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Sometimes a person can do everything correctly and still not reap the rewards of new muscle and strength growth, especially when that person has already reached their genetic potential. Like optimizing the cornerstones of weight training by eating nutritionally well, following a balanced training protocol, and sleeping soundly, a person can optimize their body’s hormonal profile to create as much muscle and strength gains possible for their genetics and beyond. For serious bodybuilders and strength athletes wanting a competitive edge, Haloxyl offers a great anabolic and androgenic profile that is coveted for promoting dry gains–modest increases in muscle size and enormous strength gains without water retention or bloat.


The Science Behind Haloxyl

Steroids are compared by their anabolic-androgenic ratio; Haloxyl has a ratio of 1,900 to 850, respectively–making it almost 20 times more anabolic than testosterone and 10 times more androgenic. So what does this mean exactly? That Haloxyl, or fluoxymestrone as it’s also known, aromatizes poorly, a process whereby testosterone is converted into estrogen when testosterone levels exceed normal amounts, the body’s homeostatic response to regulate its own hormonal profile.

While a distinctive increase in aggressiveness and a notable rise in erythrropoesis are noticed with the use of Haloxyl, many have theorized, and probably correctly, that it has very moderate binding to the androgen receptor. Either that or it shows a higher affinity for other receptors. The enzyme aromatase comes to mind because of the effect it has, like most DHT compounds would, on muscle hardness and density. The latter seems like a better explanation and probably more accurate. Conversely there is nothing that would immediately indicate it acting on the androgen receptor.


Haloxyl Effects

While steroids that exhibit increases of estrogen production via aromatases can promote more pronounced mass gains, and thus be called a bulking steroid, conversely steroids that aromatize poorly are markedly good at promoting strength gains without the additional muscle and weight. This means Haloxyl and other similar steroids are often called cutting steroids.

Listed below are some of the exceptional benefits a person can receive from taking Haloxyl:

  • Improved muscle hardness and density;
  • Minimal weight gain;
  • Dramatic strength gains;
  • A good steroid for athletes participating in sports with weight classes;
  • Increased vascularity, a benefits to bodybuilders;


When to Use Haloxyl?

Generally bodybuilders use Haloxyl during the final 4 to 6 weeks leading up to a competition. This intentionally coincides with the cut cycle when the body undergoes a calorie deficit to burn fat and to increase vascularity and muscle striations. This cut cycle risks muscle catabolism, potentially undoing progress made during the previous bulking cycle and is often an inevitable consequence of cutting; the goal is usually to stave off as much muscle loss as possible, and Haloxyl does this successfully. Haloxyl is a bodybuilder’s secret weapon at maintaining or even improving muscle and strength gains while simultaneously increasing muscle visibility during periods of severe calorie restriction.

Being on a calorically restrictive diet during the weeks leading up to a competition can really affect an athlete’s ability to achieve peak performance during workouts. Low energy and irritability are the culprits. Unfortunately, this is the period where for both motivational and practical reasons an athlete wants to perform their best. It’s potentially one of the most difficult and frustrating periods, and Haloxyl can help forge past these obstacles and carry a bodybuilder or strength athlete to competition day having achieved their best workouts only days prior. When diet seems to drag an athlete down and make them lethargic, Haloxyl will pick them up and allow them to continue plowing through personal records despite their low-calorie diet and low energy.


Ancillary Benefits from Using Haloxyl

Haloxyl has reportedly increased aggression in users and is used for this purpose among competitive athletes wanting that advantage. When focused, the aggression can be transferred to the athlete’s sport, providing a Herculean output otherwise unseen. A bodybuilder can funnel this excess energy into intense workouts. With enough planning, a bodybuilder, powerlifter and strength athlete can time their doses of Haloxyl so they’re reaching peak performance right before competition, a final boost that could be the difference between winning and not even placing.


Haloxyl & Powerlifters

As a steroid Haloxyl plays a more prominent role among powerlifters than bodybuilders, who are less concerned with the size of their physique and more concerned with their raw physical output. The effects of Haloxyl can be felt almost immediately after the first dose, sometimes days after, resulting in powerlifters achieving new personal records. This can have a twofold effect: firstly, immediate gratification motivates powerlifters and propels momentum towards achieving more personal records in a short period of time; secondly, its predictability and short timescale allows powerlifters to integrate their dosing into a somewhat complicated lifting routine and schedule with a certain amount of precision otherwise not afforded to them.


Haloxyl & Endurance Athletes

Haloxyl can have a stimulating effect on cell respiration and red blood cell production, giving endurance athletes that want an increase in aerobic capacity a quick performance boost without placing undue weight on their frame–the perfect recipe for any cyclist, rock climber, runner, MMA practitioner, football player, boxer, etc. who wishes to improve their VO2 max.






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