feel like their masculinity is on the decline, they will want to look into a natural testosterone level booster to stack up alongside the MP Creatine, like Muscle Pharm’s Battle Fuel XT.


Ingredients of Muscle Pharm Creatine

Muscle Pharm is pretty secretive about its components and quantities of these ingredients in their proprietary formula. They do release the names of the five Creatines that are included within it. Creatine Nitrate is the most effectively soluble version of creatine which is well absorbed for better and longer pumps. Besides this it is also nitrates-rich for better vasodilatation.

Creatine AAB, or Alpha-Amin-N-Butyrate – This provides an effective support for anti-catabolic processes in the organism. It also helps with synthesizing proteins and minimizing damage to the muscle tissue. Creatine AAB supports better absorption of ingredients as well.

Dicreatine Malate – This ingredient is a creatine salt which is highly dissolvable. It is useful for promoting the production of ATP energy. Besides this, it promotes muscle strength and size and also assists with preventing the buildup of lactic acid which makes for soreness and stiffness after workouts and on waking up the next morning.

Creatine Magnapower® – This is the brand name for Muscle Pharm’s version of Creatine Magnesium Chelate. This form of creatine optimizes the storage properties of the supplement and the direct intake toward the muscle tissues themselves. It also delivers the most active form of creatine to the male organism. Thanks to its properties that encourage ATP synthesis, it improves both muscle strength and the growth of muscle mass. Finally, Magnapower boosts the magnesium co-absorption abilities of the body.

Creatine Monohydrate – It is the purest possible form of this creatine in the formula. It provides an immediate reserve during exercising for the ATP production. Besides this, it also encourages better muscle mass development and capacity for longer-lasting training and better all around workout performance.

Cinnulin PF® – The final active ingredient in this formula is the Cinnulin PF®. This element assists with maintaining a healthy balance of glucose metabolism. It also aids with supporting better blood pressure and flow to help keep it in a normal range, which also helps with better pumps and workout results.



Muscle Pharm Creatine is part of the company’s core series of supplements. As such, it increases high levels of energy, overall power in general, and ATP associated energy. This supplement is easily and quickly absorbed. Users love that it does not require any loading. Finally, it is a high pharmaceutical quality of five creatine blends that is superior in quality and delivering high level performance.



Though Muscle Pharm is an award-winning supplement company, this product Muscle Pharm Creatine does not have any certificates or certifications. This is surprising, as the company does seem to really care about these types of company and product accolades. It may be that they just have not invested heavily enough in the necessary time to reach out to the certification programs and companies to put this creatine on the certificate map.



This creatine developed by Muscle Pharm has proven itself to me with its amazing results in only a short amount of time. While I have always boasted a good cut form, I have also struggled a long time with bulking up especially my chest. This supplement has demonstrated significant improvements in my bulking efforts in only three weeks time. I have enjoyed harder, longer, and stronger workouts, a greater number of reps, more weight gain, and higher satisfaction when I look at myself in the mirror. I will be re-buying this supplement as I am about out of it.

I like the price and find it be a good value. The results, taste, no loading phase, and value combination of this MP Creatine has exceeded my expectations. I can cheerfully recommend it to anyone looking for a solid creatine experience. – Kurt Colbert, Houston, TX

I have broken ranks with most of the reviewers to provide a lower overall rating and opinion on Muscle Pharm Creatine. A week into my supply, I began to suffer terribly from bubble guts a good 30 minutes following my workouts. It also gave me bowel problems in the bathroom afterward. I have used in excess of ten Creatine products in the past, so this caught me totally by surprise. I have altered my meals before workouts and after them, quit drinking my whey supplements, cut down to a single scoop of this particular Creatine product instead of the two recommended by Muscle Pharm, but nothing appears to help me. After taking a two day break from the formula, I found that my stomach was back to normal.

All I can think of is that some of the different types of the five blends of Creatine in the product itself might be not converting right in the digestion process within my body. It is a shame, as I was achieving great and noticeable gains with the supplement. The value for money is unbeatable if your body does not reject the ingredients contained within the supplement. – John Antell, Fairbanks, AK

I had my concerns about Creatine products in that most of them require you to go through these so-called loading phases, so when I went out and bought this Muscle Pharm Creatine and saw that it does not have any loading phase, I could hardly believe the claim. I have used Muscle Pharm products heavily in the past and I trust their brand, so I gave them a shot with this big claims brand of Creatine. The first result I noticed after taking this Creatine was that my strength was growing quicker than before without taking it. Shortly after that, I saw impressive faster muscle gains. This is why I am pleased to recommend this Creatine supplement to any person who wants to grow up his muscles and strength fast, particularly if you are a strength training athlete. The only negative thing I can say about the product so far is that I occasionally got bloated when using the supplement, and this is ruled out as a side effect by the bottle packaging. Otherwise, it is an all around fantastic supplement and bodybuilding aid. – Chamas McGillen, Bradenton, FL


Awards & Media Coverage

Muscle Pharm has one at least one major award which they have garnered for their considerable efforts in the sports nutrition supplement industry. This is the BodyBuilding’s 2012 “Brand of the Year Award” given to them out of over 500 different brands that were eligible to be selected. It is a testament to the trustworthiness and reliability of Muscle Pharm and their impressive stable of product brands to be chosen for this great and high honor.


Money-back Guarantee

Muscle Pharm proudly states their return policy on their website. If a user has any reason at all to be unsatisfied in any way with the product and order within 30 days of purchasing it, then they will cheerfully refund the entire purchase price once they receive back the returned shipment of Muscle Pharm Creatine. The only downside to this offer is that a 30 day time period on the guarantee is a little short notice when it will probably be a week or more after one orders the product from their web store before he receives it in the mail and can begin to try it out. This leaves only two to three weeks to determine if the supplement is doing the job for him before he has to call Muscle Pharm to let them know that their Creatine order is on the way back to the company for a refund. Who is paying for the return shipping is also not made clear, and whether or not Muscle Pharm will in fact refund the shipping charges on the product they originally posted out to the purchaser. Total silence on this subject probably means that the user will eat both the original shipping costs and the price to return the shipment back to the manufacturer.



Muscle Pharm maintains a sliding scale for shipping. Orders up to $75 cost $7.99 for standard shipping and $16.50 for their expedited shipping. From $75 to $100 worth of the product, the shipping and handling charges rise to $9.99 standard shipping and $21.25 expedited shipping. From $100 to $150 of Creatine or other product, the bill is $12.99 standard and $24.50 expedited flat rate. For $150 and up amounts the flat rate shipping is $15.99 standard and $34.25 expedited shipping. Other vendors who carry the product will each have their own policies for shipping and handling. Amazon Prime is the only one that proudly advertises no shipping charges on orders of this formula.


Customer Support

Muscle Pharm offers both phone numbers and email addresses for those who have questions or need to speak with the manufacturer directly before ordering or concerning their order. Other vendors are each responsible for their own customer service departments. Some like Amazon Prime will have a fairly impressive number of operating hours and ways to contact them seven days per week, while other will simply be responding to emails or occasionally answering their phone calls, if they give out a phone number to customers and potential customers in the first place.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Muscle Pharm safety and security policy states very simply that they take the safety and security of their customers’ sensitive credit card information and personal data alike very seriously indeed. To this effect, they maintain safeguards that are electronic, physical, and procedural in nature in order to safeguard any and all personal information with which clients who order the product provide them. Every other vendor is responsible for its own safety and security policies and procedures, and if users order from the other vendors who are approved to sell the product, then they should first check to see that at least a minimal amount of cyber security is provided for the sake of their customers and their private information and financial data.


Muscle Pharm Creatine Pricing

It is difficult to compare Muscle Pharm Creatine pricing as three different serving sizes of the product are priced by different competitors who are offering the supplement product for sale. Muscle Pharm offers it themselves at $25 even for 60 servings. is the cheapest for ordering smaller quantities at $7.13 for 35 grams. Amazon delivers for $9.99 for the same 35 grams. Both and Amazon deliver 300 gram sized portions of the supplement product too. Prices start at $12.78 and up.






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