Delatestryl Side Effects – Should You Really Use It?

What Is Delatestryl?

Testosterone is a word that you often hear without giving much thought to it. Males produce testosterone at an early age when developing new muscles and when building healthy bones and skin. The sudden increase in testosterone during puberty leads to young men developing facial and pubic hair and a healthy sexual appetite. Low testosterone can cause a young man to start puberty at a later age. In older men, low testosterone can wreak havoc on their personal lives.

It changes the amount of sperm produced, can make men feel weak and tired, and may even lead to impotence. Delatestryl is a type of androgen that causes the body to retain more nutrients and vitamins that can lead to healthy development. It is available under two different brand names. Users can either visit a doctor and get injections from a doctor, or they can use the drug at home.

Who Makes Delatestryl?

Most Delatestryl produced today comes from Endo Pharmaceuticals Solutions. The generic name for the product is Testosterone enanthate, and several companies sell it under the generic name. You may also find it sold under the brand name Tesamone. Endo Pharmaceuticals Solutions developed the drug as a possible treatment for delayed puberty. Young men typically begin puberty somewhere between the ages of 11 to 13, but some men may reach their later teen years without going through the process.

Researchers at the company looked at a number of ingredients and different combinations before finding a solution that worked effectively. Men of an older age may suffer from lower testosterone levels because of damage to the thyroid or pituitary gland, and some have medical conditions that slow down the testosterone produced by their bodies. Athletes may also experience lowered testosterone because of the stress and pressure they put on themselves. Endo Pharmaceuticals Solutions believes that Delatestryl can help those athletes increase their testosterone levels.

Delatestryl & The Body

Best suited for less frequent use, Delatestryl is a product that most use just once a week or once a month. During the early stages, users inject themselves with a smaller amount of the liquid before gradually working their way up to a higher dose. Experts generally recommend that users take no more than 400 mg of the drug each month. As an androgen product, it attacks the body and forces it to absorb more nutrients, including nitrogen and potassium.

Those who take in the right amount of calories each day with find that the higher levels of nitrogen help them build the muscles they want in less time. Delatestryl may also provide users with some relief after suffering an injury. In addition to changing hormone levels, it can also encourage the body to produce more red blood cells.

What Is in Delatestryl?

The main ingredient in Delatestryl is testosterone enanthate, which is a type of testosterone. Researchers derived the ingredient from natural testosterone, but many of the products sold under this name today actually use a synthetic version of the testosterone. It comes in a liquid solution that contains a small amount of oil. Endo Pharmaceuticals Solutions uses sesame oil with a type of preservative added that keeps the testosterone suspended in the oil. This allows users to carefully shake the bottle and mix the solution before injecting themselves, but the oil also helps the product stay fresher longer. This is especially important for those who plan to use the solution at home, at the gym or before an event. As users typically only use a small amount every month, the oil preserves the Delatestryl and keeps it fresh, which lets users keep the same vial on hand for months at a time.


A higher testosterone level can take you from an ordinary bodybuilder with a few defined muscles to the most envied man in the gym. Even if you prefer other sports, you can use Delatestryl to get stronger muscles and improve your overall performance. You can run longer, spend more time lifting weights, lose more weight and even out the fat in your body. Even with frequent workouts, you might still have a thin layer of fat all over your body or baby fat that makes you look a little pudgy. Delatestryl can make some users lose more weight, and it can help other users spread that fat out equally around their bodies. Many people also use Delatestryl because it:

  • Improves nitrogen balance in the body
  • Promotes the development and spread of red blood cells
  • Reduces the time spent recovering from certain injuries
  • Stimulates faster and better production of testosterone

Customer Reviews

Injuries frequently happen to athletes at all levels and in all types of sports. One reason so many reach for Delatestryl is because it can help them get back to peak performance faster. Research indicates that it can stimulate the production of red blood cells, which the body uses to fight back against those injuries and repair the damage caused by those injuries.

Delatestryl users also find that it helps them reduce the problems often associated with poor testosterone production. In addition to experiencing more interest in sexual activities, they also have more energy that they can use both while working and working out as well as at home. Users also like that they can take Delatestryl once every two weeks or once every month.

Who Do Bodybuilders Use Delatestryl?

There are a wide range of reasons why professional bodybuilders have a lack of testosterone. While looking at them, you might think that they have more testosterone than the average male. The truth is that performance enhancing substances, the long hours they spend working out and the energy and weight lifting products they use can all lead to a drastic decrease in the amount of testosterone that their bodies produce.

Delatestryl is one of the few injections that can actually reduce the effects of those other substances. Some of those products can actually make the male shut down its natural production of testosterone. Regular use of Delatestryl can increase testosterone and make bodybuilders feel more comfortable performing in front of others.






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