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What Is Epiq Power?

Over the years there have been a number of popular pre-workout supplements and creatine solutions for competition level bodybuilders and serious athletes alike offered for sale on the fitness supplement products market. Epiq Power is such a formula that gives before-training advantage in improving muscle strength and performance, mental focus for workouts, long lasting endurance in the gym, and optimal blood flow to the muscles and overall male organism in general. The supplement creates an ideal environment for building up lean muscle mass all the while burning off unwanted superfluous body fat from the male form.

As an amplifier that users consume before beginning their daily weight or fitness training, Epiq Power is also a great-tasting and easy to mix up beverage whose flavor was ultimately formulated by actual flavor experts. As an added bonus, this potent pump compound does not contain any artificially made dyes or colors. All of this, and it is advertised to deliver a blend of potent energy boosting, all-natural elements that provide pure caffeine anhydrous to offer the utilizing man better focus, thermogenesis, and ultimately seemingly limitless energy for bigger, longer, and better workouts.



Epiq Results is the developer, manufacturer, and marketer (though not vendor) of the Epiq Power supplement. They produce a wide ranging line of effective and potent formulas that are actually guaranteed to be clean products which they have specially formulated for top notch athletes who insist on having the highest standards and quality of performance in their nutritional and supplemental daily regimens. The formulas they make are created with the intention of providing hardcore intense results from dedicated, strenuous training.

All of the company’s many supplements are guaranteed to be free from any banned, questionable, or otherwise illegal substances as well as harmful impurities, undeclared ingredients, and artificial dyes and colors. They are all proudly manufactured in the United States out of ingredients that are both foreign and domestically sourced as appropriate. Every ingredient included in the formulas is provided as a result of careful and painstaking scientific research which is focused together to develop the most optimal line of supplemental products for serious bodybuilders and professional and amateur athletes.


How Epiq Power Works?

Epiq Power comes with a precise set of instructions for cycling on to the product. New users are instructed to first determine their level of optimal tolerance of the supplement before going on it full gorilla. This starts with a days one and two dosage of only one scoop, or half of the daily recommended amount, of the pre-workout supplement taken along with an eight ounce glass of water. After the body has demonstrated a tolerance for this creatine supplement, users are then instructed to ramp up to one to two scoops for the next few days before beginning their workouts. When fully confident of the body’s easy acceptance of the supplement, the normal dose of the formula is two daily scoops before the workout begins, taken religiously with 16 ounces of water. While on this product, users are directed to drink between eight and 10 glasses of water every day for optimal health.

The supplement becomes more effective when users stack it up with other supplements that Epiq Results recommends. These are necessary as the creatine does not include all of the needed supplements to maintain an ideal organism for hard, long lasting, and strenuous workouts and fitness training. The comforting news for bodybuilders is that none of the natural ingredients contained within the formula itself negatively interact with any of these additional supplements.

Users are recommended to begin by adding in Epiq Strength formula. This beta-alanine and HCL rich form of creatine helps to make the user stronger and bigger when it is combined with Epiq Power. Epiq Isolate is full of 100% concentration of whey isolate proteins and includes both sustained-releasing casein and milk protein isolates, along with a much faster-acting whey protein isolate. As a bonus, it is also a lower fat formula that merely has a single gram of sugar contained within it.

Stacking the formula with Epiq Amino helps to provide an essential dose of scientifically researched silk amino acids along with the optimal BCAA ratio that delivers the support users require to boost endurance and squeeze out the final power from their muscles. Men older than 25 years of age who are seeking to rebuild their declining levels of testosterone should add in a final supplement to the stack called Epiq Test. This natural testosterone booster stacks up ideally well with Epiq Power to help develop better, harder, and more lean muscle mass in the male organism as it stabilizes and then optimizes the declining levels of male testosterone and human growth hormones.


Ingredients of Epiq Power

Epiq Power workout amplifier is a high quality and yet still relatively simple supplement which hits on all the important basics. It is unlike many of its competitors in the supplement space in that it does not possess a long and impressive sounding list of unknown ingredients which are supposed to help users in some mysterious and yet suspiciously unproven way. Instead, it employs proven and known quantities such as Beta Alanine and Creatine HCL in order to build up users’ endurance and strength.

Thanks to its composition elements of both nitrates as vasodilators and beet root, the formula assists with boosting the muscle pumps that users feel. Throw in a decent serving size of caffeine, around 190 milligrams, along with Tyrosine and Taurine, and the supplement becomes the powerhouse formula to put users into their own zone and to help to keep them there. With a little of supplement and bodybuilding experience under the man’s belt, he will find that this is the ideal product to help him get to the next level. Those users who are new to the world of supplements may find that this formula is a bit too strong and powerful for them at first, so it might be necessary to ramp up to taking it by starting with an easier to adjust to alternative supplement first.

A word regarding the amount of caffeine that is found in this supplement is in order. The caffeine content is more or less identical to that found in two strong cups of coffee. The creatine content is around 1.5 grams of Creatine HCL. This is why this formula is ideal for either serious bodybuilding or high intensity cardio training and workouts.



Epiq Power claims to provide so many advantages, it is hard to know where to start. Most prospective users would find the greatest appeal lies in its claim to increase gains made in strength, muscle, and endurance. It is said to boost up users’ intensity of training and weightlifting sessions. The manufacturer claims that it contains a special performance matrix that is super clean HCL Creatine and CarnoSyn® beta-alanine that delivers noticeable, fast gains in endurance, strength, and the size of muscles in the male organism.

Another popular advantage of the product lies in its delivery of super powerful pump complexes. The product is said to provide a mighty pump complex directly to your muscles. This ensures serious and longer lasting muscle pumps, a critical component of a serious performance-based workout.

Many users will be happy to know about the advantage the formula delivers in no artificial dyes or colors within the supplement. This means that in addition to being totally free of any banned or illegal substances, the supplement similarly does not contain any undeclared, secretive ingredients or possibly harmful impurities. On top of all of these excellent characteristics, the formula still is great tasting to most users.



At time of publication, no certificates or certifications on the product could be found online for Epiq Power. This does not mean that the supplement is not certified as pure or harmful substance-free. Instead it means that the company has not ever invested their precious resources and time into obtaining such certifications, preferring instead that the users speak out on behalf of the formula and its efficacy directly themselves.



I am so impressed with the profile of this product and its completely natural ingredients. On just one scoop of the Equip Power I feel good, while with 1.5 scoops it feels even better and on 2 scoops it delivers to you the finest workouts that you may have. I am pleased to recommend without reservations it to any serious fitness enthusiasts out there. – Jared Haltzinger, King of Prussia, PA

I can safely say that I have tried many different products on the weightlifting market yet this Epiq Power remains my all-time favorite that I have found and tried so far. Because of its excellent taste, I would go with this supplement and its manufacturer each time I have any extra money in the bank. My personal experience is that it makes your mind twerk and tingle. I find it enjoyable to pump while taking it and wonderful tasting in all of its many flavors. It is the ingredients contained in the supplement that so impress me honestly. The creatine contained inside of it is not some lab manufactured version. It is superior and effective. I find that the grape seed, root powder, and agmatine sulfate components really do supply the best and longest lasting muscle pumps on the market. The Tyrosine, taurine, and caffeine deliver that extra little kick to ensure that there is more than sufficient working out energy in the supplement to get the job done. – Adam Durowitz, Jackson, MS

The effectiveness of this product is hard to deny. For all of those of you who are interested in adding lean bulk muscles mass and obtaining that coveted cut look while not retaining excessive amounts of water, you will not be disappointed or find a more economical and efficient creatine and pre-workout supplement. Others have raved about the taste of the product, but I found it not to be the best. At about 40 servings per container for approximately $45 when purchased at GNC, this pre-workout supplement gets the job done and will not break the bank either. For value for money and an effective supplement for before you work out, I can not saying enough good things about the supplement. – Johnny Reznik, Daytona Beach, FL


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer is somewhat unusual in this industry in that it does not sell its own product directly. This makes it harder to answer questions regarding the money back guarantee, shipping, returns policy, and pricing of the formula, as there is no single source from which to query. Muscle and Strength is one of the various and well thought of vendors that are a major player in the supplement selling industry, and they do provide a full money-back guarantee on the formula. They do not specify for how many days of purchasing the supplement for which this is good though.

Other vendors have their own particular refund and return policies. With Amazon Prime, users are allowed to return the majority of unopened and new products which they sell or fulfill for up to 30 days from the date of delivery to obtain a complete refund. Amazon states that users will actually see their refund credited back to their credit card or bank account within no longer than from two to three weeks time frame. The majority of refunds though are processed and distributed within three days to five days after the point where Amazon actually receives back and is able to process the returned product in order to issue the refund credit.



Shipping again varies from one vendor to the next one. Amazon Prime stands mostly alone in providing free two day timeframe shipping for Epiq Power to its customers. Muscle and Strength charges shipping and handling based on the location of the purchaser and their distance of residence from the warehouse from which it is shipped. Besides standard domestic shipping, Muscle and Strength also provides international shipping all over the world, and they claim that they actually ship around the globe every single day. They will deliver directly to the door of their international shoppers in any country. They also boast among the most competitive and appealing international shipping rates on earth.


Customer Support

Depending on the seller from which a prospective user orders the supplement, every vendor will offer different levels of customer support to their customers. Amazon provides phone numbers along with email addresses for any relevant customer inquiries. Muscle and Strength offers an impressive 7 days per week customer support via phone number, live chat, and email as well, making them arguably the easiest supplement vendor in the business to reach when users need to talk to someone on any given day of the week.


Safe & Secure Checkout

As with shipping, return policies, and customer support levels, the security and safety at time and point of checkout depends entirely on the vendor from which users purchase the Epiq Power supplement. Users should carefully investigate their chosen vendor to make sure that they do provide a now-standard in the industry 128 bits SSL level of encryption for data transmission, security, and protection. This may not be bank or financial institution levels of security, but it is commonplace in e-commerce and online ordering sites.


Epiq Power Pricing

Every vendor offers its own pricing on Epiq Power, as there is no set price mandated by the manufacturer who does not sell its own supplement products. Some of the better known vendors and their pricing are Amazon Prime for $21.90 with free shipping, BodyBuilding.com offering it at $29.99 plus shipping and handling charges, and Muscle and Strength selling it for $28.99 plus shipping and handling. At the time of this review publication, Muscle and Strength Offered the product as a promotional Buy One, Get One Free offer. Reviews claim that this promotion is not a one time event, but is actually commonly offered by Muscle and Strength, making it useful to try to time both initial orders and reorders to synchronize up with their promotional periods on the formula discounts. All of the vendors listed here are selling the same 40 servings size portion at these prices, meaning that potential buyers are at least comparing apples to apples.


  • The formula delivers improved levels of energy, which helps with longer lasting intense workouts in the gym.
  • It is advertised to build up lean and hard muscle mass for users who take it consistently and as directed.
  • Promotional offers make Epiq Power a great value.
  • The supplement stacks up ideally well with amino acids, recovery formulas, testosterone boosters, and protein enhancers all at once and together.


  • Some users claim that the formula includes a bad or unpleasant taste, even though it was created by formula and taste experts.
  • The manufacturer does not sell this product directly, making it somewhat confusing for potential buyers trying to decide from whom to purchase the product.
  • The supplement requires users to consume enormous quantities of from 8 to 16 glasses of water per day with it in order to stay healthy.
  • Some reviewers discuss the manufacturer Epiq Results rather negatively and claim that they are not the best and most trustworthy of supplement makers in the industry.

Epiq Power

Summary: Epiq Power may not be able to be all nutritional supplements to all users, but it does appear to provide a useful pre-workout and creatine option for serious fitness enthusiasts and competition level bodybuilders alike. The manufacturer Epiq Results only has an average customer service and reputation review, yet it offers a large and impressive line up of supplements covering every major category of fitness and workout supplements. The price point of the product is appealing, particularly if users are able to wait for one of the Buy One, Get One Free promotional periods offered by well known and reputable vendor Muscle and Strength, which also provides the added advantage of standing behind their products with an unconditional money back guarantee. It is always somewhat concerning when the product manufacturers do not sell their own supplements, as this practice appears to users to demonstrate a lack of commitment or confidence in the product. For a good all around pre-workout and all natural formula that stacks up ideally well with a wide range of additional supplements, Epiq Power is widely reviewed as being a significant product that delivers real results to actual bodybuilders and serious athletes in a short amount of time.

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