Testo Pro Fuel

Testo Pro Fuel Review – A Working Solution or Not?

What Is Testo Pro Fuel?

Testo Pro Fuel is a workout and athletic enhancement supplement and natural testosterone booster made in the USA. It uses only plant-based ingredients combined with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The supplement is intended for males who are seeking higher testosterone levels, greater athletic performance and ability, decreased fat and an increase in lean muscle mass. The supplement may appeal to anyone who is looking to improve their overall body image, energy level and performance ability. You do not have to be a professional bodybuilder or athlete to use the supplement or receive its full benefits.

Since Testo Pro Fuel affects testosterone levels and other hormones, it is only suitable for men that are 18 years or older. In fact, men over 30 may benefit most from the supplement’s testosterone boosting properties because it will help to restore their natural and youthful testosterone levels, which naturally decrease over time.

The testosterone boost provided by this supplement is entirely natural. It doesn’t make use of artificial hormones or steroids. The supplement does not contain any artificial hormones or ingredients of any kind.

This supplement is not a complete workout supplement, but it will work well in conjunction with other supplements designed to improve workout performance. You can safely combine Testo Pro Fuel with a pre-workout or post-workout supplement or shake, and you should always follow a healthy, protein-rich diet so your body has what it needs to bulk and build muscle. It should easily fit into most diet and workout schedules because it is in tablet form and easy to take.



Testo Pro Fuel is produced by Vortex Biolabs LLC, a Florida based company. There is very little information published about this manufacturer, and they do not appear to produce any other workout products or supplements. This is a common occurrence among such supplements and does not by itself indicate that the product is ineffective or suspicious. It does mean that potential customers should be cautious and research and understand the product fully before purchasing.

Based on the contact information, it is possible to conclude that the manufacturer is a US-based company in Florida. They clearly publish a contact phone number, email and address in their contact us page. This generally means that the company stands behind its product and is willing to answer customer questions and concerns. They are not hiding from customers.


How Testo Pro Fuel Works?

Testo Pro Fuel enhances a man’s workout performance in two ways. It is primarily a testosterone booster, and the majority of ingredients in the supplement are expressly for this purpose. Increases in testosterone have been strongly linked to increased musculature, increased performance and stamina, a greater ability to put on lean muscle mass and an easier time losing fat.

The testosterone increases delivered by Testo Pro Fuel are all natural. This is an important consideration because it means that while testosterone will be increased in most men, it will only be increased to levels that are considered natural. Unlike taking synthetic hormones, steroids or other artificial products, this supplement will not cause unnatural hormone levels.

In addition to boosting testosterone, Testo Pro Fuel works by sharply suppressing estrogen. The supplement accomplishes estrogen suppression in a variety of ways. The combined effect of stimulating and raising testosterone production and suppressing the production of estrogen will result in higher net levels of testosterone and stronger effects from the testosterone increase. Since this estrogen suppression is still done naturally, it should not cause a hormone imbalance. It is important to realize that men still do need some estrogen in the body to be healthy, and full suppression of estrogen may lead to disease or health problems.

The second way this supplement works is by decreasing inflammation and promoting greater energy levels. Inflammation in the muscle tissues is a major contributor to soreness and downtime for serious athletes. Excessive inflammation can lead to injury and disease. While the effect is purely secondary to the testosterone increases, controlling inflammation may help to boost performance and shorten recovery times. It may also generally help to ward off injury and diseases that can indirectly lead to more downtime.


Ingredients of Testo Pro Fuel

The ingredients in Testo Pro Fuel are divided into two subgroups. The first group contains basic vitamins and minerals such as could be obtained from any multivitamin or standard supplement. This first group is the minor of the two, representing only a small portion of the supplement’s contents. The second group is the Testo Pro Fuel Proprietary Blend, which contains the specialized ingredients that turn the supplement into a testosterone booster.

Basic Ingredients (80mg combined)

Zinc Oxide (15mg)

Zinc is a vital mineral that many people are deficient in. It plays a role in overall health and many of the body’s processes, especially regarding the immune system. It has also been linked to testosterone levels and the health of the testes. Some studies show that a Zinc deficiency contributes to low testosterone levels. Since Zinc can sometimes be difficult to acquire from food, a supplement may help to correct or prevent a deficiency. There is, however, no research regarding Zinc’s effectiveness as a testosterone booster in those who already have a normal intake of Zinc. Overall, its presence in this supplement doesn’t hurt, but it may not contribute to testosterone increases in most men.

Magnesium Oxide (50mg)

Magnesium is an important mineral for health. It has been directly linked to muscle fatigue, and increased levels of magnesium in the body may reduce muscle fatigue. This will make it easier to perform more reps and may shorten the recovery time between repetitions. It may also help a serious athlete perform better or lift greater amounts of weight before tiring or failing. Overall, Magnesium is a good addition to this workout supplement even though it has no direct effect on testosterone production.

Vitamin B6 (10mg)

The B-Vitamins are vital for health and are the primary stimulants for metabolism and energy. B-Vitamins are found plentifully in food, so it is unlikely that most people would be deficient in this vitamin or need it as a supplement so long as they are following a healthy diet. The B-Vitamins also work better when taken together, so supplements that contain only one vitamin in isolation are always suspect.

In Testo Pro Fuel, however, the presence of Vitamin B6 in exclusion may be warranted. This vitamin alone has been shown to have a direct impact on the effectiveness of some of the other ingredients in the supplement. It is likely that B6 was included expressly to support the effect of the other ingredients and improve the supplement’s overall effectiveness.


Boron is a trace mineral that is very difficult to get reliably from any food source. While research has uncovered many health benefits related to Boron consumption, it is not considered necessary or vital for any of the body’s processes. It is truly a supplemental mineral.

Boron is popular in testosterone boosters because it has shown to directly impact natural testosterone production. One study demonstrated that supplementing with Boron could raise free testosterone levels by 28 percent. Boron is also a potent estrogen suppressant. In the study, estrogen levels decreased by 38 percent. Since estrogen interferes with testosterone production and testosterone levels in a variety of ways, suppressing estrogen is useful.

Testo Pro Fuel Proprietary Blend (3000mg combined)

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid or DAA is a commonly and well-researched inclusion in testosterone boosters and workout supplements. Despite its scientific name, this substance is completely natural and is already found and produced by the body. It is an amino acid, which are the building blocks of proteins, and it is synthesized in the testes. It has been found to be vital in the health of the male reproductive system and the production of testosterone. When DAA levels are low, testosterone production will decrease dramatically.

While there are many reasons for the gradual decrease in testosterone production in older men, decreased levels of DAA are likely a strong contributor. The best way to correct this deficiency is usually in supplement form. There is strong scientific evidence to show the effects of DAA on testosterone levels in men who have low testosterone or a DAA deficiency. Deficiencies arise primarily due to age and poor diet, especially diets that are exceptionally low in protein.

The positive effects of DAA supplements are dramatic, with increases in testosterone as high as 40 percent. This must be balanced, however, with two important additional facts. The research also demonstrated that when DAA supplementation was stopped, testosterone levels decreased by an equally dramatic amount, often falling to levels lower than they were before supplementation. This shows that while DAA works, stopping it may have a very negative impact. The research also showed that DAA had no effect on men with already healthy levels of testosterone. Basically, it can greatly correct deficiency, but it will not do anything to an already healthy man.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus is one of the most common plant-based ingredients in testosterone boosters. Research has shown that Tribulus stimulates testosterone production and results in testosterone increases as measured via a blood test. The exact method by which Tribulus accomplishes this testosterone increase is not fully understood.

There are two theories on how this happens. The first is that Tribulus has effects on the various hormones and enzymes responsible for testosterone synthesis. This would logically lead to a boost in testosterone production. The second theory is that Tribulus dramatically decreases blood glucose levels. This would result in the appearance of higher testosterone concentrations in a blood test even if testosterone levels did not increase. It is likely that the boost in testosterone shown in the research is a combination of these effects.

Another notable fact about Tribulus Terrestris is that is a very common herb found throughout North America and the world. In North America, it goes by other common names such as Puncturevine or Devil’s Weed. Despite its common appearance, not just any source of Tribulus is suitable for supplement form. Only plants grown in Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia have been shown to contain the proper amounts of the plant’s active ingredient, the saponin protodioscin.

Since this ingredient is very source-sensitive, and Testo Pro Fuel does not indicate a source for any of its ingredients, the effectiveness of this ingredient must be called into question.

DIM (diindolylmethane)

DIM is the purest form of a by-product of I3C, which itself is metabolized from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. There is quite a bit of research surrounding DIM and its less metabolized form, I3C. Unfortunately, the research is mixed as far as the ingredient’s effectiveness.

Some of the studies in DIM shows that it strongly suppresses estrogen. It does so by a variety of methods. It suppresses or interferes with enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen, thereby also increasing net testosterone levels. It also seems to stimulate the expulsion of estrogen in the urine when taken over a prolonged period.

These positive effects are balanced by some studies which show that DIM, unlike its less metabolized counterpart I3C, actually had no effect on testosterone or estrogen suppression. In fact, the study found that pure DIM may have a net negative effect on testosterone levels. By including DIM, it seems that the manufacturer of this supplement didn’t consult all of the research surrounding the ingredient. While it may have a positive effect on testosterone, that effect is purely indirect through the suppression of estrogen, and it may ultimately have a net negative effect on testosterone levels by acting as an antiandrogen.

I3C (Indole 3 Carbinol)

This ingredient, despite its very odd and scientific name, is merely a metabolite the body extracts naturally from cruciferous vegetables. In fact, most people probably end up with plenty of I3C in their body if they consume large amounts of these vegetables. While consuming more of these vegetables is certainly a worthwhile and healthy option, someone looking for very high levels of I3C should do so with supplements.

While I3C is ultimately converted into DIM through normal biological processes, the research shows that I3C may actually be more beneficial in supplement form than pure DIM. This may be because I3C is broken down into multiple metabolites, not just DIM, and that one of these other compounds may play an as-yet unknown role in testosterone and estrogen production. What is known is high concentrations of I3C were able to dramatically reduce estrogen levels while having none of the antiandrogen effects of pure DIM.



Looking at the effects of the ingredient blend supplied by Testo Pro Fuel, there is clear evidence that it may work very well as a testosterone booster and workout supplement. Its ingredients list is strongly targeted for this effect, and in the majority of men, it is likely to have a dramatic positive effect on testosterone levels combined with a minor positive effect on muscle fatigue, stamina and energy.

There are a variety of advantages to having healthy testosterone levels, especially in men over 30, when testosterone production begins to decline. This supplement is likely to have the strongest effect on this demographic. It is likely to have a very minor to no effect on men who are younger and already have optimal levels of testosterone. A look at the research behind the ingredients shows that it is very unlikely to raise testosterone levels beyond a healthy normal range.

It is also important to consider that most of the ingredients in this supplement are designed not be testosterone boosters directly but rather estrogen suppressors. Suppressing estrogen, at least to a certain degree, will have a positive net boost on testosterone levels because estrogen interferes with testosterone production. Less estrogen will mean more testosterone and an easier time maintaining a high testosterone level.

Consumers should also note this supplement lacks any fast-acting ingredients or anything that will be noticeable in the first days or weeks of supplementation. Pure testosterone boosters like Testo Pro Fuel often reach peak effectiveness only after several months of continuous supplementation. This supplement is not one for the impatient. One caveat to this is that those with significantly lower testosterone levels than normal may experience a jump in testosterone in just a few weeks.



Testo Pro Fuel does not have any certifications or official supports for its effectiveness. This is common among workout supplements and testosterone boosters that contain only natural ingredients. A lack of certification is not necessarily an indication the product is not effective. Instead, consumers should consider the research and support for the ingredients and blend as described here.



I’ve been taking Testo Pro Fuel for several weeks now. I was desperate for a supplement because I began to notice my energy and drive to work out, as well as my performance, were dropping off severely. I blamed a low testosterone condition for this. I’m happy to say that this supplement seems to have solved my problem. I’m feeling much better, and my workouts and performance have gotten back on track.

Tim L., 37, Saskatoon, Canada

I heard about this product from a workout buddy, and he recommended it to me. I was especially interested when I noticed he was outperforming me at the gym all the time. It seems that this supplement was his secret, and now it’s mine. It took almost a month, but now I’m really noticing the results, and I’m glad I stuck with it. My buddy and I are neck and neck these days, and I feel great.

Andrew S., 35, Santa Fe, NM, United States

I’d heard about testosterone boosters, and I was skeptical about taking them because I figured most of them were scams. I started looking at Testo Pro Fuel and was glad that I was able to find so much real research to support its ingredients and effectiveness. I heard that it can take some time for these supplements to work, so I’ve waited a full three months to write a review. I can say that while I didn’t notice a dramatic effect at first, I’m very happy with the long-term results. My workouts have improved considerably and I just have overall more energy and vitality. I’m getting up there in years, so this was a great turn around for me, and I highly recommend this product.

Carson D., 49, London, England


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement hasn’t earned any official awards or accolades, which is not surprising or unusual for these products. The product has not been mentioned in any major news sources, journals or magazines. This is also not unusual or surprising for such a product. Most media coverage for these supplements is purely the result of paid advertising on the part of the manufacturer. A lack of this only shows that the manufacturer chose not to pursue such advertising or paid endorsements. That should not imply a lack of quality, effectiveness or commitment in terms of this product. Again, the ingredients and blend must be the primary means of assessing the value of Testo Pro Fuel.


Money-back Guarantee

This product does not offer a money-back guarantee of any kind. They do offer a return or cancellation and refund policy, but there are some very important and troubling details in their policy information that are worth mentioning.

While the company does state that customers may call for a refund, it is highly doubtful a customer would ever get a refund, even if approved. First, shipping and handling fees are not refundable regardless. The trial offer is priced at shipping and handling, so there is nothing to refund there. A customer could try to return an actual order shipment, but this wouldn’t do any good because the company has a restocking fee that is equal to the purchase price for the entire order. This is something very unusual and very concerning that is deeply hidden inside the policies page and essentially makes this product non-refundable or even returnable for any amount of money back. Customers must consider this order final and order with the appropriate caution.



This product clearly ships within the United States. The company does not offer shipping details regarding international shipping or shipping to military or diplomatic addresses. Customers are advised to call and check on shipping availability and any higher fees or taxes associated with shipping outside of the US. Shipping and handling are included as part of subscription and no shipping is charged beyond that for the trial offer of $6.99.


Customer Support

The customer support offered for this product is decent. The company provides all three types of contact information, including a phone number, email and physical address. This is a good sign since many manufacturers of similar products do not provide all three methods of contact. Customer support should be able to answer basic questions about the product and handle any billing or order questions.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Online orders of the product on the product’s page are safe and secure. The page clearly displays proper https encryption in the URL bar as well as a security logo. Customers can be assured by this that the data entered into the online form is properly secured and private and that their transactions are safe.


Pricing & Free Trial

Testo Pro Fuel is offered as part of a free trial with follow-up subscription program, which is common among these supplements. Customers have 14 days to try the product before being auto-enrolled in the monthly subscription service. The customer must call and cancel before the last day of the trial to avoid automatic billing.

The price for this supplement is relatively high compared to other similar supplements at $109.99 per 1-month supply. There is no option to purchase this product outside of the subscription service or for a bulk discount.






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