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True Testo Max Review – How Make a Difference?

What Is True Testo Max?

True Testo Max is a supplement for developing and maintaining lean body mass. It converts fat calories into energy helping to began that process. The company reports that it does so exceedingly quickly which helps to improve energy and metabolism effectively and fast. However, it also suggests that the best results are not activated until the product has been used consistently for 90 days. As such, the product is created to encourage weight loss, weight management, more effective workouts, and an overall healthy lifestyle. It is especially for men aged 30 and older whose bodies have begun to decrease the level of testosterone naturally produced. The company claims that it is America’s best selling testosterone supplement currently on the market.

Many testosterone supplements are available, and each one has a slightly different way in which it accomplishes it goals and slightly different emphases with regards to the various purposes of testosterone. The main purpose of the ingredients combined together for this product, as mentioned already, is to help bodybuilders to achieve the body mass they are aiming for. What makes True Testo Max distinct is its distribution of testosterone. It is designed to find the parts of the body that have the lowest level of testosterone and to spread the hormone there, just where it is most needed in order that whole body may have a balanced level of testosterone making muscle mass not only lean but also even.

The supplement is made out of ingredients that are either naturally produced in the body, like the main ingredient testosterone, or are natural food products. As these ingredients work together to burn fats they also hinder fats, calories, and carbs from becoming damaging excess but instead to contribute to energy that helps motivate toward a healthy exercise routine and endurance for longer workouts. It is intended, therefore, to pave the way for heavier lifting and more pumps as well as an increased ability for pushups, crunches, and many other types of exercise.

The company claims that the ingredients are clinically attested to be safe and that no adverse effects are associated with their product. They guarantee a safe and effective experience in writing on their website. Furthermore they claim that their product is the most recommended by trainers and gym instructors. And while they assure that customers who take the supplement according to the directions should not experience any negative side effects, they state that their product has shown to provide several positive side effects including cardiovascular benefits and mood enhancement.



The True Testo Max company is responsible for this supplement. It is in fact the only product that the company produces and sells. This means that information regarding the manufacturer of the product available is always integrated with information about the product itself. With that in mind, most discussion about the company and its business will wait until the later sections that deal with their business and customer support practices.


How True Testo Max Works?

The supplement works with lifestyle and workout decisions that the customer has already made in such a way that the natural benefits of those decisions and habits are enhanced. The product instructions inform customers regarding the appropriate dosage to ensure that the supplement works as it what designed to in order to help achieve the lean muscle mass and increased workout effectiveness sought through testosterone supplements and to begin providing these benefits within the first two weeks of use. As it removes excess fat, calories, and carbohydrates, it quickly increases metabolism and energy beginning the process of building the muscle mass that the customer is pursuing.

Because it targets the specific parts of the body that have the least testosterone naturally flowing to it, the testosterone that the supplement adds to the system is sent directly to those locations. This means that there should not be any risk of disproportionate testosterone production that creates uneven muscle mass growth as is sometimes associated with other testosterone supplements. Instead, the results should be even and consistent working in sync with the bodybuilder’s workout habits and the body’s needs.

As a result of the ways in which this product works, customers should expect that within two weeks of taking the supplement they will be able to gradually increase the intensity, length of time, and weights of their bodybuilding workouts. Energy is increased not only to enhance the actual performance of bodybuilding but also throughout the day in such a way that helps prepare for the next workout and keep the discipline consistently. Along with that consistency, then, the supplement also increases endurance so that this improvement in all aspects of the workout regimen is possible.


Ingredients of True Testo Max

The main ingredient listed on the product packaging is an unspecified mixture of ingredients. Because supplements are not required to seek FDA approval, they also do not need to conform to the FDA standards of listing every individual ingredient on the product packaging. Some supplements refuse to be explicit about their combination of ingredients in order to product the originality of their product. This is unfortunate, however, as customers often rightfully feel uncomfortable taking a product in which they do not know exactly what is in it. Since a company can publicly release all of their ingredients while still protecting their unique formula through not publishing the specific amounts and concentrations of each ingredient, this lack of clarity can be a reason for concern when deciding whether or not to try the supplement.

Despite the main ingredient being a mysterious blend, the list of contents on the product’s packaging does include calcium, tongkat ali extract, saw palmetto extract, orchic substance, wild yam substance, sarsaparilla, nettle extract, and boron. The most important of these ingredients to accomplish the said goals of a testosterone supplement is the tongkat ali extract. This ingredient has been demonstrated according to many scientific studies to increase the levels of testosterone in men old enough to experience a decrease in what is produced naturally. While the studies are more related to the sexual effects of testosterone than anything related to bodybuilding, the results nevertheless show this ingredient’s relevance to any purpose for which a man could desire an increased level of testosterone.

The fact that the product includes tongkat ali extract means that at least a portion of this supplement has been subjected to significant scientific research far more than is common for most supplements of any type on the market. This helps to give an assurance for the effectiveness and the safety of a product without FDA approval, something most supplements do not obtain as they are not required to. Nevertheless, where the blended ingredients that combine to make the supplement’s main ingredient are not made known to the public, there is still reason for concern regarding information that the company may be keeping from their customers.



A vast majority of customer reviews report the product doing for them exactly what it promises to on its website. They report feeling energized and ready for workout very soon after starting to take Nutranetex. They report increased energy that helps them motivate themselves to begin workouts, a boost in the length of time in their workouts, and the amounts of weight they are able to lift. Based on these factors of customer reviews, the following benefits are most commonly reported with the use of True Testo Max when taken according to its product instructions:

  • An increase in the level of testosterone produced by the body of up to 16.4%.
  • Fast delivery of testosterone to the parts of the body receiving less, thereby increasing muscle mass and doing so quickly.
  • Improvement of strength that allows bodybuilders to increase bench presses up to 67%.
  • Increased energy for longer, more intense, and more consistent exercise of all types.
  • Develops a strong and ripped physical appearance.
  • No significant side effects commonly reported.
  • No adverse health effects known to ever be reported.

Because these factors are attested by both customer reviews and advertised on the company’s website and because most of the customer reviews available for the product report trying this product initially because it was recommended by a trainer, they help point to True Testo Max as likely being the safe and effective testosterone supplement that it claims to be. The safety aspect, however, is based on generally short term use as most customer reviews are written very shortly after beginning to experience benefits from the product. This means that there may not be a way of currently testing for longer-term negative effects, but most of what is available looks promising.



Once again it must be mentioned that supplements like this product are not required by law to seek FDA approval and are thus not subject to FDA standards. However, there are other organizations that confirm the all-natural claims, the safety, and the effectiveness of supplements like this one. True Testo Max has received GMP certification for positive general manufacturing practices. Such a certificate, therefore, is helpful to make up for some of the questions of the company’s lack of transparency with regards to its product’s ingredients. GMP certification does not have stringent requirements, but it does imply that the ingredients in the product do accomplish what the company says they will.



The first testimonial found is from a man named Kyle who emphasizes the overall enhancement of his workouts. He describes the rigor with which he always exercised and the healthy diet and other lifestyle decisions that were normal for him. Yet once he began to take True Testo Max, he was able to exercise in ways he says he could not even imagine before. He claims that the results he has experienced from the use of this product are results that have transformed his body in terms of health, physical fitness, and physical appearance.

The next testimonial is from a 41 year old bodybuilder named Shaun. He reported that he researched all the possible performance enhancement products available. He found this to be the best of all the products he looked into for muscle recovery. This is interesting, as muscle recovery is not an aspect of bodybuilding that even the True Testo Max website discusses directly in its intentions to sell the product, yet the ingredients it does list specifically are thought to aid greatly in that area.

The final testimonial is actually one against the product and for the pursuit of supplements from honest companies, which this individual believes True Testo Max is not. Trainer and blogger Gert reportedly posts an accurate picture of himself along with a photo shopped picture that he claims has been stolen and used for advertising by this and other companies who also place a fake testimonial and an assumed name with that picture, none of which he authorized the right for any company to publish. The current pictures on True Testo Max’ website indeed look very much like those Gert published. Gert’s site is one full of easily provable, legitimate facts and tips that are helpful for bodybuilders. It must be mentioned, therefore, that if Gert’s claim is correct, then the first two above testimonials and other product reviews in this review may be of similar value regards to their validity as what Gert reports happening to him, since the origins of these testimonials cannot be traced with certainty.


Awards & Media Coverage

No record of any awards that True Testo Max has received can be found. If they have received any, they do not publish this information on their website and it is very difficult to find any such information elsewhere. Although the company has certainly been on the market long enough to receive a relevant industry award, their GMP certification helps to provide attestation within the industry to the product’s relative effectiveness and safety.

Media Coverage
Men’s Health included True Testo Max in an article on many various testosterone supplements that are currently on the market and popular. Its mention was more for the purpose of awareness that the product exists within the market of testosterone supplements than either a recommendation or an encouragement against the product in any explicit manner. Consumer Health Digest included True Testo Max in a similar type of article, but its interest was particularly on the sexual effects of the supplement, not providing any relevant information for bodybuilders.


Money-back Guarantee

True Testo Max’s website claims that it operates under a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, but as is characteristic for several aspects of this company, they do not explain what that entails. Is it just a statement that fits alongside all of their very bold claims, or does it mean that they will refund money for customers who are not satisfied? If they do refund, will they only do so for new customers or can more frequent customers receive a refund if they once had positive effects that they are no longer experiencing? Will they replace a broken or damaged package free of charge with free shipping?

Many questions abound with their so-called “100% customer satisfaction guarantee.” Mostly, what is it? They do no offer any answers regarding what this policy is and how (or even if) it benefits its customers. Whether or not it actually is a money-back guarantee like that offered by many reputable companies or just a baseless bold claim to make their product look attractive on their website is a very important question for customers to consider, and unfortunately we cannot find an adequate answer, adding to the suspicions already mentioned regarding this company’s integrity.



From every page on the True Testo Max website there is a prominent link to an order form. On that order form there is a brief description of the free trial offer along with pricing information including the shipping and handling associated. That prominent link on a few of the website’s pages is a button that says “Rush my free trial.” However, there is no explanation anywhere on the website regarding what “rush” means. They promise to be fast, and they promise to ship within 24 hour hours of the order, yet they give no indication of the type of shipping they use, therefore giving the customer no estimate of when they can expect the arrival of their sample supplement.

Without more specific details, this definition makes it unfortunately possible for customers to define a rushed delivery much differently than how the company defines it. While the company is not clear with regards to the time in which it takes for customers to receive either a free sample or a subsequent order, they are very clear about the cost of shipping. The initial trial order is subject to a shipping and handling fee of $3.95 and a mail insurance fee of $1. After this trial period is complete, the company automatically charges customers for a monthly supply and ships that supply until the customer cancels; the shipping and handling for each of these monthly orders is $9.95.


Customer Support

The True Testo Max website offers no phone numbers, no email addresses, no chat option, and no link to be able to contact the company’s customer service. Perhaps they make customer service information available to customers after they have ordered a sample, either along with the product packaging or in a confirmation email of the company’s reception of the order. But no search for any information or reviews of customer experience with the company’s support brought about any results. This means that we cannot even confirm that the company offers any customer service at all. In addition to the other questions regarding their business practices we’ve already addressed, this vagueness is on the verge of a red flag that the company’s promises may not be reliable.


Safe & Secure Checkout

True Testo Max includes a “Privacy Policy” on the front page of their website in which they list all the security certificates that their website has. This includes security in checkout with every order placed, ensuring that when a customer provides a credit card number and other personal information, that information will be sent over an encrypted system that ensures it goes nowhere it is not supposed to. To begin listing those certifications would make for reading as interesting as the “Privacy Policy” on their web page, but customers can be assured that what is specified in that “Private policy” is easily confirmed, and that this confirmation shows that all interactions on the website are safe for customers, their finances, and their computers or devices.


Pricing & Free Trial

In the initial order customers are sent a free 14-day sample which includes 28 capsules. Every subsequent shipment provides a monthly supply of 60 pills. The cost for each monthly supply is $89.95. A shipping and handling fee of $9.95 and a mail insurance fee of $1 are added on top of the cost of the supplement. This is a good competitive rate with other testosterone supplements on the market.

The free trial begins the day you register and order (not when you receive the product) and lasts for 14 days. Because the product may take up to two weeks to start having any of its intended effect (and up to 90 days before its full effect is realized), the free trial may not be enough time to tell if the product is right for the customer or not. The sample sent is a 14=day supply, but because the free trial period begins prior to the reception of that 14-day supply, customers will be charged for the first monthly supply before reaching the 14th day worth of doses.

Although the sample is free, a shipping and handling fee as well as an insurance fee do apply to this initial shipment. On the 15th day after the customer has registered for an account with True Testo Max, that customer will be charged for a monthly supply, and this monthly charge and shipment will continue automatically until the customer cancels. Of course the customer does have the right to cancel within the trial period, but since that period may not be long enough to tell if it works, doing so risks the lack of any benefit from the product.






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