Mestanolone Side Effects – The Shocking Truth Behind It!

What Is Mestanolone?

DHT anabolic products provide excellent benefits, but they are somewhat limited in effectiveness due to the application process and breakdown in the body. Mestanolone can give you the best of a DHT product with a lot of added benefits. It is easy to take and very flexible to use. You can easily get the mental edge you have been striving for and make it through any high stress routine as if it is nothing. It is a total mind and body product that can change the way you work out and compete.

Methyldihydrotestosterone (methyl-DHT; 17alpha-methyl-17beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstane-3-on, Mestanolone) is a DHT type steroid that you are able to ingest, rather than apply topically. It has a high androgenic effect and women are warned against using it because of that. It has such a strong androgenic power that it makes marked changes psychologically as much as it does physically. It has always been the frequent steroid choice for cutting and leaning before competitions.

The DHT type qualities mean that it does not break down into estrogen. It is perfect for reducing water weight gain, hardens muscles and leans out the muscle tissue throughout the body. It is the perfect toner and enhancer for any bodybuilder or serious weightlifter. It can be stacked with other products for the perfect cutting cycle pre-competition. It makes it that much easier to bulk up, maintain muscle mass and reduce unneeded weight.

Mestanolone is used to:

  • Increase testosterone benefit;
  • Suppress estrogen effect;
  • Lean muscle tissue;
  • Increase strength;
  • Improve drive and focus;


Who Does Mestanolone Work?

Mestanolone is made by Pharmade. It is marketed by the brand name Ermalone. It is packaged in foil containers in 100g to 1kg size. It is in powder form only.
Mestanolone has been a common and well used steroid with German athletes for decades. It made them very tough to beat on many fronts. It also allowed for a large pool of athletes to study and see what the real results of use are. It also gives clues to understanding how it seems to work. Studies in animals seem to show that it has a 60% androgenic effect and 25% anabolic. The importance of this is its psychological impact on the user. It creates a very immediate aggressive and energetic mental state. That makes it perfect for those that need more motivation before strenuous workouts.

There were many additional benefits discovered that include:

  • Increased stamina;
  • Incredible levels of endurance;
  • Zero loss of muscle with strict diet;
  • Aggressive energy with workout;
  • Ability to mentally block discomfort levels;

* Note: These qualities were observed in people taking the minimal 10 to 20mg dosages.



Powder Mestanolone is 100% pure active ingredient. Since it is considered liver-toxic in high dosages you should keep it out of reach of children.
What are the advantages of using Mestanolone over other products?

One of the favored advantages of Mestanolone is having the benefits of a DHT type anabolic in an ingestible form. It can be added to a liquid drink or sprinkled on food and eaten. You never have to worry about absorbing enough of the product, such as a gel, or take painful injections. It is both discreet and easy.

The best advantage might be the psychological boost it gives you for maintaining a high stress physical routine. It acts as a bridge to strengthening both the mind and body for optimal performance results. The patent for the product took time to note the undeniable ability of the product to awaken and stimulate the entire nervous system to create an edge in physical abilities. Those tested doing high stress physical activities simultaneously with high neurological demands did extremely well while using Mestanolone.

There are also no appreciable changes in testosterone in 6 week long tests, although the results are not definite by the German scientists own admission. Tests were performed at 20mg doses and higher doses may have a different effect. It does show that a simple 6 week cycle at moderate dosages has no real effect. It is not designed to take for long periods of time due to the strain it can pose on the liver. It is best to cycle on and off periodically. It is an excellent way to preserve gains when you are having to seriously lean cycle.



The recommended amount of Mestanolone is 20 to 50mg a day for a 6 week period. The amount will really depend on your cycle plans. If you plan to use it as a standalone product then the higher amount is best. If you are going to stack it with another product then you need to consider the smaller dosages to help protect the liver. It would be sensible to add milk thistle or Liv-52 as well.

The best results with Mestanolone are achieved when you:

  • Use 20 to 30mg Mestanolone daily;
  • Add a high muscle mass building anabolic in moderate amount;
  • Increase protein;
  • Infuse increased diet with high vitamin foods;

Continue this cycle for 6 weeks and then drop off to a quality PCT routine.You will get the high mass building quality of one anabolic as well as the incredible mental sharpness and edge that the Mestanolone provides.






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