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What Is Ultimate Testo Explosion?

Ultimate Testo Explosion is an organic pre-workout supplement marketed as a performance enhancer to raise testosterone levels and optimize workout ability. It is specifically designed to lead to a more toned, ripped physique and to benefit men in numerous areas of physical fitness and performance. The ingredients in its formula consist of an all-natural blend of herbs, plant extracts and minerals. It is marketed to adult men from a range of demographics all over the world.

One of the primary intended markets for this supplement is any man who wishes to improve upon his fitness, burn fat and gain more powerful workouts. It is also marketed to athletes who are seeking a safe, legal dietary supplement to ramp up their performance in the game. Another key demographic is professional bodybuilders and weightlifters who are looking for a “secret weapon” to build strength and muscle. This product also claims to be very effective for older men who want to restore the testosterone levels naturally depleted by age. In short, it is marketed to any adult man who is looking to get ripped quickly and safely.



Ultimate Testo Explosion is manufactured by a company by the name of Massive Muscle, LLC. Company headquarters for Massive Muscle LLC appears to be located in Los Angeles, CA. Judging by a quick online search, Ultimate Testo Explosion appears to be the only product marketed by this particular company. This merchant may also be relatively new, as the copyright date on the official product website is 2016. There is, unfortunately, no sort of company history, ‘About Us’ section, links or other such information on the website.

Some consumers may feel hesitant about buying from a company whose history they are unsure of and may also perhaps be newly established. However, the advantage to buying from a new company that manufactures a single product is that all of the company’s resources are allocated to that single item. This means that since all finances, research and development funds are dedicated to the one product, hopefully resulting in a higher quality level in a way that could not be attained were their resources divided. Fortunately, the manufacturer does offer a trial period to allow users the opportunity to find out for themselves.


How Ultimate Testo Explosion Works?

In short, this dietary supplement works by boosting free testosterone levels in the body, thereby improving physical and performance-related traits. As many are aware, testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. It is closely related to strength and anabolic growth factors. Ultimate Testo Explosion’s formula purportedly works by instigating a complex chemical reaction resulting in the increased production of testosterone, which it achieves both actively and passively. The manufacturer recommends at least ninety days of consistent use to achieve optimal results.

Once the formula hits the bloodstream, it works to actively increase t-levels and also to inhibit testosterone-suppressing hormones. This also results in increased Nitric Oxide production, which is essential for delivering nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. This not only allows more blood flow to muscle tissue — and hence more effective pumps and greater stamina — but is also crucial to less muscle fatigue and shorter recovery time. Users are instructed to take a capsule before one to two times daily before workouts with a large glass of water. Consistent use of the product is associated with greater and more long-lasting gains.


Ingredients of Ultimate Testo Explosion

All of this workout supplement’s ingredients are completely natural. One such ingredient is L-Turaline, an amino acid similar to glutamine. This particular amino acid is popular in bodybuilding communities due to its reputation for being able to help muscle cells store more water and increase cell volume. Both of these effects are helpful to muscle-building because, through direct and indirect biochemical processes, expanded muscular cells are better able to foster protein synthesis, which results in larger muscles. L-Turaline is also reputed to be effective in increasing mental focus and energy levels.

Yohimbe is another key ingredient in Ultimate Testo Explosion’s proprietary formula. Yohimbe, classified as an indole alkaloid, is an evergreen tree native to central and Western Africa. Its bark contains a substance called Yohimbine that is reputed to have significant thermogenic capabilities as well as energy-raising properties. It is thought to be very effective in dilating blood vessels, which leads to better workouts and longer endurance. It has experienced a surge in popularity in weightlifting communities due to its ability to burn fat.

In addition to antioxidants, L-Citruline is another central ingredient in this product’s formula. This organic compound is an amino acid that is known for boosting Nitric Oxide levels in the body. Good Nitric Oxide levels are essential to muscle development, as it delivers nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. It is commonly used in sports performance arenas to help athletes gain endurance, stamina and strength. It is also helpful in reducing the lactic acid buildup that happens with exercise, leading to less soreness and faster recovery.



According to the manufacturer, ‘impossible is nothing’ with use of Ultimate Testo Explosion. The most important advantage to this product is, of course, the increased ability to build bigger, more sculpted muscles. With greater stamina and endurance of course come better workouts, and better workouts in turn mean more lean muscle mass and a toned, sculpted physique. This supplement also offers fat-torching capabilities so users can burn off the overlying layer of fat to reveal the lean muscles underneath. Harder muscles and strength are advantages very much sought after by men, weightlifters and athletes alike.

Another advantage promised by this workout product is less recovery time after workouts. This is likely due to the increased blood flow to muscles, which not only allows muscles to work harder but also decreases soreness and helps muscle tissue to heal quicker. Faster recovery time also means, of course, less time between training sessions. Fitness professionals and muscle-minded men in general will likely find value in amped-up workout sessions and decreased soreness promised by the manufacturer.

Ultimate Testo Explosion also offers major testosterone-boosting benefits to older men whose levels may have dropped with age, leaving them with softer muscles, decreased strength, greater muscle fatigue and less energy in general. According to the official product website, men’s t-levels drop an average of 2-4% per year after the age of thirty. This supplement promises to restore the youthful strength and vitality lost with age. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, this product also promises better hormone production and sharper mental focus. Confidence is another likely advantage, considering most everyone would agree that looking better and getting stronger is a major advantage both in the gym and in life.



Unlike many of its competitors on the health and fitness supplement market, the manufacturer of Ultimate Testo Explosion does not offer information regarding any certificates its product may have earned. The official website does not reveal where it was manufactured and distributed (i.e., ‘Made in the USA,’ for example), nor does it disclose whether it was made in a GMP-certified lab. For those who may not be familiar with the GMP stamp, GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and serves to ensure consumers that products with this certificate have met a set level of quality and manufacturing standards. This merchant would likely be wise to at least provide information for these certificates.

The only certificate visible on the product website is the ‘Certified Merchant’ logo from InsureShip. InsureShip is a company that specializes in online shipping insurance services. It helps companies increase revenue, decreases chargebacks, reduces customer service and boosts customer confidence. As for customers themselves, this certificate serves to assure that the merchant has invested in shipping insurance to keep all orders safe during delivery. Curious customers would be well advised to contact Ultimate Testo Explosion’s customer service department for more information.



I would definitely recommend this stuff to any guy who wants to get shredded fast. Ultimate Testo Explosion was crucial to my performance in the last contest I entered. I placed second, which for me is the highest ranking I’ve achieved in the five years I’ve been entering bodybuilding competitions. Even during contest prep, I noticed how much more I could lift and how much less effort it took. This is by far the best supplement I’ve tried yet. – Andy, professional bodybuilder in Cancun, NM, USA

I just started incorporating this into my diet and workout regimen a couple of months ago, and I’m already noticing a big difference. I’ve lost ten pounds and gained almost two inches of muscle. If you’re willing to put in the work, this supplement will help you get jacked. I haven’t had any side effects, and unlike other supplements I’ve tried, it doesn’t leave me jittery in the least. Ultimate Testo Explosion is my new secret weapon. – Jim, metal worker in Knoxville, TN, USA

I was hesitant at first, but after signing up for the trial and mixing the capsules into my pre-workout protein shakes for a couple of weeks, I started to see a major difference. I had a lot more energy not only in the gym but at home at the end of the day. Ultimate Testo Explosion has definitely been a win for me. – Rick, project manager in Issaquah, WA, USA

This has been part of my secret training program for almost a year now. My buddies have been asking me how I got so built so fast when last year, I could hardly bench half my body weight. Now, I’m at 90%, and I don’t believe this would have been possible without the extra boost this stuff has given me. – Tim, engineer in Scranton, ND, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

As this particular workout supplement is fairly new to the fitness market (judging by the 2015 copyright date on the official website), Ultimate Testo Explosion will require more time to determine its eligibility for awards as well as what impact it may have in the popular media circuit. Despite its lack of visible TV, radio or magazine appearances, however, it has made a considerable impact online. It has been featured in bodybuilding blogs and fitness forums across the web. Not only that, reviewers have had primarily positive things to say about the results they have gained with consistent use. Its marketing range is also extensive, as it can be found sold in numerous popular online fitness supplement websites.

Most notably, the official product website boasts a logo reading ‘Proudly #1 Best Product Ranked #1 In Category.’ While this is undoubtedly impressive, the manufacture does itself a disservice by not revealing what organization or website bestowed this honor. To some consumers, this omission may come across as a questionable oversight at best or dishonest at worst. The company would be well advised to link to whatever website or organization bestowed this honor. This would not only foster consumer trust but also boost the company’s revenue.


Money-back Guarantee

Fortunately, Massive Muscle LLC allows potential buyers the opportunity to test-drive Ultimate Testo Explosion via a 14-day money-back trial period. The only charge involved is a minimal shipping and handling fee. After the order, the company then sends the customer a 60-day supply of capsules. The customer is allowed to defer payment of the product for a full fourteen days while testing it out to see if the results are everything promised by the manufacturer and enthusiastic fitness forums. Once the purchase has concluded, the customer’s credit card on file will be charged the full amount of the next thirty-day supply of the product, which will remain in effect until the customer calls customer service to cancel. Customer service can be contacted at any time to modify or cancel an order.

If a user is less than satisfied by the results gained through use of Ultimate Testo Explosion, they are advised to simply call the customer service number provided within thirty days of the date of order. The support representative will then provide them a Return Authorization Number (or RMA number), and instructions to return the product. Unfortunately, in order to be eligible for a refund, the bottle must be returned within thirty days of order unopened with the safety seal in place. Many customers may be opposed to this policy, since there is no way for them to test the product if they can’t open it. The merchant would be well advised to revise this policy in order to offer a true money-back guarantee.



The manufacturer of Ultimate Testo Explosion offers a variety of shipping options, more than a great many of their testosterone booster-manufacturing competitors. Customers can choose between FedEx Express, the United States Postal Service and UPS. The product is available to ship anywhere within the United States as well as a variety of countries throughout the world. For the trial order, the shipping and handling fee is a nominal $4.95. The website even offers an expected delivery date at checkout. Alternately, if a customer were to make a non-trial offer one-time purchase with the product shipped within 24 hours.

The 24-hour shipping period is standard for all orders, i.e. all orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Orders are shipped Monday through Saturday excluding USPS-recognized holidays. In these cases, orders will be shipped the morning of the next business day. The ‘Terms and Conditions’ page states that orders will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail complete with tracking information. Actual delivery time, of course, will vary by region.


Customer Support

Fortunately for Ultimate Testo Explosion buyers, the manufacturer offers several channels of customer support. A customer service representative can be contacted via a 1-866 toll-free telephone number 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only exceptions to support availability are, of course, major holidays. If accurate, these are by far some of the most extensive and impressive customer service hours in the fitness supplement industry. However, on the contact section of the official website are a list of specific customer service hours calculated in Central Standard Time, which are clearly not round-the-clock hours.

The company would be wise to clarify which of these listed policies are accurate: 24/7 customer support hours, are the listed Central Standard Time hours? Aside from the telephone, customer service representatives can also be contacted via an email address listed on the website. There is also a Los Angeles, CA physical address provided on the website for returns. Regardless, the company does provide representatives to answer inquiries at any point before, during or after the sale.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The product manufacturer offers an exceptionally safe and secure checkout system. Visible upon checkout are several important safety logos, including MasterCard SecureCode and Verified By Visa. MasterCard SecureCode offers customers a private, secure code for each purchase in coordination with their bank. This secure code requires identity verification in order to receive this code. Verified By Visa, on the other hand, works to protect customers from unverified purchases.

Another security logo present upon checkout is a logo reading ‘Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Connection.’ This is an encryption method that works to encode customer banking information with cipher keys, thereby preventing data theft and/or unauthorized use. It is also widely regarded as one of the strongest methods of encryption in the industry today. Clearly, Massive Muscle LLC appears to be a company that has gone to impressive measures to ensure the privacy and security of both personal customer information and financial data.


Pricing & Free Trial

Buyers of Ultimate Testo Explosion are offered two pricing package options. According to the company website, Option #1 is a single purchase option that charges the customer a one-time fee for the regular price of the product. The benefit to this option is that the customer will not be enrolled in any recurring charge program, and can then order again at their leisure. Option #2 is the 14-day trial offer, wherein there is no charge save for the upfront $4.95 shipping and handling fee. If the buyer does not call customer service to cancel the trial at the end of the evaluation period, they will then be enrolled in an auto-ship program where their credit card will be indefinitely charged $98.49 for a monthly supply every thirty days (until and unless the customer chooses to call the toll-free number provided to cancel).

According to the terms of the trial period, if the customer does not call to cancel the trial, they will be billed the full price of the original product and then billed again for a fresh supply. The new charges will be billed 44 days after the original date of order. If a buyer chooses to end the trial before it has concluded, they are allowed the option of either returning the remaining portion of the product or keep the unused portion and pay a $9.95 retention fee. The customer is responsible for any and all overdraft charges incurred during the ongoing auto-ship program.


  • The manufacturer promises explosive workouts and bigger, harder muscles fast.
  • Buyers can try Ultimate Testo Explosion before committing to buy via a 14-day trial period.
  • The formula is all-natural, legal and safe for most users.


  • There is conflicting customer service hours posted on the official product website, which may confuse customers.
  • Some users may experience an allergic reaction or a medication interaction with the plants, herbs and minerals in the formula.
  • Some customers may find the auto-ship program to be an inconvenience.

Ultimate Testo Explosion

Summary: Ultimate Testo Explosion is an herbal pre-workout supplement designed to help men over the age of eighteen gain fast lean muscle mass, burn fat, improve energy levels and jack up stamina and endurance in the gym and in everyday life. The company offers a 14-day trial program that allows customers to try the product before fully committing to buy. Upon ordering, customers receive a variety of shipping options and a comprehensive customer service program.
Although the product is 100% natural, those with certain allergies and/or medical conditions will want to consult their doctor before trying.

FREE TRIAL to $98.49
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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