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What Is Ultimate Male?

Ultimate Male is an organic nutritional supplement marketed as a workout-enhancing testosterone booster. It was developed by a Nashville, TN-based manufacturer that has offered a successful range of merchandise in the health and fitness industry for a number of years. It is marketed to men all over the world to help raise natural testosterone production in order to burn more fat and to help men get shredded faster. Its formula is 100% organic and features Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali and Yohimbe Extract as its active ingredients. It purportedly helps to elevate energy levels, increase strength and endurance and to cut post-workout recovery time.

This pre-workout testosterone booster is marketed to adult men all over the world and promises to be beneficial to any man who wants to build and sculpt lean muscle. It is also marketed to athletes who are seeking to improve their sports performance legally and naturally. In addition, it is designed for bodybuilders, weightlifters and other fitness professionals who are looking to take their workouts to the next level. Due to Ultimate Male’s testosterone-boosting formula, it also promises to help older men restore depleted testosterone levels for a fitter, more youthful physique.



Ultimate Male is manufactured by a company named Patriot Health Alliance. The company describes their mission as helping to support health, energy and well-being with premium dietary supplements and educational information. Patriot Health Alliance develops and markets a variety of health and fitness products including health- and energy-boosting drinks, workout boosters and other such products. Its corporate headquarters are located in Nashville, TN. All of its operations are overseen by CEO Jeff Reagan.

Part of what makes this merchant unique in the supplement industry is its dedication to providing health solutions for the older demographic. Patriot Health Alliance’s website states that it is committed to creating incredible products for people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The company employs doctors and other health professionals to develop its products, hoping to bring consumers the best health solutions possible. It is likely customers will appreciate the easy accessibility and detailed company history this merchant offers.


How Ultimate Male Works?

This testosterone booster is designed utilizes an organic formula blend of plants, herbs and extracts that is designed to work synergistically with the body’s natural processes to enhance performance ability. When the capsules dissolve in the bloodstream, the extract additives trigger a chemical process that stimulates the active production of free testosterone. They also claim to work by suppressing hormones such as estrogen that inhibit and/or prevent testosterone production. With increases in the levels of this natural steroid hormone come touted gains such as more power, strength and energy to fuel workouts. This power boost is key to propelling the kind of intense, sustained strength training that produces results like stronger, harder muscles and a ripped body.

Another purported function of the ingredients in Ultimate Male is to increase vasodilation, which is essentially defined as the widening of the blood vessel walls. This dilation allows for more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygenated blood to working muscle tissue, facilitating stronger pumps and longer workouts. Vasodilation also helps to cut recovery time after workouts by lessening muscle fatigue, cramping and soreness. Less recovery time of course means the potential for more time in the gym. Considering how vital the muscle pump is widely thought to be in regards to anabolic growth, the transportation of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to musculature is key to the development of new muscle cells.

Although some men may be under the mistaken impression that there exists a ‘magic pill’ for muscle-building, the fact is that Ultimate Male (and all other testosterone boosters) is designed to be used as a supplement alongside an effective strength-training program and a balanced, protein-rich diet. It comes in tablet form and should be used only as directed. Users are instructed to take a pill or two before workouts with a glass of water or a protein shake. Although all of the ingredients are indeed all-natural, it is important to thoroughly research all of the extracts to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction.


Ingredients of Ultimate Male

The active ingredient in this testosterone booster’s proprietary formula blend is Tribulus Terrestris, a popular ingredient in the current crop of natural muscle-building supplements on the market. Tribulus Terrestris, also known as Puncturevine and Devil’s Weed, is an annual flowering plant grown in especially dry regions around the world. Many in the fitness community believe this extract helps to significantly boost testosterone production, to increase the development of lean muscle mass and to combat muscle cramping. It also has a reputation for stimulating production of nitric oxide, a gas known for its ability to dilate blood vessels and allow for efficient nutrient delivery to muscle tissue.

Horny Goat Weed, also known as Epimedium Grandiflorum, is another key ingredient in Ultimate Male’s formula blend. This herb has been used for many centuries in Chinese medicine for a variety of medicinal purposes. It is thought to be especially effective in stimulating blood flow as well as in raising energy levels. Tongkat Ali, a flowering plant native to Asia, is thought to increase free testosterone levels by stimulating the release of luteinizing hormones, which then triggers the Leydig cells within the testicles to produce more testosterone. It also lessens the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

This formula also features Yohimbe Extract. This extract is taken from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree and is believed by many in the bodybuilding community to support fat loss by blocking receptors that cause fat production. There is some clinical research supporting this assertion, although perhaps not enough to make a definitive judgment. Ashwagandha, which is extracted from a small evergreen shrub grown in Africa, the Middle East and India, is thought to raise energy levels and to support immune system health. Dindolymethane is another Ultimate Male ingredient extracted from cruciferous vegetables many believe is effective in helping men to lean out and gain muscle mass.



Perhaps the biggest touted advantage to using Ultimate Male is the ability to ramp up testosterone levels naturally, driving male workout performance and enhancing the ability to pack on lean muscle mass. This is an especially big advantage for older men whose t-levels may have lowered as a natural result of aging. As many workout fanatics are aware, physical symptoms of testosterone depletion can include muscle weakness, fatigue, lowered strength and endurance as well as softened muscles. This product promises to help boost those levels to allow men to combat the adverse effects of aging and to build and sculpt their ideal bodies.

Heightened energy levels is another promised benefit to using this product. Not only are users promised more energy in the gym but also more energy in daily life. With the increased blood flow believed to be an effect of the plant extracts in the capsules, users are promised less muscle cramping and soreness, shorter recovery time and even greater mental clarity due to increased blood flow to the brain. Other touted benefits are greater immune system function and hormonal support as well as improved vasodilation and thermogenesis (fat-burning capability). Perhaps most compellingly, users are promised maximized workout ability to help them build more muscle in a shorter period of time.



Patriot Health Alliance, the manufacturer of Ultimate Male, guarantees that all of their products are manufactured in the United States. To many US consumers, this assures a high level of quality in product efficacy and manufacturing standards. The company also asserts that according to their records, over 91% of their customers were satisfied with the results of their purchase. This is an impressive statistic, though the manufacturer does not provide any links to verify this statement. Overall, many fitness-minded consumers are likely to be impressed by Patriot Health Alliance’s high product success rate and US manufacturing standards.

It is clear upon even a quick visit to the company’s website that promised quality through nationalism is a strong and recurrent theme. From the manufacturer’s name itself to the American flag prominently displayed on the website, this is a merchant that appears to strongly pledge to uphold premium standards in quality and manufacturing. The one certificate not apparent on the website is the one indicating that Ultimate Male was made in a sterile, FDA-approved laboratory. Patriot Health Alliance would be wise to display this if indeed their products are manufactured in such a laboratory.



For me, Ultimate Male really is the ultimate in testosterone boosters. I’ve tried quite a few, but this is the only one I’ve tried that gives me an energy boost I can feel minutes after I take it. I stack this with my go-to energy drink and I feel like I power through workouts. This stuff has been a major win for me. – Troy D., bodybuilder in Kent, WA, USA

Since I started taking this two months ago, I’ve been able to almost double my session length. My muscles are bigger and more defined, and the guys at the gym keep asking me what my secret is. I’ve told them all about Ultimate Male, and I would recommend it to any guy who likes to lift heavy and hard for the best results possible. – Max N., server in Melbourne, Australia

This stuff tastes good, it kicks in fast and I can feel a noticeable improvement in my endurance levels. I’m 43, and I feel like I’m in better shape now than I was in my twenties. My six-pack is coming back through, my biceps have more definition and I’ve added rock-hard muscle all over. My girlfriend loves this stuff as much as I do! – Damon P., welder in Boulder, CO, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Patriot Health Alliance’s products have been featured on hundreds of media outlets including TV and newspapers. It has also been featured on hundreds of websites including Glenn Beck and WND. Its website states that it has also made appearances on news outlets like The Blaze. The manufacturer would be wise to link to these appearances to build further customer trust and loyalty. Overall, it seems this product has had an impressive media run.

Although Ultimate Male has not won any awards at this time, its apparent popularity suggests that may be a possibility in its future. Judging by the extensiveness of the reviews featuring this product on bodybuilding sites all over the web, it seems to have made quite an impact on the online fitness world. Patriot Health Alliance, its manufacturer, also maintains a moderate presence on the social media channels as well.


Money-back Guarantee

If for any reason Ultimate Male does not meet a buyer’s expectations, the manufacturer provides full return instructions on the company website. Patriot Health Alliance offers the unique offer of a no-questions-asked, 100% lifetime money-back guarantee; however, nowhere on the product website does it appear to detail the terms of this policy. What it does state is that the manufacturer offers a full refund if requested within 30 days of the purchase date. Customers must send back the used or unused bottle to company headquarters for a full refund. This is an advantage, as many workout supplement suppliers will not issue refunds for used bottles.

Users may encounter some confusion regarding the refund terms on the official manufacturer/product website. While the transaction sections guarantees a 100% money-back guarantee, directly below the statement is another assertion promising a “200% refund” if users follow the product directions and still see no results. The manufacturer will likely want to clarify this in order to eliminate confusion among their buyer demographic. There is also a recurring auto-delivery program for all single bottle orders, which means users will be charged and shipped a new bottle of Ultimate Male on a monthly basis approximately a month after their initial purchase date. While some customers may find this to be a major inconvenience, this auto-charge program can be canceled at any time by contacting the customer service department.



All orders placed within the United States are shipped out the same day. According to the company’s shipping policy, all orders are shipped via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. Orders will arrive at the address on file within 2-5 business days. For Canadian orders, the company estimates about a ten-day arrival time. All shipping and handling costs – whether for a standard sale or for a return – are non-refundable.

The merchant ships to anywhere within the United States and Canada. Shipping costs vary according to the number of bottles purchased; for a single bottle, shipping and handling is an unusually high $9.95. However, shipping for multi-bottle orders are free of charge. The company does not appear to specify whether it delivers shipments on weekends.


Customer Support

Patriot Health Alliance encourages customers to contact their support department for all questions regarding Ultimate Male. There is a toll-free telephone number to speak with a live representative. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CT. Customers will likely appreciate the extra weekend day customer service availability. There is also an email address for further support convenience as well as a live chat customer service option.

The supplier does state on the official website that there may be delayed customer service responses due to unprecedented demand for their merchandise. They do offer a video response from one of their customer service representatives to further explain the delay situation, which the manufacturer explains is due to an increased volume in product sales. There is also a Nashville, TN corporate address on the product website for mail orders and correspondence. The merchant also provides full return instructions on the product website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The product website displays a range of SSL security software seals assuring customers of a safe and secure transaction. These safety seals include Norton Secured and Trust Guard: Security Scanned and Honest Online (of which the manufacturer has been an active member since January 2017). These SSL certificates authenticate the merchant’s identity and encrypt customers’ personal and financial information. This prevents cyber attackers from intercepting any informational exchanges between the web page and the customer’s computer. According to the privacy policy, the padlock icon in the browser’s status bar and the specified web prefix in the URL bar are both indicators that the session is secure.

In addition, the seller states that the Patriot Health Alliance checkout page offers further security with the Symantec Class 3 EV SSL Web Server Certificate. As visitors can clearly see on the transaction section of the website, it is protected by a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer connection. This encryption software ensures that all data transmitted is scrambled in order to be unreadable by potential cyber attackers. Patriot Health Alliance states that it also utilizes a third-party credit card processor that meets strict international data security standards to manage all credit card transactions. The company also explicitly states that it does not keep credit numbers on file.

In addition to using encryption to scramble customer data in case of illegal interception, the merchant also uses software to scan the website for any phishing, malware or other attempted misuse of customer data online. This software scans for potential security holes and vulnerabilities. It seeks to prevent Trojan Worms and viruses from infecting the website. It also scans the company’s system to PCI standards, which keeps the merchant is in strict compliance with information security standards. Clearly, this manufacturer has gone to great lengths to ensure the security of its customers’ sensitive information.



Patriot Health Alliance offers Ultimate Male customers three different pricing packages from which to choose. The first is a single bottle of a one-month supply of 60 capsules for $49.00, which is an exceptional deal in the current supplement industry. The second option is three bottles for $149.99 plus free shipping and three free bonus gifts. The third option is also $149.99 but this time for five bottles plus three free bonus gifts. It is odd that the price is the same for five bottles as it is for three, but as long as the listed prices are accurate, customers are sure to find great value in the package tier.

The manufacturer also offers the unique policy of allowing customers to place orders over the phone, which is a rarity in the supplement industry. Also included in multi-bottle orders are three free bonus gifts, a great incentive for customers who may be on the fence about whether to go with a package deal. Accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Some customers may be frustrated by the lack of a PayPal option, which has quickly become the safe, secure method of online payment. Still, the cautious consumer may perhaps be won back by the manufacturer’s investment in their comprehensive SSL safety and security suite guaranteeing a secure transaction.


  • The manufacturer offers a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.
  • Purported benefits include a natural boost in testosterone production, ramped-up muscle strength and elevated vitality and energy levels.
  • Ultimate Male customers who purchase multiple bottles at checkout are awarded three free gifts with purchase as an added incentive.


  • Customers who contact the customer service department may experience a delayed response due to the company’s self-described “unprecedented” increase in product sales.
  • Shipping and handling charges for a single bottle are a bit expensive at $9.95.
  • Some customers may be frustrated by the lack of a PayPal payment option.

Ultimate Male

Summary: Ultimate Male is an organic workout-enhancing dietary supplement designed to raise testosterone levels, leading to greater muscle strength, elevated energy levels, increased endurance and the ability to sculpt and define lean muscle mass. Its formula blend is 100% natural and legal featuring Tribulus Terrestris as its central ingredient. It is designed for men in general as well as for athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters and older men seeking to restore youthful muscle mass and vitality. The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee as well as a flexible pricing package tier for multiple orders. It has made appearances on a wide variety of media outlets and is marketed and sold to fitness-oriented men all over the world.

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