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Animal M-Stak by Universal Nutrition Review – A Good Amino Acid Supplement or Not?

What Is Animal M-Stak?

Animal M-Stak is an advanced vitamin stack that includes branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), sterones, flavones, adaptogens, and other components designed to provide non-hormonal anabolic support, encourage nutrient partitioning, promote nitrogen retention, and increase protein synthesis. By combining a number of potent yet natural anabolic compounds with a blend of anti-catabolic aminos, this supplement is able to prevent weight loss, assist in the building of lean muscle mass, and optimize calorie/energy expenditure. As such, it’s often recommended for those who are struggling to get past a weight gain or strength “plateau” in their bodybuilding or powerlifting regimen.

With a diverse ingredient list that addresses every fundamental mechanism of muscle building, Animal M-Stak is quickly becoming regarded as a must-have amino acid supplement for hardgainers. The latest version is even more potent than the original in terms of the main ingredient dosage. The heightened potency serves to further enhance anabolism without requiring the use or manipulation of hormones. There have been reports of this product sparking significant new muscle growth in bodybuilders and athletes of endomorphic, ectomorphic, and mesomorphic body types.



Universal Nutrition was founded in 1977 as a family-owned business with the goal of producing high quality nutritional supplements for bodybuilders. Since then they’ve become widely known for the popular Natural Sterol Complex and Animal Pak lines of supplements. Nowadays, the company operates out of several 100,000+ square feet state-of-the-art warehouses, shipping out a diverse catalog of fitness-oriented products ranging from bars and pills to powders and shakes. Universal Nutrition and their products are frequently mentioned in fitness magazines like Flex and Oxygen. With distribution points in California, Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois, the makers of Animal M-Stak are able to ensure quick and accurate delivery to retailers and consumers around the nation.


How Animal M-Stak Works?

The efficacy of this product relies heavily on the presence of anabolic flavones and branched-chain amino acids, both of which are natural compounds capable of producing muscle building results comparable to those achieved via the use of bodybuilding pharmaceuticals. Animal M-Stak takes a multi-faceted approach that focuses on 4 key factors of muscle growth.

Ensuring Optimal Anabolism

This stack is loaded with natural phytosteroid extracts that ensure nutrients are being put towards lean mass accumulation at a higher rate. By ensuring anabolism, the ingredients serve as an aid in nutrient assimilation and complex molecule synthesis, thereby complimenting the included amino acid complex.

Increasing Nitrogen Retention

Several potent flavones are included to promote nitrogen retention, helping muscles recover from trauma and build mass at a faster pace. These components are naturally derived and do not require or result in any hormonal manipulation.

Enhancing Nutrient Partitioning

The product also aims to promote hypertrophy by optimizing digestive response so that nutrients are more effectively partitioned and devoted to the building of muscle. By heightening nutrient absorption and allocating more branched-chain amino acids to the body’s constructive metabolism, the stack is capable of packing extra mass onto both hard gainers and heavyweights alike.

Promoting Muscle Protein Synthesis

The phytosteroids, flavones, and sterones in Animal M-Stak have been shown to increase protein synthesis, which can serve to help even the slenderest ectomorph pile on extra muscle without having to significantly increase protein intake. One of the core perks of the stack is its ability to help athletes get more out of the nutrients they’re already consuming, and the workouts they’re already doing, through the benefits of increased muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

By enhancing the processes mentioned above while also serving up a strong dose of amino acids and adaptogens, Animal M-Stak is able to provide all of the supplemental support needed to overcome difficult training and strength plateaus. The stack consists of 6 different kinds of capsules, each of which are taken once per day over a 21-day cycle.

Ingredients of Animal M-Stak

This amino acid supplement uses a synergistic mix of natural ingredients to tackle all the important requirements for enhanced muscle growth. The 6 complexes the stack consists of are: Anti-Catabolic Amino Acids, Natural Flavones/Sterones, Anabolic Adaptogens, Insulin Potentiators, Energy Stimulants, and the M-Factor Complex. Altogether, the primary ingredients include.

Methyloxyisoflavone – Listed as the main ingredient, this natural anabolic flavone has powerful effects on anabolic activity, nutrient partitioning, and muscle mass accumulation. The newest Animal M-Stak formula contains even higher levels of Methyoxyisoflavone than previous versions.

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract – This Central Asian plant produces potent phytoecdysteroids, including the powerful ecdysteroid turkesterone.

Beta Sitosterol – Known by chemists as “plant sterol ester,” this plant derived compound not only has great anabolic potential, it also reduces the stress hormone cortisol and has proven immune boosting effects.

Beta-Ecdysterone – Yet another naturally occurring steroid extracted from plants, this is a popular component found in many of the latest and greatest bodybuilding supplements.

Leucine – In addition to optimizing protein absorption and synthesis, Animal M-Stak also provides a robust blend of anti-catabolic aminos in the form of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) such as leucine. Studies have shown that consuming leucine alongside a meal of proteins and carbohydrates results in a higher whole body net protein utilization (NPU).

Insulin Potentiators – Advanced compounds like CinnulinPF and KR-ALA are known to help the body maximize anabolic insulin production, which results in a higher glycogen uptake, greater cell volume, and enhanced stamina during workouts.

Anabolic Adaptogens – Animal M-Stak further helps hardgainers break through plateaus by including a number of adaptogens extracted from adaptogenic herbs, including muira puama, rhodiola rosea, kudza, and safed musli. Adaptogens have been shown to help minimize catabolic stress responses, improve mental and physical endurance, boost immune function, and increase overall training capacity.

Natural Stimulants and Energy Boosters – This complex contains natural stimulants like evodiamine and methylxanthines contained within a red pre-workout capsule that is taken before training.

Absorption Enhancers – The M-Factor complex works to optimize nutrient absorption using a combination of ginger root extract, bioperene, and bergmottin.

There are a total of 23 ingredients split between the 6 different complexes included in the stack. However, the components listed above are by far the most influential in the mix. In essence, the ingredients practically force the muscle building process into motion by delivering an abundance of high quality nutrients, BCAAs, adaptogens, absorption enhancers, and stimulants.



Animal M-Stak is a cycled 21-day supplement program that is recommended for hard gainers and people who are looking to accumulate additional lean muscle mass quickly. It’s designed to be easy to adhere to and is split into different color-coded capsules for each complex. As such, the 6-capsule system provides the following 7 core advantages:

1. Includes Anti-Catabolic Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Animal M-Stak not only aims to promote non-hormonal anabolism, it also seeks to prevent catabolism – the act of your body catabolizing itself (i.e. – breaking down cells for energy, or “losing weight” in simple terms). These compounds are especially beneficial for hard gainers, who typically deal with high catabolic activity due to having “faster” metabolisms.

2. Rare Plateau-Busting Adaptogens

Interesting components like Muira Puama bark and isoflavones from the Kudzu root give this stack a unique adaptogenic edge. While such ingredients are starting to catch on in the world of bodybuilding supplements, it is rare that you see such a robust vitamin stack devoting an entire complex specifically to adaptogens, while also accommodating the other 5 complex capsules.

3. Comes in 6 Color Coded Capsules

In the name of convenience the stack has been split into 6 different colors. This makes it easy to keep track of your regimen and difficult to confuse one complex for another. Such timing is important during the three-week cycle because each capsule is supposed to be taken for different purposes (i.e. before or after workout, etc).

4. Boosts Testosterone and Immune Function

Animal M-Stak also carries the advantage of boosting testosterone levels via the plant extracted turkesterone mentioned above in the ingredients section. Furthermore, the aforementioned adaptogenic herbs provide the added benefit of boosting immune system function, increasing mental alertness, and improving endurance, all of which are important during the workout recovery and building phases.

5. Helps you Get More Benefit From Nutrients

This stack has helped hard gainers put on weight without having to dramatically increase their protein intake. Studies have shown that increasing daily protein intake to an excessive level might not be an effective remedy for hardgainers. Instead, the product aims to improve the digestive process, incite anabolic activity, and prevent catabolism to fix the popular “plateau” problem.

6. Does Not Involve Hormonal Manipulation

While the ingredients in the stack are capable of achieving results that rival those delivered by pharmaceutical steroids and hormonal injections, the huge difference is that the latter can affect hormonal balance in the long-term, while the plant derived extracts listed as ingredients in Animal M-Stak do not.

7. Delivers a Potent Mix of Natural Phytosteroids

Phytosteroids (plant-derived steroids) have been proven to measurably increase testosterone levels via natural mechanisms rather than via the manipulation of hormones. The stack contains a particularly potent phytosteroid called turkesterone, mentioned more above.

Universal Nutrition does not issue certification for vendors, distributors, or users of Animal M-Stak or any other Animal Pak products. However, this is part if a well-known, longstanding product line used by many professionals and trainers who possess certificates related to bodybuilding, fitness, and nutritional supplements. This company has been around for a long time and likely precedes many of the certification organizations in existence today.



Saw impressive gains within days of concluding the stack cycle. It’s hard to describe how quickly the muscle mass began to pile on after just a few days taking the capsules on schedule. The convenience of not having to deal with making any shakes or doing anything other than taking the 6 pills a day for 21 days was also nice. – Adam S.

The red energy boosting pill for pre-workouts is a huge bonus that shouldn’t be overlooked. I noticed immediate results on the first day of taking this, and it was way beyond what anyone could call placebo. I noticed I had plenty of energy even after leaving the gym, whereas I would usually leave feeling drained. – Sam R.

I don’t know if its the adaptogens or the anti-catabolic amino acids, but after 2 weeks of being on the cycle I’m steadily gaining mass, getting stronger, and feeling even more pumped after every lift session. This is some seriously motivational stuff. It does actually feel like I’m getting more energy out of the proteins and carbs in my diet. – John P.


Awards & Media Coverage

The maker of Animal M-Stak, Universal Nutrition, has been recognized for more than two decades as an industry leader in bodybuilding and fitness supplements. In addition, this stack is part of the Animal Pak line, which has received critical acclaim from experts in the field in various magazines and on blogs/forums online. Universal Nutrition has been recognized as the “supplement company of the month” numerous times by online leaders in the bodybuilding field, and is frequently featured in columns and advertorials within major publications like Muscle & Fitness.


Money-back Guarantee

Universal Nutrition upholds a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee for this product and the rest of its supplements. That’s a good sign, considering it’s a 21-day supplement cycle, so you’d have 9 days after completing the cycle to decide whether it was worth your money or worthy of a refund instead. With that said, there aren’t many, if any, reports online from people being dissatisfied enough to request their money back, as Universal Nutrition typically maintains a high quality standard and a low rate of returns.



The whole stack comes conveniently shipped in one package, which is often sent out with free shipping. Since this is a capsule-based product that doesn’t contain any shakes, bars or other heavier items, it is generally lightweight and will not cost much to ship under any circumstances.


Customer Support

Universal Nutrition is known for providing responsive customer support for all of its products. The Animal Pak support section provides a blog and forum containing helpful information on how to choose the right supplement or vitamin stack for your needs. They also make it easy to contact a representative via phone and email using the “Contact” link on their site. Their support department is available Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (EST). According to reports, most inquiries are met with a swift response within a few hours on weekdays.
Safe & Secure Checkout

As an industry leader in the volume of supplements being sold every year, Universal Nutrition and their distributors are committed to using safe and secure checkout processes. Such precautions ensure that customers are able to order products without worrying about the confidentiality and privacy of their personal financial information. An untold number of professional bodybuilders have been safely relying on online orders from Universal Nutrition since the beginning of eCommerce – the company itself precedes the existence of online stores.


Animal M-Stak Pricing

This product comes in canisters that contain 21 vitamin stacks or “packs.” Each canister contains a full 21-day cycle and costs $33.98. So, at roughly $33,98 for a 3-week cycle, the cost comes out to be about $1.62 per day. That’s not really an excessive expense for something that has given many people great results. The fact that this is a cycle-based supplement rather than an ongoing expense is also worthy of consideration.






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