Danabol Side Effects – Why Folks Shouldn’t Use It?

What Is Danabol?

Danabol is one of the most popular steroids used by weightlifters and bodybuilders around the world. German scientists originally designed the steroid for use among competitive athletes, and it remained underground for a number of years before finding its way to other countries. When first used in the United States, it was popular among women because it helped them lose weight, regulate their moods and gain more energy.

Noting the rapid rise in testosterone levels among patients, doctors stopped prescribing it for women. The steroid remained popular with athletes from the 1960s until the early 2000s, when the United States labeled it a controlled substance. Arnold Schwarzenegger is just one of the former professional athletes who later spoke out and urged athletes not to use the substance. Schwarzenegger even admitted that he once used the steroid himself as a way to quickly bulk up before competitions.


Manufacturer & Brand Names

Though best-known as Danabol, the pharmaceutical name for the steroid is Methandrostenolone. Other names that it may go by include:

  • Dianabol
  • Averbol
  • Methandienone
  • Metandienone

As a controlled substance, Danabol is only available with a prescription from a doctor, but some underground laboratories offer the steroid to those who lack a prescription. Some companies in the United States manufacture and distribute the steroid in an injection form. Users can take the glass vials with them to the gym, competitions and athletic events and give themselves an injection when needed. Manufacturers located in Asia, Easter Europe and other parts of the world still make the steroid in an oral form that lets users take a single pill once or twice every day.

Those who travel frequently and those on the competition circuit often prefer the oral form. These small plastic pill bottles won’t break in the same way that the glass bottles that contain the liquid version do.


How Danabol Works?

Medical experts refer to estrogen as the reproductive or sexual hormone found in women. Men who take Danabol might find that when the substance breaks down, it can transform into estrogen. This can leave men experiencing:

  1. Tenderness in their breasts;
  2. Muscle cramps;
  3. Mood swings;
  4. Swelling of the breast tissues;

Those hoping to avoid those side effects will use Danabol in combination with another drug or steroid that produces more of a testosterone effect that dulls those issues. When the steroid uses to the androgen receptors, it activates the stored protein found in muscles. This lets you use that stored protein to get more energy and build muscle groups faster than you would with other substances. It can also lead to large amounts of weight gain. Many users like gaining the excess weight as they can transform that weight into muscle mass.


Active Ingredients in Danabol

Unlike other types of synthetic steroids, Danabol does not contain many ingredients. It is the brand name of the pharmaceutical steroid Methandrostenolone, and you may find that some manufacturers sell and distribute the substance under that generic name. Before taking a dose of Danabol, make sure that you look over the ingredient listing found on the bottle or packaging. Laws in the United States and abroad require that manufacturers include a full listing to help those with allergies know what they can and cannot take. Many of these substances will contain a list of two or three additional ingredients known as fillers. Fillers are ingredients that do not add anything special to the steroid but substances that manufacturers must use to avoid infringing on the formula designed by another company.


Danabol Benefits

The largest dose of Danabol suitable for someone who is active throughout the week and has experience taking other types of steroids. Those new to the world of steroids looking to bulk up should take no more than 15 mg every day. The benefits of the substance tend to lessen after taking it for a period of eight to 10 weeks, and some will find that they need to cut Danabol with another steroid for a few weeks before turning back to it. It is a steroid that many use as part of a cutting or bulking cycle, and many bodybuilders and weightlifters rely on one of these cycles before a major event. Even when sold by a pharmacy or an underground laboratory, Danabol is usually a little more affordable than other types of steroids. Other benefits you might like include:

  • Works quickly
  • Has a half-life of around six hours
  • Builds muscles faster
  • Improves strength
  • Helps users gain more weight and muscle mass than lifting alone


Danabol Results

Even a small loss of testosterone can leave a man feeling off his game. Danabol is one of a handful of steroids that can return those testosterone levels back to normal and even raise those levels a little higher. Though events in the United States no longer let lifters and bodybuilders use Danabol and test for any type of steroid use, it is still a common choice in Germany and other parts of Eastern Europe. Users in those countries find that it’s the perfect addition to a bulking cycle. As it leads to weight gain, it lets them absorb more protein into their muscles and turn that protein into a source of energy. Gaining extra weight can also give lifters and other athletes more weight with which to build impressive muscles.


Almost an Olympic Steroid

Weightlifting was one of the top sporting events held as part of the Olympics during the 1940s through the 1960s. A researcher by the name of John Bosley Ziegler decided that testosterone seemed like a good fit for weightlifters and began doing research on the subject. In the years leading up to the Olympic events held in the 1960s, he gave weightlifters different levels of testosterone in the hopes that the substance would give them more energy and strength. Ziegler eventually abandoned his research for several years before deciding that testosterone would help the United States lifters beat the Russians. Though there was a large amount of discussion surrounding the topic, American experts eventually decided not to give its lifters testosterone as they didn’t believe it was a valid solution.






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