Trenabol Side Effects – Everything That You Need To Know!

What Is Trenabol?

Trenabol is actually a prohormone to the steroid Trenbolone; however, unlike “tren” hormones, Trenabol actually converts to Trenbolone once in the body. With this in mind, one can conduct a comprehensive examination of the actions and effectiveness of Trenabol by examining the steroid that it is a precursor to. According to all the available data, this drug is one of the most powerful steroids used for the purpose of gaining muscle mass.

Like any product, Trenabol is not ideal for every situation or everyone. This is why it is important to understand the properties of this powerful steroid for the purpose of being able to make an educated decision as to whether or not it is ideal for use by a particular individual.


Molecular Structure

Trenabol is similar to another immensely popular steroid called Nandrolone. The similarities between these two steroids is that they are What Is known as 19-nor steroids. This simply means that a testosterone molecule in the 19th position has been modified for the purpose of creating a new compound. This is where the similarities end. Trenabol is widely recognized as a remarkably effective mass building and hardening steroid. With the vast majority of the gain being obtained in muscle fiber. It is also known for the fact that it does not have the negative effect of water retention as with many other steroids.

It may be worth noting that water retention is not 100 percent bad, especially from a performance perspective. Some actual benefits of water retention are:

  • It promotes muscular health
  • It also supports muscle contraction
  • It works to reduce cramping in the muscles

The reason that the majority of bodybuilders take issue with water retention is that it creates a certain smoothness of the skin that diminishes the ripped look that everyone strives for. It is important to remember that water intake is immensely important, especially with a steroid such as Trenabol that does not retain a significant amount of water.


Exceptional Binding Affinity

Another reason that this steroid is so popular is that it has an immensely strong binding affinity with AR or androgen receptors. It actually binds to ARs more effectively than its natural hormone counterpart, testosterone. The reason that a strong binding affinity is so important is that it promotes lipolysis, which means that it helps in the fat-burning process. Even more importantly, this binding ability is directly associated with activating the mechanisms that are directly responsible for muscle growth.


The Steroid Actions & Traits

Another thing that Trenabol is recognized for is the fact that it works to increase nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. This is of immense importance because nitrogen retention is highly indicative of the anabolic state of a particular substance. As vital as this action is, the muscle building properties of this exceptional steroid do not end with nitrogen retention.

Trenabol also has the ability to bind with anti-anabolic receptors of the hormone glucocorticoid, which is a muscle destroying hormone that produces a second muscle destroying hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, and production of this hormone in large quantities actually works to destroy muscle. The binding to this hormone seems to limit its production of cortisol, which in turn inhibits its muscle-destroying ability.

If the aforementioned actions and traits are not enough, Trenabol also has the exceptional ability to increase the mineral absorption and feed efficiency necessary to enhance massive muscle growth. To bring lucidity to the benefit, you can understand feed efficiency as the measurement of the amount of a person’s diet that will be converted to muscle – the more food it takes to produce a certain amount of muscle, the lower the efficiency rate. Conversely, the less food required to reach the same amount of muscle growth, the greater the efficiency rate. In other words, Trenabol increases the efficiency at which the body is able to convert calories to muscle.

So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Trenabol. The most common benefits associated with the use of Trenabol are:

  • Exceptional and rapid muscle gain
  • Reduced water retention
  • A reduction in the production of the stress hormone cortisol
  • An increased efficiency in burning fat
  • An increased feed efficiency
  • Increased ability to absorb minerals necessary to promote healthy muscle growth

What can be taken from this is that users of Trenabol can actually experience significant gains without adjusting their diet. This is because of the high feed efficiency. Obviously, if a person optimizes their diet, they will definitely experience even greater gains.


Androgenic Properties

For the individual that is looking for a steroid with high androgenic properties, Trenabol answers the bell in that category as well. In fact, Trenabol has a much higher androgenic ratio than testosterone. Testosterone has an androgenic ratio of 100, while Trenabol has an androgenic ratio that reaches an astounding 500. This is important because high androgenic ratios have an immense impact on strength gains, and they also have the ability to lower the estrogen/androgen ratio, which is what contributes to the lack of water retention.

When combining Trenabol’s ability to effectively burn fat and its capacity to reduce water retention, a bodybuilder is able to achieve that muscular, ripped look that is so important, especially during competition. It is also an excellent pre-contest steroid, making it one of the most versatile steroids on the market.






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