Tribusteron 90 from Olimp Sport Nutrition

Tribusteron 90 by Olimp Sport Nutrition Review – Is It Suitable for Aging Bodybuilders Too?

What Is Tribusteron 90?

Tribusteron 90 is a nutritional supplement that increases the natural level of testosterone within the human body. Testosterone levels are an important aspect of being competitive in the bodybuilding and fitness professions because increased levels of the hormone result in higher levels of muscle formation and fat depletion. Aging bodybuilders often turn to products that increase the hormone to assist with muscle growth as well as to prevent muscle loss, which is a common component of aging.

The supplement uses a special ingredient to manipulate the body into increasing its level of testosterone. Unlike synthetic testosterone supplements or injections, naturally increasing the body’s testosterone doesn’t often result in negative side effects. The recommended dosage suggests that athletes take the oral supplement once a day on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, taking supplements on an empty stomach can result in nausea for certain individuals.

Since the majority of bodybuilding and fitness competitions have banned synthetic variations of the hormone, so many athletes have turned to natural supplements. This has resulted in an increase of testosterone boosters on the market, and many of them are similar to Tribusteron 90 in that most of them use the product’s main ingredient within their formulations. The product is put through thorough testing, but the actual clinical trials have not been released to the public, so the exact level of testosterone increase is not verifiable.



The manufacturer of Tribusteron 90 is Olimp Sport Nutrition. The supplements company is based in Poland and began created nutritional supplements in 1991. They offer multiple different product lines that focus on specific needs. The categories range from extreme athletes in both professional and amateur areas to the average person that is trying to improve their weekly workouts. The products come in powder, capsule, bar, chews and cream spread forms.

The company requires that all products go through a three-step scientific check. This includes checking the ingredients in different aspects of the process. It starts in their raw form followed up by testing the formulation in its bulk form before doing the final tests on the completed product. All of the supplements are also put through three types of laboratory test including microbiological tests, chemical tests and organoleptic tests.

Since the company is located in a country of the European Union, the legal regulations on nutritional supplements are far stricter than they are in the U.S. The increased restrictions often result in safer product formulations. All of Olimp Sport Nutrition products abide by the standards set by the GMP which sets quality standards for the products as well as the work environment in which they are created. Such standards have resulted in multiple certifications for quality control and impressive management skills.


How Tribusteron 90 Works?

Tribusteron 90 works by manipulating the body to increase its natural level of testosterone. Testosterone levels decrease as a person ages, which results in a slower metabolism. When the metabolic rate of the body decreases, individuals often notice an increase in fatty tissue. As a person’s fat cells increase in quantity and size, they will usually also experience muscle loss and fatigue.

The product is able to increase the level of testosterone thanks to its main ingredient: Tribulus Terrestris. This plant contains saponins which are believed to increase the luteinizing hormone. When this hormone is increased, it signals the brain to produce more testosterone. This results in a person having excess amounts of the hormone within an hour of taking the supplement.

Once testosterone is increased within the body, it acts as a jumpstart to the metabolic system. Fat cells are burned at an increased rate, so areas prone to excess fat like the stomach show results much quicker. As fat cells are being burned, muscle cells are also being built at an increased speed. The recovery time for post-workout sore muscles is reduced because the cells repair themselves much quicker, so a person can work out longer and at a greater intensity.


Ingredients of Tribusteron 90

The main ingredient of the product is Tribulus Terrestris. The ingredient comprises 90 percent of each capsule, so the majority of what a customer is consuming is an active ingredient and not a binding agent. Tribulus Terrestris is actually a plant native to the Mediterranean, which cannot be eaten in its raw form but is considered safe when dried and turned into powder. It is used to increase the body’s production of testosterone naturally to burn fat cells quicker while increasing the rate of lean muscle production.

Other ingredients include Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Gelatin. Microcrystalline Cellulose is used to bind the powder together while preventing it from activating before being digested. Magnesium Stearate is used to keep the ingredients from separating after they are formed, so the product can sit for longer periods of time without losing its effectiveness. Gelatin is used in the formation of the capsules.

Compared to other testosterone boosting supplements, the product does have the perk of minimal ingredients. Many natural testosterone boosters on the market include Tribulus Terrestris in their ingredients, but the component is typically accompanied by a long list of other elements. The use of Gelatin does mean that the supplement doesn’t qualify as a vegetarian or vegan-friendly product.



The product has the advantage of passing multiple laboratory tests. Many of the testosterone boosting supplements on the market do not require any professional testing because nutritional supplements do not require federal approvals. Since Tribusteron 90 goes three types of testing in three different stages of production, there is a sense of consumer security that is applied to the product.

The limited number of ingredients is also an advantage that the product has over its competition. Many products use multiple ingredients to achieve the same results that this supplement provides with only a single ingredient. By choosing to focus on one main ingredient, there is no chance that the effects will be dulled by other elements. There is also a smaller chance of any interactions with prescriptions or other supplements.

The supplement is part of a well-known company known for its hygienic production. The company has received multiple certifications from government offices for meeting quality production standards. This limits the risk of foodborne illnesses for consumers of the product. This is in contrast to other companies because supplement manufacturers do not always have to follow the same quality guidelines as pharmaceutical companies.



Although the product itself doesn’t hold any certification or patents, the company holds multiple certifications for laboratory and factory quality management. One of these certifications is the ISO 22000, which is awarded based on quality control. To qualify for this certification, the production process meet certain hygiene and food safety requirements. This covers things like hair nets and gloves for employees. Cleanliness of the working environments is factored into this set of standards.

The company also has HACCP certification. This certification focuses on the tools and equipment used to create the product. Certain requirements also include measures for hygiene, but it focuses on the safety of the equipment to keep both the customer and the employees safe. The HACCP certification also covers the safety and quality of the laboratories in which the products are formulated and tested.



Since my teenage years, I was always on top of my fitness game until I hit 30. By the time I reached 35, the majority of my muscle mass had disappeared, and a fat belly had replaced my eight pack. I started this supplement last year hoping for at least increased energy to survive my workouts. Not only could I get through my workouts, but I was able to workout at a higher intensity and for longer periods of time. That fat belly has melted, and my muscles have re-emerged.

– Jacob S., Portland, OR

I became interested in bodybuilding a few years ago, so I finally decided to work toward becoming a competitor. The increased intensity of my workouts were showing little results while making me extremely tired. I ended up trying out this supplement to give me a little boost, and within three weeks, I’ve experienced amazing results. My muscle mass has almost doubled, and I’m finally in the shape I need to be to enter a competition.

– Charles T., Salt Lake City, UT

I had always assumed that as long as I was in shape in the first place, I wouldn’t have any trouble working out as I got older. Unfortunately, I found myself working out for longer periods but never able to actually stay on top of it. It took less than a month of taking Tribusteron 90 to see serious results. My muscles are more defined than they have ever been before, even during my teenage years.

– Trent H., Memphis, TN


Awards & Media Coverage

Tribusteron 90 has not yet received any media coverage from fitness outlets or awards. The lack of coverage may not be a direct reflection of the product, especially considering that it is only available in countries that are part of the European Union. Its small market limits international coverage and prevents the supplement from being entered into worldwide supplement competitions. The product is further limited because its primary audience consists of bodybuilders and professional athletes, so there are fewer publications for the niche market.

The manufacturer has received multiple awards for its line of supplement products. It has been awarded trophies based on how the company operates as well as its scientific achievements in the supplement industry. These awards include multiple Product of the Year achievements which are voted on by pharmacists in Poland and conducted by the Apteka Publishing House. They have also received Quality of the Year for multiple products on different years and can only be awarded to patented formulas.

Along with product specific awards, they have earned multiple business and operational awards. In 2014, the company was awarded the Fair Play Enterprise for its management strategies that resulted in the improved lives of employees as well as local businesses. The business was also awarded the Forbes Diamond achievement in 2013. This prize is only awarded to companies that increase in value at top speeds in comparison to their competitors.


Money-back Guarantee

The company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee for Tribusteron 90 customers based on satisfactory results. However, they do offer a 14-day refund policy. Customers have 14 days from receiving their package to contact the customer service department. Once the company has been contacted, they will direct the customer as to the proper way to return their items. The customer has another 14 days to return the package to the refunds department once they’ve spoken to customer service.

Damaged packages must follow the same rules as the refund process. The customer needs to contact the company by email, traditional mail or telephone within 14 of receiving the damaged item. If exchanging the damaged item, the new package will be sent as soon as the damaged package is received. All refunds will also be processed as soon as the returned item has been processed by the company. The money will be refunded to the account from which the original purchased was processed.



Unfortunately, the company doesn’t operate on an international level so customers residing in the U.S. and Canada cannot purchase the product. The company only ships directly to countries in the European Union including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Poland. This also includes customers within the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and a collection of Scandinavian countries. There are also select cities and areas within the approved countries that cannot receive the product such as Isle of Man, Canary Islands and Malta.

Shipping is set at a flat rate of 10 euros for this product, which is equivalent to around 15 dollars in the U.S. Products are shipped by standard mail and should arrive within 14 days of purchase. If any customers receive damaged packages, they should immediately contact the customer service team to arrange a return shipment for either a refund or exchange. The customer will be responsible for the return shipping, but they won’t be required to pay another shipping fee for the replacement item. Both sets of shipping costs will be refunded to the customer’s card after the process is completed.


Customer Support

Customer support for the product can be reached by email, standard mail and phone. The support staff covers information regarding returns and exchanges, refunds, damaged items and shipping information. When a customer receives a damaged product or has decided to cancel their order within the appropriate time frame, the support staff will file the necessary paperwork on behalf of the customer. Once the official complaint has been reviewed, the team will contact the customer through their preferred means of communication.

The customer service staff is expertly trained to handle all questions regarding their products including information pertaining to the ingredient lists. The team can also answer concerns regarding any possible medication interactions. Support representatives can be contacted during traditional working hours. Any customers who contact the service after 5:30 p.m. will have their call returned the following day. Digital correspondence is guaranteed to be given a response within one day.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Tribusteron 90 can be purchased through a safe and secure checkout. The web page is encrypted with a Secure Socket Layer that prevents any outside sources from accessing confidential information. This prevents hackers from not only attempting to take credit card information from the website’s servers, but it also prevents anyone on the same network from viewing the information as it’s typed onto the page. The company does use cookies for its web pages. Cookies are used to temporarily store information on a customer’s hard drive.

There are multiple forms of digital payment accepted. These forms of payment include credit cards and debit cards backed by credit companies including Visa and MasterCard. The website has received safety certificates like the MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa which are visible at the bottom of the site. PayPal is also accepted which allows an option for individuals who prefer to not enter their credit card information directly onto a web page.



The product is only available in one size which includes 120 capsules. The company recommends a daily dosage of one or two capsules on an empty stomach, depending on an individual’s size and how easily they are affected by the main ingredient. The possibilities in dosage result in the product lasting from two to four months. One bottle is priced at 23.99 euros, which translates to around 36 dollars in the U.S.

The supplement is priced much lower than many of its competitors. Other natural testosterone boosters on the market typically cost around 80 to 90 dollars in the U.S. These products usually only include a single month worth of product whether they are designed as capsules or powder. Tribusteron 90 is also one of the few products that have undergone scientific testing, while many of the more expensive products have never been properly tested. Compared to the average cost of other testosterone boosters, Tribusteron 90 costs less than half of what its competitors charge.






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