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What Is Primobolan?

Primobolan is actually a derivative of Masteron, and like Masteron, Primobolan has an immensely large and committed following. One might even say it has a cult-like following. When observing its anabolic to androgenic ratio, Primobolan would be considered a conservative steroid when juxtaposed to many of the other steroids that are out there. This is not a bad thing. In fact, the moderate biological and physiological impact that is experienced with Primobolan is ideal for the novice bodybuilder or the athlete who does not want to gain muscle and weight too fast.


Primobolan’s Properties & Traits

Although Primobolan has similar components to Masteron, the addition of the immensely long ester, Enanthate, allows Primobolan to produce greater results. The conservative nature of Primobolan does create some unique challenges when it comes to those who are training to build muscle. This compound is one of the few steroid or testosterone compounds in which it is possible to use too little. This does not mean that overuse is not possible, but in comparison to other compounds, Primobolan is more effective with higher doses.

When properly used, some of the common benefits of Primobolan are:

  • The ability to build sustainable lean muscle mass at a reasonable rate
  • An increase in the body’s metabolic rate
  • A more healthy and favorable Body Mass Index
  • Higher energy levels that facilitate more intense workouts

It is important for those who choose to use this compound to avoid applying a general gauge to the usage margins. What this means is that on a normal or average potency scale, Primobolan will fall below average, so attempting use the normal gauge will probably result in under dosing. This is where many people who initially try this product find their disappointment. The product definitely works, but its optimal capacity is discovered at higher doses than with other compounds.

Where many seasoned bodybuilders use Primobolan is in their pre-contest training phase. It is a great supplement when dieting before a contest. Athletes like it because it does not produce massive gains in the way of muscle, which can negatively impact their natural agility and quickness. By adding muscle slowly, it allows the body to adapt without any adverse effects.


Effects Associated & Primobolan

According to the aggregate data from a number of scientific studies, despite its conservative nature, Primobolan was proven to provide significant increases in muscle development in a reasonable amount of time. Another interesting fact that was discovered during the testing of this compound was the fact that it effectively bound itself to the AR. In fact, Primobolan was able to bind itself to the AR more effectively than naturally produced testosterone. This is huge because the ability to effectively bind to the AR allows Primobolan to be one of the most effective fat-burning compounds available. Positive AR binding has been directly correlated with lipolysis.

Another great benefit of Primobolan is the fact that it has no general propensity to aromatize, meaning that it does not easily convert to estrogen. This is huge when considering that this compound has to be taken in higher doses. It also means that the user can participate in extended cycles without the adverse effects that are normally associated with elongated cycles.

So, some of the unique benefits of Primobolan are:

  • A significant reduction in the risk of converting into estrogen, allowing the subject to extend their cycles and up their dosage in order to achieve maximum results
  • The compound has powerful lipolysis related properties, which means that it aids in the fat-burning process
  • Promotes steady gains, which allows for stability in athletic development and agility.
  • For the person with the patience and discipline to take a slower, more deliberate route to building muscle mass, Primobolan is ideal.



  • Predictable and sustainable muscle gain
  • Fat-burning properties that surpass the average compound
  • The ability to extend cycles without the adverse effects normally experienced with other compounds
  • Great pre-contest compound to support pre-contest dieting


There are not a lot of cons associated with this compound, but there are two worth considering. Estrogenic side effects are a concern; however, there are still some who have certain level of concern when it comes to hair loss. This can be addressed with the use of Finasterside and Ketoconazole shampoo during the cycles, which will help alleviate that problem. Under dosing is common with this product because people tend to dose based on the potency of other steroids; however, this product requires higher doses to be effective.


Primobolan as a Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone plays an integral role in a number of biological functions, including the development of lean muscle mass. As the body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone at healthy levels begins to decline, it becomes necessary to find methods of replacing the testosterone that the body is missing. Because of its conservative potency level, Primobolan is ideal to supplement the body’s natural testosterone production.

The use of Primobolan will help to combat certain issues associated with low testosterone levels such as:

  • A reduced metabolic rate, which normally result in the accumulation of unwanted fat
  • Low energy levels, which make it increasingly difficult to perform intense workouts
  • Reduction in muscle mass due to the inability to effectively facilitate protein synthesis

Primobolan proves that high potency is not always necessary in a steroid or testosterone supplement. There are many reasons to take the slow and steady approach, and for those who have the patience and long-term commitment to see it through, it has a number of positive results. One of the key things that people who use Primobolan should remember is that it cannot be dosed on normal usage scales or they will under dose, and they will probably end up with disappointing results.


Summary: By elevating the dosages progressively, they will be able to find the optimal dosage level. All things considered, Primobolan is one of the more effective and sustainable compounds out there. As with any steroid, proper usage is key. When taken as instructed in conjunction with a proper nutritional plan, the subject will experience significant gain that will be easily sustainable through each cycle. The side effects shouldn’t be ignored, that is why we advise against the usage of Primobolan.

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