Test Propionate

Test Propionate Side Effects – Do Not Ignore Them, Okey?

What Is Test Propionate?

Test Propionate is an injectable steroid featuring the male hormone testosterone packed in the Propionate ether. Propionate has a shorter half-life than other popular ethers such as Cypionate and Enanthate. This means that the testosterone you inject using this method will be absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly.

Test Propionate can be injected into any large muscle group – the larger, the better. For this reason, it is recommended to inject into either the glutes or the quads unless there is a reason not to. Other viable injection sites include the delts and the calves. Because of Test Propionate’s short half-life, it is recommended that it be injected once every two to three days.


How Does Test Propionate Work?

Test Propionate is injected directly in the muscle tissue and released into the bloodstream over a period of two to three days. Because of this short half-life, Test Propionate users can achieve a highly elevated level of testosterone with very little wait, even from the very first dose.

Once this testosterone enters your bloodstream, it works the same way as your natural testosterone from your testicles. It helps accentuate your male characteristics, and these include your strength, muscle mass, and lack of body fat.


Test Propionate Ingredients

Test Propionate contains no ingredients other than the testosterone ether itself and the oil in which it is packed, typically sesame oil. For men who are discerning about what they put in their bodies, this should be of great comfort. Most oral “steroid alternatives” that are found at health food stores and claim to boost testosterone more safely than injectable test actually are less safe, as they are chock full of arcane ingredients which haven’t even been reviewed – much less approved – by the Food and Drug Administration.


Testosterone in general has a host of effects over other muscle-building supplements:

  • It is the primary and most important male hormone. Serious muscle mass cannot be built without it.
  • It is a natural hormone that is produced by your own testicles.
  • Testosterone has very few negative side effects when used responsibly.

There are also several advantages of taking Test Propionate instead of another form of testosterone:

  1. A short half-life means the testosterone is assimilated into your bloodstream quickly, yielding fast benefits.
  2. Injectable testosterone is more easily absorbed than testosterone obtained using other delivery systems.
  3. The short half-life also allows it to be cleared from your system quickly if need be.


Reviews & Testimonials

Feedback from men who have used Test Propionate to increase strength and muscularity has been very positive. Several men stated that they felt they got the fastest gains with Test Propionate as opposed to other testosterone supplements they have used. Most guys found the injections to be not a big deal at all once they got used to them.

Reviewers did opine on the necessity of spacing Test Propionate injections no further than three days apart due to the substance’s short half-life. By injecting every week or less often, users stated, you run the risk of a “yo-yo” effect where your body doesn’t maintain consistent levels of testosterone.







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