Enanthate Side Effects – How Can They Hurt Your Health?

What Is Enanthate?

Enanthate is a common favorite among performance enhancing athletes and bodybuilders, because it essentially functions as a synthetic version of naturally-produced testosterone. Many athletes consider it an ideal performance enhancing steroid for its low price and availability. Enanthate is also extremely versatile and is capable of increasing natural testosterone production and while enhancing testosterone cycles safely and effectively.

Several benefits of Enanthate, in addition to the effects mentioned prior, include:

  • Versatility and ease incorporating into a testosterone cycle
  • Greatly increasing the user’s metabolic activity, which will also rapidly decrease levels of fat
  • Relatively inexpensive and widely available
  • Increase in muscular endurance
  • Increase in muscular recovery


Using Enanthate

The effects of Enanthate are highly dependent on dosage. It goes without saying that higher dosages directly correlate to higher muscle building effects. However, Enanthate on its own is only effective at building lean muscle. This is because different athletes have different needs, and although Enanthate possesses many great effects on its own, it acts more as a general supplement and simply can’t cover the needs of each individual by itself.

For example, bodybuilders that use Enanthate are also more likely to use additional steroids to supplement the Enanthate, because it can’t greatly impact bulk on its own. Additional pharma steroids, like Trobaline, are popular choices. Another strategy used by competitive bodybuilders is to administer small doses every other day, spread out throughout the week. While there is no concrete evidence that this increases Enanthate’s effectiveness, users of this strategy often report feelings of increased stability over those who don’t.

General users of Enanthate usually take this steroid once or twice a week, in cycles that often consist of one or more other steroids. But for beginning users, 500mg of Enanthate tends to be the perfect dosage to start at. Women often take smaller dosages, finding 50-100mg enough to suit their needs. However, even many longtime users never surpass their initial dosages, as they believe that large quantities of Enanthate aren’t necessary to bring out the full effects of usage. In addition, eight weeks of use is considered to be the bare minimum for the effectiveness of Enanthate usage, while sixteen weeks is considered far more efficient overall.

The estimated length of time required for Enanthate to start working is around fifteen days when taken regularly. However, it sometimes takes longer – around three to four weeks – before physical results can be seen and differences in endurance and muscle recovery rate become clear. Visible results are sometimes not noticeable until around the tenth week of use. No reports of Enanthate overdoses exist.


How Does Enanthate Work?

The only requirement for understanding how Enanthate works is understanding how the ordinary, naturally produced testosterone hormone works:

  • Enanthate is simply one form of testosterone, and all forms are comprised of the same active hormone
  • The primary thing distuinguishing one from another is the type of ester
  • Esters consist of an actual testosterone molecule with a carbon chain attached

The length of the carbon chain is important in understanding how long Enanthate, or any other type of testosterone, can remain in the bloodstream. This is because the length of the carbon chain affects various properties, including solubility in water and, perhaps more importantly, half-life length. Longer ester chains have a longer half-life. Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when taking Enanthates is that it has a half-life of somewhere between four to seven days. In other words, generally a little under a week.

Because Enanthate also increases the levels of testosterone produced by the body instead of just adding to them, the effects can still be seen after the half-life has expired. Typically, users plan on taking another dosage of Enanthate before the previous dosage runs out. The previous dosages, the dosage before that, and possibly even the dosage before that, may still have half-life left. The effects of these dosages tend to pile up, and the build up of testosterone in the bloodstream does not cease until around the fourth or fifth week of dosing. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Enanthate remains in the bloodstream for quite some time.


Advantages Over Other Products

Enanthate is relatively inexpensive and widely accessible compared to other pharma steroids. It has a wide variety of benefits, all of which are important to improving muscular condition, and has allowances for somewhat flexible usage. This variety is what makes Enanthate a general use steroid. It also reportedly causes very little irritation to inject sites, despite being an injected form of pharma steroid. Users of Enanthate also report that it has relatively few and typically less severe side effects than some other pharma steroids.


Obtaining Enanthate

Be aware that fraudulent online pharmacies may attempt to sell potential users a generic version of Enanthate. This may take the form of a generic brand that is potentially counterfeit and potentially unsafe for consumption. When purchasing online, users should be informed about who they are buying from and feel ensured that their purchase is from a valid and reputable online seller. Getting the best deal for legal and safe vials of Enanthate may require a little research, but it can be prescribed with a doctor’s permission. A legal prescription combined with appropriate health insurance might have a very low co-pay amount.


Famous Users of Enanthate

The correlation between performance enhancing steroids and persons in athletic professions is very simple: The steroids work well. As long as they continue to work, they will continue being used by a variety of people. And due to the popularity and esteemed reputation of Enanthate, it is actually highly possible that any athlete or bodybuilder using performance enhancing steroids has been using Enanthate as a base steroid to build testosterone cycles around. There is also not one particular area where Enanthate is most common. As mentioned prior, it has a wide variety of helpful, general uses that can be worked into virtually any type of weight building or athletic training agenda involving the use of performance enhancers.






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