Methasterone Side Effects – Why Are They So Dangerous?

What Is Methasterone?

Methasterone is easily one of the most controversial and “designer steroid” in the world. Early research into the substance indicated that it could serve as a functional and simple way for patients to build muscles. Despite many praising the drug, it didn’t find its way to the public until the 2000s. Designed as a steroid, it provides ingredients that help users become more active.

They claim that it leaves them feeling happy, confident and energetic and that it gives them enough energy to work through a hard day and get everything done they need to accomplish. The oral supplement can also help users burn more excess calories every day and lose more weight.


History of Methasterone

Syntex Corporation was one of the first companies that did research on Methasterone. Though the company originally pointed out that the drug could work as a cancer drug, it took years before a manufacturer took a chance on the drug. A company synthesized the substance from different ingredients in the late 1990s and did experiments and research on the drug before releasing it in 2005. Though some referred to it as a dietary supplement, it was actually a type of steroid that had a dietary component as one of its side effects.


Methasterone Manufacturers

Designer Supplements is one of the leading manufacturers of dietary supplements in the world. Though the company is well-known for its dependable products, some in the industry point to the company’s history of releasing products without doing enough research first. Designer Supplements was the only company that sold Methasterone over the counter. It was just one of a serious of ingredients found in a popular dietary supplement used by both men and women.

Though the substance was legal to buy and sell at the type, new regulations changed the ways in which users can now find this substance. The United States Food and Drug Administration looked at research in 2005 and later decided that Methasterone is a type of anabolic steroid. Professional and amateur athletes can now no longer use the drug prior to a competition or test positive for the substance on any drug test administered by a sports organization.


How Does Methasterone Work?

As Methasterone is a type of steroid, it works by changing the the hormone production of the body. The substance is available in both a capsule or tablet form and as a liquid. Those using the liquid form will need to inject the steroid every day for best results. Those interested in the supplements will find that Methasterone is just one of the ingredients and that the capsules also contain other natural and manufactured ingredients. It forces the body to produce a large amount of hormones to better regulate body temperature, weight gain and other factors. An increase in hormones can lead to a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved muscle strength and development
  • More energy
  • Improve the health and appearance of skin
  • Reduction in aggression and mood swings
  • Improve sleep at night


Common Ingredients in Methasterone

Methasterone is a type of anabolic steroid also known by several other names, including:

  • Methyldrostanolone
  • Superdrol
  • Methasteron

The active ingredient in the product is the Methasterone itself. This is a synthetic version of the hormones naturally found in the body, and researchers found that it can stimulate the body in the same way that natural hormones do. Most versions of the product today do not carry any fillers or other ingredients. When manufacturers originally sold the product as a “designer steroid”, those companies added a small amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Some of the older supplements and liquid versions may also carry some trace amounts of fillers.


Why Choose Methasterone?

Methasterone affects the body in different ways. Male users will find that it lets them develop stronger muscles and increase the connection between different muscle groups. While it may not be as effective at building muscles as other products, it does keep users from developing those thick veins and bulky muscles that other products develop. Females use Methasterone for other reasons. It lets them develop long and lean muscles when combined with stretching exercises like yoga or Pilates.

Those who diet know that they need to cut back on the number of calories that they consume every day. As the body transforms those calories in to fuel, many find that they cannot develop good muscle mass unless they consume more calories. Methasterone helps the body retain strength and create fuel from other sources. This lets users eat less and still develop the muscles they need.


Experiences from Users

Methasterone gained a large cult following when first introduced in the 2000s. Users loved that they could lose weight without experiencing a large number of side effects. Though the reputation of the steroid changed over the years, it still has a large following. Amateur bodybuilders use the steroid when attempting to build more muscles and when targeting specfic areas of their bodies. Other users appreciate the steroid because of its anabolic capabilities. They found that using even a small dose of the steroid every day increased their concentration and metabolism and that the drug helped them lose more weight than they lost on their own. Some even found that the steroid provided the extra boost that they needed to lose those last few extra pounds. Many claim that it works more effectively than just diet and that it provides better results that dieting and exercising does.


Methasterone in The News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration named Methasterone one of the more harmful drugs used by athletes and specifically called out Designer Supplements for its manufacturing of the product. The World Anti-Doping Agency used the research provided by the FDA to make its own ruling on the steroid. After careful consideration, the WADA named the steroid to its list of banned substances that athletes could use. The steroid made headlines again in 2012, when the government listed it as a Schedule III controlled substance. Despite the fact that professional athletes cannot use the steroid, it remains popular with fitness enthusiasts, amateur athletes and bodybuilders.






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