Testosterone Ignite

Testosterone Ignite Review – Can You Use It Properly?

What Is Testosterone Ignite?

Testosterone Ignite is an all natural weight lifting supplement that promises it will increase the male body’s own natural levels of produced testosterone while also delivering the critically missing and necessary stamina as well as energy to ensure that his daily workout routines become more productive and then can effectively move on to the next level of results. As the manufacturer’s and product websites claims that it is the number one voted and rated muscle building product from and in Australia, the supplement has been scientifically formulated using the best and proven all natural ingredients that are both healthy and safe for the man to consume.

Testosterone Ignite has a distinct advantage over many competitors in the testosterone boosting segment and general supplement markets. The makers scientifically researched, designed, and tested the product in the company’s ultra modern laboratories over an incredibly long three year time frame that allowed for the clinical researchers and scientists alike who were on the development team of the product to exceed all given expectations for the results that a natural muscle gaining product could actually hope to accomplish. The three most essential natural ingredients for the largest gain in muscle mass are packaged into one this small but special and potent capsule.

The best revelation of all from the manufacturer down under is that it has been thoroughly lab tested to be safe, completely natural, and powerful as a weight lifting supplement. Testosterone Ignite allows users to achieve their maximum human abilities and potential through the highest and most blood saturating and circulating levels of free testosterone to melt away fat, increase energy levels, and charge up all of the muscles in the weight lifters’ bodies.



Testosterone Ignite is the self-same named developer, manufacturer, and marketer of the product for boosting testosterone production levels in the male body. The company is based in Australia and appears to be both highly regarded and well trusted by the bodybuilding crowd there. It is impossible to find more information on the company than this. This is strange, as the product is supposed to be both well known and written up in three of the biggest weight lifting and men’s magazines which bodybuilders follow today.


How Testosterone Ignite Works?

There is a science that underlies the functioning of this potent all natural supplement. The enhancer actually works with the male body in order to encourage it to develop more of its own testosterone male hormones in the testes. This fosters firmer, stronger, and bigger muscle mass development and production in the user. By adding this natural supplement to the body building workout routine, the user can enjoy maximum muscle gain and mass growth in a realistic yet still reasonable period of time.

The brand claims that this product functions well with any aged and background man. This includes all kinds of males whatever their body types, genetics, weight training background, strength, and fitness levels may be at the present time. The resulting all natural boost in testosterone production which the formula encourages and makes possible helps men to attain that ripped body and superior strength appeal which all men at least secretly want to have.

Ultimately, the product is responsible for reaching into those testosterone producing regions of the male form to stimulate them heavily into regaining and recovering their testosterone peak producing capabilities from the man’s youth. Since each one of the three main ingredients employed in the product are entirely natural and naturally occurring, all men can safely include this supplement alongside their weight training regimen and bodybuilding lifestyle. They can safely consume it on an every day basis without fear of present cases of the shakes occurring (as actually happens in some men when consuming Creatine) or future side effects. For the formula to reach maximum efficacy and produce the highest possible results, it must be taken consistently and without interruption for a full three months.

Whatever the man’s present physical condition and physique, he can be sure that he will attain greater amounts of stamina and higher levels of energy for use in and out of the gym and also in his every day life. This is true regardless of the body type, shape, age, and fitness condition the man boasts when he begins to consume this all natural supplement.


Ingredients of Testosterone Ignite

One thing that is uncomfortable about this product centers on the opaqueness regarding the actually included ingredients. The manufacturer continuously claims that these are the three essential all natural ingredients found in reliable testosterone boosters the world over but then does not actually mention them by name.

Presumably this highly secretive and proprietary blend of all natural and completely safe ingredients must include horny goat weed, Tribulus terrestris extract, and Fenugreek extract. Horny goat weed is often considered to be among the most crucial ingredients contained in the extended lineup of testosterone boosters on the supplement market today. With phytostrogens and other naturally occurring chemicals inside of it, this significantly boosts the blood flow to all parts of a man’s body.

Tribulus terrestris extract is an all naturally occurring herb which has gained notoriety int he past for its capabilities in boosting a man’s natural testosterone levels. It can be helpful in improving the man’s all around mood and concentration as well and to increase his muscle mass. Finally, Fenugreek extract improves the man’s general masculinity and physique.

Each of these three ingredients are found in most of the all natural testosterone boosters, and all are critical for increasing circulation and blood flow, boosting stamina and energy, and bettering recovery times after longer, harder, and more exhausting workouts. Regardless of whether there are other ingredients than these in the product or not, the manufacturer refuses to reveal them on either its product literature or company websites.



There are a number of impressive advantages to this weight training supplement capsule for a man’s body. It enhances the male physique and promotes a leaner, harder muscle mass. Thanks to a higher amount of testosterone flowing through the body, the muscles are able to draw on the optimal amount of the male hormone, nutrients, oxygen, and other minerals necessary to build up the muscle mass in the male body. When users of the supplement work out in the gym, they will accomplish more productive workouts and also be capable of challenging themselves to push out more reps as part of developing that amazing chiseled physique which all men crave in the end. This will lead to a bigger, firmer, and stronger male form over time.

The supplement also encourages rapid fat loss from the man’s body. The formula effectively targets the body’s hidden fat reserves secreted throughout the body and covering the man’s muscles. It helps to literally melt the fat deposits away. As the body reduces and eliminates such fat deposits around the organism, the muscles will look bigger and become literally more pronounced. The lower fat reserves also provide the man with a generally sleeker and more attractive appearance and figure.

Increased stamina is a third terrific benefit of this Testosterone Ignite formula. It helps those who use it to more easily power through their weight lifting routines so that they can effectively challenge themselves to lift longer, stronger, and harder inside and outside of the gym. Greater stamina means fitness goals can be realized faster, simpler, and with less of a debilitating struggle along the way.

Finally, the Testosterone Ignite product delivers all of the many advantages associated with higher levels of energy. The product does more than simply get a man through his bodybuilding routine at the gym. It also delivers sustained energy release throughout the day to help him power through all day long and strong with effortless ease. Unlike competing supplements and formulas that last about the two hours needed for a thorough and heavy workout regimen, this one promises to carry the man all day long. This leads to a man who is more energetic, upbeat, productive, and at the top of his mental as well as physical game all day as well as every day.



This Testosterone Ignite formula has plenty of press and even some accolades surrounding it, but this does not translate into any certifications of product efficacy. Some of these supplement makers, especially the ones which are based overseas, simply do not see the ongoing and compelling need to apply for, realize, or maintain such certificates for their weight lifting supplemental products to be successful and well received sellers. For whatever their personal reasons may be, the Australian formula maker Testosterone Ignite is in this category of firms.



This formula is wild. After three months of faithfully taking it every day, today I am able to accomplish more in the gym than I ever believed possible. It has made me pump more and larger weights than I ever could before. It has made me more of a man inside and outside of the gym. — Eric. K., Hartford, CT, USA

My energy and stamina levels in the workout routines seem to be boundless. Afterward I still possess the needed energy to pump out the work at the office all day then maintain my exhausting and complicated social life after all of that is done too. The formula made good on its promises to help me lose that embarrassing and persistent beer gut as well. — Joseph C., Springfield, IL, USA

This product turned me into an energy machine! I have never imagined the gains which I am realizing at the gym before now. My workout routines have never been better or more impressive on so many levels. Though I have been faithful at the gym for a number of years before, I could never reach those chiseled and cut looking muscles no matter how hard I really tried. Now I have the vitality to enjoy my life every day again. I am encouraged by how fast this formula delivered the goods. The women admire me and the guys steer clear of me everywhere I go, all day long now. — John G., Indianapolis, IN, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The main award that this Testosterone Ignite clings to is its claim to fame of being the number one rated and top selling bodybuilding supplement in and from Australia. It is hard to assess how big an accomplishment this actually is (in a country of not quite 20 million people), yet it is something about which they consistently boast nevertheless.

The media coverage on the formula and company is more impressive. Among their “As Featured In” credentials are the major American and international weightlifting and men’s magazines. This includes Muscle & Fitness magazine, Men’s Health magazine, and Muscular Development magazine.

As far as its users go, the formula appears to have a loyal and consistent following out there in the marketplace today not only in Australia and New Zealand, but also the United States. Its users stand by it and continue to ensure that it is rated as a number one, best selling supplement product for weight training. In the end, it is what the users think that matters the most.


Money-back Guarantee

Some of the best words that one of these formula makers can say are echoed by Testosterone Ignite as “we believe in complete customer satisfaction.” They claim to exemplify this attitude with their customer satisfaction guarantee and no questions asked, no nonsense product return policy. To this effect, if a purchaser is unhappy with the trial product for any reason, there is an easy to follow protocol for receiving an unconditional and (almost) complete money back refund.

This starts with contacting the company within a 21 day window of having placed the first trial order. The company then promises to process the unused portion as a return. They will more importantly ensure that the user is not billed for any additional future shipments. This matters enormously as the product’s monthly cost is very high compared to its peers. The only out of pocket cost the user will have borne in returning it is the shipping and handing of $6.95, which is the non refundable part of the deal. The user must also pay for the return of the unused product.

Once the user has contacted the manufacturer about a return and refund, they will provide him with an RMA Return Merchandise Authorization number. This can be obtained via phone or email alternatively. Within 24 to 48 hours of asking for this number, the customer service department at the firm will email out the necessary RMA. This number must be clearly marked on the outside of the returning package.

Naturally Testosterone Ignite can not be held responsible for any stolen or lost returned items. This is why they suggest that all users avail themselves of one of the many good delivery confirmation systems to make sure delivery is received at the returns department of the company. In fact the company has started requiring delivery confirmation from the chosen shipping provider due to problems which they have encountered with some of their returns going missing or never arriving in the past.

For cancellations of trial orders that come in after the 21 day window of placing the original order was received, there are no refunds or cancellations on product which has already been shipped out that the company will permit. Once the returns have been properly received at the order fulfillment and returns center, they will require as many as seven days to be processed and for the refund to be issued to the ordering customer.

The company does offer a fairly generous return policy on unopened product however. For those bottles which were never opened, they can be sent back after as many as 30 days following the date of initial shipment out from the manufacturer. Any man who is unhappy with the formula will be allowed to return it in its original unopened condition and packaging in 30 days or less to receive a full refund. It is similarly necessary to obtain a proper RMA Return Merchandise Authorization number before returning any unopened product which was paid for in the order. They recommend calling their customer service department as the quickest means of getting an RMA number to expedite the return process.



Shipping prices can be a serious issue with large and heavy bottles of capsules as in this product. The good news for potential and current users is that the price of shipping and handling is already included in the substantial price point of the usual monthly shipment orders. For the initial free trial order, it is not. In this case, the free trial order shipment costs a $6.95 in shipping and handling for the product to arrive. This seems reasonable as a man is getting a one month sample quantity in exchange for less than this $10 investment in shipping and handling costs.


Customer Support

Customer service and support is among the most critical facets to working with a formula such as this one on an ongoing shipment basis. They offer a good level of customer support via phone, email, and also postal mail. The Testosterone Ignite company prides itself on offering 24 hours per day customer service over fully seven days each week. They offer customer service numbers in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, demonstrating their international following and range of their product appeal.

The USA head office customer service number is 1-925-690-9213. Their email address is support@TestosteroneIgnite.com. Returns can be sent to them at Testosterone Ignite, Returns Department, P.O. Box 0535, TOA Payoh Central Post Office, Singapore 913119. This international location in Asia will make it more expensive to return the unused product for sure.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The safety issue of both product checkout and credit card information sharing is critical these days in the age of runaway online piracy and hacking. Their security level of the Testosterone Ignite official company and product websites is some of the best seen anywhere in e-commerce on the Internet.

They provide a better than average industry standard 256 Bit SSL Encryption that is certified Hacker Safe. It is also both Verisign Secured and McAfee Secured. Their websites are similarly Trust Guard Security Verified and Trust Guard Business Verified. It would be hard to find a better verified e-commerce website in the fitness supplement and formula sales world.


Pricing & Free Trial

The company provides a decent 21 day free trial of the Testosterone Ignite product by delivering a 30 day supply of the formula for only the cost of $6.95 in shipping and handling. From time to time they may also offer special or one time promotions with varying shipping and handling charge price amounts. The company promises to actually ship out the product the next day after it has been ordered. Orders made during the holidays or over the weekends will ship out the next business day or Monday, whichever is sooner.

Once the order has been placed, a buyer has up to 21 days from the initial order date in order to determine if the formula works for him. No further action is required if the buyer likes the product, as they will auto enroll any man in their regular monthly program for a hefty price point of $140.68 for the trial bottle which they received.

This will be followed every month (until eventual cancellation) with an additional one month bottle supply of the formula capsules for a recurring charge of $140.68 billed to the member’s credit card one time every thirty days. This price always includes the associated costs of shipping and handling, providing some value for money on the order.






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