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Test-HP by Betancourt Nutrition Review – Is This How Athletes & Bodybuilders Break Through Plateaus?

What Is Test-HP?

Test-HP is a product that was developed in order to allow bodybuilders to add mass without having to worry about effects that might diminish from the gains that they are making.

Although the market for testosterone boosters is crowded, Betancourt has managed to stand out by using proprietary ingredients that are optimized to allow those working out to both maintain testosterone and muscles levels, and to avoid the types of problems that can occur when you are exposing your body to stress during a rapid buildup cycle.

Optimally, the product should be integrated into your diet using the recommended amounts wherever you are in your workout regimen. The intended effect adds strength and stamina to those pushing themselves to enhance their form. The end result if you maintain a sophisticated workout schedule is an enhanced capability to build muscle mass without adding fat.



It isn’t easy to come up with a complete line of supplements and boosters for the weight training industry that provide enough value for bodybuilders to consistently add them to their routine. Yet Betancourt Nutrition has managed to put together one of the most popular sets of products in North America. Their Facebook page is testament to the number of people in training that are fans of their approach.

Part of the reason that they have been able to be so successful is that they have spent a great deal of the money that they do receive on research that enhances their product line. Test-HP was created as part of this commitment. The Betancourt Nutrition team is part of a Florida-based manufacturer with world class facilities and a penchant for sponsoring athletes that use their products to help them validate the notion that the performance gains that are claimed on their labels are what users will experience in the field.

Interestingly enough, although the bulk of their market consists of athletes that are younger, because adults are working out consistently later and later in life, they also tend to accommodate older people when they look at designing products that can help your body stay in shape. The key thing for potential users to remember is that the product specifications state that you need to be healthy before you start using the product. So if you are older and are interested, make sure that you have had a recent physical or consult with your doctors about testosterone boosters before you get started.


How Test-HP Works?

Although some supplements or boosters work on one level to enhance your body before a workout, Test-HP is a combination booster that helps you sculpt your physique on many levels. Muscle mass and testosterone levels are targeted by the active ingredients in a way that causes your body to retain what you had and add to it.

The formulation also allows you to take advantage of ingredients that are capable of causing your body to adapt to stress hormones, making it more likely that you will get purely beneficial results when you add the product to your workout regimen.


Ingredients of Test-HP

Perhaps the main ingredient of Betancourt’s product is known as Testofen. Testofen is created from fenugreek and optimized so that it provides as much extra strength to your body as possible. As a proprietary part of Test-HP, a lot of testing has been done on how well it can perform when stacked up against other active ingredients. In most cases, it has been shown that it performs equally well or better for most bodybuilders. The Testofen in the product is completely and carefully processed, which is something to look for. Fresh fenugreek that goes bad has caused ecoli outbreaks in Europe in the past.

Fenugreek is an herb that has been cultivated for thousands of years because it is high in iron, protein, and calcium. Used extensively in Indian cuisine and Mediterranean cooking, it is known that it can aid in building a higher testosterone profile. It has also been used in unique ways. The Israelis used it a couple thousands of years ago to coat ladders with a slippery substance so that people would fall off them when they attacked their cities.

Another key ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola Rosea is known to be able to help your body handle stress, such as the type of stress it sustains when lifting weights. Vitamins D, B6, and B12 are all also included in levels that well exceed the recommended daily amount. B12 in particular is well documented for being able to help restore strength.



One of the big advantages of Test-HP and the whole Betancourt Nutrition experience is that you get exactly what you ordered. Betancourt spends a large amount of its research budget each year on quality measures and so there are no additional ingredients that find their way into the product during manufacturing. Instead, you can be sure that the blend that they put together is designed to take your workout plan to the next level.

Another advantage is that it allows you to avoid catabolic effects that you can experience with other types of testosterone boosters. Betancourt has put together three proprietary ingredients so well that many users report that the results of using it during their training exceed the claims that are made on the packaging.

For those that are looking for something that minimizes the mood change factor, most users report that they have a very calm attitude while using the product and that the only edge that they experience is when they are lifting weights in the gym or working out. It is important to note that not every person will have the same body chemistry and so it is a good idea to monitor your progress for the first couple of weeks that you use the product.



When it comes to creating testosterone boosters, Betancourt International is a leader in manufacturing products in a safe and certified facility. The FDA has a very stringent set of rules for supplement and booster manufacturers and so factory certification is something that most customers should look for when purchasing a testosterone booster.

In addition to safety certification, Test-HP contains Testofen, which as a fenugreek derivative is patented. The patent certification process is very involved and requires a lot of confidence on the part of the government in order for it to be approved.

The product also contains stinging nettle root as part of the overall mixture. Because ingredients like stinging nettle root are organic, their processing needs to be done carefully so that customers have the very best experience every time. It therefore makes sense that you would check into the facilities at any manufacturer of testosterone booster. If they don’t talk about them, there may be a reason for it.



Customers that use Test-HP have spent a lot of time online contrasting it to other testosterone boosters that they have used. One of the most common comments is that when they stop taking other boosters and get into a cycle that uses Betancourt’s products, they end up going through the cycle in a much better mood than they do with other products. In other words, the blend of ingredients that allows the product to provide balance and smooth out the effects of taking raw testosterone boosting ingredients can actually be noticed or experienced.

Some customers have also reported that the peak of the effect occurs midway through the first cycle, after which there is a plateau. So continuing to take a serving a day while you work out will eventually pay off. Other customers have said that finding a testosterone booster that actually allows you to get through two or three cycles without experiencing some form of roid rage is a feature that is worth switching to the Betancourt brand for.

There is also a bit of a debate online regarding the use of Test-HP. Some athletes claim that the product is meant to be cycled, two or three months on with one month off. Betancourt Nutrition states that it can be used continuously in order to promote the growth goals that you seek to achieve. You do not need to cycle off at all. The answer seems to be that if you are interested in knowing what the effects are when you use it versus when you don’t, you can take some time off after using it and check to see how much mass you lose. After that, you can go back to using it full time.


Awards & Media Coverage

When it comes to awards, there really aren’t any awards that are specific to the proprietary formulation that makes up Test-HP. Part of the problem with putting it against other testosterone boosters is that each supplement has a very different constitution, giving different types of people different benefits and making it difficult for the reviewer to say that there actually are finite reasons that one brand is better than others for everyone.

Instead, companies like Betancourt focus on ensuring that their users are aware of their online reputation. Their rewards, in effect, come from their customer reviews, praise, and criticism. Because of this, you can go online to Betancourt on Facebook, or on the Betancourt Nutrition site and read the largely positive reviews. Moreover, if you are interested in providing feedback based upon your own experience, you are welcome to do so in those places.

In the area of media coverage, Betancourt does well in the bodybuilding industry, with coverage by major magazines when new products come out. As it has to contend with a lot of different regulatory bodies in different countries, print and broadcast options overseas are often not the media that will broadcast or report on products like testosterone boosters in the same way that you will see with other consumer products.


Money-back Guarantee

Betancourt offers a 30 money back guarantee on all of its products. If you receive a product that is somehow had its packaging tampered with or is broken, you have a week to let them know about it so that they can tell you how to arrange for a free return. If you are not happy with the product, contact them within 30 days and follow their instructions on their website to return your product.

One of the positives about Betancourt from a return standpoint is that unlike some other manufacturers, if there has been a big mistake, you aren’t necessarily penalized. There are times when people may understand right away that this is not the product for them. Yet if they open the container and try it to find out, they will end up voiding the return policy. With Betancourt’s products, if there is a problem that you notice immediately, you can oftentimes still arrange to return the products and receive a full or partial return.



Betancourt Nutrition ships Test-HP all over the world. The only countries that they do not ship to are listed on their website. In general, because they use UPS, if you area is covered by UPS or a partner, you can purchase from them directly.

The cost of shipment for domestic deliveries is $10 unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii or one of the US Territories, in which case it is slightly more. If you are part of the US armed forces and live overseas, they will use USPS to deliver their product to you. The company is pretty well known for being good at sending orders out as soon as they are received. In most cases, even if they are busy or the order comes in later in the day, your product will ship the following day at the latest.

Betancourt’s products can also be subscribed to so that you receive a new supply every 30 days. You can subscribe to auto-shipping at the Betancourt online store and you can cancel any time that you decide to take a break. One strategy that bodybuilders follow is to buy a couple of months worth of supply and see the results before switching to auto-shipping to make their purchase experience convenient.


Customer Support

For customers that are inside the United States, Test-HP has a toll free number that is staffed every week from Monday thru Friday during regular business hours. Their customer support agents are said to be pretty knowledgeable and can provide both product information and ordering help. Of course if you are just starting out as a bodybuilder, learning about the types of supplements that are available online before you go out to find individual brands is a good idea.

On the order side, if you are overseas and would like to know if there is a Betancourt dealer or wholesaler that is located closer to you than Betancourt’s shipping headquarters in Florida, they can tell you where the closest retailer is.


Safe & Secure Checkout

For those who purchase Test-HP online at the Betancourt Nutrition store, there are safety measures in place like SSL so that when you enter your credit card number, you can be certain that your identity and credit information will remain secure. Betancourt also has a sophisticated backend combination of hardware and software that are state of the art.
In addition, they require their wholesalers to provide adequate protection so that your shopping experience remains safe.

The Betancourt store accepts all major forms of credit card, but does not currently allow customers to use Paypal or other third party processors. Once your order has been processed, they use tamper proof bottles to pack the Test-HP- and the envelopes that your product comes in are also safety enhanced.



The latest Test-HP pricing on their website shows that for under $30, you can purchase 30 servings. At one serving per day while training, it should cost you less than $1 a day to use. Some Betancourt partners that resell Test-HP will often offer it for less, however you should check the shipping pricing to ensure that your total cost isn’t higher than what you would find at the Betancourt store. One strategy that has been successful for people is to use a large online retailer that allows for many vendors and find companies that have competitive pricing, yet keep their inventory stored in a geographic location near where you are. If you find yourself interested in following that path, remember to check each company out- and even contact Betancourt Nutrition to validated that the retailer you want to work with has a strong working relationship with them.

There aren’t currently any free trials available, but if you are interested in volume purchases you can contact their customer service people.






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