CreaCore by MuscleTech Review – Is This a Good Product for Your Gym Workouts?

What Is CreaCore?

Among the many different types of creatine on the sports nutrition supplement market today is one that is beloved by athletes and bodybuilders alike around the world called CreaCore. This supplement has been claimed to dramatically increase and build up users’ lean muscle mass, to enhance their ultimate performance working out in the gym, and to deliver better and more effective power and strength to the final end users. This creatine formula is said to be effective because it does all of these things and more while helping to prevent the depletion of ATP as it simultaneously stimulates the volumization of cells and the important synthesis of proteins.

The real secret to the formula lies in the exclusively used proprietary formula. This substance is a thoroughly researched and also real-world tested over time sports nutrition formula that is supposed to deliver the goods for better all-around performance both inside the gym and outside of it as well. The manufacturer claims that it employs cGMP pharmaceutical processes in manufacturing to offer users the greatest possible effectiveness, highest quality, and best purity of creatine humanly possible. All of this results in the boost to muscle power that means greater gains in strength and more impressive muscle mass delivery in the end.



MuscleTech is the well-respected maker of more than 60 sports nutrition supplements that run the gamut across the entire spectrum of sports nutrition products. The company produces a well thought of range of the highest-quality bodybuilding and athletic performance-enhancing supplements that are employed by literally thousands of professional and competition level pro athletes and amateur athletes alike around the entire world. The company proudly ascribes to the old world values of strictest quality procedures in their manufacturing. They insist on the greatest possible degree of quality manufacturing with each and every one of their sport nutrition products. This starts with a pharmaceutical level of cGMP, extending to facilities which are both government inspected and feature highest-technology conditions that include chambers which are completely sealed against contaminants and fully air pressurized.

The company proudly claims to be completely obsessed with highest potency, strictest purity, and most reliable-working formulas and with the process of analyzing and testing out all outputs that eventually become their branded products. To this effect, MuscleTech goes above and beyond the reasonable call of duty to be certain that everything they write down on the label is truly inside of the product in both the correctly optimal concentrations and necessary beneficial quantities. All batches of products are finally laboratory-tested to make sure that all ingredients boast perfect validity. MuscleTech is all too well-aware that it is both simpler and less expensive to produce supplements by less onerous and exacting methods of testing and quality control, but they personally do not hold with such money-saving and quality-sacrificing means of making cheaper and lower quality formulas, and they refuse to settle for inferior products with their name on them that are less than the very best which they can produce.

This is why the MuscleTech label represents tireless innovation, rigorously carried out science, highest-quality, and best results possible. The company is most proud of the fact that its growth is all organic through positive word of mouth by endearing recommendations made from their legion of happy customers including trainers, athletes, and bodybuilders who are more than happy to spread the word to other sportsmen and women who are constantly searching for quality products such as these that deliver reliable and dependable results to their users each and every time.


How CreaCore Works?

MuscleTech’s CreaCore gives users a most convenient of means for enhancing athletes’ and bodybuilders’ performances in the gym and on the field. This creatine provides 60% more creatine absorption to deliver better recovery times and effectiveness along with greater and more dependable, longer-lasting performance to be squeezed out from the users’ muscles. Creatine in all of its many forms proves to be the most invaluable of tools in the product storehouse of bodybuilders and all-around athletes. It gives energy to the weightlifters’ muscles by improving the synthesis of proteins and buffering the production and distribution of lactic acids, which also slow down recovery times and efforts.

Creatine is in fact present in a number of different foods on the shelves of stores today, but unfortunately it mostly occurs in smaller doses. Getting enough of this power-giving substance out of only a good diet alone would amount to a practically impossible goal. This is why those who are serious about notching incrementally better results in the gym find it is most critical to track down and begin utilizing a solid protein and creatine formula to attain the highest degrees of success in the gym possible.

This CreaCore actually works better than some other competing forms of creatine because it is so very soluble. It demonstrates the unique properties of offering users incredibly as much as 50 times and up more solubility in water than standard forms of Creatine Monohydrate. It is deduced that the improved dissolvability is what increases the body’s intake of the creatine formula. This claim may not yet have been third-party verified by scientific research, but the empirical evidence surrounding its effectiveness is already there. It works with less micro-dosing and water retention and with a no loading phase.

This is why CreaCore is often called the most concentrated form of creatine thanks to the fact that a substantially smaller dosing is necessary when compared to the old standard form of Creatine Monohydrate. Because it is so highly water soluble, a much smaller mixture of water is necessary to dissolve the substance and to help the body to absorb it, which helps to explain why as much as 50% better organism absorption occurs when compared to competing creatine products. This is claimed to result in little to no gastro-intestinal issues, water retention, or bloating.

While this particular CreaCore formula is extremely effective and helpful to any athlete or weightlifter’s physical endeavors, it will not provide all of the many nutrients that the muscles require all by itself. This is why whatever individuals’ fitness goals may actually be, it is a wise idea to stack up this micronized-creatine monohydrate product with a number of different additional supplements to improve all-around performance. This starts with a reputable Whey Protein supplement which effectively works to feed the athletes’ muscles following a serious workout to assist with leaner muscle mass development.

Those who are also interested in better performance during workouts should seriously consider buying and taking a pre-workout formula. Improved muscle recovery and endurance can be had by stacking up a good Amino Acid formula along with the creatine. Anyone interested in cutting down on his body fat will need to add in a Thermogenic Fat Burner. Finally, men who are over 25 years of age, who feel the testosterone levels in their bodies are deteriorating on them despite their best possible efforts to the contrary, should never take this demoralizing condition sitting down, but should instead seek to naturally boost their testosterone levels by adding in an all natural testosterone-boosting product such as TEST 3x SX-7 BLACK ONYX.


Ingredients of CreaCore

What makes CreaCore so effective is the simple few ingredients which are contained within the formula. Besides having a large dose of Creatine HCL, it also boasts a good quantity of Fenugreek extract in every daily dose. Fenugreek extract is useful for its properties of increasing growth hormones, which helps with fat burning and overall weight loss. It is also an anabolic substance that helps to build muscles up better. It is also theorized to increase free-flow testosterone levels in the bodies of males.



CreaCore is advertised to help a user to build up leaner muscle mass, bigger size, and better strength over time, while it enhances his all around power and strength short term. It also boosts both overall workout and fitness performance in high-intensity and shorter burst types of training. It also delivers volumizing effects on muscles and helps to kick start the synthesis of proteins. Because it is micronized, it delivers a better absorption capability in organisms. Users mostly love it for its inherent ability to build up better muscle power, strength, and eventually muscle mass as well.



MuscleTech Creatine has been independently certified as 3rd party tested, Kosher certified, and clean label certified.



In the past years when I worked out, I did not employ any creatine supplement and as a result I never saw much progress or any muscle mass building gains. After starting to work out again 15 years later, I thought I would try out the MuscleTech brand of CreaCore. It has made such a radical difference in my latest results. I have finally made some significant gains at my older age of 37 thanks to the product and its results. I like that it does not taste or smell funny and that it mixes well like a powder. I consume five grams of it every day and drink a lot of water with it too, as the label suggests. I count this the best bang for my buck on the creatine supplements market, and I would recommend it to any person out there. – John Frogmore, Charleston, SC

This CreaCore is excellent; although I haven’t used to many of these types of supplements, I can tell you that this one feels both clean and pure. There are no side effects, and this German-sourced Creapure is very good. There are many studies that have been done to back up this product. It is a terrific supplement at a great and affordable price. – Stevie Buschemi, Tampa, FL

I just finished up taking an eight week phase on CreaCore. While I can’t swear that the product deserves all of the credit, I did pack on a solid 10 pounds of muscle during the first eight week phase. I can say that I now have a tremendous amount of energy for workouts, I don’t ever feel bloated or have stomach problems, and even the price is right. This is a good solid product, and I will use it in the second phase as well. – Horace Greystoke, London, UK


Money-back Guarantee

If you buy your CreaCore from a vendor, then you can take advantage of MuscleTech’s encouraging money-back guarantee and refund policy. Their website states that if users are not completely satisfied with their purchase of an MuscleTech product, then they should please return the unused product along with their receipt to the place of purchase in order to obtain a full refund or alternatively if they like to get a replacement for the defective product. They do note that all such returns must be handled in accordance with the specific seller’s terms and conditions.

In the event that purchasers buy it from an online outlet, then they will be subject to the particular return policy of the individual e-tailer. With a company like Amazon, this means that they will accept refunds within 30 days of the initial purchase, assuming that the product is damaged or defective. It is unclear what will happen if the buyer does not feel that it works effectively for their particular body type and chemistry.



Free shipping is offered on all orders of more than $100 from some of MuscleTech’s vendors. Every e-tailer will maintain their own shipping and handling charges and policy when users buy it. With Amazon and their legendary Prime service, shipping is most always free on any sized and dollar value order. Most other vendors are charging either a flat rate on Continental U.S. shipping or a sliding scale depending on how far away they live from the vendor’s warehouse.


Customer Support

MuscleTech is apparently so very popular that they literally do not have time to respond to every incoming inquiry that they receive on a daily basis. They state on their website that they receive hundreds of inbound requests for samples of their many products every single day, and that they are unable to meet the demand. Because of this, they recommend that interested potential customers should go down to their nearest retailer of MuscleTech products to ask them when their next product demo will be scheduled so that they can come down to obtain free samples of their various product lines on that day and time.

The supplements will be ready for them to taste free of charge at these in-store demos. Their representatives are similarly better than qualified to answer any questions that the users have and need to get answered as well. For users who can not wait until there is such a retailer demo nearby, the majority of the retailers will provide interested individuals with a free sample of any MuscleTech products, if only they ask politely.


Safe & Secure Checkout

For better or worse, is not selling their products directly. This means that the safety and security of any checkout process online will come down to the e-tailer from which a user chooses to purchase their CreaCore. Any decent e-tailor will be concerned enough about their customers’ transactions to provide a minimum of 128 bits SSL security encryption for all data sent back and forth in order to provide a standard e-commerce level of security for both their personal data and their credit card payment information. This is worth investigating before buying from an online merchant.


CreaCore Pricing

Comparing the pricing for CreaCore is difficult primarily because there are three or four different sizes in which the formula can come. For example, offers 10 servings of the product at $9.99 per bottle, which translates to just under one dollar per serving. It also sells the product in 80 serving bottles for $27.96.






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