AndroGel by AbbVie Side Effects – Will It Boost Your Testosterone?

What Is AndroGel 1.62%?

AndroGel 1.62% is a prescription gel used to treat men with low testosterone. It comes in smaller packets that let you carry the gel with you while traveling, and each packet contains a single dose of the gel. You can also opt for a bottle version that has a pump on top for easy dispensing. It dries quickly and absorbs quickly into your skin, giving you all the benefits that you need for going through life without your low testosterone standing in your way.



The primary manufacturer behind AndroGel and the company that has a patent on the formula and a trademark on the name is AbbVie Incorporated. Abbvie Inc. was originally part of Abbott Laboratories, which has a long history of success in the pharmaceutical world. Citing the success of the gel, the company developed a subsidiary to manufacture that drug and others designed for low testosterone.


How It Affects the Body?

Testosterone is the one thing found in the body that will make you feel strong and masculine. It’s what makes you want to run a marathon, spend a few hours in the gym and spend time with your significant other. When testosterone levels are low, you might notice a number of changes in your normal routine.

AndroGel is a clear gel that absorbs quickly into your body. When you apply the gel to your skin, you rub the gel until it finishes the absorption process. The gel then breaks down into different components and immediately sets about locating the androgen receptors in your body, which send details to the brain about your hormone levels. It naturally raises those levels over time.



Low testosterone can stop you from being the man you want to be. Not only can those lower hormone levels leave you with a lack of energy and a poor stamina, but those levels can also leave behind fat deposits that keep you from developing strong muscles. AndroGel 1.62% is a testosterone drug designed to increase those levels over time. The ingredients found in each bottle or packet include:

  • testosterone
  • isopropyl myristate
  • sodium hydroxide
  • ethanol
  • purified water
  • carbomer 980

Though testosterone is the active ingredient in AndroGel, it also contains some proprietary ingredients that the manufacturer added to the trademarked product.


Advantages of AndroGel 1.62% Over Other Products

Products designed to assist with low testosterone often feature a number of possible side effects, but there are fewer side effects associated with the use of AndroGel. With just a few months of use, users noted that they had:

  1. An increase in body and facial hair;
  2. An improvement in muscle size and shape;
  3. A reduction in weight gain;
  4. Improvements in stamina;

Unlike other products that you need to take several times a day, store out of the light or heat and use with a needle, AndroGel comes in a gel form. You can easily dispense the medication onto your hands and apply to your skin. Many men find the gel is a more convenient alternative to a traditional pill or supplement.


What AndroGel Users Say

AndroGel 1.62% reviews are fairly high. Users love that they can carry the packets with them to work, while on vacation or even when running around town and that they can also use the pump bottles at home. They also like that the gel is free from any odors or artificial colors that might stain their clothing or wreak havoc on their noses. There are also reviews from users pointing out that they noticed benefits in their bodies within a few days of using the gel and that those benefits increased after continued use of the product.


  • Convenient packaging options.
  • AndroGel produces benefits in just a few short months.
  • Brings testosterone levels back to a healthy and normal range.


  • Some users may prefer taking a tablet or supplement as opposed to using a gel.
  • Not all users will experience the same results.


In the News

AndroGel made headlines in 2014, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced plans to perform more tests on different types of hormonal therapies. Several organizations across the country pushed the FDA to test on AndroGel and other gel treatments before giving its seal of approval to those drugs. Despite some claiming that The product doesn’t work as well as the manufacturer intended, it still receives a number of positive reviews from users claiming it is one of the best products around.


Money-Back Guarantee

You may have access to a money-back guarantee, depending on when you place an order or where you order. Some companies with give you a refund if the product does not arrive within a specified period of time. Other sites offer a refund if you aren’t happy with your purchase.



Get your AndroGel 1.62% when you need it. Instead of waiting weeks for that package to arrive, you can opt for expedited shipping to get your package even faster.


Customer Support

Customer support is available almost anytime that you need it. You can call a toll-free number to ask questions about the ingredients or how you should use AndroGel 1.62% at home. You can always call with any questions you have later.


Safe and Secure Checkout

Don’t worry that an unscrupulous person might steal your credit card information or other personal information. When you buy AndroGel 1.62%, you can rest assured that your details will always remain secure and safe.



The cost of AndroGel varies drastically from one source to the next. Those who have a doctor’s prescription may find that insurance covers the cost of the drug less any deductible. Available in both a pump and bottle form or in gel packets, most users will find that AndroGel costs close to $500 for a supply that lasts for several months.






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