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What Is Test Max Complete?

Test Max Complete is a testosterone booster that is made in the United Kingdom and sold internationally. It contains a unique combination of ingredients, such as amino acids, herbs, and vitamins, that may raise natural, biological testosterone levels with regular use. This supplement is endorsed by professional bodybuilder, a light heavyweight who has won at least 21 competitions.

This supplement is meant to be taken daily, either in the morning or before regular exercise. Although it is not necessary to make major changes in one’s diet or follow a specific exercise regimen, for this supplement to have its full effects, it is advised that users work out regularly. This latter suggestion is particularly important, as some of the ingredients in the supplement work best when combined with vigorous activity.

At this time Test Max Complete is only available online. Customers can purchase a single bottle of the supplement, a larger package, or get a free trial sample for the cost of shipping. In the case of the free trial, customers should be warned that 14 days after the order is placed the will be charged the full $99.99 price of the supplement unless they remember to cancel the automatic subscription within the allowed time period.



Test Max Complete is made by a manufacturer that also calls itself TestoForce, which is incorporated in the island nation of Malta for business purposes. Their corporate address is available online, and European customers can send any return packages to a distributor’s address in Malta. They also have addresses in the United States, in Plantation, Florida, which customers can use for communications or returns. TestoForce also has customer service phone numbers both in the United States and in the United Kingdom, so that customers can reach a customer service agent from any location.

It is unclear if this manufacturer makes any other dietary supplements, or if this is their only product. There do not appear to be any public disputes or active lawsuits against this company. There have also been no media accounts of any scandal or disgrace. They are not listed by the Better Business Bureau, but that does not imply anything sinister, especially since it is an international company. The reviews of this company online by past customers have been mixed, however, in part due to confusion about the automatic subscription. Customers can prevent this sort of confusion by carefully reading the Terms and Conditions on the TestoForce website, which explicitly detail the rules regarding the subscription and their cancellation and return policies.


How Test Max Complete Works?

Test Max Complete is easy to use, as individuals simply need to take three capsules of the supplement once a day. Some users prefer to take this supplement with food to avoid stomach irritation, but others prefer to take it with just a glass of water. Ideally, users would take this supplement 20-30 minutes before working out, so that they can take advantage of any short-term energy boost from the herbs and amino acids. The L-Arginine and L-Carnitine act as vasodilators, increasing blood flow to the organs, which allows athletes to lift heavier. They also may improve focus and concentration, leading to better results.

Over time, the Tribulus Terrestris may act as a natural testosterone booster. There is evidence that Vitamin D may raise testosterone levels as well, especially in individuals who are naturally deficient in this vitamin. Users should see full results from this supplement after about 30 days of regular use. Although it is not necessary to follow a specific exercise regimen to get results, it is strongly recommended that users work out vigorously and consistently while taking this product.


Ingredients of Test Max Complete

There are five key ingredients in this supplement that work together to make a testosterone booster, designed for use in both the short and long term. Each serving, which is made of three capsules, contains a small amount of Vitamin D3, an essential vitamin that many otherwise healthy adults are deficient in, especially in the modern world. Moreover, there is evidence that increased levels of Vitamin D may act as a natural testosterone booster, according to recently published scientific studies.

Test Max Complete also contains L-Arginine and L-Carnitine, two powerful amino acids that act as vasodilators and may increase energy and testosterone levels. L-Arginine, when used in conjunction with strenuous workouts, may raise testosterone levels and improve athletic performance. There is also evidence that L-Carnitine can speed fat loss and increase strength, especially when paired with heavy weightlifting.

This supplement also has Tribulus Terrestris, a very popular herbal ingredient in the bodybuilding community, which is a purported testosterone booster. Among many proposed health benefits, Pine Bark Extract is said to improve endurance and speed recovery, which allows users to workout more frequently and get faster results with less risk of injury. It is unclear what the inactive ingredients are, such as binders or the capsule itself, so it is unknown whether this supplement is appropriate for individuals with dietary restrictions, or whether or not it contains artificial colors, artificial dyes, or other chemicals or additives.



One advantage of this supplement is that it is easy to use, making it more likely that athletes will use it regularly, leading to faster and better results. Users only need to take three capsules a day, with no powders to mix, energy bars to eat, or sports drinks to drink. Although it is recommended that users work out regularly and continue to eat well, they do not need to make major modifications or restrictions in their diet to get at least some results from this supplement.

Another advantage of this supplement is that the ingredients contained within are all backed up by either scientific or anecdotal evidence. Some ingredients, like Vitamin B3 and L-Arginine, have been the subject of peer-reviewed scientific studies that determined their merit. Other ingredients, like Tribulus Terrestris and Pine Bark Extract, are supported by years of use by people who found them helpful, especially in the fitness community.

Finally, this supplement is endorsed by a real, professional bodybuilder, who has put his name and reputation behind this product. While the bodybuilder may not be a household name, he has been successful in his career and seems to believe this product has been helpful. This is a testimony to the product’s quality and usefulness for at least one individual.



The makers of Test Max Complete do not claim to have any independent third-party certifications, such as NLS or Organic certification. Instead, they rely on the free trial offer to represent their confidence in the quality and efficacy of their product. Customers should keep in mind, however, that they must cancel the automatic subscription within 10 days of receiving the supplement to avoid being charged the full price. Unfortunately, this may not provide sufficient time for users to experience the full purported effects of this supplement.

Since this supplement is sold in internationally, including in the United States and the European Union, it must be certified as safe for consumption by the regulatory agencies in these places. In the U.S., dietary supplements are regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This agency ensures that supplements sold within the U.S. are safe for use by otherwise healthy adults, although it makes no claims about the products’ efficacy or value. In the European Union, supplements are regulated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Like the FDA, EFSA works to ensure that all supplements made or sold in the EU are safe for use by all healthy adults, and presumably Test Max Complete has met the criteria for their approval.



Eric W. from Los Angeles, USA, writes:

I’m super psyched to try this stuff. A friend of mine recommended it to me when I said I was getting tired. He said this helped him get more energy and work out more, and that he got more muscle and even lost a little fat. I just ordered my first bottle as part of the trial and it should be here soon.

Jerome T. from New York, USA, writes:

I’ve been using Test Max Complete for a couple of weeks now and I do think it makes a difference, but I don’t think I’ll keep using it. I first felt a little bit of a difference and had more energy so I went to the gym and lifted heavier than ever. That was great! But I haven’t seen any big changes since then. I think I’ll cancel the subscription, but I’ll finish this bottle and see what happens.

Rob N. from London, United Kingdom, writes:

Ever since I turned 35 I’ve been feeling down in the dumps and thinking something’s wrong with me. I talked to my doctor but she said my T levels weren’t low enough to get meds. But I knew something was up, so I ordered Test Max Complete online. Delivery was quick! I started last week and felt a difference right away.

Craig L. from Nottingham, United Kingdom, writes:

I never thought I’d need a testosterone booster, but these days I don’t have the energy that I used to. I looked up the ingredients in this supplement and they look good so I’m going to try it for a week with the free trial and see how it goes. I want to get stronger, have more energy, and get my head in the game again.


Awards & Media Coverage

Test Max Complete is a fairly new supplement, and it has not received any coverage in mainstream media outlets like magazines or television. However, it has been the subject of numerous articles and blog posts online, many of which discuss its ingredients and formula. It has also been the subject of at least one Youtube video and various social media postings. Much of this coverage was done by users with personal experience of the supplement and give it mixed reviews. This supplement has also been endorsed by professional bodybuilder, and there has presumably been some media coverage of this fact.

The ingredients in this supplement have received media attention for their health benefits and use by bodybuilders and other athletes. The amino acid L-Arginine has been recently written about in GQ, Men’s Health, USA Today, and Science Daily. Tribulus Terrestris is a popular ingredient in many testosterone boosting supplements and has been reported on by Men’s Fitness, Health World Daily, and Muscle and Fitness. The importance of Vitamin D3 has been reported everywhere from the New York Times and Harvard Health to Vogue Magazine and Fox News.


Money-back Guarantee

For both flat-rate and subscription orders, Test Max Complete can be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date. The cost of shipping is never refundable, and customers must pay for the cost of shipping back any products to the manufacturer. It is recommended that customers use a shipping company that provides package tracking, as the manufacturer can not issue a refund until the returned package has been received. Refunds, once processed, will be credited back to the original method of payment.

To receive a refund, customers must first use the toll-free phone number to contact a customer service agent and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number must be printed clearly on the outside of the returned package or it will not be accepted. The returned package should be sent back to the nearest distribution facility, using the address provided on the website. There are two different addresses, one for customers in the United States and one for customers in the European Union, so buyers should be sure to send their merchandise to the correct location. Returns will be processed within approximately three business days, and it may take another 3-5 days for the return to appear on the buyer’s’ credit card statement.



Shipping is available internationally, and the costs and methods vary depending on how much is ordered and where it is sent. For individuals who purchase a single bottle of this supplement, the cost of shipping and handling is $5.99. This is true regardless of whether the customer has made a one-time purchase or is part of the automatic monthly subscription program. Shipping is free for larger purchases, such as the buy-two-get-one-free deal. However, customers should keep in mind that, in the case of any future returns, they will be responsible for the costs of shipping back any unused bottles.

Shipments are typically sent out within one business day of the order being placed, which excludes weekends and holidays. Delivery takes an average of 3-5 business days, although the manufacturer is not responsible for any delays in transit that are beyond their control. In the case of international delivery, customers are responsible for any additional taxes, duties, and fees. The cost of shipping is never refundable.


Customer Support

The makers of Test Max Complete have multiple, convenient ways to reach their customer support department both in the United States and in the European Union. First, they have two regularly staffed, toll-free customer service phone numbers, one that is meant for American customers and one that is meant for European customers. According to the website, these phone numbers are staffed throughout most of the week, specifically Monday through Friday from 9 am to 11 pm, Eastern Standard Time (EST) and 9 am to 6 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday.

They also provide customer support through an email address that is listed prominently on the website and available 24 hours a day. Customers can use this address to ask about the supplement’s use, its ingredients, billing, or shipping issues. Customers should generally expect a response to their query within one business day, although holidays may be excluded.

Conveniently, there is also an easy option for customers who would like to cancel their automatic subscription service with Test Max Complete. Here, customers simply use an online form and to enter their order number and request a cancellation of the subscription. There are also two mailing addresses available, but these are intended for receiving returned packages, not for customer support.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing Test Max Complete through the manufacturer’s website should be safe and secure, but as it stands this website is not encrypted using any Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the industry standard for online shopping. Its has an obsolete protocol, an obsolete key exchange, and an obsolete cipher, although at some point these were up-to-date. The certification is currently invalid as well, so customers should be cautious about putting any personal information, much less financial information, into the website as it stands right now. The strongest protection to shoppers would receive would be from the credit card that they use for their purchase.

The makers of this supplement do provide a thorough Privacy Policy on their website, in accordance with the Online Privacy Protection Act, and it clearly spells out the details of how information is collected, retained, and used on their page. The website does use numerous cookies and web beacons, which place themselves on users’ computers and are designed to monitor traffic and collect data from visitors. They also collect and retained non-identifiable personal information, such as geographic location and the web browser that is used. And the collect, retain, and use some identifiable personal information, such as IP addresses, email addresses, and names, which customers choose to share on the website and through orders. Customers who provide their email address or name, either by ordering or by communicating with the company, consent to receive future communication from the manufacturer as well as from third-party affiliates, such as advertisements and promotional offers.


Pricing & Free Trial

There are three different pricing options for Test Max Complete, depending on the number of bottles purchased and whether or not customers choose the monthly subscription program. The easiest option would be to purchase a single bottle of the supplement, which contains 90 capsules, for a flat rate of $99.00. Shipping and handling cost $5.99, which brings the total cost for a month’s supply to $105.98. Customers can also save some money per bottle by purchasing a larger package. For $199.98, customers will receive three bottles of the supplement, which is 180 capsules, and shipping for this option is free.

Customers who are interested in the free trial that is advertised can choose that option, although this will also enter them into an automatic monthly subscription program. This one-bottle trial initially costs just $5.99, which covers the cost of shipping and handling for the package. Two weeks after the order has been placed, however, the customer will be charged the full price of $99.99, on top of the shipping and handling that has already been paid, and at the end of the month the customer will be charged an additional $99.99 for the next 30-day supply, which will repeat monthly until the subscription is cancelled.


  • This supplement contains a unique mix of ingredients that are backed by either scientific or anecdotal evidence.
  • Test Max Complete is endorsed by professional bodybuilder and competitor.
  • Users may experience both a short-term energy boost and a slow increase in natural testosterone levels.


  • Since this supplement does not contain many essential vitamins or minerals, customers may want to supplement further.
  • There is limited evidence that one of the herbal ingredients will actually raise testosterone levels.
  • There is limited public information available about the manufacturer of this supplement.
  • Although no specific exercise regimen is required, users will only experience the full results of this supplement if it is used in conjunction with regular, strenuous exercise.

Test Max Complete

Summary: Test Max Complete is a testosterone booster designed to improve strength, endurance, stamina, and natural testosterone levels. The unique formula is made with Vitamin D3, Tribulus Terrestris, Pine Bark Extract, L-Arginine, and L-Carnitine. The manufacturer is in located in Malta, and this supplement is available for sale internationally.

FREE TRIAL to $99.99
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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