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What Is TestoPro?

TestoPro is a testosterone booster designed for men 18 year of age and older (although it is highly recommended for use by men 30+) that want to hit the gym and attain massive muscle size without the pitfalls of lack of testosterone flowing through the veins. With this testosterone booster for bodybuilders, men are promised the ability to naturally boost their test levels and take their workout to the next level, bringing the prowess and determination of a stronger, younger version of themselves. Using TestoPro provides a man with scientifically-proven ingredients that enhance energy levels, provide heavier lifting power, improve physique and improve his overall performance inside of the gym.

TestoPro works to help a man lose fat, something that isn’t easy to do with low testosterone levels, while also enhancing the growth of muscle. For any man that is in the gym on a regular basis working out and trying to develop huge muscles, this cannot happen! The use of this testosterone booster results in a more thorough workout each and every time that he hits the gym, with the massive muscle building benefits that are so desirable. TestoPro contains no artificial ingredients, making it a supplement that is safe for use by most any healthy adult male that is ready to acquire adequate testosterone levels.



AI Sports Nutrition manufactures the TestoPro product. This manufacturer is well-known in the world of supplements, with a plethora of established products being used by men from around the world as we speak. The company brings more than 35 years of solid experience to the world of sports nutrition, giving peace of mind and comfort to any bodybuilder concerned about what he is putting into his body. All of the products created by AI Sports Nutrition are scientifically tested before being presented for purchase.

AI Sports Nutrition promises to provide each customer with a satisfactory experience and the adequate supplements needed to enhance their workout. The brand offers weekly specials, combo packages, and many other promotions, coupons, and deals, to help maintain the costs of bodybuilding supplements for the average consumer. Trial products of many of their supplements is also available.


How TestoPro Works?

TestoPro works similar in nature to other bodybuilding test boosters. The product frees up the testosterone that is already being produced in the body rather than provide it with false testosterone. Globulin, a glycoprotein produced in the body, prevents testosterone to bound, but this booster reverses that action. The result is free testosterone flowing through the body that enables a man to hit the gym with the heart of a beast and the power to back it all up.

With natural testosterone flowing through the body, men using the product are able to see dramatic differences in their workout within a short period of time. As use of the product continues, so do the noted results of its use, which include the benefits listed above. Results vary from man to man, but most men that have had the opportunity to use it report above average benefits.

It is recommended that four capsules of TestoPro be consumed each day. Two of those capsules should be taken, with a full glass of water, in the morning. The second set of two capsules should be taken in the evening, again with a full glass of water. Although each man attains results at a different pace, studies show that an increase of testosterone by as much as 22% within 24-hours was noted during testing of the product.


Ingredients of TestoPro

Fenugreek, like many testosterone boosters on the market, is the main ingredient inside of TestoPro. This ingredient is composed of a proprietary blend of several additional ingredients. Each ingredient has been proven to enhance a bodybuilder and his training abilities. Additionally, the ingredients in the supplement have all been scientifically dosed and created so you’re getting precise amounts of each and every ingredient.

Testosurge is an included ingredient found inside of TestoPro. This ingredient is the Fenugreek propriety blend that provides users with the massive benefits of product use. Those benefits include the ability to shed fat quickly, the ability to create massive muscles, and enhanced energy levels that enable a workout of great endurance and strength. A total of 600 mg of this blend is found inside of the supplement. A total of 300 mg of Testofen is also found inside of the testosterone booster. This ingredient enhances the benefits of the Fenugreek proprietary blend.



Although TestoPro claims to be better than the other testosterone boosters on the market thanks to use of only the ‘best ingredients,’ these claims are made with most supplements like it that are sold today. The supplement uses Fenugreek, the same active main ingredient as most other supplements as well. As a proprietary blend, it is difficult to know exactly how much you’re getting of each ingredient, making stacking with other bodybuilding supplements hard. Despite these things, there have been many men that have successfully used the product and seen results.

One advantage of TestoPro is its’ ability to increase the levels of natural testosterone in the body. With free testosterone in the body, men using the product feel better, report increased energy levels (when compared to testosterone boosters using other agents,) and easier abilities to shed fat and increase muscle size. The supplement also quickly enhances energy levels so that the workout in the gym is intensified and enhanced with better lifting power and greater strength.

TestoPro works without causing any type of side effects, although some users of the product do report stomach cramping when they first use the product. This is not common, but is is important to know that it might happen as your body adjusts to the changes within your body. Most men that use the product do so without any type of problems whatsoever.



Users of TestoPro can use the product with complete confidence, knowing that it is created using a scientific formulation inside of an approved laboratory. The USDA inspected laboratory is safe, clean, and goes above standards to ensure the safety of each product that is created. Scientists working inside the laboratory to ensure that each and every capsule is created to the highest of standards and with precise dosing measurements. In addition, the supplement is created using only the highest-quality ingredients available so you’re taking only the best. Men that wish to use this testosterone booster can do so with complete confidence that the product they are getting is precise and exactly what they want and need to enhance their workout.



Research of this testosterone booster indicates that most users of the product are satisfied with the results they’ve received. Many reviews and testimonials from current users is easily accessible with a Google search, at no cost to you. Asking other bodybuilders what they think of a product, particularly this testosterone booster, is also a great way to learn more about how it works and the results that you can expect should you decide to use the supplement. A sampling of customer testimonials is found below.

TestoPro is a truly awesome testosterone boosting supplement that I have enjoyed using. It gives me such an edge when I hit the gym and it is one that I did not have before. I am lifting weight that is increasing in numbers on a daily basis and have friends who are making comments on the awesome improvements that I am making. I’ve had no side effects or ill-effects of use and plan on using it for a long time to come. This testosterone booster has been more than good for me and what I am trying to achieve in the gym.

– Jayson C., Minnetonka, MN

I will say that I had to take a higher dosage to receive benefit with the product, but boy, the results that I get are phenomenal. The costs of the product are nice, although I do spend more than average due to the increase dosage. As long as I continue to receive such awesome benefits, I won’t complain. I love the results that I’ve seen in the gym in just four weeks.

– Adam Q., Buffalo, NY

I have used a ton of test boosters during my bodybuilding career and I love to tell my fellow builders about something great when I find it. TestoPro is the latest that I have added to my regular workout regimen. While I do have a few qualms about the test booster, I must say that it is pretty impressive overall. It is reasonably priced, provides great test to estrogen leveling, massive energy, and plenty of additional perks, such as weight gains when I am lifting in the gym. I experience no side effects using the supplement, but a close friend did use it and suddenly experience a moderate case of pimple-breakout. I like what it does for my workout and I admit that I feel younger and more full of life since I started using it.

– Donovan P., Boston, MA

I am on my second bottle of TestoPro and I must say that I am pleased with the results. The last month has been incredible and I’ve been able to pack on 10 pounds of lean muscle while also getting rid of some of the fat around my midsection. This product has restored my faith in my bodybuilding abilities and I now feel like I am getting somewhere fast. Cannot wait to see the continued results of using the testosterone booster.

–  Ashen R., Phoenix, AZ


Awards & Media Coverage

TestoPro news and information is widely available in the media for your peace of mind. A simple Google search can reveal a plethora of information about the product, including a great deal of testimonials from men with firsthand experience of the test booster. It is a good idea to glance at some of this information in order to learn the information you truly desire to know. Additionally, connecting with the brand via social media is available. The brand has pages available on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, providing lots of fun, valuable information and interaction with every person that joins them. With these resources in use, it is easy to not only connect with the brand, but with other bodybuilders that use the product. Although the product has yet to win any awards, the sheer amount of coverage and satisfied users indicates that it is a product working its’ way to the top of the chain.


Money-back Guarantee

TestoPro is confident in their product and stands behind it 100%. Anyone that purchases the testosterone booster can do so with confidence, knowing there is a money-back guarantee offered with the product. Users have a full 30-days to use the product, and if it is not right for them, return the product for a full refund. Keep in mind that returns are subject to a restocking fee of 15%. Before a return is made, it is necessary to speak to a customer service agent to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number. This is easily done via email communication.

The satisfaction guarantee applies to all bottle sizes of the test booster. It doesn’t matter if you order the 28- day trial capsule bottle. The money- back guarantee is there to keep you protected and your losses at a minimum. It is comforting to know that you can use a product and get your money back if it is not what you had in mind. Most men that use the product are perfectly satisfied with the supplement, but this protection is always very valuable.



Once your order is placed, it is typically shipped within one to two business days, but may take as many as five days to ship during peak season. Once your order is shipped, you should receive it at your location within five days. The cost of shipping is based upon the total weight of the package, as well as the destination and zip code. Most men that purchase the product indicate that charges for shipping are very reasonable. International shipping is available, however, international orders are subjects to customs clearing, which AI Sports Nutrition is not responsible for. Before purchasing this product from an international location, it is important that you ensure that the ingredients are legal in your country.


Customer Support

Whether you have a question about the supplement, concerns about your order, or need general information or have general inquiries about the product or other areas of service, customer support is always available to help in your time of need. AI Sports Nutrition always puts its’ customers first, going above and beyond to provide fast response to each and every person out there when they reach out. You can reach a member of the customer service team via their social media pages, email, or their toll-free telephone number. Inquiries are handled in the order in which they are received, however, a typical response time of 24-hours is appropriate for email correspondence.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing TestoPro is a simple, safe, and secure process. You can always rest assured that your personal information, including credit card details, are protected from harm when ordering your test boosting supplement. There are various indicators on the website that show how you are protected when placing an order. This includes SSL-encryption and Starfield Technologies security. Look for these indicators all across the website and put your mind at ease when ordering your testosterone booster!


TestoPro is available in several bottle sizes to suit to the needs of all men. For those who would like to try-before they buy, a 28 capsule, 14-day supply is available for a price less than $10. This is a cost-effective way to learn if the product is right for you without a huge initial investment. For men that want to take the plunge and dive right in, and for men who are familiar with the benefits of the product, a full 120-capsule is also available for a cost of about $34. Compared to similar test boosters on the market, the cost of this product is very competitively priced.

Keep in mind that special offers, promotional codes, and combo packages might be available with this product when you shop. These offers are available to anyone that wishes to reduce costs of their product or get a full package of bodybuilding supplements at one time. While using such an offer will affect the amount of money that you spend, it is usually with great benefit coming to your wallet. Most men that choose to use a special offer or purchase a combo package enjoy the savings that come along with that decision.


  • This test boosting product works not only to naturally increase testosterone levels in the body, but also to secure appropriate estrogen levels as well.
  • Supplement contains only natural ingredients proven to elevate natural free testosterone levels and enhance a workout.
  • Provides a 22% increased testosterone level in a period of just 24-hours.


  • Some men report the need to take an increased dosage of the product to receive the same benefits of a test booster as what they would attain using another product.
  • The supplement is a proprietary blend, so there isn’t sufficient information concerning the actual amounts of each ingredient available.
  • The test boosting supplement has many claims, yet a lack of data to provide evidence for most of those claims.


Summary: TestoPro is a natural testosterone booster designed for men 18 years of age and older, with special emphasis on men 30 years of age and older. The product works to naturally increase testosterone levels while ensuring the appropriate amounts of estrogen levels within the body. The result is an overall better you; a man that is eager to hit the gym and secure a powerful, results-filled workout. This testosterone booster provides men with an advantage to their workout, enabling increased lifting power, massive energy, rapid fat loss, and much more.

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