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Testo Roar Review – Does It Work or It’s a Huge Scam?

What Is Testo Roar?

Testo Roar is a testosterone boosting supplement that enhances the body’s own production of testosterone, an essential hormone for building endurance, energy and lean muscle mass. It also supports blood flow and circulation, essential for building muscle and boosting stamina during workouts. It contains a combination of plants, herbs, amino acids and vitamins that stimulate the production of natural testosterone precursors, boosts nitric oxide levels and encourages blood flow and oxygenation of muscle tissues.

Boosting testosterone levels has several benefits for more successful weight training and bodybuilding. This essential hormone plays a major role in maintaining energy, muscle mass and strength. It helps in to repair the small tears muscles suffer during strenuous workouts, and supplies the drive and competitiveness needed to keep working out hard.

This supplement helps bodybuilders build lean muscle mass, work out longer and harder, and with an increased drive to succeed while providing results in a very short time. The phytochemicals, amino acids and vitamins it contains stimulate the production of natural precursors of testosterone production, resulting in more free testosterone circulating in the body. Other ingredients keep arteries open and blood flowing to the muscles, for faster repair after a workout and healthy development of muscle mass.

Because this product contains only natural ingredients and essential vitamins, it can be used alongside other nutritional and performance enhancing supplements for maximum performance, muscle development and endurance.

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Testo Roar is a new addition to the athletic and bodybuilding supplement industry. In addition to its signature product, the company also sells other performance-enhancing supplements including forskolin and garcinia cambogia.

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How Testo Roar Works?

Testosterone is essential for building lean muscle mass and strength. Testosterone levels can fluctuate due to factors such as aging or illness, so testosterone boosters are a popular way to get the body’s own mechanisms for producing testosterone running at full speed again. Testosterone supplements work to stimulate the body’s own production of the precursors to testosterone – the chemical building blocks needed to make the free testosterone the body needs for endurance, strength and the development of lean muscle mass.

Testo Roar works by stimulating the body’s own production of testosterone with ingredients that enhance natural precursors of testosterone such as luteinizing hormone and androgen. It also boosts the levels of nitric oxide in the blood, which fights fatigue increases oxygen and blood flow to the muscles during workouts.

This product also contains ingredients that relax arteries and promote blood flow and circulation, which supports the development of muscle mass and endurance. The combination of natural testosterone precursors and nitric oxide boosters helps bodybuilders workout longer and harder while working with the body’s own natural ability to produce the essential hormone testosterone.

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Ingredients of Testo Roar

Testo Roar capsules contain a blend of plant extracts, herbs, amino acids and vitamins to support free testosterone levels, boost strength and enhance muscle growth naturally. Its testosterone boosting formula contains many of the essential vitamins needed for overall good health – especially for those working to build muscle.

Athletes and bodybuilders can get some if not all the daily vitamins needed to metabolize proteins and carbs, support circulation and keep the immune system strong along with testosterone boosting ingredients. The product is classified as a nutritional supplement, not a drug, and while it’s entirely legal, it has not been regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

This product’s ingredient list includes compounds that stimulate testosterone production specifically as well as additional ingredients that support the body’s ability to build muscle, sustain longer, more intense workouts and make it easier to build lean muscle mass.

Testo Roar’s relatively short list of ingredients include: Tribulus terrstris, a plant extract that stimulates the body’s production of free testosterone, the herbs fenugreek and Asian ginseng, the amino acids L-citruline, arginine and creatine for boosting nitric oxide levels and increasing blood flow, and several vitamins, including B5 and B12, C, and D, along with calcium and cayenne, also a vasodilator.

Other ingredients in Testo Roar promote better circulation and oxygenation of the blood by relaxing arteries and boosting levels of nitric oxide. The amino acid L-Citruline, along with arginine, creatine and Vitamin C promote blood flow and the, which helps nourish muscle tissues and develop lean muscle mass. With added vitamins and minerals including vitamin D and calcium, and stimulants cayenne and Asian ginseng, this product offers a vitamin-rich whole body supplement for more energy as well as more endurance for workouts and building muscle

Leading the list of testosterone stimulating ingredients is Tribulus terrestris, a Mediterranean plant also called puncture vine, which stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone in the body – a necessary precursor to producing testosterone. Tribulus also stimulates blood flow and circulation, which increases stamina and athletic performance. This plant is toxic in its natural state, and has not been well researched for safety.

Fenugreek is an herb whose seeds are used treating a variety of health conditions. Fenugreek also stimulates circulation, oxygenation of the blood and elasticity of the muscles. Fenugreek contains high levels of chemicals called furostanolic saponins, compounds that can stimulate testosterone production and increase strength for bench and leg presses.

L-Citruline is an amino acid that boosts the levels of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide promotes the relaxation of arteries, increases blood flow, oxygenation and circulation and improves endurance and energy during workouts.

Vitamins B6 and B12 are essential for overall good health. Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) encourages the development of red blood cells and support heart health. Vitamins B12 and B6 also play a key role in promoting natural testosterone production.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) regulates the production of hormones including androgen, an essential hormone that signals the testes to make testosterone. Pyridoxine also nourishes red blood cells and helps the body absorb protein and other nutrients essential to building muscle. The B vitamins also support vein and artery health, improve circulation and enhance blood flow to the muscles, which helps them heal and recover after working out.

Along with these four main ingredients, Testo Roar also contains several secondary ones. These herbs, vitamins and amino acids help to increase energy levels, keep the cardiovascular system and the muscles healthy, and enhance stamina and strength.

The Ingredients of Testo Roar

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a staple of all multivitamins. It supports the immune system, but it also encourages blood flow, keeps blood pressure down and supports healthy arteries. Increased blood flow to muscles supports the formation of muscle fiber and can help increase muscle mass.

Testo Roar’s ingredient list also includes thiamine, folic acid and niacin, essential vitamins that support the metabolism, the production of red blood cells and the burning of fat. Thiamine improves circulation and blood flow, supports oxygenation of the blood and helps the body better absorb nutrients.

Folic acid supports red blood cell growth necessary for the production of heme, the in iron-bearing element in hemoglobin. Niacin is a must-have for athletes of all kinds. It supports the metabolizing of fats, proteins and crabs, and helps with circulation and skin and muscle health. These vitamins also help the body repair itself and bounced back after intense activity such as a long workout.

Testo Roar also contains Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol), which boosts the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, necessary for bone strength, a healthy immune system and muscle tone. Vitamin D supports muscle function and protects the cardiovascular system. This vitamin is essential for athletes and bodybuilders, but it is an often-overlooked nutrient that is not contained in many other supplements.

In addition to L-Citruline, the product also contains the amino acids creatine and arginine, two compounds often taken separately by bodybuilders to boost muscle strength and shorten recovery time after a workout. Creatne enhances to body’s ability to use energy and encourages the development of muscle fiber. Arginine, an amino acid, encourages blood flow and circulation.

Also included in the list of ingredients are cayenne and the herb Asian ginger, two plant ingredients that stimulate blood flow, support mental alertness and physical stamina and circulate nutrients to the muscles for quick availability. These ingredients can also boost energy alertness and endurance.

Although these ingredients all are available naturally, some, such as creatine and argenine, are also manufactured in synthetic form for use as medicines. The manufacturer claims that all ingredients are from natural sources and work with the body’s own production of testosterone and its precursors, including hormone and androgen.

The Effects of Testo Roar



Testo Roar uses ingredients from natural sources. The product lists no clearly artificial ingredients. It works with the body’s natural testosterone producing hormones to boosts natural production of free testosterone. Because testosterone helps repair muscle tears and build endurance, it supports the body’s ability to build lean muscle. High levels of testosterone enhance energy, endurance and drive, so this supplement helps users work out harder and longer for better results. It’s easy to take in convenient capsule form, and it works quickly so users can see results fast. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and ordering multiple bottles gets purchasers a steep discount on the price per bottle.

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This product is amazing. In no time it changed my workout totally. It brings your testosterone back to its best levels so you can work out longer and harder and feel great I’ve recommended it to a lot of my friends and they say the same thing. I wouldn’t use any other booster after this. – Alex J., LA

Testo Roar is a must try for anybody serious about getting the most out of their workout. A lot of supplements claim to be all natural, but they really aren’t. Testo Roar uses all natural ingredients. It also keeps you working out harder and longer so you build more muscle. The energy you get is fantastic. Because it’s all natural, it’s safe to use. I don’t think I’ll stop taking this product. – Chris T., NY


Awards & Media Coverage

This product hasn’t won awards or been mentioned in the media outside of the bodybuilding community. Manufacturers claim a link to Nobel Prize winner Otto Meyerhof, whose groundbreaking research on glycolysis and muscle recovery led to today’s development of supplements and preparations to help strengthen muscles and boost endurance during workouts.


Money-back Guarantee

Testo Roar can be securely purchased from the manufacturer’s website, with a variety of packages and discounts available. Purchasers have the option of choosing from single bottles and multi bottle packages that offer up to three free bottles with the purchase of three or more bottles.

All orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee, and purchasers can return the product with no questions asked and keep any bonuses that were offered with their purchase. Customers can call the company’s toll free number for information on getting a refund.



Testo Roar’s site also offers a variety of promotions and discount codes to encourage buying. Shipping is free for all packages except the single bottle option, and the site guarantees dissatisfied customers a refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

Testo Roar can be purchased as a single bottle of 60 capsules or in packages of varying sizes, with deep discounts on the per bottle price. All purchase packages come with free priority shipping. The free shipping option applies to its 7 bottle mega package, which offers three free bottles with a four bottle purchase, its 5 bottle Monster package, which includes two free bottles with a purchase of five, and its 3 bottle Moderate package, which offers one free bottle with a purchase of two.

The single bottle starter option does not come wit free shipping, although the site offers a discount on the purchase price for buyers who choose this option.

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Customer Support

The company’s website offers prompt refunds with their 30 day money back guarantee and can be contacted by email or via a toll free number for telephone orders by debit or credit card, and for customer questions and product returns. The site also offers a rotating set of discount and promotional code options for some or all of the purchase packages.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Payment can be made by debit or credit card, and purchases are safe and secure with SSL encryption and other security in place. Potential buyer s can also purchase products by phone and get customer support by calling the manufacturer’s toll free number.

The product site guarantees safe and secure checkout for all orders with a 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) connection in the processing of all orders by debit or credit card. For added protecti0on, the site uses MacAfee and Norton Antivirus technology and promises that users will pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to a credit or debit card as a result of purchases made on the site.

Purchasers can also complete their transactions by phone with a customer representative. To purchase, buyers must confirm that they are over 18 years of age, and the product is not sold to minors.

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Testo Roar Pricing

Prices start at $64 for a single bottle, but promotional codes and special discount offers can bring the price down. The per bottle price also drops with the size of each package.

In the Moderate package, the per bottle cost is $32.33 each for a total order of $97, which includes one free bottle. In the Monster package, the prices per bottle drops to $29.40 each, for a total of $147 that includes two free bottles. The site’s largest package, the Mega package, drops the price even further, to $28.14 per bottle with 3 free added, for $197. The site doesn’t offer a free trial option.

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