AllMax Creatine HCL

AllMax Creatine HCL by AllMax Nutrition Review – Is This the Best Creatine for Maximum Results?

What Is AllMax Creatine HCL?

AllMax Creatine HCL from AllMax Nutrition is a performance-boosting natural supplement that combines creatine with hydrochloride (HCL) to form an extremely soluble salt. The purpose of using this pharmaceutically-designed, natural compound instead of Creatine Monohydrate is that AllMax Creatine HCL has over 50 times greater solubility in water than Creatine Monohydrate, and higher rates of solubility increase absorption and uptake of this supplement in the body for immediate energy surges and better performance. With greater absorption, athletes and bodybuilders experience less water retention when using this product, and they can perform well in bodybuilding training and exercise workouts when taking just one daily dose of this fact-action fitness supplement.

Creatine is a molecule found in the body that is part of an energy-producing system known as creatine phosphate, which can create energy (ATP) quickly in support of cellular activity. Creatine molecules store energy reserves in phospho-creatine groups to promote good functioning of body cells, especially during physical stress like strenuous exercise. Healthy mental activity is also fueled and sustained by increased creatine levels in the system. Although creatine is contained in foods like eggs, fish and meats, serious exercisers and bodybuilders need the extra intake of quality natural creatine supplements to energize their bodies and increase lean muscle mass for greater strength necessary for sports achievement.

By choosing AllMax Creatine HCL manufactured by AllMax Nutrition over products containing Creatine Monohydrate, both pro and amateur sports participants and bodybuilders of all skill levels can develop greater lean muscle and energy without battling water retention. If you take a fitness supplement that contains Creatine Monohydrate, you may experience unhealthy water-weight gain that causes bloating and impedes your lean muscle development. Some users mistake this weight gain from water retention for new muscular development rather than useless water accumulation in the body. Because AllMax Nutrition experts know the importance of keeping your body well-hydrated before, during and after exercise, this sports aid product contains this very soluble creatine and hydrochloride compound in just the right amount to maintain healthy water levels in your body while eliminating excess fluid from your system to prevent water retention and bloating from occurring.



For the last 15 years, AllMax Nutrition has been formulating and manufacturing fine quality natural exercise performance enhancers according to exacting policies and procedures to ensure top level products for the healthy sports supplements market. Company production facilities are pharmaceutical grade cGMP, government-approved factories with advanced technology and well-sealed chambers that are carefully air-pressurized, creating safe, healthy and fresh supplements for exercise-conscious consumers. Every product is clinically tested, and each supplement batch is analyzed for excellence before leaving the factory for sale on the the consumer market. All fitness aids are carefully labeled to reveal correct contents and ingredient percentages, and each ingredient is lab tested for purity before inclusion in these fitness aids.

Just as you may think of AllMax Nutrition as being obsessive about producing pure, highly effective products as energy boosters, muscle builders and sports action enhancers, this unique company wants you to develop a healthy obsession for using their safe, pure, well-tested supplements like AllMax Creatine HCL. Company officials and staff also urge their customers to eat a nutritional, energizing diet and continue to train rigorously for best bodybuilding and exercise results while using their products regularly. This company will continue to design and produce cutting-edge fitness aids, fine-tuning them to meet the demands and desires of their modern, knowledgeable clientele of healthy, fitness-focused athletes like you as strong support for attaining all your bodybuilding and fitness goals. AllMax will adhere to their purpose of creating supplements formed by combining the best scientific and natural substance research available today, testing them every step of the way throughout production to bring you only the best products.


How AllMax Creatine HCL Works?

Creatine operates inside muscles, binding to molecules of phosphate to form phosphocreatine, and this compound is a major instigator in recycling Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP), the main energy source for muscular contractions and other bodily processes. As phosphocreatine contributes molecules of phosphate to create ATP, the working muscles receive fresh, increased energy supplies to continue working at necessary rates of output. This activity is crucial in the bodies of bodybuilders and other athletes as they strive to triumph over new and more difficult workout techniques during each successive training session at the gym. As phosphocreatine production continues in the muscles, more lean muscle mass develops, enhancing sports achievement and performance. Levels of strength, endurance, physical power and mental focus improve for greater overall athletic success.

Creatine works best for improving lean muscularity and sports activity when you cycle your dosing. You can take a steady daily dose for eight weeks and then take a two weeks’ break from your supplement before starting the dosing cycle again. Doses of AllMax Creatine HCL should always be taken with sufficient amounts of water, and for some people, small doses should be scheduled throughout the day with meals or snacks to avoid stomach cramping or possible GI irritations. The manufacturers along with many trainers and supplements experts recommend taking this fitness enhancer as follows:

  • Athletes with up to 200 pounds (90 kg.) of body weight should take two servings daily on training days.
  • Athletes weighing 200 pounds (90 kg.) or more should take three servings daily on training days.
  • Both groups of athletes should take two to three servings with water or juice after waking on all non-training days.

After each workout, all athletes should take this fitness aid while creatine uptake is still at optimum rates of efficiency in the body.


Ingredients of AllMax Creatine HCL

Each container of AllMax Creatine HCL contains 90 capsules, and a serving size equals one capsule with each serving containing 750 mg. of creatine combined with hydrogen and chloride. The only other ingredients in this supplement are Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate (from vegetable sources). Gelatin is helpful to maintaining smooth joint movement and is often used as a binding agent in production of supplement capsules and tablets. Magnesium stearate (a salt) is formed by the bonding of a magnesium ion with a pair of stearate molecules. As the anion structure of stearic acid, a long-chain saturated fat, it is used in manufacturing supplements to keep factory equipment operating smoothly with all ingredients blending in accurate proportions.

In this AllMax Creatine HCL supplement, creatine is combined with hydrogen chloride to form a highly soluble salt, which promotes rapid absorption and uptake of this supplement by the body for a fast energy boost and better athletic performance. Creatine is a naturally occurring compound in the body that is comprised of the amino acids arginine, methionine and glycine, fueling the muscles with steady reserves of energy and stamina, and after its production in the kidneys, liver and pancreas, creatine takes part in numerous activities and functions within the body. Primary functions of creatine along with energizing the muscles are promoting protein synthesis, expanding cellular volume and buffering lactic acid in the internal system. Because the amounts of creatine in foods are minimal, it would be necessary for you to consume huge servings of certain foods at and between meals to ingest the levels required to receive the healthy effects provided by natural creatine supplements.

By taking the fitness supplement containing creatine and hydrochloride now made by AllMax Nutrition, you will reinforce and increase the empowering activity of your body’s natural creatine counts. The result will be more energetic bodybuilding and sports workouts, improved lean muscle growth and smoother, shorter recovery following strenuous exercise. Beneficial effects will be cumulative as your body becomes accustomed to the presence and activity of greater amounts of this healthy and versatile natural compound circulating within your system on a regular basis. As more demanding, rigorous physical output necessary for more advanced athletic training is constantly supported by this helpful supplement, your sports performance will show significant improvement, enabling you to excel at acquiring additional skill levels to achieve more difficult training and advanced sports achievements.



There are multiple advantages to making this fast-action, effective natural product your everyday fitness supplement, including the following:

  • When you take AllMax Creatine HCL, or concentrated creatine, as your fitness enhancer, a much smaller dose is required for optimum energy, stamina and muscle-building than when taking a product made with the frequently used ingredient of Creatine Monohydrate.
  • AllMax Creatine HCL does not cause water retention and bloating, which Creatine Monohydrate is known to cause, so your bodybuilding and exercise results will be better when you choose this creatine compound from AllMax Nutrition as your regular fitness supplement.
  • This strength and energy boosting aid contains natural ingredients and is safe for use, especially since creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the body.
  • This bodybuilding and fitness aid from AllMax Nutrition’s expert team of formulators is very effective as a pre-workout supplement because its absorption and uptake in the body are swift and thorough.



AllMax Creatine HCL from AllMax Nutrition is a vegetarian certified and kosher certified product, and it is produced in an NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified facility. Every batch of this supplement is third-party tested before being placed on the consumer market for sale, and this fitness aid has been recognized by This product is also certified as being a gluten-free supplement.



I feel totally safe, secure and healthy using this supplement as my number-one fitness aid. Dosing is easy, and I am amazed every day after taking my pre-workout dose at just how fast its absorption and uptake are. The great surge of energy, stamina and self-confidence it gives me are fabulous fuel for making each day’s training session at the gym much better than the one before. I can actually see my own progress and feel my lean muscularity at work as I move forward on my path toward the goal of pro bodybuilder. This special creatine and hydrochloride compound from AllMax Nutrition is the best. – Chris Young, Washington, WA

Want a healthy product that can make you lean, muscle-mean and ripped fast? Take my advice and order your first supply of AllMax Creatine HCL today. This completely natural formula offers fast action for an awesome boost of energy, endurance and body strength to get you through the toughest workouts you can imagine. And, believe it or not, you will finish your workout, recover smoothly and quickly without muscle or joint pain, with bundles of energy left over for the rest of your day or night when you leave the gym. If you want a powerful, fast-acting, safe and effective fitness booster, get this supplement today! – Rick Peterman, Austin, TX

Very few bodybuilding supplements on the market today support you through rugged training sessions with rapid, pain-free recovery with great energy levels to spare. If you really want to experience all these features in a healthy sports supplement, try AllMax Creatine HCL. – Jack White, Sacramento, CA

Are you looking for the best bundle of energy, stamina and athletic drive around today while building a massive, lean muscular physique? If so, the product for you is AllMax Creatine HCL from AllMax Nutrition. – Larry Eastman, Tampa, FL


Awards & Media Coverage

Due to the fact that this rapid-action fitness supplement is gaining popularity and sales on the exercise performance health supplements market today, it is expected to receive increasing amounts of notice and coverage by the media this year. Since it has already been noted by as a healthy, safe and effective bodybuilding and sports enhancer, users and potential users of this product can look forward to seeing it being praised and receiving awards in the near future for its contributions to athletes around the world and to the natural fitness supplements industry.


Money-back Guarantee

AllMax Nutrition offers a money-back guarantee for the purchase of this sports enhancing product to any customer who is not completely satisfied with the ordering process, the purchase or delivery of this item. The company’s management and staff are all working to ensure that your entire ordering experience of this product is pleasant, fast, easy and efficient, from your first online visit to their website until you receive your supplement via secure, prompt delivery service. If you should encounter any problems concerning placing your order, paying for your product selection or receiving your shipment, simply contact the company’s customer service department for a full refund of your money. If you do receive your supplement, but are not fully satisfied with your initial use of it as your fitness enhancer, just return the unused portion of your product, and the helpful company staff will reimburse you for the cost. Also, if you do not receive your supplement package, contact a company staff member immediately for reimbursement or a replacement shipment of your fitness aid.



Shipping of supplements by the manufacturer is prompt and efficient, and you can request expedited delivery service if you wish. Because this supplement is now in use by customers worldwide, AllMax Nutrition ships products by international transport carriers as well as domestic shippers and delivery services. These professional carriers and shipping companies all use sturdy, secure packaging to make sure that your supplement order arrives safely and ready for your immediate use and benefit. The staff members of these shipping enterprises are also careful to check customer addresses carefully before sending shipments to avoid any errors or delays in delivery of products to the correct destinations.


Customer Support

The manufacturer’s customer support team is always prepared to assist you with any issues, problems or questions that may arise concerning your supplement order, delivery or use. Each team member is knowledgeable about the product and its usage, and the entire team works diligently to help new customers as well as loyal, ongoing clients with any and all queries relative to their receipt and use of this powerful fitness aid. You can contact a customer service representative by phone, by email and by an online support ticket or via the company website chat service to resolve all supplement issues quickly and efficiently.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is always safe and secure on the company website. All of your personal identity data, contact information and payment entries will be kept completely safe from online hackers or identity thieves by professionally encrypted web pages. You can be assured that any entries you make on the site’s checkout and payment pages, including your credit or debit card numbers, will be used only for processing payment for your supplement. Your shipping address and other contact information will never by shared with other sales companies or other businesses by the owners and operators of this natural supplements enterprise and website.


AllMax Creatine HCL Pricing

This creatine and hydrochloride compound sold by AllMax Nutrition is priced at just $24.99 for 90 capsules, and during special sales during the year, you can obtain the same amount of this supplement for only $9.99. Due to the relatively streamlined formula of this healthy, fast-acting and safe fitness aid, the company is able to offer it at lower pricing levels than some other sports supplements in the company catalog. However, this does not indicate any lack of high quality or effectiveness of this supplement, as many satisfied customer testimonials constantly reveal. This sports and bodybuilding enhancer is currently growing in demand and popular use on a daily basis.






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