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What Is Test Infusion?

Test Infusion an American-made sports nutritional supplement that provides testosterone boosters and increases nitric oxide metabolization. This supplement reportedly provides an increase in energy, strength, and stamina, and its effects are magnified by combining with regular, vigorous exercise. The amino acids in this supplement work in multiple ways to positively affect athletic improvement, and the testosterone boosters encourage an increase in muscle mass.

Users are instructed to take this supplement once every day, preferably with a healthy meal. Athletes should take two capsules shortly before working out, which gives the user time to digest the supplement and begin to absorb the nutrients. Regular users report that they felt some of the effects right away, including an increase in energy and stamina, but saw greater results after three months of use in conjunction with strenuous exercise.

Individuals who visit the Test Infusion website have the opportunity to try this supplement by signing up for a free, 30-Day supply for less than six dollars. According to online reports, customers are then automatically enrolled in a subscription for the supplement, which usually costs $49.97 plus $7.99 shipping and handling per bottle. Customers are encouraged to reach out to Enutra, the manufacture of this supplement, with any questions about this subscription or about the supplement itself



The manufacturer or Test Infusion in Enutra, an American limited liability corporation that is located in Mesa, Arizona. Enutra makes a number of different supplement, as well as other products that relate to health, beauty, and fitness, all of which are available through their website but not in retail locations. Their website does not report any information about the history of this company, but since it is located in the United States, customers can feel confident in the safety of the products that it makes. All of its products are produced under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means that the ingredients are all safe for use by healthy adults, but there is no evidence that their facilities have ever been inspected by independent third-party agencies. The Neutra website does provide a number of methods of contact for customers who have questions or concerns about their products or services, including a contactform, email address, and Arizona-based phone number.

Enutra is featured on the Better Business Bureau website, and although it is not a member of the organization, this alone should not be held against the company. However, it does have a very low rating on the sight, largely because of complaints about their automatic payment subscription service, which customers must opt out of instead of opting in to. There are also concerns that the customer service representatives at Enutra are difficult to reach, although the website does not only list email and mailing addresses but also a business phone number. Although the website for Enutra has links to various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram, it appears that none of those links are connected to actual accounts, making it more difficult to connect with the company online.


How Test Infusion Works?

Users are instructed to take two capsules of Test Infusion each day, preferably with a meal that contains healthy proteins and carbohydrates, shortly before working out vigorously. The testosterone boosters and other effects of the ingredients work together to increase and improve athletic performance. In turn, users work out more frequently and harder, which magnifies the effects. Users report feeling the effects of this supplement right away, so people can judge their efficacy soon after starting them. However, the full of effects of using Vitroin, especially the gains in muscle and strength, are often not seen until after three months of regular use.

This supplement is made of all natural, plant-based ingredients, extracted and concentrated into capsule form. Two of the ingredients, AAKG and OKG, are used in many bodybuilding supplements, as they have been proven to affect nitric oxide metabolism and other biological mechanisms that increase strength and stamina. These are supplemented with L-GKG and A-KIC, which have been shown to improve athletic performance, allowing athletes to work out harder and more often. Over time, users report an increase in muscle mass, along with fat loss and more energy, thanks to this supplement when paired with exercise.


Ingredients of Test Infusion

Test Infusion is made from four key ingredients, which are touted as natural testosterone boosters, working to increase an athlete’s strength and stamina. The first is Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, or AAKG, an ingredient that is known to many in the bodybuilding community. It has been the shown to affect the metabolism of nitric oxide when combined with exercise, as reported in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. The second is Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, or OKG, which is also common in popular bodybuilding supplements. OKG effects amino acid synthesis and protein production, and its effects have been reported by the University of Michigan Health SYstem.

The third ingredient of this supplement is L-glutamine Alpha-ketoglutarate, or L-GKG, which reportedly helps users build muscle and improves blood flow, which speeds healing. The final ingredient is Arginine-ketoisocaproate, or A-KIC, which boosts nitric oxide and improves athletic performance. These amino acids and testosterone boosters work together to help athletes gain muscle, work out harder and more frequently, and get stronger with regular exercise.



One of the greatest advantages of Test Infusion is that it is easy for people to use. Unlike some testosterone boosters, users do not need to mix powder into drinks or to take multiple supplements at various times throughout the day, as athletes are instructed to simply take two capsules every day, shortly before working out. Users can take this supplement at any time, and it is beneficial during all phases of the bodybuilding cycle.

Another advantage of this supplement is that its ingredients are all natural and are derived from organic plant sources. All of the ingredients are well known amino acids, which occur naturally in various herbs and other plants. These are extracted using sophisticated, proven techniques, and are made available in capsule form for convenience and ease.

Finally, the greatest advantage of this product is the low cost initial trial, which customers can order by visiting the website and filling out the order form. For less than six dollars, customers can receive a 30-Day trial of this supplement, which is 60 capsules. Although some of the effects of the supplement won’t be fully felt until after a few months of use, individuals report that they were able to tell if it work work for them within a couple of weeks of use, which gives them enough time to cancel before the automatic subscription kicks in.



The Test Infusion website does not claim that its product holds any mainstream certification, such as NSL or GMP, but this does not mean that it is unregulated. It may simply mean that the product is too new to have yet received any certifications, or that the website is incomplete. The manufacturer of this product is located in the United States, which means its production is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which guarantees its safety. Customers can feel confident that the ingredients on the label are all proven to be safe for use by healthy adults, and that supplement is produced in compliance with all workplace regulations.

The best guarantee of Test Infusion’s quality and effectiveness is the fact that the manufacturer is willing to provide a 30-Day trial of this supplement for such a low initial cost. As long as customers choose to unenroll from the automatic subscription service, they can try out this supplement for less than six dollars for 60 capsules. Although it may take a few months to see full results, customers should be able to feel some effects right away, which allows them an opportunity to return the product if it does not meet their needs. Customers can also read the many online reviews and discussions of this supplement to judge its efficacy and usefulness in advance. Although this supplement has received mixed reviews from previous users, customers can use the free trial to make their own decision.



I really like how easy this supplement is to use. I just take two capsules every day a little while before I work out and I can totally feel the difference. I have more energy and that makes me want to work out even harder.

– Ted K., Phoenix, AZ

I’m getting older and have been feeling like I can’t work out as hard as I want to. Since I started taking Test Infusion I can feel totally myself getting stronger and healthier. My stamina has also improved, which helps me in all areas of life, especially at the gym.

– Bob S., Nashville, TN

This stuff is pretty good. I got my free trial a couple weeks ago and it feels like it’s starting to make a difference. I can feel some more energy, but I don’t know if I’m going to keep taking it. It is easy to use too.

– Matt D., Seattle, WA

Got this a few days ago and started taking it. I haven’t seen the results yet, but I know that can take a few months so I’m trying to be patient. It sometimes seems like I have more energy when I work out so that’s awesome. I’m looking forward to getting more stamina too.

– Peter S., Columbus, IN


Awards & Media Coverage

The Test Infusion supplement has received a great deal of online coverage, especially among the bodybuilding community and other athletic forums. Reviews of this supplement can be found on bodybuilding blogs, sports forums, and even personal websites that describe the effects of the Testosterone Boosters found in it. These reviews have been mixed, with a good deal of praise for the testosterone boosters themselves but some skepticism about the company that manufactures it.

The manufacturer, Enutra, has received some media attention, especially from independent supplement review websites and business oversight organizations. Their products have often received high marks for their ingredients, but many customers have registered complaints about the automatic subscription service that they are given without notification after signing up for a free trial. Customers are encouraged to read the Terms and Conditions on the Test Infusion website carefully, and to make up their own mind based on the information provided to them.

The ingredients in this supplement have been the subject of numerous articles and reports in reputable, mainstream media sources. For example, AAND has been covered for its physical effects in World News Daily and Men’s Fitness, and has been the subject of peer-reviewed scientific studies that are published on PubMed. Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate, or OKG, has also been written about in published scientific studies, and has been written about in the Mic magazine, The Huffington Post, and Science News Daily.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Test Infusion, Enutra LLC, guarantees satisfaction for all of their products. Customers can return any product for reimbursement, though they will be charged a small restocking fee of 15% for all returns. Customers have 45 days from the time that they placed the original order to make their return. Returns must be received by the company within that time period to get the refund, or else customers forfeit the refund.

Refunds will be credited back to the original payment source, which is generally the credit card used for the purchase. Customers can send their products to the Arizona address that is provided on the company’s website, and should be sure to clearly write their name, address, and reason for returning the product. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable, so customers who receive the free trial will have no reason to return it, regardless of their satisfaction. Customers who have questions about the return process or money-back guarantee are encouraged to call the customer service department, using the contact information found on the website.



While putting in an order for a trial bottle, customers are charged a flat rate of $4.99 for shipping and handling. This covers standard shipping to all addresses in the continental United States, even for PO Boxes, military addresses, and rural routes. Shipments are sent out within 24 hours of an order being received, although this may not apply to weekends and holidays. Customers should expect to receive their shipment within 3-5 business days, although the website is not responsible for any delays due to shipping. All shipments are sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and are regulated by the rules and policies of this agency.

At this time, express shipping is not available, so customers can not request 1-Day or 2-Day shipping options. International shipping is also not currently offered, although Enutra may expand their services to international orders in the future. The cost of sending future shipments of this supplement is $7.99 per bottle, on top of the usual cost. After placing their order, customers will receive a tracking number so that they can track their order as it ships to their home.


Customer Support

Customers who have questions or concerns about Test Infusion can contact the manufacturer, Enutra, in a number of different ways. The easiest option is probably to fill out the Contact Form that is readily available on the Enutra website. This form simply asks for the customer’s name, email address, phone number, and provides space for a question. A customer service representative will then get in touch with the customer within one business day to resolve whatever the issue is or answer the question.

For a faster result, customers can also call the customer service department directly, using the phone number that is provided on the Enutra website. This is not a toll-free number, however, so customers can expect to pay long distance charge to place this call to Arizona. Customers can also use the email address that is listed on the website to contact a customer service agent for free. Finally, customers can send a message to the company using its traditional mailing address, although customers are cautioned that it may take quite a while to get a response from this address.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When purchasing the Test Infusion from the manufacturer’s website, customers can feel confident that their checkout is both safe and secure. The payment page itself is protected by 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the industry standard for online protection. According to the website, it also is protected by its provider, Go Daddy, which makes it Verified and Secured by Verify Security. It is also verified by Truste, which provides its Certified Privacy protections for all purchases. These certifications and protections work to secure all personal and financial information that customers provide on the website.

Customers can also read the detailed Privacy Policy that is provided through a link at the bottom of the website. This policy outlines the protections that customers can depend on, including the security of the servers used. The website does use cookies, and some data is collected so that the company can reach customers in the future with important educational or marketing information. However, none of this data is either given or sold to third-parties, and customers are protected from all malicious interference or outside risks.


Pricing & Free Trial

Customers who would like to try the Test Infusion are able to receive a low cost trial bottle simply by filling out the form on the website. This bottle costs a mere $0.99 for a Reservation Fee, which holds a bottle of the supplement for customers who want to try it during the limited time offer. There is also a small shipping and handling charge of $4.99, which covers the cost of standard shipping throughout the continental United States of America. This cost is not refundable, regardless of whether customers choose to buy more bottles of the product or not. The total cost of this product is $5.98 for the first bottle, which works out to less than 10 cents per capsule for the initial trial.

According to the manufacturer’s website, after the initial free trial, customers can pay $49.97 for another bottle of this supplement. Since there are 60 capsules in each bottle, that works out to a low price of less than 84 cents per capsule. Since a single serving of this supplement is two capsules every day, customers are effectively paying under $1.67 per day for the Testosterone Boosters in this formula. Shipping costs $7.99 when paying for the full bottle from the manufacturer, in addition to the full price of the bottle, so customers should expect to be automatically charged $57.96 per month for the subscription to this supplement, which they are enrolled in upon initial checkout.


  • This supplement is easy to take, as users take just two capsules a day, and there are no powders or formulas to mix.
  • The testosterone boosters in this supplement go to work quickly for fast results, so users will quickly be able to tell if it will work for them.
  • This supplement is appropriate for people in all phases of the bodybuilding cycle.


  • Test Infusion does not contain any carbohydrates, calories, essential vitamins, or minerals, which means athletes may need to supplement further.
  • This supplement must be taken regularly to see its full effects after three months of use.
  • Some users report negative experiences with the manufacturer of this supplement and difficulties in reaching a customer service representative from the company.

Test Infusion

Summary: Test Infusion is an athletic nutritional supplement, which includes testosterone boosters and amino acids that have been shown to improve physical performance. This supplement contains four ingredients, which are Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate, Ornithine Alpha-ketoglutarate, L-glutamine Alpha-ketoglutarate, and Arginine-ketoisocaproate, all proven ingredients that are favored by the bodybuilding community. Users are instructed to take two capsules daily, and report experiencing some results right away, with greater results occurring after three months of use in conjunction with regular, vigorous exercise.

FREE TRIAL to $57.96
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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