Cell-Tech by MuscleTech Review – Is This the Creatine Supplement for You?

What Is Cell-Tech?

Cell-Tech is a supplement created by MuscleTech designed to increase gains. It is known as a powerful hard-gainer because of its main active ingredients: creatine monohydrate and insulin. These two ingredients, alongside a handful of vitamins and additional nutrients, work in tandem to provide the support required for your body to gain muscle mass at a more heightened rate than usual. The most powerful effects will occur when this supplement is taken alongside a strenuous workout routine, similar to a bodybuilding competition or athletic event.



The manufacturer of Cell-Tech is a company called MuscleTech. They claim to have better results through better science, and they have been around for over 20 years. As well as Cell-Tech, MuscleTech sells a variety of fitness related products, including protein shake formulas and pre workout supplements. Recently, this company invested over $50 million dollars into sports medicine research and is partnered with a major university. This shows their dedication to research and scientific progress, and it proves that they live up to the slogan they present for themselves, or at the very least put their money where their mouth is.


How Cell-Tech Works?

This supplement uses a combination of vitamins and natural sources of proteins to increase your body’s natural production of testosterone, decrease recovery time and increase strength and endurance during your workouts. With these effects, you should expect to see impressive muscle tissue gains over a few months of taking this product, due to the increased effectiveness of your regular fitness regimen and the additional nutrients being supplied to your body. Cell-Tech’s power lies in its ability to enhance your regular routines, meaning without any major adjustment to your technique you can see impressive gains by simply supplementing your existing setup with some of this product.


Ingredients of Cell-Tech

Cell-Tech is made up of a variety of ingredients, all derived from natural resources. The primary active ingredient is creatine, a very popular natural supplement found commonly in fish. Creatine is a powerful testosterone booster, and it increases water retention in the muscles, making them pump up. In this supplement, creatine comes in two forms: Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine Hydrochloride. Additionally, this supplement has several important dietary vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 and B12, as well as some fat burning energy boosters like Taurine and L-Alanine and complex carbohydrates such as oat bran, quinoa and buckwheat. These make the process of cutting easier, allowing you to get important vitamins while still maintaining a strict diet.

Creatine is a ergogenic substance, meaning it causes increased muscle growth and protein synthesis. It does this by increasing your body’s natural production of testosterone, the hormone responsible for muscle growth. It is created naturally by your body, and can be found commonly in fish and liver, although much of it is lost when these ingredients are cooked. The role of creatine in a supplement is to replenish your body’s natural stores, and the increased effectiveness of protein synthesis in your body after administering this supplement can even affect skeletal muscle tissue, which is notoriously difficult to strengthen. The results of taking creatine over time is increases water retention and bigger, more defined muscle tissue, making it the supplement of choice for bodybuilders looking to bulk.

There are two types of creatine found in Cell-Tech: Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine Hydrochloride. Creatine Monohydrate is a very pure form of creatine, and is one of the most widely used forms of creatine in several different supplements. Creatine Hydrochloride is a form of creatine mixed with hydrochloric acid, and it is supposed to be a more water soluble form of creatine, though there is insufficient evidence to back up this claim. In any case, dosing with both of these forms of creatine will result in anti-catabolic effects, increased protein synthesis, and muscle water retention causing the appearance of growth.

Another component found in this supplement is Ascorbic Acid, which is a water-soluble Vitamin C concentrate. As an antioxidant metabolism booster, its primary purpose for being included in this supplement is as a booster of your metabolism, meaning it helps burn fat without losing muscle, resulting in improved definition. In addition to Vitamin C, Cell-Tech contains Vitamins B6 and B12, which primarily aid the body in producing and synthesizing proteins, causing muscle growth without the additional storage of fat that commonly occurs when gaining mass. It is through this process that a lean bulk can occur, which is one of the effects of taking this supplement over an extended period of time.

Alongside the various vitamins and nutrients found in this supplement are a number of powerful antioxidants as well, such as Taurine and L-Glutamine. These ingredients are responsible for preventing oxidization and providing additional energy, which contributes significantly to the strength and energy boosts experienced by taking it. Additionally, this supplement features high amount of complex carbohydrates from bran and wheat, another building block of muscle tissue commonly derived from natural resources. The inclusion of several different sources of these carbs means Cell-Tech offers dietary advantages as well as physical training benefits, similar to a meal replacement supplement such as a protein shake.



The advantages of taking this product alongside a fitness regimen are many fold. The best way to illustrate these benefits would be a hypothetical scenario involving three athletes. In this hypothetical, the three athletes undergo an intense workout routine for three months under a carefully controlled diet. All three participants engage in a similar workout and diet plan: the difference in their routines come from their usage of supplements. One athlete does not supplement their routine with any additional vitamins or pre workout solutions. Another athlete supplements their workout with Cell-Tech, but only for a month. The third athlete regularly takes Cell-Tech for the entire three month period.

At the end of the three month period, the third athlete will be bigger and have more defined muscles than the first two. Even though the second athlete took the same supplement as the third athlete, they lost whatever gains they may have earned after they stopped taking the supplement. This may result in their physique looking deflated or stretched due to the rapid weight gain followed by weight loss. For this reason, it is recommended that you take this supplement continuously in order to fully reap the benefits. Fortunately, all creative-based products can be taken regularly without needing to be cycled, unlike similar muscle boosting supplements such as anabolic steroids, so there is no reason to stop administering Cell-Tech if you are satisfied with the results.



When placing an order for this supplement, whether the ordering process is facilitated through the manufacturer’s website, through a reseller, or through an aggregate retailer site, there are always potential security risks. Any transaction performed online require you to share sensitive information, such as your shipping address or credit card number. The sellers of these supplements are aware of this fact, and one of the ways they offset this security risk is by using SSL security certificates on their pages.

Whenever you see “https://” at the beginning of a URL, this means the page is protected by a security certificate. How these certificates ensure your safety is that they connect with a main server every few hours. If something were to happen to the certificate, any change or absence would be noticed when it came time for the certificate to check in with the server, and your web browser would inform you that the connection is unsecure or untrusted, keeping you from accessing the page.



This supplement has received very high marks and ratings from several aggregate review sites. What this shows is that Cell-Tech is a well-known product possessing nearly universal acclaim. One of the numerous things reviewers praised about Cell-Tech was its sweet flavor, saying it didn’t taste like they expected, or like similar pre workout formulas. Additionally, several reviewers commented on the great effectiveness this supplement has when it comes to gaining mass.

While a few users mentioned they did not see results for a while, many stated they immediately felt the increase in energy and some users reported seeing gains within as soon as a week of taking it. While some reviewers said they experienced bloating, several stated it was very effective at suppressing their appetite. In this case, any extra bloating you experience may be offset by the appetite suppression, so this may offset any potential negative gains. Overall, the near perfect scores and lasting popularity of this product and other products made by the manufacturer denote high quality and effectiveness.


Awards & Media Coverage

Cell-Tech is a very recognizable brand, with a very impressive media presence. There are several articles dedicated to the product, its ingredients and effects on popular bodybuilding websites, as well as several reviews extolling the benefits of taking this product. Additionally, this specific supplement was the subject of a long-running internet meme, when famous bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman was quoted as saying that he used Cell-Tech as part of his routine, joking that its effects were so powerful that it doesn’t count as being natural or “natty.” While the product is safe for use by professional athletes and bodybuilders and will not trigger a false positive on any drug screening, this turned into a running joke among bodybuilders when asked for supplement recommendations.


Money-back Guarantee

If an order for this supplement is placed through the manufacturer’s website, they can be returned for a refund if the products are unopened and sent back within 30 days of receiving the delivery. It can take up to a month for the refund to go through, but MuscleTech assures its customers that they will receive compensation if there are any outstanding issues or discrepancies with their order. There is a grace period covering time the product in question spent in transit, time needed for the manufacturers to investigate, and time for whatever banks are involved to process the transaction and deliver the funds to your account, all covered in the month-long period.

There are alternatives, however; to placing an order for Cell-Tech through its distributor. One wholesale distributor of this supplement stated their return policy would remain valid within two weeks of the product’s delivery, and the shipping charge will be taken out of the return value, which means the distributor is not held responsible for shipping charges. The implication here is that they technically do not offer a full refund, seeing as you would have to pay any shipping fees out of pocket without reimbursement. On the bright side, several of these third party sites often sell these products at a discounted rate from the manufacturer, so the total costs may balance out depending. Keep these facts in mind when deciding where to place an order for this product if you want to get the most for your money.



When placing an order for this supplement, what website you choose to facilitate this transaction may depend on where you want the products to be shipped to. On the manufacturer MuscleTech’s website are links to several domestic and international distributors they officially endorse. Additionally, the same page features a list of distributors who are unauthorized to carry their products and should therefore be avoided.

This is the most convenient way to have products shipped all over the world, but when looking for alternative retailers, there is the possibility of getting reduced shipping rates for specialized areas. The majority of these sites offer superior shipping options and prices, but are limited to the 48 mainland American states, which can be frustrating for international customers. In the absolute worst case scenario, where the shipping options for your desired location are absolutely destitute, there are several physical retail outlets where you can purchase these products in person. While it is certainly more convenient to have these products shipped to you, purchasing them in person has its benefits as well, offering input from the store clerk and even the possibility of a trial offer. There are also some stores that will ship products from their store to you, so this is always a possibility as well.


Customer Support

There are several methods of contacting the manufacturer of this products, as they have a very strong web presence. MuscleTech can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, and they are very active on all these platforms, posting content and responding to feedback frequently. While their website doesn’t feature a dedicated support address or phone number, contacting someone through one of these social networks should yield a response fairly promptly simply based on the level of activity shown on these pages. When placing an order through a third party, this may be a bit more difficult, especially if the seller is uncooperative. Often times the sites hosting these retailers will offer some sort of fulfillment program to compensate for issues with sellers, but this isn’t as reliable as placing an order through the manufacturer, so that is the recommended course of action.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Whether placing an order for this product through a reseller or aggregate retail hosting site or through the manufacturers themselves, know that there are several safeguards put in place to ensure the entire purchasing process is safe and secure. As previously mentioned, any pages asking for personal information such as billing addresses or bank account numbers will be protected by SSL security certificates, but these sites also require you set up a private account in order to securely store this information. When an account is made on a site, your personal information can then be verified and encrypted, meaning the pertinent parties can be sure that your information is accurate without needed to explicitly mention any detail and run the risk of getting information hijacked or stolen. With these safeguards in place, any order made for this product will be safe from sabotage or unintended eyes.


Cell-Tech Pricing

When ordering this product, the best deals when it comes to price can be found on the manufacturer’s website. There, there are a few links to sponsored retailers that offer this and similar products at a reduced rate. There is only one serving size for Cell-Tech as of the time this article was written, so getting a cheaper price for a smaller bottle isn’t an option. However, when shopping around there may be some sites that offer deals on buying this product in bulk, or may offer a subscription service where new supplies are replenished at a reduced rate. After trying the product for a few months, this would be the most cost-efficient way to get this product, especially considering you will need to take it regularly in order to reap the full benefits.






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