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What Is Viril Performance?

Viril Performance is a testosterone boosting supplement designed to boost stamina during workouts and increase energy for longer workouts. It is also supposed to build leaner and stronger muscle mass, supply energy before a workout. It is also said to shorten recovery times from workouts, and give an overall stronger body which leads to better overall health.

The ingredients in the product are to help increase decreased levels of testosterone. One of the effects of low testosterone levels is fatigue beyond the normal level. If you are tired you won’t be able to endure longer workouts at the gym and you will see less results. This product claims to raise the energy levels in your body and make you feel stronger. Also, the ingredients are said to be 100% natural and completely free of any steroids. This would mean less negative effects on the body as compared to other products with reviewed harmful artificial ingredients. However, lack of manufacturing information might lead you to question if the ingredients are in fact the ingredients listed and if the environment in which the product was made is a healthy and safe one with good working conditions.



The Manufacturer for Viril Performance is unclear. It says that the website for the product is owned and operated by Nutrilife Solution Limited, with an office located in the U.K., however it does not say that they make the product. The manufacturer might be assumed to be Viril Performance as well. But if so there is no information for it or how the product is made or where it is made and most importantly, if it was safely made in a conducive work environment.

The lack of information is also combined with confusing information. The Viril Performance site is originally in French, but there is no evidence that the product itself is French. And the only address given for the product is located in the U.K. But this company, called Nutralife Solution Limited, is said to own the website and not the product itself. So this leaves you to question who actually made the product, if it actually contains what it says to contain, and again, if it is safe. There is an email to contact, so it certainly would be worth sending a message to try to clarify these questions before purchasing the product.


How Viril Performance Works?

To see maximum results for Viril Performance, you should take the supplement daily. According to the reviews, the results can be seen relatively quickly. It also affects your performance at the gym giving more workout time and longer hours. You should also accompany the workouts and supplement with a good diet to see maximum results. You should stay away from fatty foods and a diet that has too many carbohydrates in order to see fullest effects.

The product claims to increase blood flow in the body and also O2 levels, which means the muscles will repair themselves more quickly after workouts. Your body will heal itself faster than it would from a normal workout alone. You can take the supplement before working out to give you the longest possible workout with increased strength and endurance. The review says you should see results after a few weeks on your body, but that you should see smaller effects such as increased energy right away.


Ingredients of Viril Performance

Viril Performance claims to give you the right combination of ingredients to give adequate nutrients and vitamins for muscle growth. It does not contain steroids that cause bad side effects in the body. The main ingredients are Magnesium, Fenugreek, Vitamin B6, Zinc and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride. These are supposedly all-natural ingredients and no unnatural ones. There is a label to confirm what is in the tablets and also to ensure safety of the contents.

The ingredients are formulated to increase testosterone in the system, thereby increasing the capacity of your workouts and strength. It is also meant to increase your endurance, leading to increased muscle mass built at a faster rate. Finally, the product is said to enhance metabolism, which will effectively help to burn calories more quickly and therefore fat. It is also designed to increase blood flow throughout the body, which also increases the effectiveness of your workout. Overall, the natural ingredients should lead to less negative side effects, and also help boost your gym results beyond your normal workout routine, as well as increase your energy levels for a longer workout.



Viril Performance is said to boost stamina for workouts, increase energy during the day and also in the gym, help develop muscle mass and decrease fat, and help develop an overall healthier, stronger body. The ingredients are all-natural according to the reviews and the label, and it is also said an advantage is there are no steroids in the product. Steroids lead to negative health consequences such as balding and acne, and also might affect the liver with liver disease and other problems.

Also, the product is said to stand against its competitor supplements because it targets the main problem of lower testosterone levels- decreased energy. The formula is designed to give you more energy overall and during workouts to give you more stamina and longer times at the gym. This leads to a better and stronger body, it says in a short amount of time. Also it says that with other products there is instant energy but that it doesn’t last long. The product is also safe for daily intake. The all-natural ingredients are supposedly safer, and this combined with the effects on the body to increase muscle and decrease fat should give good customer satisfaction.



There are no specific certificates for Viril Performance, but some ads say that it increases energy levels by 283% in tests done. It also says that it boost testosterone by up to 140%. And as well it is supposed to increase blood flow in the body and O2 levels, which means that there will be faster recovery times during workouts because muscles will heal themselves more quickly after time at the gym.

Also, if you take a supplement immediately before working out, you should see the longest possible workout with the energy you receive from taking the supplement. Also maximum results should be noticed after several weeks of using the product, which is relatively quick, and you might immediately notice the increase in energy. However, there are no certificates or personal reviews verifying its effects. But you can see the natural ingredients it claims to have when you view the label. However the lack of manufacturing information might lead you to question if these are the actual ingredients in the product. It might also lead you to ask how the product was made, if it was made safely, and where the product was made, which might affect the quality standards.



There are not many reviews found for Viril Performance other than those advertising the supplement. There are many claims of the product’s effectiveness on the sites trying to sell the product, but the lack of user reviews might lead someone to question if there is anything positive to be said about Viril Performance. There are also no negative reviews of the product. The ads simply give the positive effects it is supposed to produce. It is said to develop better muscle mass, increase endurance during workouts, and improve overall performance.

Also the lack of a manufacturer information, such as where the product is made, leaves you to wonder if the lab was good, safe, and what exactly went into making the product. The website is originally in French, but the address provided on the bottom of the page is a London address, so it is not clear where the product actually comes from and nothing is listed. However there is an email, which, if you email, might give you more information. Overall the lack of reviews might make you want to try another product that has actual user information.


Awards & Media Coverage

Viril Performance has no awards or media coverage to speak of. And actually even on blogs and in social media there is not much to be said from users or any other source of information. The supplement is designed to increase stamina in the gym and energy during workouts and also in one’s daily life. It is also claimed that the customer will be able to workout harder and longer. However there is no award or media coverage claiming this as well outside of ads.

It is also supposed to help eliminate excess fat from he body and also reduce the development of fat cells, as well as build muscle. It also claims to be 100% natural and therefore not harmful like other testosterone booster supplements with artificial ingredients, or steroids, which can lead to aesthetically unpleasant results and long-term health problems. Also, the manufacturer is unclear. The product is therefore in question as to its contents, safety in its production, and also the quality and standards of the environment in which it was made. Overall, the product claims to do a lot that it might not actually deliver.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee listed on the site, but free delivery is mentioned. So whatever you purchase, do not plan to get your money back if you decide you do not like the product. Also remember that with all supplements, there is no guarantee to see any results before several weeks, so plan on buying a couple of months worth supply and taking it before you can adequately assess whether you like the product.

You are promised that you can cancel your contract with them any time up to the seventh working day from the time you received any product ordered. You must notify them in writing to their email address. If you receive the product before you cancel the contract you need to send back the goods at your own cost. You should not tamper with or unpack the product before you send it back. So there is no trying the product and then sending it back for any kind of refund. However given the product arrives back to the manufacturer safely, you should be refunded.



You will receive your order of the product at the address you give when you place your order. Delivery will be made as soon as possible after the order is accepted and within 30 days of your order. You will become the owner of the goods once they are delivered to you, and they will be held at your own risk. You will be liable and not offered a refund if you destroy or tamper with the items from the shipment.

It is said there is free delivery on the site. This is good, but make sure to compare the price on this site to other sites to see if the price on this site is higher. If so they might be hiding the shipping fees in the overall price of the product. With many products this is the case that they will offer free shipping for the product to stack favorably against competitive retailers, but then they will put the cost elsewhere in the product. This means the overall cost will be the same.


Customer Support

There is an address provided on the website as well as an email contact. However upon reading the fine print you find that this is the address for the website owner. This makes you question if there is actually an address from the manufacturer that you can write to for any information. In the legal agreement it says you can also write to the email address with any cancellations of order. You can try to write them about any other questions you have. Since there is an email address provided this is promising that you might get answers with any information you are seeking. There are no online chat options or telephone numbers.

There is no telephone number or any promise that you can reach customer support 24/7, as with other products on the market. Also, the confusion about the manufacturing information should possibly be something a potential customer might want to address, since it is not clear on the website. The lack of information provided might lead you to ask where the product is manufactured, if it was safely made, and any other questions to ensure safety of the product. It is also stated that you can email them regarding a free trial. You can sign up for a subscription and cancel online without contacting a customer support representative.


Safe & Secure Checkout

They say they take privacy seriously. They collect information visitors to their website and people who register for their services. They will collect your name, post address, email, and telephone number. It sounds like they will already have more information about you than you have about them. They will also take your credit card number and expiry date. This means they will have your financial details in order to charge you after any free trials.

Always be wary of anything offered for free if they ask for your credit card information. Look to see what is in the fine print and how long you have to cancel any orders before you will be charged, for your safety. They also gather information to process any orders you make. They may also send you promotional emails to help market their products. There are no listed SSL Certificates, but they do ensure that your personal information will be safe including firewalls, browser certification technology, passwords and limited access.


Pricing & Free Trial

There is no free trial listed on the site for Viril Performance, but if you click on their legal terms at the bottom you will find a section regarding a free trial and its terms. It says you need to provide your personal details such as email and address, and request a trial of the product. You will also be charged shipping and handling charges, which they claim are detailed on the website. The trial is said to last 14 days from the time you place your order. They do not provide a guarantee as to the date or time of delivery. However you can contact the support if you have not received the product within seven days of the date of your order so that the trial period can be adjusted.

If you do not contact customer service within 14 days of your order for the free trial, you will be charged the full price of the product. The charges will be made to the credit card provided for the trial. You will be sent a 30-day supply of the product every 30 days after that from the 30th day following the first order for the trial. After this charge, however, you can cancel the subscription and send back the product to receive a refund, if the bottle has not been open or tampered with. There is no cost listed online, so you must confirm the cost at checkout.


  • It is safe to be taken on a daily basis to maximize results.
  • It is supposedly made from all-natural ingredients Magnesium, Fenugreek, Vitamin B6, Zinc and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride.
  • Testimonials from users said that the product keeps you free from jitters, anxiousness and irritation, intestinal difficulties, and bloating.
  • It is completely free from steroids.


  • Lack of user reviews for the product lead one to question how good the effects of the product are on the body.
  • Lack of clear information about the manufacturer makes one ask if the ingredients listed are the actual ingredients, and if the product was made safely in a safe environment.
  • There is no telephone number to call about the product.

Viril Performance

Summary: Viril Performance is a supplement designed to boost testosterone and therefore boost stamina during workouts, recovery between workouts as well as energy for longer workouts and in every day life. It is supposed to help build leaner and stronger muscle mass and reduce fat, as well as produce an overall stronger body and better health. The ingredients are said to be 100% natural and therefore safe to use with less negative effects than other products with artificial ingredients and steroids, which lead to long-term health problems. The lack of clear manufacturing information might make you want to clarify where the product was made and if the environment in which it was formulated is safe, and the lack of reviews for the supplement may make you want to look elsewhere for a product with real user opinions.

FREE TRIAL to $89.95
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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