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Test Suspension Side Effects – Things Everyone Should Know!


Testosterone is not only the undisputed king of anabolic steroids, it is the king of all muscle-builders, period. Without adequate testosterone, it is impossible to achieve serious muscle mass, strength, and definition. To build a physique like you see on a professional bodybuilder, powerlifter, or other serious strength athlete, the testosterone levels in your body need to be much higher than they would were you a sedentary or only lightly active male.

The guys who are gracing the covers of muscle magazines and winning powerlifting events: These guys almost invariably have testosterone levels that are, at the very least, at the top of what most medical professionals consider to be a “normal” range. Testosterone is a natural substance produced by your own testicles, but the amount of testosterone that your testicles produce is almost never enough to bring your levels to What Is optimal for bodybuilding.

That is why most bodybuilders and other strength athletes use supplemental testosterone to increase their levels. Supplemental testosterone may be administered in many different ways, but the one most often utilized by athletes is injecting it directly into the muscle.

A lot of guys who inject testosterone choose an esterized form. The reason for this is that the ester releases the testosterone into your body over a period of several days to a week or more, eliminating the need to have to inject every day or every other day.

The downside with testosterone esters is that they reduce the amount of bioavailable testosterone per dose. For example, the most popular testosterone ester in America, Test Cypionate, only provides 72 milligrams of useable testosterone per 100 milligram dose. Therefore, a popular alternative to testosterone esters is Test Suspension.


What Is Test Suspension?

Test Suspension is pure testosterone suspended in a water base. It is not esterized. This means that when you inject Test Suspension, the full dose of testosterone is released into your muscles all at once. This gives you a significant and immediate testosterone boost whereas esters take a while to release and thus build up in your system.

Because Test Suspension has such a short active-life, especially compared to testosterone esters, most users inject it every day, with some opting for multiple injections per day.

Therefore, it is very important that users of Test Suspension rotate injection sites so that one muscle group doesn’t get too irritated from the constant pinning.


How Does Test Suspension Work?

Test Suspension, being pure testosterone, releases into your muscles and from there into your bloodstream all at once. Therefore, it allows you to boost your levels from baseline to well above baseline in the span of an hour or less.

To administer it, you simply load your dose into a syringe, sanitize the injection site, and use a small-gauge needle to inject it directly into a large muscle area, such as the glutes or quads. Other acceptable sites include the delts and calves.

Ideally, you don’t want to inject into the same area more than once per week. Therefore, if you are injecting every day, a suggested way to rotate injection sites would be left glute Mondays, right glute Tuesdays, left quad Wednesdays, right quad Thursdays, left calf Fridays, right calf Saturdays, and delts Sundays.


What Are The Ingredients in Test Suspension?

Test Suspension includes only pure testosterone and water. There are no other ingredients, not even an ester or an oil-based solution such as sesame oil that you typically find in other testosterone formulations.

Therefore, it can be argued that Test Suspension is not only the most natural and pure anabolic steroid you can take but the most natural performance enhancer of any kind. After all, it contains exactly one ingredient – a natural hormone that is produced by your own body – and water.


What Are The Advantages of Test Suspension?

Testosterone is the most popular and well-respected muscle-booster in the world for a reason. Actually, there are many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • It is a artificial hormone that helps make a man a man, but not without a cost.
  • It has more research backing up its efficacy than any other substance.
  • Its side effects are huge even if you think that you take it responsibly.
  • It increases not only strength and muscularity but also well-being and motivation. Guys with high test know how to attack their workouts in the gym.

Of all the forms of testosterone available, there are many reasons to choose Test Suspension:

  1. Nothing provides a faster boost of testosterone. When you inject Test Suspension, you get all that testosterone in one jolt.
  2. Test Suspension is 100% pure testosterone. With esters, at least 25 percent – and usually more – of the testosterone in each dose is lost to the esterization process.
  3. Test Suspension not only enters your bloodstream quickly, but it leaves it equally fast. This comes in handy if you’re competing in a sport where testosterone is still (archaically) a banned substance, and you get called in for a drug test.

Finally, Test Suspension is the best choice to take an hour or two before a big game or meet. It seriously works so fast that you can “feel” the jolt of testosterone within an hour or two after taking it. That testosterone often comes in handy on the field, the platform, or the stage.


Are There Any Side Effects from Test Suspension?

Some guys who use large doses of Test Suspension report increases in acne and body hair, especially when they’re first starting out and their bodies are learning to adjust to these suddenly higher testosterone levels.

Other than that, men seem to experience even occasionally is injection site soreness, and this usually comes from not following the recommended protocol and rotating between at least seven or eight different injection sites.






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