Stanozolol Side Effects – Everything About Them!

What Is Stanozolol?

Stanozolol is an illegal and unsafe anabolic steroid helpful in building and retaining muscle mass while you lose weight. You may know it by the name Winstrol, or “Winny,” as a product with massive cutting benefits, capable of helping you ditch that last bit of stubborn fat preventing you from competing successfully. You can also use it for solely for the personal satisfaction of finally attaining the body you want.


Selling Points of Stanozolol

Every steroid has its own properties which set it apart from the pack and make it the best choice in certain conditions. Stanozolol is particularly helpful during cutting cycles and when layering steroids for maximum effectiveness. It also has additional benefits that make it the best choice for athletes and bodybuilders at any point in the fitness plans.

The following make Stanozolol a winning choice:

  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Doesn’t convert to estrogen
  • Perfect for stacking and maintaining doses
  • Dose orally or through injection
  • Helpful in creating a hard, lean appearance

It’s been a popular choice for nearly 30 years for one main reason: effectiveness. You’ll get massive bulk from Stanozolol and drop your fat percentage by the end of a cycle, looking your absolutely best.


Accelerated Fat Loss

Stanozolol is not a weight loss supplement, but it still helps with weight reduction in two ways:

  • Building lean mass, which burns more fat;
  • Preventing water retention;

Female athletes tend to particularly appreciate it because of these qualities. If you’re already trim and eating right, adding a Stanozolol cycle to your return will help your body kick the last bits of fat you’re attempting to lose while adding in lean muscle mass. It’s perfect for ditching the flabby skin that comes with childbirth or the rolls that won’t disappear after you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight.

Stanozolol also increases low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and decreases high-density lipoproteins (HDL), further decreasing the chance of muscle loss while you drop weight. However, when carried on for too long or when your diet is out of control, this offset can be a danger.


Freedom from Estrogen Risks

Harsh steroids have serious side effects, due in part to the creation of estrogen while solutions break down. Men experience a decrease in libido, shrinkage of the genitals and breast development because of increased estrogen. Stanozolol is one of these steroids because it is a derivative of the powerful androgen hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Because of this connection, while female athletes are more susceptible to developing facial hair, experience disrupted menstrual cycles and suffer vocal and genital changes, male athletes don’t run the same risks, but way more other. Even women can struggle with the results of estrogen. DHT closely mimics testosterone and can have similar effects.


Perfect for Stacking and Maintaining Doses

One of the problems that frustrates athletes attempting to put steroids to their best use is the neutralizing effect of taking them over time. You have to carefully adjust your doses and cannot mix them together without nullifying their performance. Thankfully, there are steroids that aren’t affected by this, making it easy to continue longer cycles or to combine their benefits with those of other products.

For instance, it’s quite popular to combine Stanozolol use with Anavar, adding in Cardarine and N2Guard for protective measures. Other users like to mix treatment with fish oil and other common supplements as a way to avoid the common side-effect of joint pain.

Doses run 40-50 mg per day for a beginning Stanozolol user, all the way up to 100 mg for men. Because of the close DHT relationship, women should stick with more modest doses, from 5 – 20 mg.


Dosing Orally or Through Injection

Another reason that Stanozolol is so popular is its versatility. Many steroids break down once they reach the liver, making it critical for the substances to be injected. This can be a turn-off, especially for women and professional athletes who are afraid of “tracks.” Needle marks are unattractive and can give competitors and supporters alike the wrong idea.

The really curious trait of Stanozolol is that the oral and injectable formulas are the same. You can drink either dose, and many athletes choose to go that route since it is a water-based formula and painful to take intravenously.

Some users report the oral solution is weaker and causes more side-effects than injectibles, but this is impossible. They are literally the same thing, and while there is some impact on the liver, Stanozolol doesn’t break down like other steroids so it won’t overwork your organs.



If you participate in bodybuilding competitions, chances are your comrades are cycling Stanozolol up to 12 weeks before the big day. The unique properties of this safe, effective steroid trim body fat while building muscle like no other substance on the market. It’s one of the few remaining secret weapons in athletics that is capable of both significant changes and fast results.

Jumping straight to steroids is hardly a way to improve your workout routine. In order for their effectiveness to take hold, users have to begin in relatively good shape. If you’re already fit and trim but desire bigger bulk, Stanozolol is a great addition to your whole-body regimen. If you’re fat count is in the teens or your diet is overloaded with carbs and sweets, you’ll see little to no benefits.







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