Fortesta Side Effects – Try to Avoid This Product for Bodybuilding

What Is Fortesta?

Fortesta is most commonly used in its gel, prescription strength form. The gel contains testosterone, a natural male hormone. It was originally designed to help men who suffer from low testosterone to improve testosterone levels and to improve symptoms related to problems occurring from low testosterone.


How Does Fortesta Work?

As a gel product, Fortesta is designed to be applied directly to the skin by simply rubbing it into the muscles. It may also be applied directly to the skin in a patch form. Once it is applied, its natural ingredients can soak directly into the bloodstream and then travel to the muscles. Once in the muscles, the product is then ready to assist in muscle building and other health and fitness goals.



Fortesta patches are harder to come by than the gel, but, when used, they are simply applied directly to the area in which you wish to increase muscle and retain other positive results. However, using the gel is a bit more complicated and requires a few “know how” tips. To begin with, always “prime” the pump the gel comes in by pushing down on it a few times until the gel comes out. Once you’ve got the gel out and ready for use, follow these simple tips for effective usage:

  • Apply the gel only to clean, dry, unblemished, and undamaged skin
  • Apply the gel to the thighs and to other areas where you wish to see increased muscle growth.
  • Rub the gel in thoroughly
  • Always apply gel liberally in the mornings
  • Apply gel after each time you shower, swim, bathe, or otherwise come into contact with water or moisture
  • Let the areas to wish you have applied Fortesta dry completely before dressing
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after using or otherwise coming into contact with Fortesta gel


Building Muscle with Fortesta

Though Fortesta can greatly improve and increase the effectiveness of your muscle building efforts, it is not a “miracle drug.” In other words, if you sit on the couch and do nothing, it will not help you to build muscle to its full effectiveness; you must continue to workout. In fact, you should slightly modify your workouts for maximum results. Suggested modifications to increase muscle building capacity while using Fortesta include:

  • Increasing the intensity and frequency of power moves
  • Incorporating bench presses, gradually increasing the weight used
  • Incorporating leg presses
  • Incorporating squats
  • Incorporating arm curls
  • Avoiding rest and continuing to workout. Fortesta will quickly repair any tears or injuries, allowing you to safely continue your workouts


A Word About Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular or “fat burning” exercises are an important component to any workout routine. However, while you are using Fortesta, you should reduce the amount of aerobic or cardiovascular exercises that you do. Remember, you goal is to build muscle and “bulk up” not to get thinner; any weight that needs to come off is fat and will come off through your strength training exercises. For best results, only incorporate cardiovascular exercise one to two times per week.


Fast Results

There are many reviews and testimonials on the web from people who have used Fortesta. One thing you will notice is that those who have followed these tips are the ones who have had the most positive results. While users have plenty of positive things to say about Fortesta, one thing that is consistently mentioned is how quickly results can be seen when using this product correctly; many have seen results in as little as ten days!


No Sick Feeling

Another thing that commonly comes up in reviews of Fortesta is that it does not create that “sick” or “nauseous” feeling that users often get with other testosterone products. So, even if you have tried testosterone products in the past and stopped because of that “sick feeling,” Fortesta may still work well for you. It’s definitely worth a try! In fact, no matter who you are, where you’re coming from, or what your goals, you should definitely at least see if this product can work for you. It’s cheap and effective, so you have nothing to lose but flab and nothing to gain but muscle.






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