Con-Cret by ProMera Sports Review – Is This Creatine Strong?

What Is Con-Cret?

A supplement created by ProMera Sports, Con-Cret is designed to be taken with a workout regimen in order to yield better results. The supplement is a powder substance meant to be mixed into water and consumed before a particularly intense workout session, and it is primarily made of Creatine, a popular bodybuilding supplement known to increase gains and pump size. The main purpose of taking this supplement is weight gain and testosterone boosting, so athletes or bodybuilders looking to gain mass quickly would benefit from the regular use of this supplement, as it causes an increase in mass through water retention and protein synthesis.



Con-Cret is manufactured by ProMera Sports. The company was founded in 2007, and they supply supplements for physically inclined individuals, such as bodybuilders, athletes, and exercise enthusiasts. Their website states that they make products for the purposes of enhancing strength, endurance, and recovery.

They have won a number of awards. Their products are also distributed through popular websites and several physical retail outlets. Based on the length of time this company has been in business, the amount of awards they have won, and the popularity of their products on several websites, the manufacturers of this supplement seem to be reliable producers of high quality workout material.


How Con-Cret Works?

The creatine found in this supplement provides several benefits to your body when ingested before a workout. Initially, levels of energy will increase in a similar fashion to taking caffeine, and strength should increase as well, better facilitating power lifters or other types prone to fewer reps of heavier weight. Additionally, your body will have a larger, longer lasting pump, and your gains will increase due to extra water retention. The way this supplement is dosed differs from other supplements in that it is measured to match your weight and level of physical activity, in a process called micro-dosing.

Effects of Creatine Hydrochloride on the body:

  • Increase in muscle retention and muscle mass;
  • Greater protein synthesis results in faster recovery and more impressive gains;
  • Water solubility requires more water consumption at the expense of gains;
  • Body produces more testosterone, making you work out harder and more effectively;
  • Physical benefits without necessitating a loading or cycling process.


Ingredients of Con-Cret

The primary ingredient and partial namesake for this supplement is creatine. More specifically, the creatine found in Con-Cret is Creatine Hydrochloride, or Creatine HCL. This specific type of creatine is more effective than Creatine Monohydrate, the most common source of creatine in workout supplements.

Creatine is a natural supplement found commonly in pork and other forms of meat. Consuming Creatine in any form will increase protein synthesis and water retention, which results in larger muscles and greater definition, especially after an intense session of physical activity like a workout.What makes Creatine HCL more effective than Creatine Monohydrate is the reduction in negative side effects such as bloating.

These side effects are reduced because of the more complicated makeup of Creatine HCL, and because of the unique microdosing method of measuring doses per serving, depending on fat percentage and overall body weight. People will specific body types and fat stores can dose accordingly, ensuring they take only the amount required to reap the benefits and avoid the setbacks. Extended use of Creatine HCL has shown an increase in the body’s natural production of testosterone, resulting in larger gains and a bigger pump.



The advantages of taking this supplement are best seen through continued usage of the supplement. You will see gains, larger pumps, better protein synthesis and higher natural testosterone levels when taking Con-Cret in a similar fashion to steroids, without the harsh health risks and side effects implied by the comparison. However, these gains and higher hormone levels will be lost if you stop taking this supplement, even for a period of a few weeks. Fortunately, if this product works to your satisfaction, there is no need to cycle this supplement like with others, as Creatine in whatever form can be taken year round without health risks.

To better illustrate the benefits of taking this supplement, imagine a hypothetical scenario with three identical bodybuilders. The first bodybuilder decides to take Con-Cret before their workout every day for a month, then resumes their normal diet afterwards without any additional supplementation. The second bodybuilder takes the same supplement, and continues taking it after the first month. The third bodybuilder does not modify their diet with any supplement, and serves as a control to illustrate the effects of the supplement on the other two.

The effects will be most visible after a three month long trial period, as outlined below. After a three month period, the first and third bodybuilder will end up with similar physiques. The first bodybuilder will weigh similar and have a similar percentage of muscle, but they may appear flatter or flabbier.

This is due to their losing weight they initially gained when taking the supplement that first month: after they stopped taking the supplement one month in, their gains went away. On the other hand, the second bodybuilder will be larger and more toned, having gained and kept the muscle definition from his workout due to his continued usage of Con-Cret for the entire three month period. The conclusion that can be reached from this hypothetical is that results will be most apparent after sustained regular use.



Whether ordering this supplement through the manufacturer’s website or through a popular retail site, you may be concerned as to the privacy of your data. When placing orders online, know that your payment information and shipping address, alongside whatever other personal information may be required in order to facilitate your order, will be kept private with the aid of SSL security certificates. These are certificated embedded inside each web page that synchronizes with a larger server every few hours, ensure your connection remains stable and free from hijacking or hacking. The way you can tell if the page you are placing an order on has security certificates is by checking the URL for “https://” instead of “http://.”



There are scores of testimonials regarding this product all over the internet. The overwhelming majority of these reviews are positive, with many customers praising the benefits they reaped from consuming this product. Some specific benefits mentioned were increased pump size and energy levels in the gym.

There were some who said Con-Cret would not be an ideal supplement for those not used to regular creatine use. They instead recommended a Creatine Monohydrate-based supplement, and a few others said they still suffered from bloating and gas, common side effects from Creatine Monohydrate ingestion. However, the vast majority seemed to feel that this supplement was worth the value, so you may want to take this criticism with a grain of salt.

The negative reviews left by customers were comparatively few, and had mainly to do with the condition they received their powder in. A few people complained that their material came in a blocky, clumped together mass, while another said their package had a leak. These situations seem rare based on the number of reviews mentioning the phenomena, and any potential issues you may find with the shipping process of a similar nature would be covered by the seller’s return policy. Additionally, there is the possibility of purchasing this supplement in capsule form, which would prevent unseemly clumping or accidental exposure to moisture.

There were a few negative reviews which stated that the taste was less than ideal, with some saying they believed it was too sour and had a lemon taste. This is commonly found with Creatine based supplements, and many find that the excessive taste can be offset by mixing the powder with a flavored juice or similarly acidic substance instead of the commonly used water. In fact, several commenters specifically mentioned this to the individuals concerned with taste, and in a few cases the original commenters replied saying this solved the problem for them.


Awards & Media Coverage

Both the supplement and the manufacturer of this supplement have received several notable distinctions as a testament to their effectiveness and reliability. Popular bodybuilding websites have awarded Con-Cret with the Creatine of the Year award for 2012, as well as a runner-up for Best Creatine in 2011. Another website has named Con-Cret its Creatine Product of the Year for 2013 and 2014, as well as bestowing a Breakout Brand of the Year award for ProMera Sports.

Additionally, the net average among hundreds of aggregated user reviews for this product stands at 4 ½ out of 5 stars. This shows its near universal praise. With this level of positive customer feedback, the impression seems to be that this product is effective and popular.


Money-back Guarantee

If a situation arises where you do not receive the products you ordered, you encounter an issue with transit causing damage to the packaging, or you are simply dissatisfied with the product, there are a few ways to request your money back. When placing an order for Con-Cret through the manufacturer’s website, there is a 30 day window for you to place a request for a refund, and items will be accepted within 45 days. After the items are received, there is a seven to ten business day waiting period, and then store credit is usually given. Return requests may be made through the contact form on the site or by calling a representative with the phone number listed on their website.

When placing orders through online retailers, discretion is important, considering these sites commonly let anyone place a digital storefront to sell goods with limited steps for approval. Depending on the reliability of the reseller, you may not be able to make a request for a refund, even if there is some issue with your order. In many cases, simply messaging the seller through their account will facilitate a discussion with a person that will end in your issues being resolved.

However, this may not always be the case. Fortunately, the major sites where people post listings for similar products have active communities that inform people as to the reliability of specific resellers. Checking the ratings and comments for the seller you plan on purchasing this product through will ensure you have the option of reimbursement in case of any issues.



When ordering through the manufacturer’s website, there is always an option for free shipping. This is a limited deal only available for customers placing their orders through the manufacturer’s website, and does not cover expedited shipping or alternative shipping methods. There is still the option for expedited shipping, but the free shipping offer only covers standard shipping rates. This makes an individual curious to try this product incentivized to place the order on this website, considering this is the best deal short of a free trial offer.

An alternative to this is ordering through online resellers that have aggregate reviews and independent listings. The benefits to be found when placing an order through one of these sites is reduced shipping times and occasionally a deal on the price.

Going through a middleman like this can also ensure you get the supplement when supplies are limited. When ordering through these sites, the best shipping deals will be found when ordering through a reseller authorized by the site itself, which usually means extra buyer’s protection. Additionally, some items listed on resellers authorized by the site will waive the shipping fees when you sign up for a subscription service.

Benefits of shipping through manufacturer:

  • Free standard shipping;
  • More reliable shipping methods;
  • Longer grace period to request returns;
  • Trusted supplier.

Benefits of shipping through online reseller:

  • Cheaper shipping depending on where you look;
  • Cheaper price overall depending on reseller;
  • Possibility of reduced shipping times.


Customer Support

Whether ordering from a different website or not, any customer service issues you encounter would best be handled by consulting the manufacturer ProMera Sports’ website. On their website are a few methods listed which you can use to contact them. First, there is a page where you can fill out a few fields and have a message generated and sent to the company, all within one secure webpage.

Another method you can try is writing to their physical address. This is also listed on their contact page. The other option available to you is to call the number listed at the bottom of the page, which should connect you to a person.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checking out your products online is a safe and secure process. If you choose to place an order through the website of the manufacturer, you will first need to make an account for the site. When making this account, the website will store some of your personal information in an encrypted state: this way, your information can be used without fear of leaking or being hijacked. Additionally, the website offers SSL certificates that will also protect your data and identity, so these should not be concerns when deciding where to place an order for this supplement.

When placing an order for this product on different websites, such as popular online resellers with subscription services, similar steps are taken to ensure your protection. An account is set up with the main site and structured in a way that the fewest possible people will see your data, making sure only pertinent people and not nefarious third parties are exposed to private information, such as credit card numbers or billing addresses. Additionally, all pages on these sites are protected with the aforementioned SSL certificates, so it seems that whatever method you should choose to place an order online will be secure as well as safe.


Con-Cret Pricing

The advantage of Con-Cret being available through different outlets is the flexibility of its price, meaning there may be a way for you to receive this product for less than you may expect. While you can get a discounted rate when signing up for a subscription plan, you may also be able to order single shipments for a reduced rate as well simply by shopping around. The lowest price found for a single container of this supplement was found on a reseller listed on a collective retail website, but the difference was negligible from the price found on the manufacturer’s website. It is ultimately up to you whether or not the trade-offs of ordering from a middleman are worthwhile.

Though no free trial option is available for this product online, there is the possibility that one of the physical, brick and mortar retail outlets that stock this product will have trial promotions to help you decide whether or not this product is worth investing in. However, there is a way to receive a discount when ordering if you subscribe to regular monthly shipments of the product. This is ideal for those looking to make the most out of the supplement, as results are best obtained after regular use.






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