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What Is Titan XT?

Titan XT is an all-natural dietary supplement for men who are looking to optimize their training and get the best results from their workouts. The supplement increases the nitric oxide level in the body for a two-part benefit: increased testosterone and blood flow. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for building muscle mass, definition and vascularity. An increase in blood flow distributes oxygen at a faster, more efficient pace to the body’s organs, which aids in improved endurance, stamina and energy while helping with muscle recovery following workouts.

Titan XT is a supplement made from a blend of natural and organic plants and botanicals. There are no additives or artificial fillers, and it is free of chemicals or synthetic elements. Because of the all-natural ingredients, it has been declared safe for daily use and will not damage body tissue or organs. The all-natural composition of this product means it is legal and safe for daily use by competitive athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters.

When combined with a balanced, protein-rich diet and regular workouts, this supplement has been declared to boost testosterone in aging men who are seeking a safe and reliable way to optimize their training. With daily use as directed, the supplement can augment a consistent workout routine to build lean muscle mass, decrease fat buildup, increase vascularity and improve overall fitness and body physique and appearance. The dosing instructions state the supplement should be taken two times per day in conjunction with a balanced diet and weight and cardiovascular training.



It is assumed that Titan XT is both the product name and the product manufacturer. There is limited online information about the company; however, the claims and testimonials by current users reveal a product that is well-respected among the bodybuilding and weightlifting community. Online discussion forums and community billboards include positive reviews from users who state the product helped them achieve their fitness and workout goals. By offering a money-back guarantee, the company shows it stands behind the product’s quality and efficacy.

While the company website prominently displays a customer service phone number with 24-hour availability, there is no physical mailing address or email address displayed and the contact us link directs to a blank page. The privacy policy page is also blank; however, the terms and conditions area of the website is robust and includes instructions and a physical mailing address for returns and guidelines for the free trial and monthly subscription.

The website is detailed and offers an abundance of information on the product’s ingredients and ability to build muscle mass and increase strength and energy. While there are some key pieces missing from the website, it is professional in appearance, navigation and user experience through the online ordering process. The company successfully portrays an image of credibility and legitimacy through its money-back guarantee and 24-hour customer service.


How Titan XT Works?

The all-natural ingredients of the supplement increase testosterone and blood flow by elevating the production of nitric oxide in the body. The ingredients also have thermogenic properties to burn fat and aid the body in ridding itself of fat cells. Fitness and bodybuilding goals are achieved through the effects of a combination of three amino acids: L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Norvaline. The proprietary formula delivers a sustained release of the supplement’s ingredients that allow the body sufficient time for absorption rather than a quick release that the body cannot effective process.

These amino acids allow the body to create protein molecules and increase the production of testosterone to convert this protein into nitric oxide. Increased nitric oxide in the body provides many benefits to men who are seeking improvement in their fitness and workout goals, including the following:

  • Expands blood vessels to increase blood flow and circulation for effective nourishment and oxygen to the body’s tissue, organs and muscles;
  • Prevents a lactic acid buildup, thereby reducing muscle soreness, tightness and fatigue post-workout;
  • Releases insulin to help decrease and rid the body of excess fat while building muscle mass;
  • Increases energy, endurance and strength to engage in a more demanding workout and effectively reach fitness goals in less time.

Guidelines for use say the user should take the supplement twice a day. One capsule is taken in the morning 30 minutes prior to a workout to increase the blood vessels and oxygen throughout the body. The second capsule is taken approximately eight hours later to maintain the benefits of the supplement in the body. The manufacturer clearly states on its website that only men age 18 and older should take this product. It should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight to maintain the composition of the active ingredients. This product is all-natural; however, with any product, the user should review the ingredients list for possible allergens or components that would cause negative effects.



Comprised of an all-natural proprietary blend of organic plants and botanicals and chemical-free, Titan XT is packed full of health benefits through three amino acids that serve as the product’s active ingredients. While beneficial separately, when taken together, the combination of these three amino acids offer improved benefits.

  1. L-Arginine produces nitric oxide and expands the blood vessels to increase the blood flow and the distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body to the muscles and tissues. Energy levels are increased and endurance and strength are improved, making this a popular ingredient in bodybuilding supplements;
  2. L-Citrulline causes an increase in nitric oxide production, resulting in decreased muscle fatigue and improved energy and endurance;
  3. L-Norvaline also helps increase the production of nitric oxide and is similar to L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, with its qualities becoming more effective when taken in combination with the other two.



The ingredients of Titan XT are all-natural, free of chemicals and additives, making it safe and legal for use among competitive bodybuilders, weightlifters and competitive athletes. Fitness enthusiasts also find the blend of organic botanicals appealing as they have thermogenic properties to burn fat, increase metabolism, boost energy and prevent fatigue.

The three amino acids among the product’s active ingredients increase the production of nitric oxide to widen the blood vessels and increase blood flow. The increase in blood flow allows the body to effectively deliver the blood’s nutrients and oxygen throughout the body to the tissue, organs and muscles. This allows the body to recover more effectively and efficiently, decreasing the occurrence of sore muscles and fatigue.

Improved oxygen delivery with improved blood flow also helps improve mental focus and cognitive abilities. Many product users state they noticed an improvement in the ability to think clearly and remain focused at work and in the gym. The increase in oxygen level also helps fuel the heart, brain and lungs to increase energy, endurance and cognitive skills.



Titan XT is manufactured in America in a FDA-registered facility, which means the location has been inspected and reviewed to meet the FDA guidelines for production. This does not mean the FDA has tested the product for safety, efficacy or claims of results. The supplement is available for purchase exclusively online through the company’s website.

According to the manufacturer, because the supplement contains only all-natural ingredients made from plants and botanicals, with no chemicals, synthetics or additives, the supplement is safe for daily use. It is safe and legal for bodybuilders, weightlifters and competitive athletes. It is not a meal replacement, and in fact, is a dietary supplement that should be taken as directed in conjunction with a protein-rich diet and regular workouts.

Manufacturer claims state that Titan XT is a certified testosterone booster. Through increased nitic oxide production, testosterone levels are increased as well as oxygen flow, providing increased energy and improved mental focus.



Living fit and healthy has always been part of my life. I eat well and workout regularly, but the effects of middle age had hit me and I was starting to lose energy and muscle definition. The day after workouts was rough with sore muscles and aches, and I was drained. Titan XT changed all of that. I have the energy I need to boost my workout routine, lift more and remain energized. The day after a workout, I am no longer tired and sore, but instead, I have the energy and drive to hit the gym again. My body is becoming more defined than ever before and I feel great. – Mike, age 39, Dallas, TX, US

As a competitive bodybuilder, I am always looking for a way to get the most out of my regular workouts. I have been working to advance to the next level of competition and Titan XT was the key I needed. The ingredients are legal and all-natural so I knew it would be safe to use. Within a few weeks, I was able to pump more and increase my reps. I have muscle mass and vascularity that I always wanted, but never thought I’d achieve and I’m excelling in bodybuilding competitions. – Drew, age 35, New York, NY, US

As a younger man, I had more time to spend at the gym and I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight from fat. I eat better now than I ever have in my life, but because most of my day is spent sitting at a desk at work, I had started getting a fat bulge around my mid-section.

My time is limited with work and family so I’ve got to make the most of my workouts. Within just a few weeks of using Titan XT, I noticed I was more focused and more productive at work and in the gym. I was getting stronger and had more energy so my workouts were more strenuous and challenging. That fat bulge is gone is gone and I’ve started seeing significant improvement in muscle definition and muscle mass. It feels great to be lifting more than I ever have before and seeing results of my hard work. – James, age 42, Dallas, TX, US

With Titan XT I have endless amounts of energy in the gym as well as at home and work. Sometimes I find it difficult to take a break and relax because my body wants to be constantly in motion and accomplishing something. – Steve, age 31, New York, NY, US


Awards & Media Coverage

There is a significant amount of online coverage with information and testimonials about the results gained through use of Titan XT. Product users state a notable increase in energy, strength and endurance for improved workouts to build muscle mass and vascularity. Users commend the product for its list of all-natural ingredients and regard it as a trusted partner in their bodybuilding and fitness goals.

Numerous social media websites and online discussion boards include commentary and positive reviews by those in the bodybuilding, weightlifting and fitness community. Most users indicate feeling increased energy within a few days and noticing physical results in their body appearance within a few weeks. The manufacturer website indicates limited supply that is likely the result of positive reviews shared by current users of the product, which is causing a spike in product popularity.

Current users of Titan XT are voicing their opinions and support of the product’s qualities and characteristics. While it has received most acclaim within the bodybuilding and weightlifting community, men of all ages have stated satisfaction from product use to improve their appearance, overall physical fitness and energy level.


Money-back Guarantee

The company stands by its satisfaction guaranteed policy by offering a 24-hour customer service department to assist with a simple return process. The remaining, unused portion of the product may be returned for a full refund, minus the shipping charges.

To be eligible for a refund of the product fee, the customer must contact customer service within 14 days of receiving the free product trial. Within 30 days of the original purchase date, the unused portion of the product must be returned to the manufacturer. The customer should expect a refund for the product fee within three to five business days. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

If satisfied with the product, no further action is needed to be converted from the free product trial to the monthly subscription that includes automatic shipping and billing of future product supplies. With a monthly subscription, a new 30-day supply of the supplement will be billed for a shipped each month. Should any product arrive damaged, the customer service department is available to assist with a product refund or replacement.



The manufacturer offers a low shipping fee of just $4.95 for service through USPS. Next-day shipping is provided for all orders placed Monday through Friday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are shipped the following Monday.

While shipping times vary depending on location, most orders are received within two to three business days. If completely satisfied with the supplement, customers need to take no action for conversion to a monthly subscription with a 30-day product supply shipped via USPS each month.

If there are any issues with product delivery, customers can receive assistance through the 24-hour customer service line. If the customer chooses to return the product, the fee for the product will be refunded, but shipping charges are nonrefundable.


Customer Support

One the strongest offerings, which elevates the overall image of the company, is the customer service department. With availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this non-stop service shows the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. The toll-free number to customer service is easily found on the website as it is clearly displayed in the footer as well as the terms and conditions area.

Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached at 866-520-0522. They are knowledgeable of the product information, ingredients and guidelines for use in cooperation with a fitness regimen. They also are able to assist with issues and questions regarding purchases and delivery. An improvement that could be made in the user experience of the company website and customer service is the addition of an email address to immediately contact the company or a live online chat box for quick questions.

The contact us link on the website goes to a blank page, which is something the company should address to maintain a look of professionalism. However, the terms and conditions link on the website includes an abundance of information, including a physical mailing address for product returns.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The manufacturer takes customer privacy and security serious and has enabled multiple security measures to protect against e-commerce fraud. Online orders are verified as safe and secure through the use of Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, the industry standard for secure online purchases and credit transactions. SSL encrypts the customer’s credit card and banking data as well as personal information and offers protection against malware and phishing.

To verify the SSL certificate, the website includes the logos of McAfee Secure, Norton Secured VeriSign and TRUSTe. The SLL certificate signifies the website is built with appropriate protection in place for e-commerce transactions and prevents security and data breaches. Online security and data protection are important aspects of e-commerce, but customers can feel confident that the manufacturer is operating with trustworthy business and e-commerce practices.


Pricing & Free Trial

Titan XT is a popular product with limited supply, partly due to the free product trial available by completing a simple online order form. The customer will receive a 30-day supply of the product, free of charge. However, a shipping fee of just $4.95 is required. If the customer is pleased with the product and wishes to continue using it, no further action is required for the free trial to automatically convert to a monthly subscription.

A monthly subscription allows the customer to receive a 30-day supply of 60 capsules each month with payment of $84.94. The monthly payment will be automatically charged to the credit card on file and product shipments will be sent each month until the customer cancels the subscription with customer service.

If the customer does not wish to convert the free trial to a monthly subscription, customer service must be contacted within 14 days of product receipt to initiate the return process. All remaining, unused product supply must be returned within 30 days of the original order in order to cancel the monthly subscription and avoid any further charges.

Monthly subscription customers may cancel their subscription at any time by contacting customer service. Cancellations are effective immediately and no further product will be shipped or billed. The dedicated customer service line to handle subscription inquiries shows the company’s dedication to maintaining happy customers.


  • Product is 100% natural, free of chemicals, synthetics and additives, making it legal and safe for daily use.
  • Increased nitric oxide boosts testosterone and blood flow for improved endurance and strength, increased muscle mass and a reduction in post-workout fatigue.
  • The company offers a toll-free phone line to 24-hour, seven-day-a-week customer service.


  • Information available online about the company is limited.
  • Missing information on the company website on the contact us and privacy policy pages may give a doubtful reputation.
  • Optimal product success is reliant on incorporation with diet and routine workouts.

Titan XT

Summary: Titan XT is a dietary supplement made from all-natural ingredients derived from organic plants and botanicals. As a strength and muscle mass builder, its primary customer base includes bodybuilders and weightlifters; however, men of all ages have attested to the benefits of the product in improved fitness. The product increases the production of nitric oxide which boosts testosterone levels, widens the blood vessels and increases the distribution of blood flow throughout the body, resulting in increased energy, strength and muscle mass. The increased nitric oxide also prevents lactic acid from building up, allowing the body to recover effectively and decreasing the instance of tight, sore muscles and fatigue post-workout. A number of current customers have provided testimonials praising the product’s benefits when combined with a healthy, protein-rich diet and regular workouts. The company is focused on customer satisfaction and offers a free product trial, money back guarantee and dedicated customer service department to assist with product questions and ordering. The online website also features SSL certification to ensure safe online ordering.

FREE TRIAL to $84.94
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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