Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension Side Effects – The Socking Truth!

What Is Testosterone Suspension?

Testosterone Suspension is a simple, injectable steroid preparation composed of microcrystal testosterone and a water base. As there are no esters included in the drug, it is one of the most potent steroid supplements available, with 100% of its weight consisting of pure testosterone.

Though the supplement has been written off by many bodybuilders, it is, in fact, a highly effective supplement. The microcrystal testosterone included in this drug can increase testosterone production within the body for up to three days following an injection. This allows athletes to build lean muscle quickly while also increasing aggression, power, and physical stamina.

This drug is arguably the most potent injectable steroid on the market, and is ideal for athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain body mass at a rapid pace.

In short, this drug is:

  • an injectable testosterone steroid in a water base;
  • a “pure” anabolic testosterone supplement;
  • highly effective at rapidly building muscle mass;
  • well-liked by many strength trainers;
  • a simple, fast-acting steroid that has been in use for decades;


The History of Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension is one of the oldest commercial steroids still available today. The product was initially developed in the 1930’s and was the first anabolic steroid on the market. The drug was especially popular amongst early bodybuilders and fitness gurus, and was used by many Russian strength trainers in the 1940’s and 50’s. Its enduring history makes it one of the most reliable steroid supplements on the market.


Dosages & Usage

When deciding upon an appropriate dosage, users should be aware that 100 mg of Suspension is not equivalent to 100 mg of other steroids, such as testosterone enanthate. Testosterone enanthate, like many testosterone supplements, contains esters that delay the release of testosterone in the bloodstream. Though this may be ideal for some users, these supplements may only contain 70 mg of testosterone in every 100 mg of supplement. In contrast, 100 mg of Testosterone Suspension contains a full 100 mg of pure testosterone.

For Men:

  • The ideal dosage of Testosterone Suspension is 50-300 mg of supplement per day.
  • Injections should occur at least every 2-3 days to be effective.
  • As the drug leaves the bloodstream quickly, it is ideal to inject it up to three times daily.

For Women:

  • Testosterone Suspension is not recommended for females, as it may lead to the development of secondary sex characteristics.
  • If you are a woman looking to use this drug, limit your usage to small doses.
  • There are a number of supplements that are better suited to women than this particular drug.

Though some users find it painful to inject Testosterone Suspension due to its water-based nature, most athletes find the pain mild and tolerable. This supplement requires frequent injections, and may require a larger needle for injections, as the particles in it can be quite large. Some users find that a 27 gauge needle is sufficient for injections, though others claim that a larger gauge, up to 22, may be necessary to prevent the needle from getting clogged.

This injectable supplement may separate when left to sit in a vial, as testosterone lacks water solubility. The drug ought to be shaken before use to ensure that an equal dosage is administered during each injection.

Most data indicates that users achieve optimal results when following an injection regimen lasting eight weeks or longer.


How Does The Product Work?

Testosterone Suspension is a water-based injectable supplement. The drug is generally injected into the targeted muscles groups, and is distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream.

The drug is fast-acting. Though this has its benefits, users must frequently inject the drug in order to maintain the high, stable testosterone levels ideal for strength training.

It is still under debate whether Testosterone Suspension particularly aids the muscles at the chosen injection site. Though most argue that it does not, some users claim that it has greatly benefited them in achieving targeted muscle growth. Some of this apparent muscle growth, however, may be attributed to swelling following an injection.


What Are The Advantages of Using Testosterone Suspension?

The advantages of using this supplement are many. These many benefits include:

  • rapid bulking;
  • very fast-acting;
  • increased power;
  • increased aggression;
  • increased endurance and energy;
  • receiving a full 100 mg of testosterone per 100 mg of supplement;
  • faster to inject than oil-based supplements;


Side Effects

Like all steroids, this supplement requires careful administration to be most effective. When used appropriately, the drug will provide side effects, such as liver damage, toxicity, hair loss, bloating, oily skin and many more.

Users should be aware that excessive aromatase (estogen synthetase) may occur more rapidly while using Testosterone Suspension. This risk can be mitigated by taking additional supplements alongside the drug, but they won’t save your health in full.

The main drawbacks of the supplement include:

  • fast-acting; not esterized;
  • requires frequent injections;
  • potentially painful to inject;
  • not readily available on the market;

Testosterone Suspension is ideal for serious athletes and bodybuilders looking to put on significant body mass fast. It is arguably the best steroid for building bulky muscle mass fast. The supplement is most recommended for athletes who need speedy results and are willing to endure the potential side-effects that necessarily accompany these rapid gains. The drug is used by many professionals shortly before competitions. The rapid-release nature of the drug has been known to increase strength and aggression shortly after an injection, making it ideal for “amping up” athletes before important matches. Due to its potent hormonal nature, Testosterone Suspension is not highly recommended for female strength trainers. The product is ideal as a supplemental drug to be used alongside a more stable, esterized testosterone supplement during bulking sessions.






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