Methyl-1-Testosterone Side Effects – Should You Really Use It?

What Is Methyl-1-Testosterone?

Methyl-1-Testosterone, or more commonly known as M1T, took the bodybuilding and fitness world by storm when it was introduced as an over-the-counter supplement in 2003, and is now known as one of the most potent and effective drugs on the market. Available online, Methyl-1-Testosterone was extremely popular among bodybuilders as a bulking agent, because of its promotion of rapid muscle size and strength gains.


Description & Composition

Methyl-1-Testosterone is an oral anabolic steroid closest in structure to dihydroboldenone and combines several characteristics of other steroids to produce its impressive effects. Methyl-1-Testosterone has excellent bioavailability, similar to an oral steroid like Winstrol and is one of the most potent prescription anabolic steroids currently sold in the world. It was originally described in 1962 but because of the booming steroid research happening during this time, it did not become a medicine until the early 2000’s.

It is described as a prohormone and is used to supplement bulking and strength regimens. As a standalone, it often produces lethargy and therefore is often used in stacking different supplements and hormones.


Manufacturers & Brands

Methyl-1-Testosterone is manufactured by Geneza Pharmaceuticals, though many generics or second-rate derivatives are also produced in foreign countries with poor quality standards. Careful research should be done to ensure quality product is obtained and used.

Some brand names include:

  • M1T Extreme by Twisted Iron
  • GP M1T by Geneza
  • Xtreme M1T by ThermoLabs
  • M1T by Andro Tech


Methyl-1-Testosterone Cycles

Methyl-1-Testosterone is best known for its ability to cause phenomenal muscle and strength gains with as little as 5mg doses – its potency is part of its allure but can also be part of its negatives, requiring extensive knowledge and planning of a M1T cycle. Dosages can range up to 40-60mg but extreme care is needed if pursuing these extremely high dosages. Most individuals can achieve impressive and maintainable gains with dosages of 15-20mg. Methyl-1-Testosterone requires use of Post Cycle Therapies (PCT) to help support the body’s natural production of testosterone after you complete a cycle of Methyl-1-Testosterone.

During a Methyl-1-Testosterone cycle, individuals must also structure an excellent meal and diet plan to give the body sufficient fuel in making such large muscle gains. For many, a 4500-5000 caloric range is not uncommon but specifications must be made to meet the individual caloric and nutritional needs of each person. Methyl-1-Testosterone often causes an increase in appetite, which can be a positive or negative depending on the diet plan and weight goals of the person. Consulting with a nutritionist who is versed in prohormones and bulking strategies is often recommended.

Methyl-1-Testosterone cycles typically range from 4 to 6 weeks, with a recommended 2 weeks off before resuming a cycle. Having a comprehensive PCT plan often includes following up with a liver cleansing agent such as Milk Thistle and supportive supplements including Novedex and Haldrol. This preparation can lead to extreme physical gains with bulking muscle and overall core strength, but with the cost of some side effects.

It is recommended that careful research is done before starting a Methyl-1-Testosterone cycle, to make sure protective elements are in place. Researching a recovery plan to support your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone after the cycle is very important to prevent long term hormonal issues.

Suggested PCT Supplements may include:

  • Nolvadex, Clomid, or Tamoxifen to combat any gynecological side effects.
  • Milk thistle or other liver protection product such as ProteX by Vital Labs.
  • High quality fish oil for protective elements before, during, and after cycles.

This is not a comprehensive list and depending on individual needs, more supplements or medications may be suggested or required to mitigate side effects and protect vital organs from damage. But still these post cycle supplements may not be enough to protect your health.


Administration of Methyl-1-Testosterone

To maximize effects and prevent dilution because of its fat-soluble nature, M1T should be taken on an empty stomach. For amplifying performance and physique gains, recommended dosages range from 5mg to 20mg. Dosages above 20mg is not recommended and it is often used as a stacking steroid in conjunction with an injected testosterone instead of increasing the M1T dose itself.

Powerlifters, bodybuilders, and competitive atheletes often utilize Methyl-1-Testosterone as an aggressor, giving them core strength to push forward in intensity during training sessions or specific events. Muscle gains are another desired result of Methyl-1-Testosterone use but can also have associated bloating from the rapid increases often seen with Methyl-1-Testosterone cycles.

Methyl-1-Testosterone is not recommended for women athletes because of its androgenic effects on the female body.


  1. Massive and quick muscle and size gains with small doses, but especially in 15-20mg dosages. Individuals have reported gains of well over 20 lbs in a one month cycle.
  2. Immense strength gain and encourages aggression response in training.
  3. Drastic fat loss and leaning of overall physique.
  4. Stacks well with other testosterone supplements.
  5. Promotes and supports alpha-type strength and attitude during workouts.


  1. Gynecological side effects can occur, especially in long-run cycles. These can include swelling of breast tissue in male users and loss of libido.
  2. Some size gains may be a result of water retention – some increases may be difficult to maintain after ending cycles.
  3. Requires an extensive PCT.
  4. Can be hard on the liver and requires preparation and repair work before and after cycles.

* Cautions/Warnings: Do not use this product if you are female or if you are a male under the age of 21, or you have not reached full maturity. Do not use this product if you have or have a family history of liver, kidney or prostrate disease or endocrine conditions.






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