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What Is UltraMax Testosterone?

Many of the same hormonal and metabolic responses in the male system that are responsible for creating the best intimate functions, have a unique influence over workout performance. UltraMax Testosterone is a dietary supplement that supports physiological systems in a man’s body. When supported with testosterone, these systems produce energy and a “desire for conquest.”

The intrinsic need to perform well lies at the heart of the male psyche and is supported by many of the compounds included in this supplement’s formulation. This product stimulates a man’s body to recognize and utilize the volume of testosterone found in the blood supply. Testosterone is the main hormone that controls intimate functions, but is also the primary hormone that affects physical performance.

This supplement helps a man’s body recognize the presence of testosterone, and directs it to vital biological systems that are responsible for regulating muscle growth and physical prowess. Many men have the desire to be more vigorous in the gym, but lack the motivation to work hard. This supplement ignites the power of testosterone to produce typical responses to exercise, hardcore training, and physical stimuli that increases a man’s sense of strength and power. This increase in overall confidence boosts a man’s ability to function as a formidable member of a gym community, and consistently build new muscle mass.



UltraMax Testosterone is produced by Edgeline Performance of Santa Ana, CA. This company is known as a provider of holistic health products including vitamin packs and weight loss supplements. This company has only recently ventured into the realm of male health and bodybuilding supplements. Its dedication to purity of ingredients has opened inroads to exploring and offering supplements that benefit the male bodybuilding community.

The flagship line of Edgeline Performance products includes supplements geared toward male performance. The most popular and effective offering by this company is a regimen of products that are designed to accelerate testosterone production, assistance in the growth of muscle, continued testosterone production, and gaining fuel for post-workout recovery. UltraMax Testosterone is firmly within the company’s product line addressing the need for testosterone and energy production.

Edgeline Performance maintains a low company profile, but is recognized as a producer of exclusive male health and exercise products. This company prefers to establish contact with consumers through online sales only. Edgeline is an American company, and it can be contacted by email or telephone.

This company maintains a profile with many online health product distribution sites. The products it sells are very popular and available to a wide clientele. Its popular bodybuilding products are distributed worldwide through online sales.


How UltraMax Testosterone Works?

This supplement reigns-in the available testosterone in a man’s body and directs it toward physical exertion. This exertion can manifest in many ways. For men who do not have an active life in athletic arenas, testosterone potentiation will have direct effect on work stamina and daily energy output. For men who do exert themselves in the gym on a regular basis, this supplement will have radical effect on how workouts are approached.

The presence of testosterone allows men to experience using enhanced energy thresholds before, during, and after workouts. When the body recognizes and utilizes free-flowing testosterone, it’s similar to tapping into a fountain of youth and strength. Healthy, vigorous, and strong men who have adequate testosterone to burn, will naturally be able to attack workouts in a more meaningful and goal-oriented fashion.

There are a host of factors that come into play that keep men from utilizing the hormonal fuels found in their bodies. This supplement activates testosterone in a way that guarantees it will be used efficiently with any physical activity. This means that all hard resistance workouts will be tackled with maximum amounts of strength, post-workout recovery periods will be minimized, and a continual sense of power and virility will be present while taking this supplement.

The increased power, strength, and energy gained from this supplement does not come from synthetic, or chemical compounds. A surprisingly simple and holistic natural matrix of ingredients composes this supplement’s active composition. This is a benefit for bodybuilders with a strict dietary code.


Ingredients of UltraMax Testosterone

In order to produce the hormonal effects of increased energy and stamina, many products on the market use chemically-altered ingredients. The benefit of using this supplement is knowing that all the ingredients are derived from natural sources. This is one of the best qualities of the company that produces this product. A dedication to only using natural derivatives increases the range of bodybuilders who are likely to use this product, and perfects a completely natural approach to sports performance through natural testosterone boosting. The ingredients of this product include well-known, and somewhat exclusive substances.

Wild Yam – This extract contains diosgenin, which can produce androgenic effects in the body similar to other androgens. It is a DHEA precursor and substitute that is very effective in activating muscle function.

Sarsaparilla – The compounds extracted from this root have been proven to increase muscle mass. It is considered a blood-primer and an excellent immune booster.

Epimedium – This plant derivative is known to inhibited the effects of the PDE-5 enzyme. The PDE-5 enzyme minimizes Nitric Oxide distribution in the blood, so the presence of Epimedium is effective in feeding muscle fibers during vigorous activities.

Nettle Extract – This supplement reduces the binding of dihydrotestosterone to catabolizing elements. This allows testosterone to have a more lasting affect on the muscular system.

Saw Palmetto – This popular plant extract has a positive effect on minimizing the symptoms of lowered testosterone levels. This substance supports prostate health, and all unique aspects of male function, including muscle endurance and growth.

Tongkat Ali – Men with low testosterone levels due to stress and age can experience a boost in testosterone levels through regular ingestion of this herbal substance. It is proven to be effective in reversing chronic low testosterone levels.

Orchic – Raw Orchic can reduce testicular testosterone production, which is a primary cause of fatigue and low energy in men. The support provided by this plant extract can create immense positive shifts in energy levels resulting in more productive workouts.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate – This mineral supports healthy brain, muscle, bone, and soft tissue function.



The same biological qualities present in men who are “champions” in intimate settings, are present in men who possess the necessary qualities to build great physiques. The main factor is testosterone. Men who include UltraMax Testosterone in their daily supplement intake are more likely to experience testosterone levels that are conducive to productive, muscle mass-producing workouts. This is especially true for men who have experienced low levels of testosterone due to age, injury, chemical imbalances, or other biological conditions.

Building muscle mass requires a specific balance of nutrients and hormones in the body. Males lacking in testosterone have a hard time seeing muscle mass gains, even after maximum effort in the gym. This is mainly due to the body’s inability to repair and fuel muscles properly after exertion. When little testosterone is present, physical exertion only results in muscle wasting and fatigue. This supplement activates receptors in the body that upload free-form testosterone like any other nutrient.

When testosterone is recognized, muscles receive more fuel, become stronger and bigger, and can work with more intense loads. Higher levels of usable testosterone means that muscle tissue will have the fuel needed to grow and perform well under stress. A litany of other positive benefits is also experienced.



There are three important certifications that UltraMax Testosterone has received. These certificates indicate the purity in production that most working men and bodybuilders look for when choosing a testosterone booster. These certificates are evidence that some official scrutiny has evaluated and approved this product.

The first is an “All Natural” certificate, which tells consumers that all of the ingredients contained in the supplement are derived from non-chemical and non-synthetic sources. Some testosterone boosters have substances that create an immediate blood volumizing effect. These make it seem as if they are working right away, but they quickly diminish. This product has a natural formulation that creates sustained and gradual testosterone increases over time.

The next certification is the “Made in USA” stamp. This means that the manufacturer can prove all of the processing used to make this booster occurs in the United States, and conforms to all industry regulations. Men who take this product must realize that even though it is made in the United States, some of the ingredients could have been cultivated in different parts of the world. Quick internet searches can provide information on the main countries where this product’s ingredients are grown.

The third certificate is a company issued 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This means that in accordance with the company’s methods of advertising, sales, and returns, the option exists to be reimbursed if there is a degree of dissatisfaction in the product’s performance. From consumer reporting, dissatisfaction claims associated with this product are few.



At this stage of my life, working out and building muscle is very difficult. I work either six, or seven days of the week on a shifting schedule, so I have to fit lifting in whenever I can. The fatigue is sometimes overwhelming. I know my body is producing less testosterone and more Cortisol than it should. I have been taking this booster for three months, and I do notice fewer days where I absolutely can’t find energy.

– Brian, 37, Atlanta, GA

I’ve never had trouble building lean mass, but I’ve always had trouble staying lean while doing so. Something that UltraMax Testosterone does helps me to not pack on fat pounds, but allows me to eat more. This product might have helped me finally discover an ideal internal balance.

– Stephen, 24, San Francisco, CA

I know in order to increase muscle size and strength, certain plateaus must be overcome. I’ve always found it hard to cross those plateaus because I can’t produce maximum force during key lifts, or my mind is focused on things outside of the gym. I have definitely noticed that this booster has given me a max force edge, and helps me keep my thoughts zeroed-in on each tough set.

– Eric, 29, San Diego, CA

Every guy at a certain age notices that parts of his physique ‘collapse’ unexpectedly. Around 50, my trouble spots included biceps peaks, and my glutes/hams. This supplement has done something to my testosterone production, and I have discovered a new level of toning, muscle ‘graininess,’ and aesthetically pleasing striations. Now, from pics of those specific muscles, no one can guess my age.

– Gary, 57, Columbus, IN


Awards & Media Coverage

Usually, awards are given to bodybuilding supplements and their manufacturers by sales groups and consumers. These awards are often given because of volume sales and popularity, not necessarily because of the breakthrough ways in which the supplements work. UltraMax Testosterone can be considered an exclusive product because it is not found on mainstream shelves. Accolades, however have been given to this product in the form of positive reviews.

The most popular men’s magazines in the United States have featured reviews of this product. Because it is specifically designed to enhance the physical appearance and performance of men, it peaks an interest in the core readership of these paper and online magazines. Specifically, Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy, and Men’s Journal have all dedicated editorials to promoting this testosterone booster.

Of particular note, the online reviews of this supplement compose a wide range of consumer opinions regarding its efficacy. All of them identify this supplement as a healthy and powerful way to support male physical performance in the realm of physique sculpting and brain function. It seems that just as many men who love this product, also report an indifferent opinion about how it works. This is typical for most testosterone boosters because men’s physiologies are different, and goals are very diverse. Being featured in high-profile magazines however, does lend credit to the company’s claims of increased performance through testosterone support.


Money-back Guarantee

The 100 percent satisfaction guarantee mentioned earlier is extended to all consumers who purchase and use this product for the recommended trial period. Some men notice no change in their daily physical performance. Other men see incredible results, but choose to discontinue use. Still, others find it difficult to continue use because of financial reasons, or lifestyle changes. All of these cases are afforded an opportunity to activate the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.

The main reason a money-back action is requested, is a decision to not use the supplement that falls within the initial trial period. A 14-day period from the finalization of an initial order is provided to weigh all purchase decisions. If a cancellation of an order is requested, a refund will be extended minus a reasonable restocking fee. This company’s money-back guarantee is mainly in effect to cover rare instances of delivered damaged products, or order shipping problems. There is evidence that some consumers use this company’s money-back guarantee to fraudulently capitalize on orders, so proof will be requested before any refunds are made.



UltraMax Testosterone is shipped from a United States warehouse utilizing the services of major carriers like FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service. Once orders are placed, consumers will receive an automated confirmation via email. This notice is an official recognition of an order contract, but does not nullify any future disputes regarding orders.

This company is also careful to only ship to private customers. At any time, a shipping order can be cancelled if there is evidence that the party placing the order is a reseller, or distribution service that has not made a prior contract with the manufacturer. Shipments can also be cancelled, or delayed if the billing and shipping information provided on the online order form is invalid, or has a history of fraudulent action.

In general, there are very few reported problems with shipping of this supplement. Most of the buyers of this product are located within the United States, so delivery delays and lost orders are rare. Every order and subscription package is sent in plain, discreet packaging that includes vital order information and codes. It is advised that all information contained in each package be kept in case problems arise, or until another shipment is received.


Customer Support

Edgeline Performance has invested great resources into its exclusive testosterone booster products. Their proprietary information is highly guarded property, and only available to customers who purchase their supplements. This company has indicated that it is very confident in the formulation of UltraMax Testosterone to produce noticeable changes in the way bodybuilders and elite athletes stimulate muscle growth, develop greater endurance and energy thresholds, experience quicker recovery times, and exert themselves cognitively. All users of this supplement have the opportunity to consult with the company’s customer service department regarding any questions about use and ordering.

The Edgeline Performance Billing & Customer Support Office maintains convenient contact hours for all of their customers. Online and industry reviews and forums indicate very little activity regarding disputes and protracted inquiries, which indicates that this service is quick at resolving consumer issues, and is staffed with competent representatives.

Customer support is available during the hours of 8AM-8PM, Monday-Friday, Central Time.


Safe & Secure Checkout

There is absolutely no evidence from consumer reporting that suggests security problems with ordering UltraMax Testosterone online. Since this product has a wide distribution, it follows that people using various browsers, mobile and computer devices, and various credit and debit methods are afforded a high level of security. The product’s order pages are secured with multiple types of security measures.

A 256-bit encryption protocol is the foundation of the site’s verified security. Edgeline Performance also ulitizes the services of online commerce security services like DMCA, Comodo, VeriSign, ScanAlert, and McAfee Secure. This conglomerate of services virtually eliminates the possibility of any type of data breach, sharing, or selling. Ordering this supplement online is completely safe for both consumer and product provider because daily site scanning and evaluation is performed.


Pricing & Free Trial

Discounts and coupon codes for this supplement can be found in many magazines and through online promotions. The company’s free trial offer however, is the most popular means of bodybuilders having the opportunity to try it without risk. Ordering an initial bottle of this product only requires that the buyer cover shipping charges in the amount of $4.95.

Once a free trial order is authorized and completed, the buyer will immediately enter a 14-day period for reviewing the product, or cancelling a subscription. If no action in that period is taken, an $89.95 charge for the full price of the first bottle of UltraMax Testosterone will be attached to the indicated account on the order form. This also allows the company to ship continuing subscription bottles at full price every 30 days.

If a customer decides to not keep the initial bottle and return it for a refund, a written request must be made to the company’s Customer Support Office. This process can be a little confusing for some consumers, but there remains no financial obligation except for shipping charges if refund requests in writing are made within 10 days of product delivery. This is a system designed to allow bodybuilders to become familiar with the UltraMax Testosterone shipping and billing process, as well as, having the opportunity to survey the product at home.


  • UltraMax Testosterone is meant to be taken as a daily dietary addition, and not necessarily a pre-workout stimulant only.
  • All ingredients are derived from plant sources, and do not interfere with the action of other bodybuilding supplements.
  • Though intended only for men over 18 years old, this supplement is effective for male athletes of all ages.


  • Men looking for extremely quick androgenic effects may be disappointed that this product requires prolonged use to be effective.
  • Men with problems balancing B vitamins in their systems may be dissuaded by medical professionals from using this product.
  • UltraMax Testosterone can only be purchased through a secure online company order page.

UltraMax Testosterone

Summary: UltraMax Testosterone is a testosterone booster that is designed to give bodybuilders and male athletes an accelerated level of energy reserves, strength enhancement, gains in quality muscle mass, and proper function for adequate exercise recovery. The ingredients in this supplement are certified as holistic and natural. They are formulated to maximize testosterone output over a prolonged period of time. All qualities of male athletic performance are supported through the unique formulation found in this product.

FREE TRIAL to $89.95
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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