1-Testosterone Side Effects – 3 Things You Should Consider


Potency and power combined with reduced estrogenic effects are the initial advantages of incorporating 1-Testosterone into any bodybuilding or fitness regimen. Athletes striving for enhanced body mass, lean muscle and increased performance will benefit from the effects of boosting testosterone within the body for a number of reasons. To begin with, 1-Testosterone not only delivers extra boost, it is also effective for significantly increasing strength and satisfactorily decreasing body fat.

Available for enhancing muscle growth, 1-Testosterone works best with a balanced diet and as a supplement for physical activity for demanding activities. Weightlifters, cyclists, bodybuilders and athletes can require synthetic hormones in order to enjoy increased endurance, maintain stamina and remedy challenges encountered while continuously improving a physique.


What Is 1-Testosterone?

1-Testosterone is an anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids are structurally similar to cyclic steroids and essentially increase protein within the cells. 1-Testosterone has similar effects on the body as testosterone, especially within the skeletal muscles where athletes most require enhancement. In addition to helping the body rebuild tissues, it also allows calories to be absorbed adequately and can be taken routinely when incorporated into a healthy, sports-oriented diet for the appropriate amount of time in order to produce desired results. 1-Testosterone is available typically in tablet form.


1-Testosterone Brands

Manufacturers of 1-Testosterone are prevalent both in brick and mortar health supplement stores and online. Companies that provide 1-Testosterone include:

  • MuscleTech Anotest 4-in-1
  • Vitality Stack
  • Finaflex
  • LG Sciences
  • Nature’s Plus
  • CB-1 Weight Gainer; and
  • Force Factor

Each manufacture’s product promotes increased muscle mass, improved testosterone levels and amplified androgen receptors. 1-Testosterone products vary in:

  • Flavors;
  • Powder or capsule formulas;
  • Base price, shipping costs, tax and promotions;
  • Quantity;

The Package of 1-Testosterone


How 1-Testosterone Works?

1-Testosterone is effective at creating muscle mass and building overall muscle in combination with bulking or cutting efforts. As an anabolic steroid, 1-Testosterone works by physiologically increasing testosterone levels by promoting cortisol ration and stimulating the body to initiate the process of building muscle. When this product is consumed, it allows the body to perform optimally throughout a workout period, enjoy continuous gains and to consistently increase endurance levels.


1-Testosterone Ingredients

The steroid 1-Testosterone is comprised of anabolic properties, supplement additives and various synthetic ingredients such as:

  • Aspartic acid;
  • Various extracts;
  • Fillers;

Depending on product and manufacturer, ingredients in 1-Testosterone are consistent with other available high-quality supplement products. Athletes will need to review a products ingredient list and determine which percentages of ingredients are appropriate and acceptable based on individual goals and health.


1-Testosterone Advantages

In comparison with other testosterone enhancing products, 1-Testosterone delivers the following advantages:

  • Contains proven compounds;
  • May contain vitamin D;
  • Offers minimal side-effects;
  • Promotes high-level of recovery ability;


1-Testosterone proven compounds also include biologically “active” eurypeptides that have been clinically proven on humans to enhance performance and create high energy.


Product Certificates

Both laboratories and manufacturers produce products within the scope of appropriate certifications. Product certifications include aspects involving the methods of production, product concentration range and a myriad of other certificates necessary to responsibly and safely provide the market with testosterone products, including measurement principles, certificates of analysis and nutrition certifications.


1-Testosterone Testimonials

Consumers aged 20 to approximately 55 years of age along with both women and men athletes have provided favorable testimonials for 1-Testosterone. Positive comments include:

  • Works successfully as advertised;
  • Overall mood improvement;
  • Increased stamina and energy levels;
  • Better focus;
  • Favorable rest and subsequential sleep;
  • Dramatic positive results;
  • Good metabolism;

Some of the considerations associated with the 1-Testosterone product involved slight increase in acne, dynamic and variable ingredients depending on manufacturer, slight increase in agitation and some reported initial-poor results from some consumers. The pro’s of 1-Testosterone literally outweigh any con’s and even individuals who provided mediocre to less-favorable product reviews have frequently amended their critiques citing other non-related reasons for the 1-Testosterone product’s delayed results. Moreover, there is a consistent amount of positive feedback from athletes of all ages.

Two Bottles of 1-Testosterone


1-Testosterone Awards

A prevalent featured award for such testosterone-boosting products is the Muscle Awards: Excellence Gold Award. Awards in excellence are bestowed upon products annually, with reputable results and favorable consumer experiences. Favorable for its anabolic to androgenic ratio, 1-Testosterone tangibly makes muscles harder. For its ability to produce visual gain, 1-Testosterone is available as an over-the-counter supplement and includes effective prohormones like 1-DHEA.


News & Media Coverage

Media and news coverage of 1-Testosterone is found throughout the bodybuilding, fitness and weightlifting industries. Online, a number of news sites feature 1-Testosterone. This FDA-approved product is listed online in social media, off-line in print and also over-the-air for topic of discussion. 1-Testosterone’s popularity makes it a desirable option for most people.


Celebrity Product Use

Famous celebrities frequent 1-Testosterone in order to define their physiques, prepare for strenuous, demanding tour dates and to adequately prepare for certain movie roles. Rappers, comedians, artists, actors and celebrity performers benefit greatly from supplements and testosterone product use because they provide fast, visual, useful results. Looking attractive however, is only half of the equation. Adequate testosterone levels allows every-day consumers and celebrities both, to actually feel and perform as good as they look.

Along with aging, decreased testosterone levels are normal, albeit an undesirable situation. Youthful, middle-aged adults benefit from the 1-Testosterone product when levels are insufficient to achieve physical optimization. Further, low testosterone levels create a number of adverse troubles for athletes and non-athletes alike. Studies find that symptoms of low testosterone should be treated quickly so that those experiencing effects can address and improve their condition. Testosterone levels can be difficult to measure, however using 1-Testosterone is an effective way to manipulate and assess an individual’s performance prior-to and after taking the enhancement in order to determine benefits.






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