Testim Side Effects – What You Should Not Do?

What Is Testim?

Testim is a testosterone gel that is applied on the skin and absorbed throughout the day. As an FDA-approved drug, it is one of very few forms of testosterone supplementation that has been rigorously tested in scientific labs and gone through the extensive drug approval process. Thus, it offers a proven result: increases in testosterone and the associated rise in energy and muscle development.

Testim is a gel that releases testosterone into the user’s skin. This allows the person using it to gain the benefits of a higher testosterone level, including increased muscle bulk, increased strength, more energy, and the masculine V-shaped torso that most men desire. Because the testosterone gel is applied daily and gradually absorbed over a few hours, it produces a steadier testosterone level in the body than injected testosterone or pills.

The gel usually is applied in the morning on the shoulders, although it can be applied to any thin and hairless skin that will be covered by clothing. It is important to apply the product to skin that will be covered so that other people do not touch the user and get an accidental dose of testosterone. Many users of Testim report that is has a slight pleasant smell which dissipates within an hour.

It is very important to take Testim either after working out and showering, or several hours before. It takes an average of two hours for the testosterone to sink in through the skin, so you will get a lower dose if you dilute the medication with water and sweat or wash it off before it has had a chance to be completely absorbed.

It can be difficult to determine the amount of testosterone that will give you the benefits you desire without unwanted side effects. For this reason, Testim users are most successful in using the supplement when they begin with a low dose and slowly increase it. This allows you to find and settle on the dose that allows maximum muscle growth with the lower possible drawbacks.


Who Makes It?

Name brand Testim gel is made by Endo Pharmaceuticals, a drug company that produces several well-known prescription medications and supplements. Generic versions are also available, distributed by Prasco Drugs.


How Testim Works?

The way Testim works is simple. The form of testosterone that is present in the gel is the same kind made by a healthy man’s body. When the testosterone is absorbed through the skin, it enters the bloodstream and acts identically to the natural testosterone already present in the body. The rise in testosterone creates an increase in male characteristics, including muscle strength and size.



One of the major advantages of Testim is that it does not have to be injected, unlike many testosterone supplements. Many people do not enjoy getting shots or do not wish to deal with the marks, rashes, and potential infections that come from them. Many people in the bodybuilding world feel that applying a gel is easier than either taking pills or dealing with hypodermic needles.

Another advantage of Testim is that it is bio-identical to the natural hormonal testosterone that every man makes. Thus, it will have the same effects on muscle growth and strength as one with get from naturally having more testosterone, along with fewer side effects than other versions of the hormone. Because only pure testosterone absorbs into the bloodstream, there is no need to deal with bloating, muscle pain, and other side effects that can come from oral or injected medications.

Last, the gel is packaged in single serving tubes, making it easy to get exactly the right dose every day. No measuring or dealing with unnecessary packaging is required. If a man wants more testosterone supplementation than is available in a single tube, they can use two or three tubes at a time.



Testin is produced and packaged in the fully accredited and regularly inspected labs of Endo Pharmaceuticals. The highest quality scientific equipment is used to ensure a clean and pure product. Its efficacy and safety were thoroughly researched and proven during the FDA approval process.



Gyms and bodybuilding forums are full of well-muscled men who can attest to the effectiveness of Testim. High testosterone has been proven to increase muscle size and strength, and the ease of applying the product ensures easy compliance with this supplemental regimen. For these reasons, the product is a popular choice among bodybuilders and men who simply want the advantage of a higher testosterone level.


Pricing of Testim

If prescribed by a physician, Testim may be completely or partially covered by health insurance. In addition, the drug company that makes this product offers a coupon for $40 off each monthly prescription for the first twelve months of use. For most insured people, the product has no out of pocket cost for the first year after health insurance and the coupon are applied to their bill.


Shipping & Customer Support

Customer support is available from Endo Pharmaceuticals and also from private websites selling Testim. In addition, buying online generally costs less and is more convenient than dealing with a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Safe and secure checkout as well as a variety of shipping options are available for people who wish to buy their supplements online.






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