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Masteron Enanthate Side Effects – The Truth Exposed


Masteron is a popular steroid available in two different forms; Masteron Propionate and Masteron Enanthate. The official name of Masteron Enanthate is Drostanolone-Enanthate. There is a slight difference between the two forms that also share similar benefits.

This is common to a number of anabolic steroids that come in slightly varying forms. While the benefits of different forms of such anabolic steroids may vary largely, in case of Masteron, either form does not provide a significant advantage over the other.


Masteron Enanthate 101

Masteron or Drostanolone is an anabolic steroid derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is most commonly found in Proprionate version. The Enanthate version is rarer and more difficult to find in the steroids market.

In terms of chemical structure, both proprionate and enanthate share similar properties as both forms are derived from DHT. In terms of chemical structure, both forms exist by adding 2a-methyl grouping. The only difference lies in the attached ester.


Chemical Profile of Masteron Enanthate

Chemical Name: 17beta-Hydroxy-2alpha-methyl-5alpha-androstan-3-one Enanthate
Active Half-life: 8-9 days
Anabolic/androgenic ratio: 62:25



Masteron has a special privileged place in the world of anabolic steroids. It was originally designed to fight muscle wasting diseases, such as cancer and AIDS. Specifically, the fight against breast cancer is responsible for this anabolic steroid.

Estrogen, which is the main enemy of breast cancer patients, is curbed through SERM and AI. Master also shares these characteristics and is capable of preventing estrogen buildup in the body. As DHT derivative, it does not allow aromatization and displays strong anti-aromatase properties. For this reason, Masteron has been used in combination with other drugs to treat breast cancer patients. The role of Masteron then was to block the amount of estrogens in the body while other drugs, such as Tamoxifen-citrate were used to block the binding of estrogen at the breast receptors. Today, many other more powerful aromatase inhibitors have replaced this breast cancer treatment to achieve even greater success in the fight against breast cancer.


How It Works?

From the perspective of performance enhancement, Masteron’s anti-aromatase effects are of great use. It affects other steroids in the body that undergo aromatization. This anti-aromatase property of Masteron enanthate is significant in many ways. The anabolic steroid also possess androgenic traits that couple with its anti-aromatase nature to improve performance in the gym.

Masteron enanthate is one of the few exceptions in steroids that cannot be used in both primary and secondary roles. For instance, testosterone can be used to serve bulking, cutting or any other cycle. Masteron does not share these characteristics.


Benefits of Masteron Enanthate

  • Lean and hard body
  • Excellent transformation agent
  • Boost overall metabolism

Masteron Enanthate offers the benefits of a lean and hard body. However, it is important to note that Masteron will only be effective for performance enhancers who supplement with the steroid in the first place. While it has low androgenic level, it is sufficient to make a body rock solid, making it a superb transformation agent.

Masteron Enanthate is also known to directly stimulate lipolysis and thus boost the overall metabolism of the body, yielding even further benefits in terms of performance.


Does It Benefit Everyone?

Before you get too excited, Masteron Enanthate is not a miracle steroid. While it can offer tremendous benefits in terms of a lean and hard body, it will not achieve similar results for everyone.

If you have an overall high body-fat percent at say 20%, you are not going to experience much difference with Masteron Enanthate. Its effects will only be visible on a fairly lean body.

While you lose a little fat by consuming the steroid, it is not what Masteron Enanthate is meant for. Besides, there are many other ways of losing body fat that are more effective.

* Important: To benefit from Masteron Enanthate, the body-fat percentage should be lower than 8%.

Some even recommend levels below 6% for optimal results. By consuming the anabolic steroid on a lean body, it will offer a hardening effect that will take you closer to your transformation goals. Its androgenic properties and anti-aromatase effect will only be effective in conditions of low body fat. In such conditions, it is also used by competitive bodybuilders to lose the final stubborn bits of body fat. Masteron Enanthate is the right solution to achieve just that.


Side Effects of Masteron Enanthate

As a member of the anabolic androgenic steroids, Masteron Enanthate has potential side-effects though they are not exhibited on all consumers. In fact, the probability of experiencing the side-effects is relatively low if the steroid is consumed in recommended cycles and doses.

The most common side-effects are acne and hairloss. Every DHT-derived steroid offers these side-effects. Since Masteron Enanthate does not have aromatization effect, it does not cause serious side-effects, such as water retention and gynecomastia. It is a mild steroid that does not seriously impact the lipid profiles.

You will only experience hairloss after Masteron Enanthate use if you are genetically predisposed to baldness. The same can be said regarding acne. The sensitivity of your body determines whether or not you experience problem relating to acne. For these reasons, Masteron Enanthate can be termed as one of the safest known anabolic steroids.


Masteron Enanthate Cycles & Doses

While the propionate form has a short half-life, the same is not true for Masteron Enanthate. For this reason, the latter can be consumed through two injections per week. Perhaps, this is the only advantage of the Masteron Enanthate; it is injected less frequency.

However, this may not seem like an advantage to bodybuilders who usually consume the steroids prior to events and are more eager to inject every other day if not on a daily basis. For such people, it is more appropriate to administer the Masteron Propionate form.

The standard dose for bodybuilders is approximately 300mg to 400mg per week. A dose of 600mg per week is considered high-end while anything greater than that qualifies as steroid abuse. You can also consume doses lesser than 300mg but anything lesser than 200mg per week will be too mild to see any results.






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