Testosterone Undecanoate

Testosterone Undecanoate Side Effects – Check Them Out!

What Is Testosterone Undecanoate?

Testosterone Undecanoate is an injectable testosterone ester that is administered the same way as other, more well-known esters such as Testosterone Enanthate: It is injected directly into your muscle tissue, usually the glutes or the quads, with a syringe and a small-gauge needle. The difference is that Testosterone Undecanoate is released into your bloodstream over a period of up to 90 days, whereas other testosterone ethers release in 10 days at most, often much faster than that.

Therefore, with Testosterone Undecanoate, you can inject a large amount of testosterone as infrequently as once every three months, as opposed to other esters which must be administered in smaller amounts once or twice per week to keep your testosterone levels from wildly vacillating up and down.


How Does Testosterone Undecanoate Work?

Testosterone Undecanoate is injected into your muscle tissue in very large doses once every three months. Over that three month period, the testosterone slowly disperses into the bloodstream, thereby elevating your levels and helping you build muscle mass and decrease body fat.

Because Testosterone Undecanoate is a slower-acting ester, it takes longer after the first injection for your testosterone to increase to your desired level. However, once it gets there, it tends to fluctuate less than with other esters because of how long the half-life is and how steady the release is.


Testosterone Undecanoate Ingredients

Here is the funny thing about actual steroids like Testosterone Undecanoate. Unlike “steroid alternatives,” which are falsely marketed as being safer than steroids, Testosterone Undecanoate contains only the active testosterone ester along with the oil in which it is packed, usually sesame oil. Alternative products, on the other hand, usually have a list of ingredients taking up half of the bottle’s label – even though it is printed in tiny font. Most of these ingredients haven’t even been looked at by the FDA, never mind approved. The best way to stay safe when supplementing to increase your strength and muscle mass is to only put products into your body that you know are natural and with which you are familiar. Testosterone is a natural product that your own body produces in your testicles. Testosterone Undecanoate contains no further ingredients beyond this natural hormone.


Testosterone Undecanoate Advantages

Testosterone Undecanoate, offers many advantages over other forms of testosterone. Injecting testosterone allows your body to absorb more of it than taking it transdermally or subcutaneously. Testosterone Undecanoate only has to be taken once every three months, giving it a huge advantage over other injectables from a convenience standpoint. Using a slow-acting ester like Undecanoate also reduces the risk of excess testosterone converting to estrogen, as you are never releasing an excessive amount of testosterone into your bloodstream at once.


Testosterone Undecanoate Review & Testimonials

This is a newer form of testosterone, so the number of reviews isn’t as vast as it is for other, more established products. With that said, the men who have tried it so far really like it. Many stated that they could never go back to a testosterone ester that has to be injected once or twice per week after having the luxury of only having to inject once every three months. Men who use Testosterone Undecanoate and get their levels checked regularly (which every guy on testosterone should do) report that their levels remain remarkably steady throughout the three-month period between injections.






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