Andropen Side Effects – Don’t Use This Dangerous Product

What Is Andropen?

Andropen is a type of pharmaceutical steroid taken by injection. The unique blend of ingredients includes a large number of testosterone-based products that can help users build more muscle mass. The manufacturer of the steroid also claims that it works well for professional and amateur athletes. They can safely inject the steroid several times a week to get in shape faster.

As a stimulant, it gives users more energy than they had before, which can help them spend more time in the gym without noticing any lagging or lethargic feelings. Andropen may also assist those with a poor or low metabolism. As it increases the amount of testosterone in the body and regulates hormone levels, it can give users more energy. This can burn more calories and keep users from developing fatty deposits while still building muscle.


Who Makes It?

British Dragon is the company behind Andropen. Researchers working for the company spent years looking at and evaluating different products currently on the market before going back to the laboratory and creating a product that would do the same things in a healthier way. Many bodybuilders claim that Andropen is British Dragon’s version of Sustanon. Sustanon, while still available, does come with some potential side effects. British Dragon wanted to create a product that would work in the same way without causing any potential problems. In addition to going by the name Andropen, the steroid is also available under the name Andropen 275.


How Andropen Works?

The male body naturally produces testosterone, which promotes healthy development during a man’s teen years and throughout puberty. Testosterone also helps men develop strong bones, muscles and joints. The body will naturally slow down its production of testosterone as a man ages, but some men will find that their bodies start reducing this production at a much earlier age. This can lead to various problems, including:

  • Poor or underdeveloped muscles
  • A poor metabolism
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Problems building muscle mass and developing muscles

Andropen helps the body increase its testosterone production. Many users find that they see results within a few days of injecting the steroid for the first time. The liquid immediately goes to the brain and forces the brain to better regulate its production of hormones. The steroid can also affect other parts of the body to increase its fat burning capabilities.


Ingredients Found in Andropen

One of the first things that fitness experts look at before using a new product is the ingredients found in those products. Andropen contains a proprietary blend of five ingredients designed to increase metabolism, boost calorie burning and build muscle mass quickly. It contains testosterone acetate, which increases the body’s natural levels of testosterone. Testosterone can help users build more muscles and burn calories naturally. It also contains testosterone cypionate, deconate and propionate. The last ingredient in the bottle is a small amount of phenylpropionate. British Dragon chose those ingredients after looking at the ways in which the components work together and the impact it had on the human body. Specifically designed for men interested in living an active lifestyle, it is best for short-term use. It can give users the boost they need for a strong man competition, an upcoming marathon or a bodybuilding competition.


Advantages of Andropen

There are a number of reasons to use Andropen over other steroids on the market. Many users find that it doesn’t come with the same side effects they experienced with other similar drugs. Another big benefit of the steroid is that it can actually lead to an increase in the number of fibers found in the muscles. This makes muscles look larger and firmer. It may also lead to an increase in the size of the muscles the user currently has and help the user develop stronger muscles with regular use. Some users also found that it helps with muscle wasting. This occurs when an individual stops working out the muscle groups. It can cause muscles to look weak and lead to changes in appearance. Other benefits may include:

  • An increase in red blood cell count
  • Faster burning and transferring of proteins
  • An increase in the efficiency of the kidneys
  • A reduction in muscle fatigue


Testimonials from Users

The number of users claiming to love Andropen far outweigh those who suffered any issues or problems. Many professional bodybuilders admitted that they used the steroid after taking some time off from the sport. They wanted to build muscle mass quickly and get some fast energy. They found that Andropen gave them more energy, which let them focus more on working out at home and in the gym, but they also found that it gave them thick and strong muscles without any weak spots. Others claimed that using just one injection every day helped them develop strong muscles in their upper arms, lower legs and other parts of the body when they cut back on their workouts.



British Dragon Pharmaceuticals received a number of honors after releasing Andropen on the market. Users voted it their favorite steroid injection on multiple websites, and it’s popular with those who compete at both the professional and amateur levels. Andropen also won accolades for its unique blend of ingredients, which studies found could increase metabolism, burn calories faster, help users develop stronger muscles and reduce the number of problems associated with weak muscles. Some believe it can also assist with muscle fatigue.


Media Coverage

Users of Andropen recently launched discussions of something called the Arnold Schwarzenegger cycle. This refers to the way in which users take the steroid in the weeks leading up to an important event. They know that they can build muscle quickly and get ready for a bodybuilding competition in less than one month. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic is one of the top bodybuilding competitions in the world, and it takes place every year in Columbus, Ohio. Now known as the Arnold Sports Festival due to its new emphasis on various events, many of the top former winners and those who placed in the event admitted that they used Andropen and other similar steroids prior to competing.






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